Mission: The Beast of Beach Net?

"I can't believe you went out and posted up a job request without me."

Ketsuban stood in the Beach Net, having only recently jumped through the Net Square to get there. He grinned at no one in particular, his arms crossed behind his head. "You said I could chat with Navis. Didn't specify what kind~"

Green pinched the bridge of his nose. He'd plugged in via a spare port at the Scilabs. "I would have at least hoped I could trust you enough to not get us into this sort of thing."

"You could've always refused it, you know."

"That would be rude. Anyway... at least we can test your upgrades. Which I see you've weaponized while I was occupied."

"Relax, I've still got my basic functions. I just thought it'd be fun to experiment." He started walking, hopefully heading towards the Beach. "Anyway... we're looking for some kind of monster virus?"

"You're looking for information. I'm just here to slot in chips if something happens."

"This is exactly what I meant by you needed a confidence boost. Wonder if it'll be like that weird Bunny..."

Green sighed. "Just... see if you can find some other Navis wandering around, okay? It'd be good to at least know what this is supposed to be."

Ketsuban mocked Green with an exaggerated shrug and sigh, smiled, and started walking.
As Ketsuban walked around the Beach Net's civilized sides, he came across multiple hovering posters, fliers, and...t-shirts about the supposed monster virus. It was obvious that this rumor was taking the entire net in a landslide, but it was certainly strange that the Viral Expert could even find a single solid evidence about it.


The navi was suddenly stopped by a over-hyped navi, bouncing back and forth, covered in shirts, accessory, and even carrying an arm full of posters about the mysterious virus. "It seems like you're interested in the 'Orthos', the dangerous, enigmatic, and scary as hell virus of the beach net! How can I help you?"