Siegs and Gungnirs background

Sieg Krauser Stone, son of Simon Samael Stone and Lucielle Samantha Stone, age 13, born in Netopia. As a boy, he knew his father only fleetingly, due to his active military service. His constant distance from his father made him grow away from him, slowly buildign a mountain of loathing for the military. As he watched other children in their daily lives with their own paternal figures, he grew cold and angry at society. As his friends gained netnavis and played together, he still felt outcasted. Although his family was well off, both his mother and father were rarely home or there for him, and he had no access to his assets. He could only play alone as his being grew further away from society.

But five years ago, when he heard his father had left the Military, he was overjoyed. He would finally have back his father, the icon he had so longed for in his life. As his father SImon returned home, he ran to greet him, but what he found could not be his father anymore. His eyes, which had once resonated with his as twin reflecting pools of glassy blue water, were now distannt, cold, and clouded. He had been changed, never able to get close to anyone. Even when he greeted and hugged his son, crying tears of joy, Sieg felt as though only half of it was there, the rest far away. He tried to spend time with him, but he could barely stand to be around him anymore, Sieg was destroyed by this.

The final nail in the coffin, was Sieg one day returning home from school to find his father nowhere, and only a note next to a datachip on the table. It read:

To Sieg and Lucielle, I am sorry, but I cannot remain here with the knowledge I possess. I am needed in this world, needed by those who cannot protect themselves from the oppressor and liars that rule us all. I cannot tell you where I've gone, nor where I will be headed next, for not even I know. Enclosed is my final gift to Sieg, a Netnavi I programmed myself with peices of Militiaman encoded into it. He is programmed only to respond to Sieg, and will be as loyal a friend and follower to him as Militiaman is to me. I have named him Gungnir, after the mighty spear of Odin. I bid you goodbye, and I love you both


This almost killed Sieg, after so long, his father finally returned, only to shun him and leave once again!? for the five years in between, we shall not visit him, but only touch on his downwards spiral into hatred and rage, aimed at his good-for-nothing father, who had left him time and time again. We shall only lightly reminisce on Siegs mad attempts to empower Gungnir, to raise him to his greatest, with a singular goal in mind, crushing Militiaman and forcing his father to come back and be in his life, or at least to take his revenge for his painful youth. Gungnir has always acted as a mellower to Sieg, calming and leveling him out when he would lose control, but now, Sieg ahs left home, finally able to go after his father. And he will let nothing stand in his way...
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