ROT/Teksqp Meetup Point

An ominous black building, draped in huge, red banners, sits far off the beaten path of Netopia Net in obscure coordinates. The banners depict an old man's face, forward-oriented, with a large, beak-like nose and heavy eyebrows. His thin hair is slightly curled at the back but his jaw looks strong and his mouth vanishes beneath a heavy mustache. Almost no one, human or navi, could currently identify this man.

A wide plate above the front door reads: TEMPLAR OFFICE FOR NON-TEMPLAR ASSOCIATE BUSINESS in silver lettering. Two guards, dressed in stand-out red capes and wide-brimmed hats, stand at the front carrying torches. Even if someone did come this way, it seemed doubtful they'd care to try to enter such a place.
"Jeez, he certainly is a looker, huh?"
Nitro and his SP, Tina, were standing a distance away from the building, examining the building. Nitro had made the comment about the picture displayed on the sides of the building, while Tina was less than impressed with his lack of tact.
"We're supposed to be here to establish a good working relationship between the Mafia and these people," Tina said. "It wouldn't help us if you went around making comments like that to people,"
"Don't worry, TNT, I've got this under control," Nitro said. "We go in, we record stuff, we blow stuff up, we leave, we report to the Teksqp, and we're done."
"Be that as it may, you should allow me to do the talking for us," Tina said. "These people might not share your sense of humor, and it would be unwise to irritate or provoke them."
"Alright, alright," Nitro said. Tina stepped in front of the green navi, and they walked up to the front doors. She turned to one of the torchbearing guards, and introduced herself.
"Greetings," she said. "I am TNT.SP, and this is my Navigator Nitro.EXE," She gestured to her partner, who gave a short, quick wave. "We've been sent here on business for the Teksqp for a mission. Might we gain entrance to your facility?"
"Aye, we read ye' signeecha," one of the men answered the SP, scratching his long nose (ironically, the nose seemed sort of similar to the man on the banner's, and both guardsmen had them) with his free hand. "Ye' go on innard thar, Teksquep," the man pronounced in a jarring accent, mispronouncing Teksqp worse than Nitro had ever heard it before. With that, the navi and his SP were allowed in to the small office.

Inside, a troop of about five other guardsmen lined the walls; two women were further in. One was a tall woman with crazy, long, and spiky black hair and a creepy smile... her eyes looked lazy and dark, but her lips were brightly painted. She wore a heavy black leather military jacket, covered in silver, cross-shaped pins; underneath was a purple navisuit. Her breasts bulged impressively behind the jacket, her arms crossed just beneath. It was creepiest, however, to note just how muscular she was.

The other woman had equally long hair, although hers was blond and somewhat matted. Her expression seemed unpleasantly mournful and gloomy, although otherwise her face was pretty. She was dressed in a dark, brown metal bodysuit, covering only her breasts, midrift, and briefs-area, with matching long gloves and leggings. Her most distinct feature were that her arms were drawn upward by what looked like a torture rack, strapped to her back through a series of silver tubes around her waist and wrists. It looked so incredibly uncomfortable that it could easily explain the reason for the face she was making. She had such an excellent body, though, that it was hard not to stare.

"Ja, it's za man from Tekzqp? You look more ordinary zen I expected you to. Come on in, bring za little girl with you! I have a long zpeech I can give you about our idealz, or we can get ztraight to za part where you do za work for uz... Tell me which you would like," the woman in black laughed, pressing what looked like a folded whip down against the desk to indicate that's where the two should head. The mission was looking worse and worse by the minute, unless Nitro liked big boobs enough to ignore terrible accents, freakish navis, and being surrounded by men who looked like they belonged in a medieval torture room.

He was also beginning to wonder if he'd ever hear Teksqp pronounced correctly, although the correct way to pronounce that word was debatable to begin with.
It seemed that large breasts could only distract from so much, as Nitro had begun feeling a sense of dread as the woman finished talking. Tina had felt it too, so they both paused for a moment to confer with their operator.
"I've got a bad feeling about this place," Tina said. "I think we should just leave now while we can."
"Ordinarily, I'd agree," Chris said. "But we're here representing the Teksqp, we have to stay so we can form a valid opinion on whether we should be working with them."
"Yeah," Nitro chimed in. "And frankly, I'd rather we stay on good terms with the Mafia. At least if these people turn hostile, we've go someone to back us up." They all agreed that it would be a good idea to hear about their ideals and values before the continued. Nitro and Tina both walked up to the desk, and introduced themselves. "Hi, my name is Nitro, and this is my partner TNT," Nitro began.
"I'd prefer if you called me Tina," the SP said.
"Anyway," Nitro continued. "We're here representing the Teksqp family, as you're no doubt already aware. If it's not too much trouble, we'd like to hear about your ideals before we proceed with the work you have planned." It was here that Chris activated the recording program that had been given to them, so that they might have evidence for when they made their final decision.

[Activate video recorder]
"You are zlow, Tekzqp! You're going to need to be fazt, man, fazt and ztrong," the woman in black sighed, shaking her head and keeping her eerie smile. "I'm zurprized zat you care about our idealz, but I am happy to explain zem to you. In a short phrase, ROT is all about za 'Rightz of Operation.' We decide who haz zem and who doezn't. If zey don't, we crush zem, pure and zimple!" she replied with a smirk. "We're trying to create a net where only zose naviz worthy to populate ze world are left alive."

"Enough about us, ja? You are a zoljah! You're here to fight, not lizzen," the woman laughed, smacking her whip up and down in one hand. "Your mizzion is zo zimple! Infiltrate the building at ze coordinatez zat we give you, zen destroy everyzing using your explozivez! Zere are critical pointz zat you will need to attack to weaken ze ztructure... Our agent here will go with you to make zure you zucceed!"

The woman with the tremendous torture device strapped to her back stepped forward. It seemed they weren't giving Nitro the option of backing out and furthermore were going to be tailing him with one of their operatives. "I'm sorry if you're uncomfortable... my name is Rack... please don't make jokes about it... and we'll get along well," the woman assured Nitro. "The area is in Electopia... I can take you there..."

"Ez wonderful! Now, any more last queztionz or are you ready to ztart, zoljah?" the other navi asked, tapping her boot impatiently.
Chris signaled to Nitro that he had gotten the footage, so the navi continued. "No, no more questions, you've made yourself quite clear." He then turned to Rack. It seemed somewhat ironic that she would be concerned about his comfort, given her choice of accesory, but he chose not to call attention to it. "You won't have to worry about that," Nitro said, in response to her request for him to not make any jokes about her name. "I'm sure you'll find that I'm too mature for that." Nitro could hear Chris snort over the microphone, but he chose to ignore it. Tina then spoke up.
"We're all ready to start, ma'am," she said. "I'm sure you'll find that Nitro and I are more than qualified for the job."

Chris decided to keep the recorder running for a bit longer. It would be unfortunate if they missed anything that could really shed some light on these people.

[Continue recording]
"Thank you for being so understanding... I'm really grateful..." Rack muttered, giving a rare and pleasant smile, but still with weepy looking eyes. "I'll lead you there right away..."

"Good, good. And don't come back until ze place iz rubble, ja?" the woman in black smirked, sitting atop her desk and crossing her legs. The look in her eyes was more unnerving than if she'd simply been looking down on Nitro, though... it was like she knew something that he didn't and was amused watching things play out.

Rack's body shuddered as she hoisted her giant contraption up across her back, then headed for the door. It would have been nice to look at her backside from that position if it weren't for being forced to think about the weight bearing down on her. "I'm a little slow... I hope that doesn't bother you..." she mumbled, turning her body as she trodded forth slowly so that she could get the huge mechanism through the door.

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