Dentech Integrated Classrooms, Guest Day

Dentech University holds many integrated classrooms on its servers, kept mostly free from viruses by regular maintenance and used to instruct navis and their operators simultaneously. There are no desks set up due to the often hands-on nature of the experiments. Several marks dot the floor for jack-in coordinates, where the student's navis will appear when class is in session. For now, only three navis inhabit the network.

The most stand out of the navis was a large, strange looking construct with a white-gloved hand for a lower body, green armor composing a sphere at the wrist, and a strange, black, wooden face sticking out of the top of the armor. It almost looked more like a virus than a navi. Its fingers tapped up and down impatiently as it waited for the final instructor to arrive.

The second was a female, short and clad entirely in white armor with red lightbulbs embedded here and there. Her face was the only open spot in her armor, looking childish and nervous, especially compared to the big guy's fake, wooden smirk.

The final was a taller woman in a blue, glistening raincoat. Her hair was pulled into a brown bun at the back and her face was pleasant and mature, befitting a teacher. She looked more at home on the net than any of the others.
As soon as DNR heard the tip about the lecture, he hurried his way as fast as possible! It was an exciting thing for the medical netnavi to teach people. Polonius couldn't help but think about this mission, talking towards DNR "Say, DNR... you really think this type of deal is legit? What kinda university would allow such people to just brazenly teach!?"

"You know the Mafia has tons of resources under their command. Plus universities aren't all bastions of legality and charity. I mean have you seen your bill for the program of me teaching you?~" DNR said, soon already leaving the square and reaching dentech. "I mean if you did the math, every word I just said costs about ohhhhh say 120 zennies out of your parent's pockets!"

Polonius, who was taken quite by surprised, looked on as the medical navi made it to the place, looking on with his red eyes towards the other lady navis as well as the virus-looking fellow. "Ah good, made it in time." The albino DNR said, waving jovially towards everybody as he made his way to the male. "Hope I came in an expeditious manner!"
The older woman waved to DNR while the big guy moved over to meet him. The flat, gloved palm behind his unchanging head transformed into a two-fingers-up "peace symbol" as he came forward; simultaneously, his "legs" (fingers) curled so as to allow him to walk straight up on just the index and middle. He looked slightly more human, but even larger than he already had. "Hey, chum. You're from Techari, right? Glad you showed up," he greeted DNR in an unenthusiastic voice, not matching the grin painted onto the front of his face.

"We were trying to distribute the work throughout the group, Mr. DNR. There are three groups of children, you see: the pre-schoolers, the elementary schoolers, and the high schoolers. We're each covering a different group, so the last 'x factor' is where you want to come in," the one in blue explained. The white-armored girl kept quiet while the others talked, nervously looking back and forth between JankenMan and DNR.

"Parka here is teaching the pre-schoolers. I'm going to be teaching the elementary schoolers, since uh, I've been judged 'too incompetent' for the subject material of the high schoolers. Five-Alarm over there is going to handle the high schoolers. If you care about subject material, it's all about career planning today. The pre-schoolers are mostly getting arts and crafts, the elementary schoolers get Q&A, and the high-schoolers get testimonial," he continued, tapping back and forth in front of DNR in an antsy way. The net beneath him didn't react as loudly as it seemed like it might, indicating he was much lighter than he looked.

"Now all we need to know is where you want to go, Mr. DNR," Parka concluded with a smile, crossing both gloved hands in front of herself and out of her rainslick.

"You... You don't need to worry about me! I'm going to be a great teacher. I'll prove myself to the Mafia! BEEP!" Five-Alarm proclaimed, pressing one fist to her chest and then anxiously scanning her eyes across all three of them to make sure they approved.
DNR couldn't help but raise his eyebrow as the large navi started to speak. Clearly the larger navi gave an aura of incompetence just with his first ten words as the white-haired net navi smirked a bit, returning the gesture right back with his own peace sign. "Of course!" he said before looking towards the other ladies "It's an honor to meet up with like-minded people. Honestly didn't expect a group charity mission."

The net navi listened intently as the different groups were discussed and who were being assigned to them, mulling over which one for him to take on. "Well... I'll try to handle the preschoolers. Sounds like it be a fun time!~" He couldn't help but look over towards The alarming lass, nodding with approval. "That's the spirit! It sounds to me you just have to be a tad more confident and everything should be gloriously fine!"
"That sounds lovely, Mr. DNR. You'll find that teaching preschoolers to be an interesting and rewarding experience. It's refreshing to look at the world through their eyes, I find," Parka encouraged her partner. The other two nodded in agreement, then prepared to teleport off to their own areas.

"Thank you for your confidence! BEEP! You'll see that you have placed it well! BEEP!" the alarm navi replied with a big smile and a sharp salute, making her look more like an NP officer than a mafioso. She then disappeared from the net in a red beam, accomponied by another tremendous fire alarm buzz.

"Well, let's get acquainted! My name is Parka; I work as a teacher here in Dentech. Unlike the other two, I am not affiliated with the Mafia, but I am open-minded and I'm certain that the three of you will do great work here. My operator is Dr. Watershed: scientist, professor, and pioneer of various methods of technology-assisted weather control," the blue-clad navi explained, giving DNR a quick handshake. "Now, allow me to explain some of the crafts we'll be doing..."

She summoned up a desk, complete with all of the materials that they would need. "The intention is that the navis work with their crafts, while the children follow along in the construction. In keeping with the theme of careers, we are having them construct and dress paper dolls of people they admire. This should help them get a handle on what they'd like to be when they grow up," Parka explained. "They might have some questions for you too. Are you good with children, Mr. DNR?"
DNR couldn't help but smile as the beeping lady went off to her assignment "I must admit that the beeping noise gives her an exotic and different aura... I have to make a note to learn about her and the plant-like lifeform."

"Really? A teacher here in Dentech? Wonderful! I teach in a specialized program for budding physicians. My netop here's one of my charges so if you see any errors in operating routines, just blame him!~" DNR couldn't help but laugh as Polonius's grunts with disatisfaction. Polonius couldn't help but raise an eyebrow as he hears about weather control "You know I've always been rather interested in that field. Basically every big country has one in some way or form yet I have to wonder the advantages of such technology..."

DNR gave back a quick handshake, if she even permitted, perhaps a little tap of his lips as a gentleman would! Returning back to his stance as he looked on to the table "I'll imagine many would make fire fighters or doctors, yet anyways I don't exactly have that much experience with children, yet I'll give it the ol' Netopian try!"
"What a gentleman you are, Mr. DNR! Don't be fresh in front of the children, though," Parka chuckled, withdrawing her hand bashfully. "I'd be happy to discuss weather control more with you later... rather, my operator could, but for now, let's focus on the kids."

"The kids" turned out to be a misleading way to say it, because the vast majority of student navis that beamed down weren't kids at all. In a way, it kind of made sense; just because they were preschoolers didn't mean their navis were. Of course, most people didn't quite trust their preschoolers to use expensive technology properly, so the majority of the navis were normalnavis. Only a few custom navis stood out here and there... as well as one heelnavi. As Parka began to address the children in her friendly teacher voice, the heelnavi's eyes darted back and forth DNR and his companion.

Most of the navis stood still in place, listening attentively to her explanation of how to construct the crafts. The heelnavi, however, seemed to have no interest in such things. Instead, he wove through the stationary navis to get to DNR, then tapped him on the shoulder. "I observe the Dream Master, and he feeds me well," he stated like some kind of code, staring menacingly into the Mafioso's face as if waiting for a particular response...
"Ahah, don't worry." DNR said, making a closed-eyed dismissive face and tone, gesturing with one hand "I'm a professional navi, you know." Polonius nods as well as Parka belated a discussion of weather control.

The student's navis soon logged on, DNR looking on inquisitively at the custom navis. He did look rather suprised to see a Heelnavi of all people joining in. "Are Heelnavis some sort of fad now these days?" he said, looking towards Parka as she started to teach the crafts.

DNR seemed to be enjoying the lecture so far, Parka's voice making the situation less stressful and very calming. Of course stress can loom from many corners, in this case in the form of that odd heelnavi poking DNR in the shoulder, making him step back bewildered. "Interesting... Am I the Dream Master?" he stated back, wondering if that was the code.
The heel navi looked momentarily taken back, his eyes wide with surprise. "What?! You're the dream master? You're Radio's operator? Can navis operate other navis?!" he blathered on, starting to attract attention. Realizing this, he coughed to compose himself, then pressed one fist to his chin pensively. After an awkward pause, he finally spoke again. "No, no way! You're not the Dream Master. You must not even know who he is," the navi spat, as if DNR had committed some kind of sacrilege simply by being ignorant.

"Okay, well, it actually doesn't matter if you know who he is or not. You're still going to make sure this happens, alright? Here's what's going to go down: you are going to move over to Parka there and tell her... this!" the navi grumbled, passing DNR a data package containing textual information only.

Quote (Script #1)

The vessel: "You will communicate with the children better if you aren't wearing that parka. It's hard to tell you're a school teacher when you're dressed like that."

"After that, you'll do this one..."

Quote (Script #2)

The vessel: "Gloves also make you look foreign to the kids."

"And then...."

Quote (Script #3)

The vessel: "And the boots don't match anything without the gloves, so you should take those off too."

"If all of that works, I want you to move on to..."

Quote (Script #4)

The vessel: "Children will also see you as friendlier if you keep your hair down."

"Got all that? Of course, I'm bringing incentive, too! Do all of this, or I am going to get my kid to throw one mutha' of a tantrum, ruining this whole little craft thing you guys are doing! That sounds crappy, huh? Just do what I say and we'll get through this easy. You gotta want it too, right? You're a man, ain't ya?" the navi ribbed DNR, sneering up into his face.

Parka kept on speaking, oblivious to all of this. How would DNR resolve the situation without ruining the class?
DNR seemed to nod with a slight smirk, making sure he understood what the heel navi said . It was an odd request, yet not one without some merit to the navi. The problem obviously came with the methodology: Just how could this medical professional get those words out to her?

The netnavi was fashioning his own craft to show to one of the group of kids as he got to thinking on what to say towards the teacher navi. He eventually managed to finish his origami of a doctor, waggling it in front of the children "See? A wonderful doctor! The arbiters of medicine, they can definately try to cure when something bad happens to someone's body!"

DNR had to take things one at a time, she is after all a teaching professional of some caliber, he had to be the case important. "Ahh, excuse me miss Parka. I believe your *ahem* namesake can really alienate you from the kids. Wouldn't it be better to remove the Parka?"
One navi reached out curiously for the doctor toy at the bidding of his operator, who desperately wanted the waved toy to be in his posession. Once the navi took it, however, it occurred to the operator that he couldn't actually hold onto it, and he began to lose interest. The navi turned it over in his hand curiously, then gave it back to DNR.

"You're a natural at this, Mr. DNR," Parka encouraged him, still working on toys of her own to hand out to the navis. Her pleased smile turned to a frown of surprise, however, as DNR gave her a suggestion of his own (technically, a suggestion of someone else's own). "Really? I guess you have a point... Ordinarily I teach navis about dealing with harsh conditions on the net, so this sort of thing is natural, but here in a crafts class, I suppose it might be distracting..."

The shapely teacher unbuttoned her parka slowly and shrugged it off, a process that was somewhat more stimulating to watch than it seemed like taking off a raincoat ought to be. The coat's removal revealed light brown hair pulled into a bun, as well as her white skinsuit, which was frilled from the neck to chest like a blouse. She folded the jacket over one arm, then set it down on a nearby table. "Alright, let's continue as we were," she concluded with another smile.

The revelation of the teacher's figure was a step forward, clearly, as the heelnavi off to the side gave him a painfully indiscreet thumbs up, then motioned for him to continue.
DNR huhs as the kid fumbled with the doctor toy, looking on with a smile on his face, being rather careful not to laugh as the kid placed the toy away, apparently losing the boy's interest. Parka's comment seems to make DNR's smile widen, bowing his head as Parka removed her hood. The navi couldn't help but give a quick look at her reveal, nodding twice as he continued to look after the kids.

He did noticed the heelnavi parent giving a thumbs up, but continued right back into focus with Parka "Harsh conditions of the net, huh? I take it that works with weather controls yes? I find a good thunderstorm to be one of my favorite types... just something about how chaotic it goes... let's see... ahh yes! A good way to use my hand skills, origami!" The doctor said, pulling out a fresh piece of paper, "Hmmm.... Ohhh... Parka... I must ask, could you help me with this demonstration with origami? I wanted to make a crane or a flower but it's been ages since I've done such a trick... though your gloves look as if it would be difficult to show intricate hand movements to children. You don't mind this idea, right?"
"O...Origami. Hm," the teacher muttered, her eyebrows tensing as she prepared herself for the challenge. "Of course, I can do it! But you're right, I shouldn't have any handicaps going into this. You know, most navis wear gloves for protection, but they actually do impede intricate finger work! I wonder if that's the reason so many interfaces across the net are designed in intangible forms or at least in shapes unfamiliar to humans? It's interesting to think about."

As she lectured, Parka slowly removed each glove. The items made a satisfying, latex snap as they released their squeeze on her fingers. She lay them down carefully with her coat, then began the difficult task of folding a paper crane. Her hands were pretty and feminine with no rings. Only a few kids actually cared to watch; short attention spans and all. That was probably convenient for DNR's purposes: fewer people watching would make it easier to operate.

The heel navi in the distance was trying to entertain his operator by making a crude paper doll. He seemed distracted.