It's a Lion!

Quote (BEFORE!)

Appearance: Swift wears a simple tan sleeveless shirt, black cargo pants, and black boots with steel toes. Brown hair of medium length falls around his eyes in broad locks. He stands six feet tall and is well muscled... Everything about him seems to suggest the heart of a roguish brute, but that couldn't be farther from the truth.
Personality: Swift is a strangely merry fellow, in contrast to his slightly intimidating apearance. He gets along well with people, and can be found laughing at the strangest things. However, he also has a heavily strategic side that surfaces during battle, bringing with it a relativly cold persona. Swift makes his living as a photographer, but greatly prefers virus busting.

I decided his appearance didn't quite fit his personality. I'm going to change that, since he hasn't actually done anything, and no one's seen him. Therefore, no plotholes. And while I'm at it, I may as well expand on his personality.

This is the second time I've posted this, by the way. I lost it before because my internet crapped out on me.

Quote (AFTER!)

Appearance: Swift is of average height and rather slim. A slightly battered black fedora with diagonal white pinstripes rests upon his head, partially obscuring black hair that falls naturally in the front but flares out in the back, apparently of its own accord. He wears bootcut jeans, tight around the thighs but falling normally at the shins over simple black shoes. The pants are supported by an aged brown leather belt with a practical rectangular buckle. A black sleeveless shirt with a triangular pattern flaring out from the collar gives way to slim but toned arms bearing a single piece of jewelry: A black leather band encircling his wrist and bearing a single rounded stud with a simple pattern radiating from the center. There is something regal about his bearing, although from his appearance most would expect a whiny, angst-filled child.

Personality: Despite his appearance, Swift is very calm and polite. His a demeanor is rather strange, though, and he can find at least a grain of humour in most any situation. However, one can't help but think that sometimes there is something mocking behind that smile, especially when he is dealing with NetPolice or other means of law enforcement. However, beneath his Puck-esque demeanor lies an indomitable will. One has only to push so hard before they encounter a cold fury that consumes him entirely... However, it is rare for him to unleash this faccet of his personality, instead bewildering those he dislikes with heavily veiled insults and a highly imperious attitude. He is loyal to his friends, and posesses a strong sense of justice, if a highly subjective one. His hobby is photography, of both the Real World and its Net counterpart.

Behold, a punk.

And no, this isn't a self-insertion... Aside from the fedora and the bracelet.
Why, thank you.
Yea, it looks good. I'm pretty sure I can accept appearance changes.

A for accepted.