Gathering Zenny for Travis

A metal door appeared lengthwise into the net, materializing rather quickly. It stood there for a couple seconds, then was opened with a- well, if there was a wall attached to it, it would have made a slam. Traceur tromped out, closing the door behind him (which proceeded to vanish in a very mundane fashion.) as he looked around the net.

"Well, what're you waiting for?" Joanne asked expectantly, checking her pockets for her chips.

"I'm looking, I'm looking. Why didn't you tell me this yesterday, Jo?" Traceur asked, leaping over small obstacles and jogging further into the net. He wasn't exactly expecting a genius reply, Jo wasn't exactly well known for her punctuality, and most took her procrastination as a regular deal.

"I can't find my chips..." She said, "Uhm, I didn't leave them at home, did I?" She asked, completely ignoring his question. (Maybe even possibly deliberately.) Joanne rooted through her pockets, then finally checked the hood of her hoodie, pulling out the three chips she owned.

"Ahah!" Joanne exclaimed, holding the chips out and getting ready to slot them in when he needed them.

"So are you going to give Travis the chips when you give me to him for the day?" Traceur asked, slightly nervous. Travis was remarkably better organized than Jo, and would hopefully be able to keep in touch with the chips that he owned.

"Uhm, heck no, I bought these chips myself,--" Joanne didn't bother to remark that she had done so with Travis's money.

"Well, at least give him what we get on this expedition?" Traceur asked. He certainly didn't want to get deleted, he mused as he continued his easy jog into Dentech Net.

"Well..." She thought, "Maybe."
Two Bunnies hop up and down in the distance, while a Shrubby tags along shyly.

They lock eyes with Traceur.

It's a battle of fate. A duel to the death. All for one, and one for all.

It was time, to fight...

...and get some spoils.

BunnyA: 50 HP
BunnyB: 50 HP
Shrubby: 50 HP (behind BunnyB) [Grass]

Terrain: 90% Normal, 10% Grass

Traceur.exe: 100 HP

"Quick, there's some viruses, get rid of them, and fast!" Joanne exclaimed, quickly looking each of the viruses over. ...They were damn cute, and she was very suspicious of the programmers who made these things. Why did they have to be cute instead of large monstrous-- dragons? Trolls? Balrogs? She shrugged.

"Do I really have to? They look like that stuffed bunny in your brother's room." The poor navi absentmindedly remarked, then shut his trap, aware of the two and their rivalry.

"A-- stuffed rabbit?" Joanne spoke, with a raised eyebrow, "I thought he was a little old for that stuff."

"Uh--" Traceur avoided the subject as he concentrated on the matter at hand.

"Alright, you lousy bums, usually I'd just run away from you guys, but right now, My operator really really needs the cash. I'd rather take it voluntarily, but uh, it looks like I'll need to pry it from your remains. No hard feelings." Traceur grumbled, pulling out his 4-shot revolver and emptying the blanks out.

"I'm slotting in a rageclaw and a shotgun for a one-two combo, Mister Mugger." Joanne spoke confidently as she jokingly called Traceur names. (Although her namecalling was quite accurate.)

The 'mugger' sighed, loading the weapon with the requisite ammo, taking his stance as he dashed into combat, jumping as he made a tackle at the bunny, trying to lash out with a rageclaw enhanced fist and pistol-whip it into the other of its kind. Feeling slightly sorry for it, he decided to make it quick. He crouched, leveling his revolver at it and firing once, twice, three, four times, at a near to point blank range. The piercing aspect of the weapon would hopefully catch the other bunny in its radius, he hoped. There wasn't much worse than being caught in a cluster of viruses while near immobilized, so he quickly rolled and got to his feet in a slightly melodramatic manner. Traceur swiftly paced backward, watching the shrubby closely.

"Alright, that should take care of them," Joanne commented, resting a finger on the cannon. Her only chip left besides the ubiquitous rageclaw was itching for her to place it in there, as she bit her lip nervously.

"I'm going to keep moving, Jo. No need to give me the cannon just yet. Let's save it for a bit. I'd like to finish this solidly." He remarked, grimacing as he opened up his weapon, emptying out the shells before beginning to slot in some more. He was ready for the shrubby to attack, snapping the chamber back in and cocking the weapon.

1] Rageclaw: BunnyA at BunnyB [20 to both]
2] Shotgun: BunnyA, spread to BunnyB [50 to both]
3] Prepped dodge.
Traceur smacks one of the Bunnies, sending it into its neighbor. Now that both are damaged and in close proximity, the navi has no trouble deleting both with an attack from his shotgun. THe Shrubby begins to panic and randomly spits out a log. Traceur, of course, has no problem dodging.

Shrubby: 50 HP (was behind BunnyB) [Grass]

Terrain: 90% Normal, 10% Grass

Traceur.exe: 100 HP
Traceur grinned ruefully as his shots destroyed the two threats, the scattering of data announcing the viruses and their demise. There was, however, one still left to remove from the 'net, he surmised as he aimed his weapon at the final virus, taking a moment to steady his aim, and firing an electrically charged bullet before Jo could say a word.

"Alright, I'll take that Cannon chip now!" He shouted, stepping backward while preparing for another attack. The log that it had rolled seemed like not the best or most effective attack, he noted-- but it could trip him up if he wasn't careful.

Joanne grumbled that her navi was managing to attack without her help as she stared at the chip for a moment, then slotting it in with a slight flourish, attracting some instance of attention from a pedestrian or so walking by. "Alright, there's your chip," she said, plopping into a chair and kicking back slightly.

Traceur shrugged at her reaction, lifting up the weapon and firing once and only once more at the virus. That would be enough, most hopefully. If he needed more to take out these, that would rather be a problem, as he was out of custom attacks.

"We're going to have to talk about this stuffed bunny later, you realize." Joanne said with a smirk very prominently featured on her face.

1] Voltaic Charge: [40 Elec Damage at Shrubby, Movement used to aid aim]
2] Cannon: [40 Damage at shrubby]
3] Prepped dodge
Traceur zaps the last virus, dropping it down to 10 HP. With that, the navi easily takes out the Shrubby with a Cannon chip.

Shrubby: DELETED!

Terrain: 90% Normal, 10% Grass

Traceur.exe: 100 HP

Rewards: Zapring1, 50z
"I think this is going to take a while, Jo." were Traceur's only words as he picked up the chip, sighing fruitlessly.

"Well uh, at least we got a chip!" Joanne exclaimed with an upbeat grin as she nervously started up a word document, maybe she'd be able to blackmail her brother with the fact that he still had that bunny, but she doubted it.

"Jo, you said we had an hour and a half, at this rate, we'll be stuck here for at least five before we can get our hands on the money you need." Traceur grumbled, jogging further into the net. He was eager to try out the new chip-- but this did not bode well at all.

"Yeah, well, I'll think of something."

[Battle 2]
As Traceur walks along, he finds a line of Gunners, sitting idle. When they see him, they appear to want to switch from boredom to target practice, each sitting down in their turrets and focusing on the navi. A pair of Boomers float behind the group, probably aiming to take cheap shots at Traceur from behind the cover of the Gunners. Luckily the floor seems normal, so he won't have to worry about any stupid tricks while fighting.

GunnerA: 60
GunnerB: 60
GunnerC: 60
BoomerA: 60
BoomerB: 60

Traceur: 100

Terrain: 100% Normal

Battle 2 Go
"Jo? There's more. Two more than before, and they look significantly more powerful. Like- enough to pretty badly hurt me if I don't keep ahead." Traceur mumbled the last bit, not wanting to reveal that he might even get hit, but it was loud enough for Jo to hear. She perked up slightly, and nervously stopped tapping out her 'letter' of blackmail on her PET.

"Well uh, maybe there's more zenny to come from them, you think?" She commented, bringing several of the chips to bear and slotting them in. Joanne knew that if she brought this up with Travis, he would probably either never forgive her, or bring up one of her incidents. It would be best if they could collect that sum of allowance they owed him.

"Jo, what did you give me?" the navi spoke, bringing his pistol to bear as he looked at the identical cannon viruses, along with their nice and artillery-style allies.This didn't bode well, especially with the chips she had dealt out.

"You just want me to use that combo over again? I'm sorry, but I'd like to say I've got a little flair," Traceur announced as he dashed off to the side of the stationary viruses, bringing his feet down harder and harder, going into a sprint as his autorevolver spat out electrically charged bullets haphazardly at the multitude of viruses that were in the way of him and his zenny before coming to bear at the lineup of the cannon-virus things. "My reasoning is that they're stationary." He said, "Stationary means I can both outmaneuver them, and use this without having to combo it as long as I get into place first." He threw himself into a dive, hitting the ground and firing his last two shots at the Gunner near the back before rolling back into a standing position. Traceur's dextrous hands quickly reloaded while going through all this, managing to slap in a speedloader before rising completely to his feet.

"Well, sorry to tell you this, Traceur, o' great one, but they have enough 'hit point' things to resist one of those hits period. Besides this, I hesitate to say that none of our chips do enough damage to take one of them out at all." Joanne rolled her eyes at her navi's obvious foolishness as his demeanor shifted to a somewhat paler pallor. He did turn to glare at her however, and she did have the grace to blush, wiping the smirk off her face. The girl hurriedly busied herself with her blackmailing of her brother, muttering something vindictive but incomprehensible to Traceur's ears.

"Good enough." He sighed, taking his shot final shot at the viruses, a bang that resounded with the muzzle flash quite well. He then proceeded to look around at the terrain. It was extremely mundane, and there was no cover provided at all. It was just open terrain.

"How boring..." He muttered, as he readied himself for a quick dive for cover, or a simple duck and roll- or perhaps a jump to quickly evacuate himself from the way of a bomb or maybe a blast from the gunner viruses. "Jo, we'll have to get me some sort of cover or at least something to make this place more interes-... when you have more money, nevermind."

1] Voltaic Charge: [40 Elec at gunner C, movement used to get in line with the rest of the gunner viruses]
2] Shotgun: [50 to GunnerA, spread to GunnerB]
3] Prepped dodge
Traceur moves around the group of enemies and fires his shocking bullet. He follows this up with a Shotgun blast which easily strikes both his primary target and its neighbor. As the Gunners readjust their aim, a Boomer fires its mouthpiece at Traceur, which the navi manages to avoid. As the Gunners take aim, it becomes apparent that only the one on the end can attack, because if the other two fired, they would have to blast through their allies first. The single Gunner fires, though due to Traceur's moving around, it can only get locked on long enough for its last shot to hit.

GunnerA: 10
GunnerB: 10
GunnerC: 20
BoomerA: 60
BoomerB: 60

Traceur: 90

Terrain: 100% Normal
"Agh!" Announced Traceur as the shot tore through the edge of his arm, causing him to lose hold of his gun as it flew out of his hand, clattering onto the ground. He winced, clutching at the wounded spot as slight traces of data trickled from it. The navi set his face in a grimace, releasing the arm as he braced himself, then ran forward, pumping his arms as well as his legs to gain momentum.

He'd need it.

"Rageclaw!" Traceur gasped out tersely, tensing his legs and pushing off the ground with a shout. He wasn't happy that they'd managed to hit him period, even if it was a glancing blow.

"Huh? Oh, right- sorry--" She slapped in the chip as quickly as her fingers would allow it.

The leap propelled him into a sort of spiral in midair, accelerating his kick and adding even more power as his right foot came around. The chip energy infused it just in time to make contact with a flash, and he felt some resistance-- although he couldn't see what he hit. Whatever he did hit, it must have hurt, because his heel was smarting. Regardless of that fact, he hit the ground with his left hand, then his right hand quickly snatched up his gun before he went into a 'somewhat' ungraceful body slam into the ground.

"Ouch." Joanne winced sympathetically at that, she'd had that happen to her when she first started out quite a bit before she got the hang of it.

"Alright- nngh" Traceur clambered up, checking his weapon for damage.

"What chips you want?" His operator asked as she looked at the final two chips left.

"Just give me the zapring-one for now, I'd like to have a one on one chat." Traceur quipped, making a swipe at the somewhat damaged gunner he had nailed with his electric bursts. He'd have to remember to be more aware of his surroundings when doing flying kicks like that. Aiming to knock it into one of the boomers, he followed that up with leveling his pistol at the same boomer and firing the shockingly bright burst of energy from his autorevolver. Hopefully, if both of the attacks went through, throwing another virus at one over its guard would confuse it into submission, and hitting the one that left itself open with the zapring chip would take it out of commission long enough--... and he'd be home free, to say the least.

"We need more chips," He groused, letting the energy from the rageclaw flow to his right hand.

"Yeah, yeah, keep complaining. We've still got four thousand nine hundred, fifty zenny left to go, genius."

1] Rageclaw [20 to GunnerA, thrown at gunner B for 20]
2] Rageclaw [20 to Gunner C, thrown over boomer(that didn't fire its attack's defenses) for 20]
3] Zapring1 [45+Stun1, boomer(whichever fired the attack)]
Traceur, thinking of the damage he took with annoyance, strikes back at the viruses by kicking the one that had hit him into another and deleting both in the process. He then throws the last Gunner into the Boomer that had yet to do anything. He finishes up by firing a Zapring at the other Boomer, stunning it. Both viruses pass on attacking this round and instead focus on getting rid of status ailments.

BoomerA: 40
BoomerB: 15

Traceur: 90

Terrain: 100% Normal
"It's nothing personal." Traceur announced smugly, happy that his strategy had gone without a hitch. He felt the chip's power in his hand, waiting to be used. As one of them was properly stunned, he could get an attack on it without having to worry about its blade-guard. However, the other one might be reeling, but it could still hit him if he didn't pay attention to it.

"Alright, giving you that cannon chip," Joanne started as she relaxed. There'd be more money from these more viruses, maybe even enough to compensate for 1/10th of the price of the allowance. She felt more screwed than ever.

"No, save it." Traceur grinned as he strode forward, ready to deal out a chunk of pain to these last two remaining fragments of the army of five that had so previously confronted him with a smirk pasted across his face.

"Alright, if you say so~" Joanne said, amusedly. She flipped it over, and waited to see what he'd do next, although she was prety sure he'd just pistol whip them to death.

The navi didn't proceed to do just that, instead he attacked the stunned Boomer, making an attempt to throw it at its ally in turn. After that, he ran at after its ally, making a sudden drop to the ground and trying to slide under it while slashing upward. Traceur muttered something about 'an overgrown clothes-pin' while doing it, whatever that meant.

"Well, I'll give you this cannon, you should be able to convert it to fix that wound, being a combat medic and all, right?" Joanne said, slotting the chip in and proceeding to stretch.

"Good idea," Traceur spoke while going into a quick roll to his feet before concentrating on the chip. He changed a couple things in its coding, altering the harmful properties and using his verification as a recovery-type navi to unlock the damage settings. Too bad he couldn't just boost the damage, but he could still reverse the type to recovery.

"Alright." He wielded a small ball of pink light, which he slapped up against his emblem. It melted in, washing over him with a quick wave of rejuvenating ene-...

"Wait, that didn't do as much as it should have..." Traceur muttered. It had been roughly half the power of the chip. He'd have to check that out at a later time. He turned around to view the viruses, certain that they'd be in a jumbled bunch of broken up data.

1] Rageclaw: [20 At Boomer B, tossed at Boomer A for 20]
2] Rageclaw: [Slide under Boomer A, slash upward for 40]
3] Conversion: Cannon: Heal 20
Traceur beats up the last two viruses, first by throwing the weaker one into its neighbor and then striking the last Boomer to effectively end the battle. However, the navi didn't stop there. He was given one more chip, a Cannon, which he used to repair the tiny bit of damage he had sustained in battle.


Traceur: 100

Terrain: 100% Normal

Rewards: 750z
"Nuts. No chips." Traceur mentioned with a sigh, but kept on going. The rewards for this were good, 850 in less than a couple minutes was far better than most jobs. He wondered why people in the real world even worked, anyway. They could just bust and get money from it. It was a wonder why the entire economy hadn't just dropped into hell yet, either.

"Traceur, what are you waiting for? Get a move-on!" Joanne exclaimed, more than happy with the zenny she had acquired. No new chips, but this would be plenty enough for what was up to come, she hoped.

"Yes, yes." Traceur sighed again, and kept on jogging. This was an unforgiving practice to be taking on, he reflected. Nothing but trouble.

[Battle 3!]
[HP: 100]
Before Long Traceur would probably notice that the ground ahead was littered with glass panels. That had to be some kind of flaw in design, as there was no way glass flooring could be good for structural stability.

In this coming battle he wouldn't be as lucky when it came to terrain.

The enemies that appeared next seemed innocent enough; There were two stationary metal orbs on bases, a little black thing with a hat and glasses, and a large spider.

However, between him and his target was a wide block of glass panels, dividing the battlefield in two. He have to watch out for those.

The two Hardheads were closed up for now, and didn't seem to plan on attacking just yet. That mischievous little Brushman did seem like he was ready and raring to go, already ducking towards one of the Hardheads. The Spidy was further back than the rest, and seems top not yet have noticed Traceur.

Battle Summary
Traceur.CMD: 100 HP

HardHeadA: 60 HP
HardHeadB: 60 HP
BrushManA: 100 HP
SpidyA:80 HP

30% Normal [Where Traceur is]
40% Glass [Separating Traceur from his Foes]
30% Normal [Where the Foes are]

Battle 3!
Push it to the limit!
"Never seen a virus like that," Traceur commmented, squinting at the brushman. The viral data that composed it was made up of a particularly strong matrix, so he'd have to hit it hard in order for it to break up. The other viruses weren't as strong, and most of them could be taken out in one or two swipes from his rageclaw.

"Well, the field isn't as mundane as it was previously. Looks like you've got some glass there, Traceur. I wouldn't break it if I were you, broken glass on the 'net is apparently pretty explosive." Joanne ended her little lecture with a frown, looking at her chips.

"Alright." was the mumbled response as Traceur tested the glass lightly with a foot before stepping back. As the Spidey hadn't noticed him yet, and the hardheads weren't attacking- He would be taking out the highest HP virus.

"Let's disable its movement first..." The navi's ramblings went as he analyzed the situation to the best of his ability. The zapring1 would prove the most useful in this particular situation, but it wouldn't take it out in one or two hits. Hell, none of his chips would do that. He sighed. He'd just have to try take it out entirely before they properly noticed him, then... "Jo, Just give me the Zapring and the Cannon for now, I'll try to take the brushman out entirely before moving onto the others. The spidy-- won't be a problem for a bit, and the hardheads will just be a way to help me aim until they activate. Should give me enough time to kill, per say." He joked, slowly stepping forward.

"Slotting them in now, Traceur." Joanne complied, hoping for the best as she chewed thoughtfully on her lip. There weren't too many people around, and if she knew correctly, her brother was in one of his classes right now. "Traceur, take a turn for the school office if you could, I want to check his schedule while I'm at it, maybe there's a little bit of extra time we'll have."

"Voltaic Charge'll be up next-- Jo, are you crazy? They've probably got ridiculous defenses up there." Traceur couldn't say as much for their net itself, with all these viruses about. Perhaps they were just distractions, or part of the automated system, but-- whatever. He crouched before taking in the hardheads. He'd be using them as a sight to fire at the brushman. Traceur leveled his autorevolver, flipping the chamber open before emptying out the weapon. He slotted in the three bullets he'd be needing before slapping it closed and cocking the weapon.

"Yeah, yeah, I've got confidence in you, Traceur," Joanne spoke casually, rolling her eyes as she grinned mischievously.

"Bull." He retorted, firing at the brushman with the zapring first. Immobilized, if that hit. He compensated for recoil, then the weapon spat out another bullet.

"One more," He whispered, taking careful aim and blasting his electrically charged load at the brushman. There wasn't much more to do, except check to see if the spidywas now aware of the presence, and back away a little more from the edge of the glass panels. If they were indeed explosive-- he'd rather not be near them if the hardheads fired.

1] Zapring: [45Elec+Stun1] [Brushman]
2] Voltaic Charge: [40 Elec] [Brushman] [Movement Saved]
3] Cannon: [40 Null] [Brushman]
Traceur targets the Brushman first, considering this to be the biggest, or at least most immediate threat. His first shot hits, which stuns the Brushman before it can do anything. Traceur fires too more shots which finish off the immobilized target. The Spidey finally takes notice of Traceur and charges right at him. However, once it reaches the gap, it no longer seems to have much traction and has to struggle to continue moving forward. The Hardheads remain still. They seem to be waiting for... something.

Battle Summary
Traceur.CMD: 100 HP

HardHeadA: 60 HP
HardHeadB: 60 HP
SpidyA:80 HP (halfway accross glass)

30% Normal [Where Traceur is]
40% Glass [Separating Traceur from his Foes]
30% Normal [Where the Foes are]
"I've---" Traceur trailed off. He was not looking forward to trying this plan out. It did not seem the best thing to be doing, period. Hell, it felt like something only someone crazy, or out of a game would do. Maybe an action film feature, or something. Definitely not something that he should be doing. He sighed long and hard before rubbing his temples with one hand.

"What, Traceur? Spit it out." Joanne waited impatiently, rubbing the two remaining chips between her fingers, which couldn't be doing much for their resale value. The glass panels were making her feel somewhat hesitant, as their presence along with the hardheads could spell a crapload of damage for her navi if they went about this wrong.

"Give me the rageclaw, I'll... have to show you on the fly." He gulped. He started running toward the glass, quicker and quicker-- He had to be faster, faster. Finally, he leapt, continuing to swing his arms for a second before drawing both legs in along with bracing his arms slightly crookedly away from his body, ready for the fall.

"You're not going to roll?" She questioned, slotting the chip in as her navi flew through the air, and began to obey gravity's commands.

"No, I'm-" Traceur felt the rageclaw energy and hurriedly directed it at his feet, infusing them with the energy. Whether it was the Virus's carapace or the glass floor, he didn't know. The chip effect cushioned his feet enough to make the impact seem softer, but he wouldn't want to be on the receiving side of the blow, as the energy boosted boots-- now wasn't the time to think about that. Before the glass could completely shatter on him, he had to get out of there.

Shifting the rageclaw again to his arm, he jumped again, throwing his arms backward for leverage as he vaulted, aiming for the normal panels. "Shouldn't haaaave dooo- Oomf" He hit them and rolled with a thud, feeling slightly worse for wear.

"Now for you two," Traceur muttered, looking at the two final viruses. "Open up, it's time to play."

"Stop being so melodramatic, Traceur, you scared me with that. You could have killed yourself quite quickly." Joanne mentioned, letting out a sigh. There was quite a bit of risk in that maneuver, but Traceur had pretty much been her teacher, so---

"I know, I know..." Traceur grinned, somewhat tiredly.

*Use Saved Movement to jump at Spidy
1] Rageclaw [20 Impact Spidy/20 Impact At Ground (to Break glass)]
2] Jump off Spidy and get on normal panels
3] Get on normal panels/Prepped dodge