Mission: Beat the harrasser!

Red and Myun burst down in columns of red light as Shin was reciting something that was staged to be Turquoise's introduction phrase about every time she went into battle.

"That's very nice and all Shin, but may we please see that report?" Myun grumbled, irritated at how long they were taking even though it was only a few seconds.

"Alright, alright, let's see what it says here..." Shin mumbled, opening the document for he and his partners to see.

[Open Report.docx]
Shin opened the file he got from the GNA, hoping to gain information from the document.

[Patrol Report]
Server: DNTC-0028
Date: 09-01-25
Status: Normal

All seems well in server 28, nothing of note. Student Navigator inflow is at 10% capacity. Viruses are being deleted at a steady rate, enough to sustain for a little while.

Server: DNTC-0029
Date: 09-01-25
Status: Alert Level 02
Noted Coordinates: 2n,~a&v3, -N dh@0b, [!\}\|a3

A disturbance has been detected in server 29. It seems like an enormous white beast of some sort, harassing some of the Navigators. Deletion by student Navis has proven to be futile. Action taken: File report to administration. Coordinates to be used by Navigator operator.


... An average operator would never know how to use these coordinates. Maybe one of the local students would know? Then again, one could try to figure it out. Or just walk around hoping to find some sort of direction leading there.

[ Try to figure out coordinates ]
[ Ask one of the students ]
[ Walk around ]
"An enormous white beast, eh? Sounds nasty," Shin chuckled, minimizing the report. "Now all we have to do is figure out these coordinates. Any ideas, Red?"

"You can't figure them out yourself? Hm, maybe you should ask around," Red suggested.

"And what better place than... the administrative office," the self-proclaimed ace grinned, making his way over to a campus map.


Upon locating the administrative office, Shin hurriedly made his way there, let himself in and went up to the front desk.

"Excuse me," he called upon the secretary, and held up his PET, highlighting the coordinates displayed on the report. "I'd like to know what these coordinates lead to. Could you be of assistance?"

[Go to Administrative Office and ask people there for help]
The secretary looked up from her work. "Ah, yes, of course. I'll be right with you." She quickly glanced at the PET, typing out the coordinates on her PC. A few minutes elapsed before the computer gave out a beep, signifying that it was done. "Hm, well. That's strange."

The secretary looked at the operator questioningly with a strange face. Finally, after what seemed like ages, she relaxed, feeling that she could trust this person. "Well, the computer says that the coordinates lead to Housing Unit 5F's Network. You'll find a jack-in point there," she said, pointing to a nearby table, "and here are the directions that'll get you to that point." She ripped a sticky note from her table and wrote in a neat cursive script said directions. She handed the yellow piece of paper to the self-proclaimed ace.

"Have a nice day."
"Uh.. thanks a bunch," Shin replied to the secretary, plugging the directions to Red.


In no time, the red-caped wonder followed the directions toward the Housing Unit's 5F Network.

What awaited her along the way, or rather, on the way there.

[Red_Riding_Hood.EXE: 210 HP]
[Myun.SP: 100 HP]

[Commence net shenanigans]
The network of Housing Unit 5F seemed a little strange for a Dentech Area. It seemed... riddled with shades of pink, and clouds and rainbows, and well, you get the picture. Though this didn't stop viruses from appearing anyway, as a group of viruses appeared to challenge the little red-hooded girl.

Wait, these look, uh, a little different.

PinkArmadillA: 100HP
PinkArmadillB: 100HP
PinkArmadillC: 100HP
PinkArmadillD: 100HP
FluffyFishyA: 90HP
FluffyFishyB: 90HP
FluffyFishyC: 90HP
FluffyFishyD: 90HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Red_Riding_Hood: 210HP
Myun.SP: 100HP

-Battle One, Fight!!-
"Holy fluffy rainbows, Shin!" Red exclaimed, gaping at the scenery around her. "I think we're in the girl's dorm!"

"Hm, I think you're right," Shin mused, examining the area, paying no attention to the viruses at the moment. "Do you think the thing attacking navis here is a giant poodle or something?"

"It's possible, but let's beat these things and find out later," Myun replied, already dashing toward one of the Fluffy-looking Fishys.

As Myun started swinging her fists with great intensity at the first Fishy, Shin was already on the route of a battle plan.

"Let's go with an old favorite. It might be repetitive, but it hasn't failed us yet," the self-proclaimed ace suggested, slotting the all-too familiar Areagrab, IceZone, and Elecsword. Myun's hopping away from the scene of her fist-swinging indicated it was alright for Red to engage.

"Alright, let's do this! Battle Routine, set," Red began, her figure already distorting into a warp.

"Execute!" both operator and navi yelled, the crimson crusader already warping behind the Fishy group, a ball of ice in her right hand.

"Forecasts predict some precipitation in the area, those on icy roads should watch out," the fairy-tale fighter announced, winking before smashing the ball of ice into the ground.

The effect was immediate as a thin sheet of ice spread quickly over the battlefield. Cold air was produced from Red's breathing, who was noticeably shivering, but she had work to do.

In another instant, the red-caped wonder drew out a flashy sword, blade made entirely out of plasma, and took a grim step forward. Grunting heavily with effort, the wind mistress took a lightning-fast swing at the Fishys, hoping the frosted terrain would help boost her efforts as the shocking armament aimed to cut through the Fishys in one foul swoop.

"Firetower coming your way," her operator commented, slotting in the chip with little effort.

"Got it, let's have some fried armadillo tonight," Red responded, charging up her left fist with flaming energy. She eyed the Armadills cautiously, before slamming her hand onto the ground, creating a red circle with the character for fire in front of her.

"I heard the ribs are really good," Shin added in, the roar of the flaming pillars that had just erupted from the ground somewhat drowning out his voice.

"What?" Red yelled, trying to catch her operator's words, the towers making their deadly march toward the Armadills, melting ice in their way, and threatening to incinerate the viruses completely. Charbroiled, would be the word.

"I said, I heard the ribs were really good!" Shin shouted back, the noisy flames dying down to crackling embers.

"Oh! That'd be great! I wonder if pink ones have better meat?" Red mused, glancing over her work.

"Well it's no blue crab, but maybe," Shin replied thoughtfully, sending down the DBLBeam.

"I guess so, but I hope this one doesn't just follow your suggestion," the red-cloaked warrior giggled, summoning a DBLCube high into the air, the object flashing rapidly between red and blue before settling on a color and taking the appropriate effect.

"That is true, wouldn't want anything trying to bite us back," Shin chuckled, throwing down a RiskyHoney as a precaution. A dome-shaped barrier formed of hexagon-shaped honey combs surrounded Red's body, angry bees lurking behind each structure, ready to sting down anything attempting to hurt their queen.

"It could be a cloud you know," Red suggested, thinking of the assailant in the area.

"Could be, with this design," Shin commented, shrugging. It was no real use to figure it out until they saw it, but hey, they had some time.

Turn Summary:
1. Areagrab behind Fishy group [Teleport, Take Aim, +1 Accuracy]
2. IceZone [Medium Ice Terrain centered on Red]
3. Elecsword to FluffyFishyB,C,D [80 Elec DMG +100%(Ice) = 160 DMG]
4. FireTower1 to PinkArmadill group [100 Fire DMG + Piercing + Group Attack + Ground Attack + Will Turn Ice Panels into Sea Panels]
5. DBLBeam1 [(Red) 40 DMG To-All Enemies or (Blue) 30 Heal To-All Allies]
6. RiskyHoney1 [Block and Counter 1 Hit for 5x10 +25 Wood DMG]

Myun's Actions:
*Run Myun Run: Movement to get in Melee Range of FluffyFishyA
1. Attack FluffyFishyA [50 DMG + Impact]
2. Attack FluffyFishyA [50 DMG + Impact]
3. Dodge
The FluffyFishy were about to attack Red when the hooded crusader warped behind them, confusing the viruses as to where the enemy was. Then, a Fishy spotted Myun heading over, and decided to attack the bunny instead. Punches were made, Fishy was deleted. Then, Red changed the floor to ice, setting the stage for a wide ElecSword attack which deleted the rest of the FluffyFishy. Her FireTower cooked two of the Armadills in their shells, releasing a funny, yet delicious smell into the air. The pink Armadills were noticeably ticked, and the survivors rolled towards the girl. The DBLCUBE decided it wanted a red face, and flashed red with intent to harm. None came, since the Armadills were shielded when they rolled. One Armadill hit the bee barrier and got hit by BEEEEEEEEES without any harm. The other Armadill came up to Red and gave her quite the whacking.

PinkArmadillA: 100HP
PinkArmadillB: 100HP
PinkArmadillC: Fried
PinkArmadillD: Flambe'd
FluffyFishyA: Punched
FluffyFishyB: Zapped
FluffyFishyC: Shocked
FluffyFishyD: Astonished

Terrain: 50% Ice, 10% Sea, 40% Normal

Red_Riding_Hood: 190HP
Myun.SP: 100HP
"Ngh," Red winced as the barrier did nothing to prevent the Armadills' onslaught, even letting one hit through.

But this couldn't, and wouldn't, keep her down. As the Armadills' were invulnerable while attacking, their state afterward was an entirely different story. Grinding her teeth down hard, Red tapped the ground lightly, sending rainbow-colored waves coursing through the ground, reverting it back to it's normal self.

This also happened to give the crimson crusader a big power boost, one she took advantage of as she hoisted her Elecsword into a throwing position. Channeling her newly acquired power into the blade gave it a deadlier edge that most could not withstand. And so the blade flew, searing the air as it went, aiming to pierce the shell of the first Armadill.

Myun took it upon herself to finish off the other one, moving quickly with short, rapid hops, positioning herself in front of the pink-colored virus, charging energy behind her blow as she went.


Such was the noise of one sucker punching another with smashing force, but what had Myun hit? Not waiting to find out, the boxing bunny continued her assault with a quick uppercut from her left fist. This lacked the destructive power of the earlier blow, but had just as much impact. Thinking her job done, the rowdy rabbit bounced away from the close-range area as soon as possible.

"Think that took care of them?" Red inquired to her operator, a bit satisfied with her job, but unsure if she should continue.

"Well, here's two things to make sure. Don't want to waste too much time," Shin cautioned, a beam of sunlight patching Red up as he said this.

"Roger that," the fairy-tale fighter nodded, pulling a heavy bowling ball out of her picnic basket.

Taking careful aim at the Armadill she had just attacked, the red-caped wonder hefted the iron orb over her shoulder and, calculating just the arc needed to smash the bugger, threw it with all her effort the childish navi could muster. The Cannonball sailed through the air, threatening to crush the Armadill at the end of its path.

Not caring to find out the result of that last action, Red continued on her assault, shadows rippling out from her right arm into the atmosphere. Locking onto the second Armadill, nature's maiden snapped her fingers.

The command was heard, an attack was heralded by ominous cackling, but from what?

Suddenly, three Bamboo spears lunged out of thin air from the side of the Armadill, the ability to pierce through its shell was unquestionable, and the mighty force of nature was behind this attack, as well as the stealth of the shadows. What could happen? Only a higher power could dictate that.

Not waiting to be picked off, Red quickly performed a series of flips and cartwheels to her right, aiming to avoid any incoming attacks.

She wondered if the netnavis of those who lived in this dorm did these exercises on a daily basis, but then returned to focus on her current battle.

Turn Summary:
1. Rainbow Skipping [Normal Stage Change, +20 Strengthen]
2. Throw Strengthened Elecsword at ArmadillA [100 Elec Slashing DMG]

Myun's Actions:
*Run Myun Run: Movement to get in Melee Range of ArmadillB
*Smash: Add Break to next attack
1. Attack ArmadillB [50 DMG + Impact + Break]
2. Attack ArmadillB [50 DMG + Impact]
3. Dodge

Red's Actions, cont.
*Sunshiny Day: Heal 15 to Red
3. Cannonball at ArmadillA [150 DMG + Break]
4. SideBamboo1 to ArmadillB [105 Wood DMG(Bonus) + Piercing]
5. Dodge
6. Dodge
Distracted by Red's pretty rainbow showcase, the Armadill got skewered by the plasma sword, deleting it into a mass of fragmented data. The other managed to get out of the way of one of Myun's hard-hitting punches, but fell straight into the path of the cannonball, crushing its head and leaving a sticky mess on the cyberfloor before disappearing into fragmented data.

PinkArmadillA: Skewered
PinkArmadillB: Smashed
PinkArmadillC: Fried
PinkArmadillD: Flambe'd
FluffyFishyA: Punched
FluffyFishyB: Zapped
FluffyFishyC: Shocked
FluffyFishyD: Astonished

Terrain: 100% Normal

Red_Riding_Hood: 205HP
Myun.SP: 100HP

Battle 1 - Victory!
Rewards: 960 Zenny, 40 BugFrags
"Woohoo! That takes care of that!" Red exclaimed cheerfully, pumping her fist into the air.

"Yeah, but besides that, let's move on," Shin advised.

"Alright! So.. you think it's a poodle?" Red inquired, walking around the area with Myun hopping alongside.

"It could be a bunch of things, hopefully not a polar bear," Shin commented as his navi walked on.

[Battle 2 or whatever]
Red proceeded further into the Unit's network while her operator contemplated on their potential enemy. They encountered a grassy field with a trio of hills, littered with flowers and butterflies and all the beautiful things. However, there was not much time for smelling the flowers as more viruses came to challenge the crimson crusader in honorable battle! A veritable army of patterned Metools appeared before her, masquerading as flowers, along with some floating balls of light to accompany them, acting to further augment the surrounding beauty with their light.

- On Right Hill -
FlowerMetoolA: 40HP
FlowerMetoolB: 40HP
FlowerMetoolC: 40HP
FlowerMetoolD: 40HP
Will O' The WispA: 70HP

- On Left Hill -
FlowerMetoolE: 40HP
FlowerMetoolF: 40HP
FlowerMetoolG: 40HP
FlowerMetoolH: 40HP
Will O' The WispB: 70HP

- On Front Hill -
FlowerMetoolI: 40HP
FlowerMetoolJ: 40HP
FlowerMetoolK: 40HP
FlowerMetoolL: 40HP
Will O' The WispC: 70HP

Terrain: 100% Grass (3 Large Hills, and the surrounding field. Hills take 1 action each to get to melee range)

Red: 205HP
Myun: 100HP

"Definitely the girls' dorm," Shin mused as they encountered a field of flowers. Sunlight poured down on the red-caped wonder as the viruses approached.

"Very strange design," Red commented, turning her eyes to the Metools, "but really cute!"

"Looks like we have to beat them to move on. Focus on the Wisps first, then the Metools should be a piece of cake," Shin suggested, sending in all three of their most devastating group attack chips.

"Can I count on you to take care of one of them for me, Myun?" the crimson crusader asked. Myun gave a firm nod in response and headed over to the left hill with quick boxer steps.

"One... TWO!" Myun shouted, swinging her fists mightily upon the Will'O Wisp on the left hill, the next blow faster than the first, but without a sure knockout. Tuning her attacks in rhythm, the boxing bunny assaulted the Wisp further with two strikes from her well-developed ears.

Thinking her job done, Myun bounded back down the hill, eager to get out of the range of her mistress' attacks.

Red had begun chanting some ominous incantation, eyes crackling with lightning, right hand burnign with fire, and her left arm swirling with the power of nature. Opening her eyes wide open, and raising both arms, facing the hills, the fairy-tale fighter began her assault.

From her mouth came forth a stream of lightning, it crackled and fizzled throught he air as it made its way toward the opponents of the front hill, fully intending to shock the entire group to death.

Dropping from her right arm came a ball of lava, which, upon hitting the ground, erupted into a pillar of flame that marched furiously toward the right hill, roaring embers and blazing flames ate at the ground as the towering fire inteded to swallow the viruses into nothing.

With a quick flick of her wrist, Red sent a Boomerang swirling toward the group that Myun assaulted earlier. Imbued with the mighty power of nature, the curved wooden blade spun on, fully aiming to cut through the virus group into one fell swoop.

It was a sight to behold from a bird's eye view. Lightning blasted to the north. Fire marched to the west. And a swirling blade cut and spun through the east. All devastating attacks, unsure of their results, but with the full intention of carry out their job.



Red felt another chip being loaded and snapped her fingers to summon the all-too-familiar flashing cube. What color, red or blue, it would end up? Who knew?

With that, the red-cloaked warrior took to the air, a powered jump giving her the tactical advantage. The way down would be rough, so she performed many acrobatics to slow her descent and hopefully evade some blows.

Turn Summary:
*Sunshiny Day: Heal 15 to Red
1. ElecReel to North Hill Group, focus on Will'O The WispA [80 Elec DMG]
2. Firetower1 to Right Hill Group, focus on Will'O The WispB [100 Fire DMG +100%(Grass) = 200 Fire DMG + Piercing + Group Attack + Ground Attack]
3. Boomerang1 to Left Hill Group, focus on Will'O The WispC [75 Wood DMG (Bonus)]
4. DBLBeam1 [(Red) 40 DMG To-All Enemies or (Blue) 30 Heal To-All Allies]
5. Airstep Jump [Gain High Altitude]
6. Acrobatics [Dodge]
*Regen 5 per action on Grass Terrain

Myun's Actions:
*Run Myun Run: Movement to get in Melee Range of Will'O The WispC
1. Attack Will'O The WispC [50 DMG + Impact]
2. Attack Will'O The WispC [50 DMG + Impact]
*Rhythm Boxing to Will'O The WispC [2x10 DMG]
3. Dodge
Thus did the red ravager leap into battle, sending a torrent of lightning and thunder towards the first of three, blazing through the Wisp and two, as the rodent leapt towards another Wisp and landed all but three blows upon the sphere of light. Then, towers of flame burned through the virgin soil towards the second of three, snuffing out the light that resided on the hill. The Boomerang did sail through the air, swift as a diving falcon, and rent the flowers in the third of three. As the hooded fighter moved in for the last, the flowers picked up their implements of pain and let them loose upon the grassy earth, sending waves of shock coursing through the soil and wounding the fairy-tale warrior (30). Not to be defeated, she unleashed the cube of destruction upon her enemies, its crimson shine erasing any remnant of the evil that was.

All were erased.

Terrain: 80% Grass, 20% Normal

Red: 185HP
Myun: 100HP

Battle 2 - Victory!
Rewards: [Shockwave] Battlechip, 1400z, 36 BugFrags
"Woohoo!" Red shouted, pumping her fist into the air once more. Shin took this time to rearrange the chip folder, throwing out things they haven't used in a while for newer, fresher chips, none of which obtained recently.

"Well then, let's move on," Shin suggested.

"Agreed!" Red and Myun spoke in unison, skipping through the area in pursuit of the white creature.

Venturing further into the area now identified as the female dormitory network, Red and Myun skipped along, trying to find the disturbance. There was a momentary lull in action as... is that music playing in the background? Oh, wait, no. Anyway, the team quickly find some more viruses, looking like some giggling and strangely-attired samurai folk. When others of their kind would wear sensible robes for that mystical effect, these wore bright colored everyday attire and for all in the world seemed quite unlike the same, if not for the large straw hats and trademark sheathed katanas that remained. They didn't seem to be alone, though, as some barely-unnoticeable shadows extended behind them far beyond what normal limits would allow.

Okay, the earlier stuff was understandable, but this is getting really ridiculous.

GiggleZemonA: 100HP
GiggleZemonB: 100HP
GiggleZemonC: 100HP
GiggleZemonD: 100HP
???A: ???HP
???B: ???HP
???C: ???HP
???D: ???HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Red: 185HP
Myun: 100HP

"Well, that's certainly new," Shin commented, raising his eyebrows at the giggling Zemon. Weren't they supposed to be like, super intimidating or something?

"Well, let's see if they can point us in the direction of this white thing!" Red proclaimed, thinking human shaped viruses could talk. And if they were giggling, maybe they weren't bad viruses.

"Uh, Red, I don't think viruses can give us an ample reply back," Shin reminded, sweatdropping.

"Oh Shin, you silly guy," Red said, 'hmphing' before turning in a circle and facing the Zemon once more. "They can just, point with their swords!"

I never even thought of that! Shin and Myun thought, deadpanning. The crimson crusader giggled herself at the idea and skipped merrily toward the viruses, sunlight washing away some of her injuries from her last battle.

"Excuse me!" the fairy-tale fighter called to the Zemon, waving happily. "We're looking for some big, white monster thing that's in this area! Do you happen to know which direction it might be in? It would help us very much!"

As to loosen the ice, Red put in another giggle at the end of her request.

I sure hope this works, Shin mused, narrowing his eyes.

Turn Summary:
*Sunshiny Day: Heal 15 to Red
1. Skip up to the viruses
2. Ask viruses for directions.

((Three-day bump))
(( Woop, won't be back til Saturday. Enjoy the battle-skip. ))

The giggling Zemon stopped as Red came up and asked for directions. Their shadows leapt up behind them, menacingly threatening the fairy-tale fighter. The Zemon quickly subdued them, greeting Red. One of them came up and talked, in a female voice.

Oh, you mean that big nasty? I think he's over there, unsheathing her (its?) katana and pointing in the direction of northwest. For a second there, we thought you were one of them male Navis coming in to tease the girls. They put us up here to stop them. But I can see you're a good one, the Zemon finished, even offering Red a quick smile.