Wanted: Answerman.EXE

Miyu stepped off of the link from the NetSquare, a swarm of bats converging to form her body. "So, any idea who we're looking for?" she asked, walking forward a few steps and examining the area.

Leon shrugged. "None. I'd assume you should look for an NP navi, or at the very least an informant of some sort should try to get your attention. Just keep an eye out."

Miyu shrugged her shoulders and walked forwards a bit further, being sure to look for anyone who seemed suspicious.
There was no NetPolice navi waiting for them, however some Mushys and Bombcorn viruses were happy to greet Miyu. The Mushys hopped around on the grass panels ahead but the Bombcorns seemed to be happy bouncing everywhere.

BombcornA: 70 HP
BombcornB: 70 HP
MushyA: 80 HP
MushyB: 80 HP

Terrain: 50% Grass, 50% Normal

Miyu: 200 HP

[Battle 1 - Begin!]
Miyu gritted her teeth. "As if I hadn't gotten enough wood today..." she snarled.

Leon scoffed at the viruses. "Unfortunately for them, they're actually weak to fire. And that's something we have a pretty good array of." He grabbed their four fire chips and slotted them in. "I think it would be best if you just burnt everything to a crisp."

"I like your style." Miyu loaded the chip data, her tattoos glowing an intense red from all of the fire data she had stored inside her body. She took a few quick steps and lept into the air, using her wings to propel her forwards a short distance at a good speed. As she landed on a normal panel, she knelt and punched her right fist into the ground. Fire erupted a few feet in front of her, and raced across the ground towards the nearest patch of grass and the first of the mushroom viruses. She turned to face the second mushy and took a deep breath, exhaling and letting loose a great torrent of fire from her mouth. The fire fanned out and burnt everything in it's path, Miyu not necessarily focusing on the Mushy itself but on the remaining grassy area that she could get rid of.

In her haste to burn the grass and everything else, she had forgotten about the bombcorns. She did a quick spin to find their locations and make sure she wasn't in danger of being jumped on.

Having found the first, she raised her palm towards it and sent a fiery wave burning through the air towards the unlucky virus. She really wasn't in any mood to mess around with anything wood-like right now- she just wanted to finish them all off. Continuing on to find the second, she took aim with her hand once more before firing another deadly wave of fire out of her palm and towards the enemy.

*Gust tactical move.
1. Fireburn1 [50 3 Targets]. Grassy areas.
2. Flameline1 [70 3 Targets]. The rest of the grass, hopefully.
3, 4. Heatshot [40 + Spread 1]. One for each bombcorn.
Miyu's Fireburn cleared away most of the grass in a quick blaze, limiting the Mushys's movements. The following Flameline breath attack burned the rest, incinerating the Mushys along with it. The Bombcorns moved into position to launch their explosive volleys but were swiftly defeated by two well aimed Heatshots. The battle ended leaving no trace of there even being a fight.

BombcornA: DELETED
BombcornB: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Normal

Miyu: 200 HP

[Battle 1 - Victory!]

Get: 550z
Miyu clapped her hands together to knock the soot off of them. "Well. that was easy enough."

Leon nodded. "I wonder what kind of navi Answerman is? Or for that matter, how will we track him down?"

Miyu tilted her hear to the side for a few seconds and thought about it. "Well, his name is Answerman, right? Maybe he's a quiz person? Or a teacher? Or some arrogant navi who think's he knows all the answers?"

"That's very well possible..."

Miyu continued to walk along, looking for anyone who would look like a quizmaster... or a bookworm... or a teacher... or someone who looked like they had all the answers.
Something odd came up along Miyu's search. It looked as if someone had decided to drape cloths with question marks on a group of viruses. Fortunately, their HP readings were still visible. They were all oddly shaped, but some simple observations easily set them apart from one another. None of them made a sound. They were all fairly scattered but the similar looking ones seemed to stick together.

???A: 120 HP (lumpy with a tall, flat rectangular front)
???B: 60 HP (hemispherical)
???C: 90 HP (floating wedge)
???D: 90 HP (floating wedge)
???E: 100 HP (circus tent)
???F: 100 HP (circus tent)

Terrain: 100% Normal

Miyu: 200 HP

[Battle 2 - Begin!]
"Wait... really? A circus tent?" Miyu shook her head at the virus. "For some reason, I think we're heading the right direction."
"Really. What ever gave you that idea?" Leon sarcastically added. "So... lumpy with a tall... rectangular front? Any ideas on what virus it could be?"
Miyu shook her head. "No, but I have an idea how to find out. Send me a fire chip."
"Burn the cloaks off, huh? Sounds like as good a plan as any." Leon grabbed the flameline chip and slotted it in.

"Well, lets see how well this works..." Miyu's tattoos began to glow a faint red. She sent the power into her wings, which also began to glow red. Leaping into the air, she unleashed the power of the chip in as large a spread as she could, using a second flap of her wings to fuel the fire and send them farther. She landed, and waited to see if her idea had worked...

1. Gust enhanced Flameline1. 70 Fire. Attempting to burn the cloaks off of the viruses.
[Turn splice]
Primarily aiming at the large flat-faced virus, Miyu's flameline fanned out into a loose blast of flame that singed the tarps of two viruses. They caught fire quickly and the blankets burned away to reveal an IronShield and a Hardhead, neither of which seemed at all fazed by the fire. Meanwhile, one of the Wedge viruses had strafed to a better position and suddenly charged at Miyu.

IronShield: 120 HP [shield: front]
HardHead: 60 HP [ironbody]
???C: 90 HP (floating wedge) [attacking!]
???D: 90 HP (floating wedge)
???E: 100 HP (circus tent)
???F: 100 HP (circus tent)

Terrain: 100% Normal

Miyu: 200 HP
Miyu flipped backwards, landing in her hands and springing herself into the air sideways and hopefully out of the way of the charging viruses. As she landed, she mumbled about how she wished her plan had gone better... though she probably could have fixed that herself if she had aimed at a better target.

Leon took note of the fast moving wedges. "So, the wedges like to charge it seems. Not to mention we're lucky enough to have two rather annoying viruses that we're sure about..." He scratched his chin as he looked over the circus tent viruses. Something is odd about them... He grabbed the kunai chip and slotted it in. "Toss them at one of the tents... but be sure to aim towards the middle. No telling where you can actually hit whatever is underneath it."

Slitting her eyes at the closer of the two tents, she formed three kunai in her hand. Sliding each one between two fingers, she brought her hand across her body and above her shoulder. She snapped her arm and writs towards the virus, sending the small projectiles through the air at the tent.

2,3: Handspring dodge.
4. Kunai. 30x3 slashing, ???E.
While the wedge virus continued to charge forward, the Ironshield contributed to the assault by launching some bombs. Miyu's gymnastic evasive maneuvers served her well as she avoided both attacks skillfully. The wedge simply jetted past her as she dodged and soared up into the air before landing back at its starting point.

Miyu's kunais shot straight into the heart of one of the tent viruses. The sounds of daggers striking were slightly muffled by the tarp. However, the fact that they hadn't pierced through to the other side was a good sign. On the other hand, the tiny holes it left in the blanket didn't help in revealing its identity.

IronShield: 120 HP [shield: front]
HardHead: 60 HP [ironbody]
???C: 90 HP (floating wedge)
???D: 90 HP (floating wedge)
???E: 10 HP (circus tent)
???F: 100 HP (circus tent)

Terrain: 100% Normal

Miyu: 200 HP
Miyu shot a quick look to the flying wedges. "Leon, I really don't want to have to spring out of the way at the last second like that again." She kept her eyes on the wedges, hoping that Leon got the hint and would give her some help before they started charging again.

Looking over his chips, Leon grabbed two that seemed to fit the bill, and a third to help finish off the deal. "Well, I suppose you should stop them in their tracks then. Oh, and maybe call in some air support?" He sent the chips through the Pet and the data headed for Miyu.

Miyu grinned happily as she received the chip data and her tattoos began to glow a moderately strong gold, which seemed to give her an ever so small aura of light around her being. She formed her scythe, grabbing it firmly with both hands, and began to channel the electrical energies into the blade.

She focused on the first wedge. Bringing the scythe back as if she were about to reap something, she slashed the air with the glowing blade. As the blade reached the apex of it's arc, the energy from the chip was released and went swirling through the air towards the virus. As soon as she had finished the swing downwards, she shifted her stance to provide a better line towards the second wedge. Pulling the scythe back towards herself fiercely, a swirling vortex of energies formed on the ground where the scythe had ended its initial swing. The energies moved towards the second wedge, moving noticeably slower than the first attack, but also seeming to adjust its course slightly as if to stalk its target.

Resting her scythe in one hand for a moment, she grabbed a military looking radio in her free hand. "This is Miyu, requsting assistance. Over." The radio crackled as some odd mechanical noises were played in response.

A high pitched squeal was heard in the skies above the battlefield. Looking up, Miyu spotted the somewhat familiar outline of the DarkMech carrier ship. It screeched overhead and, like last time, it seemed to eject a mech.

As it plummeted to the ground at bone breaking speeds, the object turned on some thrusters to slow its decent. Unfortunately, they didn't seem to fire right, and the poor thing ended up falling headfirst into the netscape. The force of the impact knocked Miyu off balance once again. I really need to prepare for that next time... The mech tried to pull its head out of the netscape, but it was stuck too well. Instead, all it accomplished was pulling its head off and falling backwards onto it's butt. Not giving up, it reached into the hole with its hands and dug the head out, taking a moment to screw it back on before locking onto the viruses. It drew the mech's signature blades, and ran at the targets, slashing at anyone unlucky enough to have been locked onto.

The carrier soared overhead again, but instead of blasting off to rendezvous like the previous mech, this one began to chase after it on the ground. The carrier turned around in the air and swooped low to the ground, releasing what Miyu thought was a large magnet panel attached to a long cable. As the panel passed over the mech, it was picked up, by it and the carrier soared back into the heavens, the mech dangling the entire time till it faded from view.

Leon and Miyu sat in stunned silence for a moment.
"Did that really just happen?"
"I guess that... there's more than one?"
"Seems so. I wonder what the rest are like?"
"Who knows?"

Getting her attention back to the battle, Miyu prepared herself to jump out of the way of any incoming bombs from the ironshield and kept an attentive eye on the tents to try to make sure she wasn't caught by surprise.

1. Zapring1 [40 (+10 Bonus) + Stun 1]. ???C
2. Thunder1 [40 (+10 Bonus) + Stun 1 + Homing]. ???D.
3. MachineSword [60 + Slashing + Wide Attack] x2 Hits to each Stunned Target.
4. Gust assisted dodge.
The gentle drifting of the wedge viruses made them easy targets for the Zapring and Thunder, both of which hit. The wedges were stuck in place, their bodies tilted off to one side. That was when the carrier arrived and dropped off the DarkMech. In a quick teleporting slashing frenzy, the viruses and their covers were torn apart. Green chunks of Fishy fell to the floor before dissipating in puffs of data.

The Hardhead began to shake and suddenly cracked open, turning a bright red as it did. It coughed out a large cannonball at Miyu that was easily avoided. However, at the same time, one of the tent viruses suddenly teleported in front of Miyu, startling her immensely. Judging by the already existing hole in its tarp, it was the one she had just attacked.

A long sharp blade shot out from behind the question mark riddled sheet and nearly pierced her chest, but she was saved by an equally quick gust knocking her back out of range. The virus slashed again in a wide swing, cutting through the remainder of the blanket. The cloak fell apart to reveal an angry Zemon virus underneath.

IronShield: 120 HP [shield: front]
HardHead: 60 HP
ZemonA: 10 HP
???F: 100 HP (circus tent)

Terrain: 95% Normal, 5% Broken

Miyu: 200 HP
Miyu lept straight back into the air after dodging the Zemon's attack.
Leon, equally in the zone, quickly slotted in three chips to help finish off the exposed zemon, and what he was rather sure was a second.

As Miyu flew over top of the Zemon, she pointed her scythe at it and fired a powerful blast of energy from the end of the weapon. It rushed downwards towards the top of the enemy, destroying some of the tarp that was still floating in the air as it neared its mark.

Miyu landed on the other side of the zemon she had just blasted and quickly rolled forward towards her right before running full sprint to get a good shot on the other tent. She grabbed the scythe and turned it around, as if the head were the butt of a gun of some sort, and pointed the other end at her quarry. A trigger appeared near her hands and the end widened and opened like the end of a shotgun. She pulled the trigger, and the 'gun' launched its payload towards the virus.

With the last attack finished, her tattoos began glowing a light blue, and appeared to have waves washing across them. The aqua energy from the bubbler chip was loaded into the same 'gun', the blade and handle of the scythe also changing to a blue color. Using her last shot as a guide, she fired once again.

"Hopefully that will be the end of that washed up tent's career," Leon snickered out loud as he made what he felt was an appropriate pun.
Miyu, of course, just shook her head in dismay.

Gust Tactical Move.
1. Cannon [40] ZemonA
2. Dodge
3. Shotgun [50 + Spread 1] ???F
4. Bubbler [50 + Spread 1] ???F
Flipping over the exposed Zemon, Miyu blasted it from overhead with the tip of her scythe, destroying its unique hat and crushing it against the floor. The other tented virus dashed in with a blade strike, revealing itself to be another Zemon just as she had suspected. She was ready this time and avoided the first slash that was swung too wide. The countered with a Shotgun, stunning it momentarily and just long enough to fire another Bubbler to finish the job.

However, in dealing exclusively with the sword virii, the Ironshield launched a pair of bombs that caught Miyu off guard. The explosions were small and really little more than minor annoyances, but still hurt nonetheless. Meanwhile, the Hardhead's gaping mouth snapped shut and it resumed a statuesque appearance.

IronShield: 120 HP [shield: front]
HardHead: 60 HP [ironbody]

Terrain: 95% Normal, 5% Broken

Miyu: 180 HP
Miyu rubbed some soot from the explosion off of her cheek. "And now it's that thing's turn. Leon?"
"Yeah yeah, we're runnin' low on good chips, so make these count eh? And why don't you try smashing it with your hammer a bit?" Leon grabbed a lilbomb and an area grab, and slotted them in.

Miyu started to move towards The Shielded One. She made sure to use her agility to her advantage, and close the distance as quickly as possible. Reaching the front, shielded side of the virus, she asked it a question with her usual graces. "Hey, stupid, could you hold this for me?" Miyu formed a lil bomb at her feet and nudged it towards the viruses shield.

Hoping that the bomb would be enough of a distraction to keep the shield in the front, she used the area grab to teleport behind the virus, her visage flickering for a moment before fading from sight and reassembling behind it. Quickly forming her scythe and morphing it into the hammer that her mother used, she pounded at the rear of the virus as hard as she could, delivering three powerful blows before her arms were worn out and the hammer morphed back into a scythe.

1. Gust assisted Tac Move to the front of the shield.
2. Lilbomb [50 + Blast2]. Roll it slowly towards the shield.
3. Areagrab to the behind of the Iron Shield virus.
4. Hammer Rush [3 x 30 Elec]. Iron Shield.
Miyu rolled the Lilbomb slowly towards the Ironshield. The virus's attention was locked on the ball and it refused to budge, which worked perfectly into Miyu's plans. She teleported behind the unguarded posterior of her target and let loose with a flurry of hammer strikes, smashing the rear of the virus into scrap. Just then, the Hardhead exited its dormant state and spat out another cannonball, dealing a heavy blow to Miyu and cracking the panel she was standing on. She had been too close to avoid the attack but had fortunately completed her Hammer Rush in time.

The Ironshield reacted by spinning around with its partially ruined body to face its assailant. In a stroke of luck, the Lilbomb finally finished rolling and detonated in a wide explosion, destroying what was left of the Ironshield and nearly deleting the Hardhead in a single blow.

Victory was close at hand.

IronShield: DELETED
HardHead: 10 HP

Terrain: 90% Normal, 5% Broken, 5% Cracked

Miyu: 160 HP
Miyu capitalized on the opportunity that presented itself. She lept towards the exposed Hardhead, her scythe becoming slightly transparent in the process, and swung mightily as she landed. The ethereal scythe struck at the viruses data, and absorbed a minuscule amount into it's body, which subsequently was passed on to Miyu.

1. Tac move to Hardhead.
2. Surreal Reaping - Melee + Electric + Slashing + Phasing + 40 Life Drain
The vulnerable Hardhead could not move away or defend itself from the scythe and was bisected in an instant. What was left of its data drained into Miyu and replenished some of her lost vitality, but not much.

Oddly, the sound of the empty battlefield was soon replaced by ghostly applause and cheering. A shower of rainbow confetti covered Miyu while a trapdoor opened from the floor to reveal a small cache of zenny.

IronShield: DELETED

Terrain: 90% Normal, 10% Broken

Miyu: 170 HP

[Battle 2 - Victory!]

Get: 750z
Miyu looked around cautiously, trying to find where the applause had come from. "Creepy..." she wondered aloud, moving closer to the rewards while trying to check them for booby traps. When she was convinced that it probably wasn't further trapped, she made a quick grab for the reward and quickly jumped back.

"Something tells me we're on the right track. Maybe try calling him out?" Leon suggested.

"Oh please, like that would ever work." Miyu took a few steps and stopped, thinking over that suggestion for a moment. "Actually, that might work." She took a look around, and then yelled "Where are you Answerman? I have some questions that I would like answered."

Leon looked at Miyu with a concerned look. "You couldn't have, ya know, made it a bit more obvious, could you?"

Miyu shrugged and waited for a response... hoping that there would be one.
Miyu's calling didn't draw Answerman out of hiding, but it did attract more cloaked viruses to her position. The same disembodied voices that had just praised her recent victory now echoed some very ominous oohs at the appearance of the new viral group.

The first seemingly slid across the ground like a very oddly shaped donut with the tarp raised in an approximate circle around a slightly sunken middle. Another was simply a flying lump that couldn't really be described. Two similar looking ones hopped into view in an alternating pattern like a pair of shoes. Their shape vaguely reminded Miyu of Metools, if not for their bouncing and what looked to be a single antennae jutting out from their bodies. A tall virus also hopped forward in the back and was followed by another lumpy flying mass that seemed to be leaking a trail of smoke.

This was going to be rough.

???A: 110 HP (kinda like a lumpy donut)
???B: 150 HP (flying and lumpy)
???C: 110 HP (short and fat with an antenna?)
???D: 110 HP (short and fat with an antenna?)
???E: 120 HP (tall and skinny)
???F: 100 HP (flying and rounded and smoking?)

Terrain: 100% Normal

Miyu: 170 HP

[Battle 3 - Begin!]