Pot-Bellied Pets and Panty Raids

The coordinates given to Vik and Arc lead to a courtyard within the Dentech Network. Buildings stood to the left and the right of the courtyard, each no doubt housing various bits of data for the university. On the far side of the courtyard stood the dormitories where student information was stored. The dormitories also hosted personal pages for each of the students where they could post information and store photos and journals that they uploaded themselves.

The courtyard itself was a large grass field with a single stone path that bisected the field. Smaller paths branched from the main and lead to the entrances of the various buildings. Raised flower beds bordered the path, each bed filled with a different breed of flower. In the center of the field stood a large willow tree, its drooping branches almost reaching the path as it circled the tree before continuing on to the dormitory.

Various Navi stood around the courtyard or sat on planters near the flowers. A few Navi were entering one building or another, carrying data files in the shape of textbooks. One Navi in particular was moving from person to person, asking questions and handing out what looked to be fliers.
When Arc appeared in the courtyard, the first thing she did was take note of her surroundings. The buildings and what they could represent, the navis moving or standing about, the pathways and the flowerbeds. After looking around for a bit, she noticed a navi moving from person to person, handing out what appeared to be fliers, although she couldn't tell what was on them from this distance. "Vik, I think I found D. Going to confirm." She said to her op on a private line, pressing on the side of her headset.

"Let me guess, you think it's the one handing stuff out." Vik responded, turning back around with her back against the edge. She stretched her arms out to her sides, and kept the PETless arm on the ground and the PET one in front of her when she finished her stretch.

Arc moved towards he flier giving navi. "Hello, you wouldn't happen to be D would you?" Arc asked once she had gotten closer.
The female Navi turned as Arc addressed her. She was wearing a school uniform of sorts, with a pleated skirt that reached to just above her knees and a blazer over a button down shirt. The blazer and skirt were silver in color while her knee socks and her large bowtie were gold. She wore shiny black dress shoes as well. She had a gold brooch pinned to the left side of her chest in the shape of a pair of wings. The Navi's skin was milky white an unblemished. Her hair was platinum blonde and fell straight down to her waist.

"Yes," she replied to Arc. "I'm am called Dolce. It is a pleasure to meet you. You must be the Navi who accepted my request for aid." Her voice faltered a bit and her worry was plain on her face. "It has been too long since I last saw my little Arra. I'm so worried that something might have happened to him. He is such a curious little guy. What if he wandered off or maybe someone took him?"

She handed Arc one of the fliers that she had been giving out to the other Navi. The paper was a missing poster listing the name of the missing pet, along with a picture of the pet in question and a number to contact the pet's owner along with talk of a reward. The pet answered to the name Arra and, according to the picture, it seemed to be a baby dragon.

Standing on his hind legs, Arra was four feet tall. He was covered in cobalt blue scales from head to toe except for a patch of golden scales along his underside. His head was reptilian, like that of a large lizard, with two small golden horns sprouting from his forehead and a long golden frill that ran from the back of his head to his tail. His eyes too were pools of molten gold. He had a large head, a large rotund belly and large hind legs with a long tail. However, his forelimbs were short and stubby with his two fingered paws tipped with golden claws. His leathery wings were small as well, miniature things with a wingspan of only two and a half feet.

"This is the last place that I know he was," Dolce continued. "He can't be too far way. He can't fly yet and he's chubby so he kind of waddles when he walks. But he's mischievous and very smart for his age. He likes girls more than boys so maybe you can lure him out. We'll split up so we can cover more ground. But...Um." She paused for a moment, slightly awkward. "There is a bit of a problem. Most of the buildings here only admit Navi of the students and faculty. Since Arra is my pet, he can get into the buildings too. But you might have issues. I have a GMO here that should get you into the majority of student buildings. You'll have to ask a teacher if you want to look in a faculty only room."

She handed Arc a package containing the GMO data.

"Did you have any other questions?"
"Yes, I am the navi who accepted your task. I am called Второй_Arc, but feel free to just call me Arc." Arc introduced herself, before listening to the rest of what Dolce had to say. Arc and Vik looked at the poster, Arc memorized what the pet looked like, Vik on the other hand...

"Wow, you are looking for a dragon?" Vik said, surprised. She was honestly expecting a cat or dog, or something. But a dragon? "Well, at least it isn't a big one... and mischievous and like girls... I wonder if that means he would..." Vik was saying, thinking about where he might have gone.

"Yes... You said he was mischievous, what kind of mischievous things has he done? It might give me some insight as to where he went." Arc asked, accepting the GMO packet. After Dolce answers her question, she was going to activate the GMO, so she can get right to work
"A dragon yes," Dolce answered. "He's a Support Program really, though I am taking it slow. I have had...Issues with them in the past and didn't want to repeat my mistakes." The Navi looked deeply sad for a moment, but shook off the bad memories and continued to answer Arc's questions. "Oh, he's done all kinds of things. It would take hours to relay all of the trouble he has gotten himself into. One time he even ran off while I was working and snuck into the women's bath in the Onsen net. He spooked several Navi and I had a difficult time getting the situation under control. But we should get started. The longer we wait around the more mischief he could be getting up to."

Dolce glanced around, taking in her surroundings as she quickly planned the search.

"Alright, to the left of this courtyard is the library. It houses online book depositories for the students to access. I don't think he would be in there, but you never know. On the other side are classrooms. They store various lectures, test prep and a the like. Some of the rooms in there are faculty only so you might need to find a way in if you catch a glimpse of Arra. On the far end of the courtyard are the dorms. They hold webpages for the students along with depositories for student information. I think we should split up and each explore one building on our own. If we don't find anything then we will meet up back here and explore the third building together. My contact information is built into the GMO data so call me if you find him, alright? Now, what building did you want to explore?"
Snuck into the women's bath... Looks like sex appeal might work well in catching the little guy. Vik thought, listening to what Dolce was saying. She could have Arc do something sexy or risque to get the little guy to come once they find him... But first they need to actually locate him. From the three buildings Dolce described, Vik was thinking maybe the dorms. "Hey, Arc. There's a good chance the guy made his way to the dorms, at least I think so. Start there." Vik said to her navi.

"I will check out the dorms then, you should probably check the library. I'll contact you when I'm done searching the dorms." Arc informed Dolce, before activating the GMO and then heading to the dorms.
"Okay, will do!" Dolce said. "Really, thanks for the help."

The female Navi waved goodbye to Arc and turned to run off toward the library. Arc saw her pause in front of the door and wait a moment while a beam of green light scanned her data. No doubt satisfied with its scan, the green light shut off seconds before a second light above the door flashed green and the entrance to the library opened.

Arc activated her own GMO data, the package in her hands vanishing as its contents were utilized. A hazy light washed over her body. It clung to her like a light fog, cloaking her as her clothing shifted. When the light faded, Arc found herself in what looked to be a cold weather version of Dolce's school uniform. She was wearing a long silver skirt of wool that hung to her ankles with a silver sweater over a golden button down shirt. What she could see of the tie tucker under her sweater was a series of diagonal stripes in alternating silver and gold. A similarly striped scarf was loosely wrapped around her shoulders. She wore golden knee socks and had the same shiny leather shoes that Dolce had on. In place of her usual headset was a pair of silver earmuffs and she had on a pair of eyeglasses with a slightly green tint.

Arc wandered across the courtyard, following the stone path between the flower beds. She circled around the large willow and eventually came to the dormitories. As she neared the doors a green light washed over her for a moment before winking off. The doors to the dormitory opened up a few seconds later.

"Notice," came a cheerful female voice from a loudspeaker next to the door. "Your winter uniform is out of date. Please upgrade your uniform at the administration office at your earliest convenience. Thank you."

With the doors open, Arc could see a wide sitting room occupied by a number of students both male and female. Some were lounging around on couches while a couple were at a table studying. A group of three girls were standing in one corner talking in excited whispers interrupted by the occasional giggle.
After the graphic override was finished, Arc saw the world... green? No, wait. It seems that she has glasses on her face. Arc took them off with both hands, and looked at them. Seems like my visor is now a pair of glasses... She thought, before looking at the rest of her uniform. I... I wonder if I can keep all of this after the mission is over... She thought, putting the glasses back on. She probably couldn't, since it's most likely Dolce's winter uniform... but she might be able to get a GMO like it. She started to head to the dormitories.

I... guess I should just ignore that notice for now. Arc figured, before taking her earmuffs off and heading inside. She looked around the place, and saw a few navis sitting around, and at least three talking about something.

Maybe one of the folks sitting down overheard or saw something... Arc reasoned, heading over to the lounging navis."Pardon me, but you wouldn't have happen to have any information about where I might find this little guy?" Arc asked the lounging navis, showing them the flier that she had gotten from Dolce. "His owner is worried about him, and any help would be greatly appreciated."
The first of the lounging Navi took one look at the flier Arc showed him before he burst out laughing.

"A dragon?" He chuckled. "What do you think this is, the Pigzits university of spellcraft and sorcery?"

"Oh don't mind him," said the Navi sitting next to him. "Let me see this missing pet." He took a close look at the photo, his mouth turning down into a frown. "No, can't say that I've seen him. How about you, hun?"

A female Navi leaned over the male to get a look at the photo. Arc noticed that the girl didn't seem concerned that her chest was right in the face of the man. She took one look at Arra and let out a soft little cry.

"Awww, cute little guy," she cried. "He's lost? I haven't seen him, but...Hm, I thought I overheard some girls upstairs say they thought they heard something rummaging around one of the storage closets. I thought it was just a janitor program, but you never know. You could try checking upstairs."

She plopped back down on the couch, pulling her knees up to her chest as she got comfortable.

"If I hear anything else, I'll be here alright? Good luck finding him."

A stairwell was set on to the left and right of the sitting room. The stairwell to the right just went up while the stairwell to the left looked like it went both upward and down. Beyond the left stairwell was a doorway labeled as the entrance to a vending machine network. On the wall near the stairwell was a small placard that warned against fighting in the Student Data Depository and that any virus sightings should be reported to campus officials immediately.
"Noises upstairs near the storage closets, alright. Thanks for the help." Arc said, before moving towards the stairwell. Arc stopped at the placard and took note of what it said.

"No fighting, and report viruses to officials. Well, hopefully we don't run into any fights or viruses in our search." Vik told her navi trough a private line. "Now, go onto the next floor and look around the storage closet. That might be where he went." She added, causing Arc to nod before moving up the stairs. When she got to the next floor, she started to look around, particularly near the storage closets. For any sign or noise of Arra.
Arc worked her way up the stairwell until she came to a landing and a long hallway lined with doors. The stairs continued upward for a few more flights, but a plaque on the wall informed Arc that the storage was on this floor. Following the directions on the plaque, Arc made her way down the hallway toward an open door. A metal plate marked the door as the storage room.

The room was dark, but Arc could see its contents were in disarray. Boxes of data were strewn about and several looked like they had been torn open. Scraps of cloth of various colors and with different patterns were laying all over the room. The scraps looked like they had been torn by claws or gnawed on. A scrap of wet white cloth with pink polka dots was wadded up and tossed in one corner.

A trail of torn fabric lead from the storage room to another open door further down the hall. The door looked to have been forced open and lead to a student homepage designed to resemble a dorm room. This room was in more disarray than the last, scorch marks evident on the walls and chunks of flooring torn up. It looked like someone or something had gotten in a fight in the small room.

Looking around, Arc could see more shredded fragments of cloth littering the floor. Most were small, a few inches in length and of various colors. One torn piece of fragment was much longer than the others, a foot long strip of stone grey cloth.

A sound drew Arc's attention back to the hallway. To her left she could see a large male Navi making his way down the stairs. He was carrying a bulky duffle bag on one shoulder and, despite his size, he seemed to be struggling under its weight. To her right, Arc saw a petite female Navi in a blue blazer and skirt making her way up the stairs. Under the blazer, Arc just caught a glimpse of grey cloth.
"...Looks like Arra might have been here." Arc said, looking at all the torn boxes and bits of cloth all over the place. Arc spotted one of the scrapped wadded up in the corner... and probably against most folk's better judgments, she went to pick it up and inspect it. Once she was down with her wet rag, she followed the trail of scraps to a room with a... busted... door...

This doesn't bold well. Arc thought, reaching the doorway. She peered into the room and took note of the surroundings. It seems a fight went on here, as evident by the scorch marks and smashed floor. But the question was, who fought who?

"Holy, what happened here?" Vik nearly shouted, "Did an oldstove come in here and... No, if one did then there probably would have been more things burnt then the walls." Vik added, as Arc looked around the room, and at all the scattered bits of cloth everywhere. "...If Arra was the one in that storeroom, then it looks like he got in trouble." Arc said... taking note of each of the scraps. There was one that was a foot long... "Now that seems a bit... out of place." Arc thought, looking at the foot long scrap of gray cloth.

And then something in the hallway caught her attention.

Arc leaned back and looked, and saw a navi with a large dufflebag to one side, and a navi with the same color cloths as that big scrap of cloth. One going up the stairs, and the other going down. As far as Arc knew, either one might have been involed in whatever happened in the room...

Arc moved quickly towards the navi with the bag.

"Excuse me, but do you need help with that?" Arc said, after getting close to the navi with the bag. Hopefully she got to him before he went too far down the stairs, and could still keep a good eye on the floor. "Er, also... have you seen this little fellow?" Arc asked, holding the flier in a manner so the navi could see it well without having to hold it. "His owner is worried about him, and I want to find him before he gets into any trouble." Arc added, looking at the navi's face for any kind of reaction.
Arc decided to talk to the muscular Navi with the bulky duffle bag. As she moved toward the man, he noticed her and visibly sped up as he made his way down the steps. Arc sped up as well and managed to catch up to the man near the bottom of the stairwell.

"Don't even think about it," the man replied harshly. "I mean, I've got this. I don't need any help with this bag. I'm fine."

Arc continued on, asking him about Arra. The Navi didn't even bother glancing at the flier before responding.

"Nope, haven't seen anything. That dragon is probably long gone by now. Er...Check upstairs or something."

The man rushed downstairs, shouldering his way through the various Navi lounging around the main room. As he reached the exit to the dormitory, his reached up and slapped the wall near the door. Seconds after he exited, the spot he touched flashed a bright pink and began to spread. A wall of pink crystal grew over the doorway, blocking the exit.

"Hey what the hell?!" Cried one of the lounging Navi.

The rest of the Navi began shouting in confusion, not sure what had happened or why the Navi would seal the exit. Arc would try busting her way through the wall, ask one of the other Navi to help her smash through or maybe there was another exit from the building.
He didn't even look at it and he knew... Arc thought, as the navi started to move away... It looks like there might be a good chance that Arra was in that bag, or atleast something he didn't want other navis to know about. Arc moved after the navi, but stopped for a bit when he closed the entrance and causing the student body to panic.

"That's a minor setback." Arc said, as the exit was sealed. She could easily break trough it to be honest, but with all the navis in the room she would risk hurting them in the process. And the longer she stays back here, the farther he will get away.

First thing first, get in contact with Docle and let her know. If she knows what to look for, she could intercept the man or keep track of where he is going. "Docle, I think a muscular navi is carrying Arra in a dufflebag. Can you try to intercept him while I get past this little roadblock he set up?" Arc informed Dolce, after using her contact information to contact her. Arc noticed the girl who gave her the hint on Arra's location was still here, and got an idea. Arc quickly moved towards the navi.

"Hey, listen, you remember the pet I'm looking for? That navi that just blocked the entrance I think is kidnapping the little guy and has him in that bag, or at least something in there he doesn't want folks to know about. Do you have any friends out there that you can contact and get to try and monitor his movement? I'm going to see if I can't get rid of that hindrance he put up." Arc informed the navi

"Everyone get away from the entrance, I'm going to try to break it down enough for us to get out." Arc said to the crowd, making her way to the crystal. Once the navis distanced themselves from it, and Arc is able to get a good line of sight where there are no navis blocking her view, she summoned her trusty gun, the magazine filled with anti armor rounds. She released a volley of shoots on the crystal wall, hoping to break enough of it down so folks can get in and out.

((Smash: Break on next attack
Burst Fire: 8 hits of 5 break))
"What," Dolce responded as Arc contacted her. "You think you've found him? The library has been a bust, so I'll head to the courtyard and see if I spot the Navi you mentioned. I'll be there as soon as I can!"

The two broke contact and Arc turned her attention to the other Navi in the room, particularly the helpful female from earlier.

"Yeah," the girl responded. "I'll see what I can do. We can't get into fights on campus. Legitimate student Navi can't even receive battlechips. But I'll try and contact a few people on my friend's list and have them keep an eye out."

Having secured a bit of surveillance, Arc concentrated on the wall of pink crystals that was blocking her path. She materialized her Kalashnikov rifle and took aim at the wall. With a squeeze of the trigger, she unloaded a short burst of armor piercing rounds into the crystal wall. The pink crystals, though durable, were no match for the high density, penetrating rounds. The crystals fractured, weakening the wall's anchors to the doorway beneath. As the last bullet impacted, a large portion of the crystal wall slid to the floor and shattered. The way was clear for Arc to advance.

Beyond the wall, Arc could still see the bulky Navi with the duffle bag. He turned at the sound of his wall collapsing, his face warped into a menacing scowl. As Arc moved toward him, she could hear the man growl. He shrugged the duffle bag from his shoulder and tossed it to the ground. Arc could hear a muffled groan come from within the bag.

"Fine then," the man growled. "If you want a fight, then you've got one. I'm going to be the one who claims the reward. You can't have it!"

Arc could finally get a good look at the imposing man. He was larger than he had been in the dorm, standing at well over seven feet and at least three and a half feet wide at the shoulders. He was dressed in a black tracksuit with a large pink V that stretched from each shoulder to the center of his chest. A pink stripe ran down the lateral side of each pant leg. He was handsome, if you liked a masculine face with a strong, square jaw and dark brows. His nose looked like it had been broken at least once and his grey eyes were narrowed in anger. The Navi had thick, curly hair that fell in jet black ringlets down to his shoulders and his skin held a deep tan.

"You'll rue the day you crossed MegatonMan. I'm a world champion fighter!"

The Navi raised a hand to his chest, long thick fingers curling around his tracksuit. With a quick jerking motion, MegatonMan tore away the suit to reveal proper battle attire beneath. Under his tracksuit, the Navi was clad in a pink spandex outfit that revealed his minimalist nature and most of his body with it. The suit was a pair of spandex straps that went over his shoulders and joined inches above his groin to form a pair of spandex briefs that split once more at the small of the back. The spandex briefs accentuated MegatonMan's sculpted buttocks and ample supply of manliness. MegatonMan was otherwise naked aside from a pair of shiny pink boots with white laces.

With his battle attire equipped, MegatonMan cut an impressive figure. Each of his muscles were toned and defined, as though he were sculpted by a master. Some kind of oil was slathered over his bronze skin, causing him to gleam in the artificial light. He smiled at Arc, revealing a set of impressive white teeth, as he widened his stance and spread his arms out wide.

"Let's get ready to rumble!"


MegatonMan.Exe: 350hp [Normal]

Arc: 140hp [Normal]

Terrain: 70% Grass, 20% Normal (Path), 10% Soil (Flower beds)
...Reward? Don't tell me he was actually... Vik thought, listing to what the navi was saying. The fact that he talked about a reward could mean one of a few things. He was returning Arra to Dolce, someone posted a reward for his capture, or the SP wasn't in the bag and some navi is stuffed in there... but signs are pointing towards one of the first two.

"Well Arc, it looks like he isn't going to be trying to get away anymore, or . That makes things much easier, doesn't it Arc?" Vik asked her navi, before grabbing two chips from the pile, an elecreel and a firebomb1. "I suggest we try to hit him hard, and then change plans depending on what happens." Vik added, slotting in the two chips.

...I can she why the plan might change. But first, I'll need to lead him away from the bag. From his attire that will most likely be easily achieved. Arc reasoned, receiving the two chips while looking at the navi's pink uniform. From that and his muscles, it was well within reason that the navi would be melee based, probably able to make defenses or weapons out of crystal like he did with that wall...

...Or something to keep his opponent in place while he starts pummeling them.

Arc aimed her weapon at the navi, and with a pull of the trigger sent forth a blast of lighting from the barrel. At that moment, Arc began to quickly move away from Megaton, running into the grass. If the navi is melee, there is a good chance he will be chasing Arc into the grass. Quickly, Arc turned around, the firebomb in the chamber of the attachment, and with a bust of accurate data aimed her gun down and pulled the trigger. Her plan? Have the explosive detonate at or right behind his feet, this way he can't just duck down or lean to the side to avoid the attack.

And with any luck, MegatonMan will soon be on fire.

((Passive: Take Aim Firebomb1
Passive: Smash: Add break to Firebomb1
1:Elecreel1 MegatonMan: 80 elec+spread4, B accuracy
2: Keep away/ Move into the grass
3: Firebomb1 MegatonMan: 65 Fire+Burn(10)+Break+Blast2, B accuracy))
Arc began her assault by firing her rifle straight at MegatonMan. Instead of the armor-piercing ammunition from earlier, the Kalashnikov spat lightning. The jagged bolt of energy flashed across the battlefield, heading straight for the Navi's chest. There was no way he would be able to dodge in time. Unfortunately for Arc, MegatonMan had no need to dodge. He was a champion, after all. The massive Navi swatted at the lightning bolt with a backhanded slap, sending the bolt of energy fizzling into the earth. A small current of energy washed over MegatonMan's body, doing no damage but causing his nipples to stiffen in excitement and the thick, oil slathered patch of hair of his chest rose with the stimulation.

"Hahaha!" MegatonMan bellowed. "That amateur crap is nothing to me!"

MegatonMan charged after Arc, following the female Navi onto the lush grass. He paid no mind as Arc pointed her rifle toward the ground and fired. A loud flumping accompanied the grenade as it exited the attachment on the bottom of the rifle barrel. The grenade struck the grass right below MegatonMan's feet, exploding on contact to unleash a devastating fireball. The flames consumed the grass beneath the Navi, consuming it for fuel, and washed over MegatonMan. The massive Navi emerged from the flames, soot marring his oiled form and his chest hairs short and burnt. His spandex suit was smoldering, but luckily for all involved it, it was mostly intact.

MegatonMan continued his advance. He reached Arc with a quick rush, wrapping his huge arms around her body. He lifted the Navi into the air, flipping her around so that her face was centimeters from his crotch. MegatonMan wouldn't give her the chance to do anything unmentionable to his unmentionables and quickly dropped to his knees. Arc's skull slammed against the ground, MegatonMan driving her head into the earth.

Without pausing, Megaton regained his footing. He lifted Arc up with him, manhandling the woman as though she were nothing more than a rag doll. He lifted Arc above his head, holding her locked in his iron fingers. With a grunt of effort, MegatonMan hurled Arc through the air. The Navi sailed a few yards before collapsing in a heap in the grass.

"You've ruined my battle suit!" MegatonMan roared. "You'll pay for that! And my precious chest hair. I'm crispy from my pecs down to my happy trail! When I'm done with you, I'll shave your head and use your hair to replace what you've burned!"

MegatonMan.Exe: 220hp [Burn] [Soil]

Arc: 80hp [Grass]

Terrain: 50% Grass, 20% Normal (Path), 30% Soil
Shit, was to careless. Now he just has to squeeze me to death, need to get out be- Arc was thinking, her thoughts interrupted when she was flipped. Her face now much to close to the navi's groin for both her and her op's comfort.

"Wh-what do you think yo-" Arc was saying... before her skull collided with the ground. This dazed Arc, letting the navi grab her once more to shake and then unceremoniously throw her away.

Tha- that hurt... but he is burning now... just, just need to hit and run now... Arc thought, moaning a bit while laying on the ground facing away from the navi, still a bit dazed from the whole ordeal. I, I need to make sure that doesn't happen again.

"Arc, just hang in there and use this energybomb and guard. We just need to hit him a few times before the burn handles the rest, so just keep on the defensive and try to wear him out." Vik informed her navi, slotting in the two chips. "But you probably came to the same solution anyways, right?"

The bomb appeared in Arc's hand, and she quickly turned her head towards MegatonMan. After spotting his location, and triggering another burst of accurate targeting data, Arc rolled her body towards the navi, adding some force to the bomb she lobbed during this action. She had already used the data to calculate how hard and at what angle she needed to throw it to land at his feet. Hopefully she managed to throw it correctly.

Arc then pushed herself up off the ground, not bothering to readjust her long skirt, and a shield appeared on her arm. She then readied herself to move out of the way of Megatonman's attacks. Even if the energybomb had missed, she had enough firepower left to take him out. And with the navi burning from the effects of her bomb, it will only be a matter of time before he falls assuming he doesn't have a way to remove it.

Her attacks now are just to lessen the amount of time remaining.

((Passive: Take Aim Energybomb
Passive: Smash: Add break to Energybomb
1 Energybomb: 3 hits 40+blast2+break, B accuracy
2 Guard1
3 Dodge))
Arc took aim and launched a second explosive toward her opponent, aiming her gun so the grenade would land at MegatonMan's feet. The massive Navi saw the attack coming and charged, hoping to outdistance the explosion. He almost succeeded, but the flames caught his trailing leg and ripped through his pink and white boot. He grimaced in pain, but still rushed forward. The burns from earlier where doing their work, every movement MegatonMan made caused pain to shoot through his body.

MegatonMan launched an attack of his own, massive fist sailing straight toward Arc. The female Navi managed to raise her guard in time, the shield absorbing the punch and sending the damage rushing back through MegatonMan's arm. The Navi continued his attack, kicking at Arc with his booted foot. He slammed his foot into Arc's gut, causing the Navi to double over. He wrapped his arm around the Navi's head and dropped to the floor, taking Arc with him so she once more slammed her head against the ground. The impact scrambled Arc's brain, stunning her for a few moments.

MegatonMan.Exe: 90hp [Burn] [Grass]

Arc: 50hp [Grass] [Stun'd]

Terrain: 50% Grass, 20% Normal (Path), 30% Soil
Shit, all he has to do is connect with a few more blows like that and Arc is trough. Need to finish this now. Vik thought, glancing at the pile of chips to her side. She shifted her fingers trough it, to uncover some of the chips in there. She needed something powerful, that wouldn't risk destroying Arc in the process. And the only chips she has that wouldn't risk blowing Arc up aren't powerful enough for take him down enough for the burn to finish him off almost immediately after... at least, she thought so until she focused on one of the chips. "Wait, doesn't this do... and he is on..." quietly said, grabbing the chip from the pile and giving it a closer inspection... A chip that could be the final blow, and it isn't one Arc would like..."Arc, you might not like this chip, but if you can nail him with it while he still stands there you should be victorious." Vik said, slotting in a lineout1.

Arc revived the chip, but wasn't in a state of mind where she could actually use it....The only other firechip we have... yea, I don't like it but... Arc thought, recovering from the last blow to the head. It seems that every time he attacked he managed to connect. Even his fist would have connected, if it wasn't for her guard. She managed to recover enough to beable to move around, but rather then get up and try to get away, Arc pointed one of her arms towards MegatonMan. Luckly, all these blows to the head hasn't screwed up her targeting system, as she pushed it towards the limit once more. With a burst of data, Arc realigned her arm rather quickly. Once she had it the way she wanted, Arc snapped her fingers...

...And an flammy virus materialized in front of Arc's hand. The Flammy suddenly took up, flying a longe the ground in the direction Arc was pointing. The grass burning as the virus flew over it, the panels itself cracking and breaking down once it flew past them. All Arc needed for it to do is hit MegatonMan, and with any luck it would manage to do that before it dematerialized into nothing.

If that attack managed to miss MegatonMan, then Arc would be ready to roll away when the navi next tries to strike.

((Passive: Take Aim Lineout1
1: Lineout1 MegatonMan: 45 fire+break+Panel break+lineattack, B accuracy
2: Dodge))