It All Burns

"Alright, Kasai, we're here. What do we do now?"
"Were you reading the coordinates upside down this time?"
"You read them yourself so I wouldn't so that."
"So we're here."
"That's what I said."

Pyroman stood in the middle of a desolate area of the net. Apparently, some navis had stolen from some armored girl. It was his job to light some fires under their malevolence. Then, his operator, Kasai, actually had an idea.

"We could search this area for hours without fruition. We need to do something to get their attention."
"I'm on it."

Pyroman began setting off numerous explosions in the air.

"This wasn't exactly what I had in mind."
Pyroman kept up his blasting for a while, not noticing his surroundings: somebody had gone to great efforts to set up an exhibit of rare and valuable armors around the area. Luckily, he managed to avoid blowing any of it to smithereens before the curator finally came out and stopped him. "Please stop that," the woman requested in as dignified a voice as she could make while shouting over ballistic explosions. The navi seemed to match the name "Armor" pretty well, dressed in a suit of glistening silver armor. The style looked like something from the Medieval period of Netopia, but significantly more ornate than would actually be used for battle. Her cover was so complete and bulky that if it were not for the fact that she held held her cross-faced helmet under one arm, it would be difficult to recognize her as a female. Her head was covered with a chainmail hood so that just a few strands of dark brown hair fell across her face. Her eyes were dark black and somewhat warlike; she kept her composure well, but he still felt intimidated.

"Perhaps I am at fault here. I should explain the situation and what you can do to help, but I don't have much time, so you will need to listen carefully," she spoke quickly. "I am a collector of rare and valuable armors designed for net navis. Recently, a man I'd come to trust led an assault upon my storage that allowed him to illegally obtain several components of one of my armors. I have reason to believe that he would strike again and thus have created this exhibition to lure him out. Luckily, nobody has arrived yet, so I don't think the explosions will have bothered anyone." Her eyebrow twitched a little bit as she said this, seeming to indicate that she was highly bothered by the idea of what the result of Pyroman launching off his weapons while the place was populated would have been. Smiling in a comforting way, she went on to his role. "The man has an accomplice; a thief of no real skill, but rather, a hired hand. While I go after the man and get the whereabouts of my missing armor from him, your job will be to face this accomplice and simply to stop them from taking any of the armors I have set out here as a lure. Once you've accomplished your mission, all I ask is that you wait for the guests to leave. After that, we'll meet up."

The woman paused, placing one hand on her chin and narrowing her eyes in thought. "How to describe the navi you'll be looking for... Hrm, it doesn't seem so difficult. As far as I know, the accomplice only has one form: that of a green-scaled, humanoid dinosaur. I cannot anticipate that they'll be difficult to spot in a crowd and they'll probably strike almost as soon as I leave. Use whatever means necessary to face that navi. Alternatively, if you see anyone else trying to steal my armors, issue the same force against them, but do not stop looking for the dinosaur." Finishing, she adopted a neutral expression and held her hands at her sides. "Is there anything in particular you'd like to know?"
"Yes, actually, there's one thing I'd like to know. but first I'd like to apologize for not noticing the armor. I get a little spaced out sometimes, but it's my problem, not yours, so i'm sorry for causing you any concern. Now, my question is what kind of armor did he take? I'd hate to go to all the trouble of taking him and his buddy down just to accidentally damage the armor in the event that either was wearing the whole thing or bits and pieces."
The woman smiled, closing her eyes with a thoughtful nod. "That's quite a valid question. I omitted that information since it will not be your duty to actually retrieve the armor, but I'll answer because you asked. Two suits were stolen: an ornate Yumland armor and headress, very weighty, and a particularly valuable piece known as the Conquerer's Piece. It's especially important that I reclaim that one, but I have a hunch my old friend will be wearing it."

Seeing the first guests starting to arrive, she decided to break off. "Thanks again for your help. I'm going to go look out for the thief. You keep your eyes peeled for that dinosaur," she advised him, then left to greet the visitors.

PyroMan was now alone near the back of the exhibit. He didn't see anyone like a dinosaur among those immediately entering. It occurred to him that being surrounded by all of the valuable armor was actually pretty astounding... it wasn't hard to imagine somebody wanting to take some of it if they could. There wasn't much for him to do now but decide the best place to take a lookout.

Behind him were the majority of the exhibits, containing the most fascinating armors. The back room was further behind him (the one that Armor had mentioned them meeting up in later). To his left and right were a few more small time exhibits, but a little more loosely protected in terms of casing. At the front was the entrance, where Armor was showing the guests inside.

It was up to him to decide which place would give him the best lookout for the thief. Would they go for the easier side exhibits? Could he catch them right at the door to minimize damages? Perhaps it'd be better just to watch the most important exhibit? Or perhaps he'd do better watching from the back room, so that he could be cover while he watched?
"Where do we head now, Kasai?"
"It seems to me there are two options. You almost destroyed her collection, so we're going to try not to break anything. I think the best idea would be to patrol the exhibit, just in case anyone had snuck in and been hiding."
"Surrounding yourself with priceless artifacts doesn't seem like the best way to not break things. Now, this exhibit only has one entrance, and there were no signs of it having been tampered with. I think we shold find a place to hide where we get a good vantage point of anyone coming in. Anyone who looks dino-esque or otherwise suspicious, well, we can catch them outside."
"Sounds good, buddy."
PyroMan found a good spot to stake out, then watched the door vigilantly for any dinosaur-like people, figuring they couldn't be too hard to spot. The woman named Armor greeted the guests cordially one after another, pointing them to various exhibits and trying to get them spread around. By their appearances, they seemed to be armor enthusiasts like the curator herself. It was hard to imagine so many people being so enthusiastic over net-crafted armors, but then again, everyone needs a hobby.

Just when the navi was beginning to think that nobody dinosaur looking was going to show up, two navis that each vaguely fit the description walked in. One was a large man with a somewhat dragon-like appearance... It was possible Armor had gotten the dinosaur part wrong, but could she really have mistaken the gender? The other was a woman who, rather than being a dinosaur, was simply dressed (rather provocatively) in dinosaur-like accessories, including a helmet designed like a raptor's cranium. That seemed to be about all of the guests... how was he supposed to decide what to do? Should he go ahead and confront them or should he ask questions first? Spending too much time questioning could allow the crook to nab what she wanted and take off, however...

The large man stood to talk to Armor, while the other woman walked further inside and began examining some of the more minor exhibits. As soon as she'd finished talking to the man, the curator cast a smile to PyroMan, then took off out the door. Perhaps she'd already spotted the thief she'd mentioned?
"You see them, Kasai?"
"Yeah. They seem reptilian enough for me. Go check them out."
Pyroman circled around to the main entrance, in an attempt to blend in as much as anyone on fire can. Pyroman realized how much he stuck out, and decided to hide in plain sight. He approached the two individuals.
"Hey, how's it goin'? I'm Pyroman. Hey, you mind if hang out with you guys while we go through the exhibit? This stuff looks really neat!"
Kasai threw his face into his hand.
The dragon man turned to face Pyroman, but the other girl went on going towards the right side exhibit. "It's good to see that you have a healthy interest in ancient armors, young navi. The curator's terrific collection deserves more enthusiasm than it often receives. Too often do navis these days neglect the ancient treasures of the net for the simple conveniences offered to modern netbattlers," the dragon man answered with a toothy grin, stroking his long beard. "How thoughtless of me! I've yet to introduce myself. I am FeilongMan; I am here, as you are I assume, to survey the curator's fine collection."

While the dragon seemed like a nice guy and all, he was sort of distracting PyroMan from the issue at hand. The raptor girl was already brazenly looking over one of the emptier exhibits, grabbing one item and then putting it back uncertainly. She seemed indecisive and unprofessional at thievery, but it was a long stretch to imagine that she was at the exhibit for any purpose other than theft. Unfortunately, FeilongMan wasn't making it terribly easy to disengage conversation. "You may guess simply from looking at me, but eastern armors have always been my favorite. The western world never had warriors that so valued doing honor to the sacred fields of battle, and thus went in with the shabbiest, function-oriented designs. They may have been winning on the land, but they certainly must lack the favor of the heavens," he snorted, shaking his head in disapproval at a navi couple fawning over an iron Netopian battle suit.
"Wow, you like oriental armor too? I've always found artifacts from the west to be too chaste. Say, what does your friend want to see here?"
Kasai was actually impressed by how believable Pyroman was for a navi who just spewed an utter load of crap. Kasai was into art, Pyroman was into conflagration. Kasai was also amazed at how Pyroman's attempt to reasociate with the suspect. He just hoped that Pyroman's temperature wasn't causing F'eilongman an discomfort.
"Hoho! A man with good tastes. I could go on talking about eastern wars and armors forever... Many don't see the western/eastern distinction in net culture, but it still exists quite prominently," FeilongMan chuckled, stroking his beard with a contemplative look on his long, reptilian face.

As PyroMan changed the subject, the dragon turned his head curiously, looking for anyone who could be described as "his friend." Nobody really came to his attention. Looking back, he raised one of his thick eyebrows curiously. "I'm here alone, I'm afraid. Who are you speaking of?" he asked his acquaintance, seeming confused.

The navi in the background picked up a large breastplate and began heading for the door with raptor-like speed. The time for being distracted was over! PyroMan had to ask himself, though, whether it was fine to engage her here or whether he ought to take it outside.
"Oh, sorry. You were walking rather close to that dinosaur navi on your way in here, and I assumed you were coming together. I wonder what she's here to see? Let's introduce ourselves!"
"Introductions can wait! That hoodlum is intending to steal one of the finest breastplates in this collection!" FeilongMan snuffed, heading after her with amazing speed. The raptor-dressed woman turned back, surprised to see anyone keeping up with her, before she was tackled to the ground just outside of the exhibit (FeilongMan had probably intentionally done this to keep from making a ruckus and disrupting event proceedings). Quickly, he grabbed up the armor and began dusting it meticulously. "That cretin nearly damaged a priceless artifact! I'll go return it to its proper place and calm the guests. You deal with her!"

The girl made a click with her tongue, rising back up to her feet and shaking her shaggy brown hair furiously. She grabbed back up the raptor skull and replaced it atop her head with a swift motion, resupplying the creepy shadow over her eyes. She looked tough, but apparently she hadn't been counting on anyone as fast or powerful as the dragon being there to stop her. Growling with a feral tone in her voice, the scale-clad girl stomped her feet angrily and bared her claws; her yellow eyes gleamed in the daylight. "So what if I didn't get the armor? I'm gettin' paid just for the distraction! So long as I'm gettin' paid, I might as well have some fun on the side!"[color=green][/color] she laughed, tensing her body. In the blink of an eye, her scaled armor grew over her body and her face elongated; her joints reversed and her leg length grew, until suddenly, she had adopted the form of a raptor. "I'll blow off some steam rippin' the fire out of you!"[color=green][/color] the creature snarled.

PyroMan had no idea where Armor was now, and FeilongMan and the other guests couldn't see him; he figured his only options now were to retreat for help, thus disrupting the event, or fight the creature himself. He knew she was fast, but had no real clue as to how powerful she was.

Raptor Navi: 100 HP

PyroMan: 100 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal (entrance to exhibition hall behind PyroMan)[
"You wanna burn? Bring it on, hag!" Pyroman's first tactic was to heat up the battle. The dinosaur was bound to get angry. His first move was to arm the PyroWall. Then, he snapped his fingers, igniting the ground under the raptor navi.

1) Activate Shield.
2) Charge attack (space under enemy) [10]
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2) Move away
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"You wanna burn? Bring it on, hag!" Pyroman's first tactic was to heat up the battle. The dinosaur was bound to get angry. His first move was to arm the PyroWall.
"Kasai, send me my ass-whooping shoes!"
"Do you have any idea how many chips we actually have?"
"Well, I need SOMETHING."
Pyroman recieved one chip. Grimacing, his armed turned into a block, forest-green gun. He fired one shot at the raptor navi, then leapt to the side.

1) Activate Shield
2) Cannon [40]*
3) Dodge

*I think Cannon gets knockback, too.
The raptor ran at PyroMan with its claws bared; its rage seemed to grow at being called a hag. "Shut up! You can't understand the sleek appeal of the earth's greatest forerunners!"[color=green][/color] she snapped back, defending the beauty of dinosaurs. With a loud growl, she burst through the pyrowall as soon as the navi set it up.

With a toothy, reptilian grin spread across its face, she proceeded to rip her claws into PyroMan. She got one hit in, then slammed him against the ground. As she went in for another, however, he fired his cannon, then got up from the ground and moved to one side, dodging another pounce. The fast pace of the navi was making it very hard to keep up.

PyroMan thought he heard noise in the distance. It could be unrelated, or it could mean that Armor was returning. Either way, he'd have to hold out a little while longer.

Raptor Navi: 60 HP

PyroMan: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal (entrance to exhibition hall behind PyroMan)
Kasai was getting nervous. Pyroman was dealing damage at the same rate he was taking it. Then, he got an idea.
"Pyroman, if she's faster than you, we'll just have to try for something a little closer."
"I hope you know what you're doing, buddy...."
Pyroman's unease dissolved when he say the chip Kasai had sent. Smiling, he put his hand behind his back. A set of wicked talons materialised from his fingers. Then, he fired a couple of buster shots with his other hand to bait the raptor navi into charging.

1) Fire buster.
2) RageClaw1 [100]
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3: You didn't list your buster damage
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