[Netpolice] Transport Mission

"Remember, you're one cool dude." The navi in question was speaking to himself in a hushed baritone, looking into his distorted, red-tinted reflection from his metal arm. He brushed some imaginary dust off his face, then gave the 'mirror' his best roguish look.

"All the babes want you, they're just mis- uh- You're just misunderstood! They take you for granted! Yeah. I'm cool." Formula.RPM struck a brief what he imagined was 'sexy' pose, when the navi he intended on hitting on... noticed him.

"Hello, commander." The feminine model navi was armored and was trying to look around Formula, a concept known as 'trying to do her job.' She had an oversized rifle-mortar-launcher-thing strapped to her back, the shells that would fit inside the thing would probably be larger than her hand. Despite all the intimidation, the conquest of 'true love'... could not be stopped. Unfortunately for Formula.

"So, uh, you're a girl, huh?" The navi gave his best winning grin, not the best combination to go with the rather strange question. The female blinked, one eyebrow raised incredulously. She'd heard tales... but was her commander truly this dense?

"Yes, commander. I am a female model navi. My model number is 41A G337. What do you need?" She coughed slightly, looking exasperated as she ceased her efforts to patrol.

"Uh- Er, that is to say..." The navi scratched the back of his head, "Are- are you from Electown? If you aren't, you're sure electric."

"Commander, firstly, I fall under the element of water. Pay more attention, at the very least, if you intend to 'pick a navi up.' Secondly, there is a better time and place for it known as 'break'. We are on a mission. You can go vaguely annoy other female navis at a later time with your lame pickup lines." Her voice was contemptuous of her 'commander', tensing at his mention of electricity and she walked away with a small toss of her head to indicate her disgust.

"W-wait!" Formula.RPM sighed. What had gone wrong? Was it that she noticed him too fast? It- it must have been his armor. Yeah. His armor wasn't cool enough. He should have worn something with a leather jacket. Those were supposed to be cool, right? His operator wore them, at least. And his operator was definitely cool. Absolutely.

"And those pickup lines were guaranteed to work." He grumbled verbally, evoking the interest of one of his teammates, this one a male.

"Were you speaking to me, Commander?" The navi questioned, slightly confused.

"That site said they would work! I was browsing and I found this site for pickup lines, it said they would work!" He sighed. He'd just have to get one of those leather jackets, then.

"Er- Commander?"

Formula sighed, "Okay, okay. I'll just- head back to the back of the caravan or somethin. I don't feel insulted by the woman in the point at all. Not at all." He sighed. He was hopeless with women, it seemed. He almost hoped something would break the monotony and the awkward silence only separated by the clomp of marching feet.

"Ah, er, what do you think we're transporting, -" He struggled to remember the name. They had only told them once, after all. That dude... Had a stupid name. More like nickname, but the only reason he had people call him it was stupid too. He didn't even use a sniper rifle- like that female navi... No, he was getting offtrack. While he was distracted, the navi took the opportunity to answer.

"Joe. Sniper Joe. But you can call me Sniper." The navi was a rather ordinary one to speak in such a melodramatic voice. He continued, and Formula stiffened slightly at the unslightly comment, "At least, that's what the women call me."

Formula sighed, and ceased talking to the team members. That dude was obviously a loser.

Without any warning, a robotic claw shot from the east, digging its clawed mechanical fingers into the transport chassis and sending the painful sound of twisting metal through the air. The attached netsteel cable grew taut as the transport hurtled down the track at a sickening pace. A split second later, a teal-and-white blur shot past the surprised netPolice forces, reattaching itself to the claw and extracting the fingers from the now-damaged hull.

"Hello there," said the newly-arrived navi, in a decidedly nonchalant tone of voice, "Hope I'm not interrupting anything. You simpletons look a bit busy, so if it's all the same to you, I'll be confiscating that equipment you're carrying." He smiled smugly, brushing his bangs out from his eyes. "Rest assured, it's for the good of the entire network that the Techari family obtain that technology."

The newcomer's body was sheathed in teal and white, with a small golden dial hanging conspicuously over his chest. The navi spoke in a sharp, slightly impudent alto, and stood only slightly above average in height. An arrogant smirk was plastered on his flawless face, and his silvery ponytail flowed gently in the wind as he faced the NetPolice without any trace of fear or intimidation. The most alarming thing about him, however, were his arms. One arm contained a large, imposing buster cannon that hung limply at his side, and the other was a small clawed mechanism that had been used to grapple onto the moving transport. Neither arm appeared to be natural, even as far as navis go, and both looked oddly out of place on the otherwise very-attractive navi.

Noticing the awkward stares from the NetPolice officials and their apparent unwillingness to bring him the goods, however, he sighed, and fiddled with his chest-mounted dial. Instantly, his left buster arm seemed to flicker for a second before being replaced by a high-caliber gatling gun. "You cretins just don't get it, do you? Man, you guys are slow!" he said condescendingly, bringing his gun-arm up and loading ammunition into it with a satisfying click, "On behalf of the Techari family, I, ChimeraMan, will be relieving your incapable hands of the technological wonder you happen to be transporting!" Though he was still smiling, the teal navi's grin seemed to become a good deal more feral than before as he squared himself and pointed his new weapon at the security officials. "Now get the hell out of my way before I turn you NetPolice scum into swiss cheese!"

"Experimental Unit CH135, what are you doing?!"

ChimeraMan shielded his face as five claws shot from an aerial transport unit, embedding themselves into the ground around him and sending a shower of sparks as metal clashed against metal. Glaring upwards through piercing blue eyes, Chimeraman scowled as five figures descended upon the scene, rappelling from the sky and landing roughly between ChimeraMan and the security team. As they rose to their feet, each of the newcomers turned to face the netPolice enforcers with neutral expressions on their face. The five lackeys were all identically dressed, clad in silver-and-blue bodysuits beneath a set of stark white trenchcoats of a rather modern design. Each trenchcoat was unbuttoned all the way down, revealing each navis' immaculate undersuit and slim figure while giving the feel of a high-fashion labcoat. A small patch was embroidered upon the left breast pocket of each coat with an unfamiliar emblem and the words "Techari" in black letters located just below. Sleek black gloves adorned their hands, and a pair of high-tech metallic silver boots glinted in the Netopian lighting. The rather chic ensemble was complimented by a set of small blue-lensed sunglasses that hung slightly low on each navi's face, allowing their eyes to be visible above the frames. The center Techari operative made a quick about face and with a sharp glare, opened his mouth to speak.

"ChimeraMan, our mission was a simple extraction job, nothing more," said the center navi, obviously the leader due to the insignia of rank fastened beneath his emblem, "I understand that you are anxious to engage the opponents, but you know how Miss Altair is about details. I'm afraid I'm going to have to report this transgression to her personally."

"Altair? Like I give a damn about what that talentless whore thinks of me!" laughed ChimeraMan, "Look Yancy, why don't you take your nerdy friends and head back to your precious boss. I'm more than enough to take care of these idiots." The Techari unit leader noticeably stiffened at the arrogant navi's rudeness toward his commanding officer, but he regained his composure quickly as he shot an angry glare toward ChimeraMan.

"I... I don't think I appreciate the tone you're taking with me," replied the leader, adjusting his glasses nervously with a single gloved hand, "I respect the fact that you are one of the 'specials' that has been assigned to the group by the department head herself. However, I will not tolerate insubordination from any source... even you." Reaching into his labcoat, Yancy pulled out a small remote and waved it menacingly in front of ChimeraMan's face. "Remember, we are the ones who granted you the power you now possess, and we can just as easily take it away from you with the simple press of a button." With a coy smirk, he turned his back on the seething ChimeraMan and faced the security team. "If I were you, I'd stand down and let us...

The mafia leader never finished his sentence. His remote fell unceremoniously to the ground as he gave a gasp of shock. Glancing downward, Commander Yancy saw a silver clawed arm protruding from his gut, dark viscous fluid leaking from the gaping hole. The other four Techari members turned their heads in surprise as ChimeraMan, with a venomous smile plastered on his flawless features, smashed the remote with his foot, drew their impaled leader close and whispered into his ear. "I thought I told you, I am one-hundred percent in control of the situation... so don't interfere!" With that, he swung his clawed arm upward, hurling Yancy high into the air. To the horror of his comrades, ChimeraMan pointed his vulcan-arm toward his former leader and opened fire, sending a spray of ammunition bursting toward the airborne navi. Yancy was deleted by the time he hit the ground, his limp body slowly fading into residual data as he rolled off of the transport.

ChimeraMan laughed mirthlessly, walking in between his mortified comrades and pointing his still-smoking weapon toward the security team. "I'll say this one more time," he said, still wearing the same insane grin, "Give up now, or face the consequences!"
If there were some otherly way to resolve this, I suppose the netpolice would go for that, but that apparently isn't possible. I guess you can't really go for confronting a serial killer who just murdered one of his own team in cold blood. The engines of the transport revved, two netpolice units grabbed their ride, and... two were left behind as the transport took off, the wheels grinding against the floor, leaving rubber streaks as it revved into action. Surprised by the jerking motion of the previously steady transport, the netmafia goons and ChimeraMan were nearly thrown off, but barely managed to steady themselves. Formula, on the other hand, was thrown completely off the transport. If he had the ability to yell at the twin netpolice idiots piloting the transport- he probably would have. In any case, the battle... Was on!


ChimeraMan.EXE: 400 [On top of transport]
Commander Yancy: DELETED [...Dead]
StylishGoonA: 150 [On top of transport]
StylishGoonB: 150 [On top of transport]
StylishGoonEXB: 250 [On top of transport]
StylishGoonEXA: 250 [On top of transport]


Formula.RPM: 200 [Being left behind!]
Oxidania: 140 [On back end of transport]
Sniper Joe: 150 [On back end of transport]
NetpoliceA: 150 [On top of transport]
NetpoliceEXA: 250 [Piloting Transport]
NetpoliceEXB: 250 [Piloting Transport]
Transport: 1500 (Total)
-Protective Chassis: 500
---Cockpit: 200
---WheelA: 200
---WheelB: 200
---WheelC: 200
---WheelD: 200

50% Normal around the transport area with, 50% Grass in random bits of the field, on top of the transport is all normal panels.

Ready, Set, Fight!

(As Netmafia is the attacker, they may go first.)
All five Techari operatives were jolted to the side as the transport began its acceleration, moving away from the station at an alarming rate. Unfortunately for the security detail, however, each of them managed to grab hold of a nearby cable, quickly regaining their balance as they drew their weapons and prepared for battle. Casting nervous glances toward their new "leader," the Techari goons decided that ChimeraMan.EXE's insubordination would have to go unpunished, at least for the time being.

"I'm going to take that as a 'no,' then," announced ChimeraMan, grasping his golden dial with his clawed arm and giving it a whirl, "Let's see how you worms deal with an opponent who's armed..." He laughed at his own joke as his gun-arm returned to the buster cannon form he had begun the encounter with, "...and dangerous!"

Without warning, ChimeraMan turned to the nearest NetPolice soldier, smiling venomously as he pointed his bloodstained grappling arm toward the hapless guard. "Sorry, but it looks like this is your stop!" he laughed, firing the grappling claw and embedding the hooks into the transport's armored hull behind his opponent. With a deft flick of the wrist, ChimeraMan swept the netsteel cable across the ground in a single, lightning-fast motion, aiming to trip the security navi and knock him off of the accelerating transport. "Have a nice trip! See you next fall!" he laughed, retracting his arm and brushing a lock of silver hair away from his eyes. The evil-looking appendage snapped back into place with a loud "crack," and ChimeraMan flexed his fingers experimentally before turning toward the back of the transport and smirking at the navis there. "Don't worry — you're next!" he said, pointing a single clawed finger in their direction.

With that, the teal-and-white navi hurtled toward the back end of the transport, breaking formation and leaving his stylish cohorts behind. Sliding to the side and bringing his buster cannon to bear, the smirking Techari operative allowed crimson energy to collect within the barrel of the deadly weapon. ChimeraMan grinned even wider as his buster shook from the strain, threatening to overload and melt down at any moment. "How 'bout a little fire, scarecrows!" he laughed as he squared his legs, clutched his buster with his clawed hand, and discharged a massive plume of orange flame. The blazing onslaught washed over the transport toward Oxidania and Sniper Joe, erupting into a massive plume of heat energy as a smoky scent entered the digitized air. The hellish light cast eerie shadows upon ChimeraMan's face as the recoil forced him backwards a few paces, rotating his body backwards ever so slightly.

Unperturbed and still smiling, ChimeraMan whirled around and began charging a second blast of destructive force into his buster. Coils of crimson lightning arced from his left side as his buster weapon began to sputter and smoke. With a sound like thunder, the second plume of flame roared from the overheating weapon, basking the battlefield once more in a hellish orange light. As flames continued to spew from his buster cannon, ChimeraMan threw back his head and laughed — a mirthless, cruel gesture that served to make his fellow Techari members all the more uncomfortable...

...that is, until he turned to them and frowned. "Well, what are you retards doing?! Aren't you going to help?"

One of the female Techari goons furrowed her brow and took a nervous step backwards. "Oh um... well you see... I... er, we... thought you said to not interfere because you had complete contr..." she started, eyes darting nervously from side to side.

"Idiots! What do I look like, a goddamn miracle worker? I don't have time for this! Kill them! Kill them all!" roared ChimeraMan, his blue eyes flashing with barely-contained fury. Leaping backward toward the front of the transport, he positioned himself behind the Techari lackeys and crouched down toward the ground. With a smirk, he fiddled with the dial on his chest, causing both arms to flicker into a pair of limbs that, although they didn't really match, seemed a great deal more normal than his previous appendages. Without skipping a beat, ChimeraMan grabbed a small device from his back and plunged it roughly into the ground. With a smirk, he pressed a sequence of buttons on the device, causing it to unfold into a silver, medium-sized structure with a red number "2" located ominously on the forward console. Satisfied, ChimeraMan nimbly leaped to his feet and crossed his arms, stroking his chin thoughtfully as he floated in midair, apparently unperturbed by...

...wait, floating?

The Techari navi chuckled as he surveyed the range of the transport, using his specialized boots to hover a few feet off of the ground. "You morons don't stand a chance!" he laughed, "Just stop fighting, I guarantee it'll be less painful!"

1: Grappling Hook NetpoliceA off of transport (Tactical Move (opponent) + Knockback, 1TC)
*Break Subtype* - Add breaking to next attack
2: Breaking FireBurn1 (50, Fire, Break) to Oxidania (50), Sniper Joe (50), and Protective Chassis (50, 100 if an object)
3: FireBurn1 (50, Fire) to Oxidania (50), Sniper Joe (50), and Protective Chassis (50)
4: Countbomb1 (Summons 50 HP Countbomb1, Explodes in two turns for 100 damage to all opponents)
5: Autododge
The armored transport lurched forward without warning. Formula was caught mid-step while walking out onto the small platform at the rear of the transport, and was thrown off his feet and towards the back of the vehicle. The railing at the edge of the platform rushed forward as the vehicle accelerated and smashed into his armored knees with a ringing 'clang', sending him flipping over the back-end of the vehicle and towards the ground head-first.

It all happened so fast, Formula hadn't even had time to brace himself before he went airborne. Then time seemed to slow a bit as his processing speed accelerated in the face of what promised to be a 'fatal error'.

"The hell? I'm not about ta wipe-out here." Formula growled to himself as he reached out with his armor-encased arms towards the ground as if to brake his fall, then lit off a set of small thrusters hidden within the armor around his hands. The short, but intense blast flipped Formula upright, allowing him to get his legs under him a fraction of a second before he hit the ground skidding backwards. It was all he could do just to keep himself balanced as he slowly bled off his momentum, and finally came to a grinding, dirt-gouging, dust-flinging stop.

"Heh heh, I've still got the tou--" he began to himself only to look up at the sound of a rig's horn to see a truck-shaped packet-delivery program seconds away from turning him into street pizza. Me and my big mouth. was his thought as he rose from his crouched position to leap out of the way of the program, then scrambled his way out of the path of traffic with more haste than grace. He was almost smeared a handful of times before he made it safely to the side of the data channel.

Safe for the moment, the Navi rose from his crouched, almost kneeling, position and turned his helmeted head to look back at the rapidly disappearing transport he was just thrown from. His eyebrows flew up as he observed the startling progress they had made already... Man, they're really pushing that rig hard, high speed model or no. Those 'tards are almost outta sight. His thoughts paused for a moment, then changed direction as something else occurred to him. There's likely a damn good reason for it, too. Better wake my lazy partner up...

Formula was barely average height, maybe even a bit short for a Navi, and clad in a suit of sports-car-red powered armor, with glossy black racing stripes here and there, that covered him from the neck-down. That suit of powered armor had a name... "Yo, Moto. Time for ya ta stop idling, buddy." The transparent gray visor running across Formula's jade-green eyes lit up, changed color to light blue, and displayed Moto's response in red text: Hello Moto~ .... .... Yes?

Formula smiled at Moto's absurd greeting, but moved on to business quickly in his usual baritone "I need your help to see our transport. I wanna know if I need to knock heads together." He kept his tone even, and emphasized his point by punching his right hand into his open left palm. But I have a bad feeling about this....

Gotcha boss. was displayed on his visor a moment before Formula's perspective changed radically as his vision seemed to leap forward a huge distance... Then again, bringing the vehicle into sight for a moment... Then again, and-- "Hey... what?! Who tha blazes are those guys?!"

Moto's text response indicated that he was thrilled... Awriiight, some action!

As Formula gave the command to his Support Program "Mode change, Moto-One,", a bright cloud of light enshrouded the armored Navi. The light, initially a capsule that was taller than wide, flowed into a globe for a moment, then expanded horizontally, once again taking the shape of a capsule. A moment later, the light faded, and revealed a vehicle that resembled a high-performance motorcycle. The thing was an insane combination of motorcycle build philosophies, with the frame length of a chopper, the wide frame of a V-10 Tomahawk, the sleek body casing of a super-bike, the heavy suspension of a stunt cycle, and the wide racing-slicks of a mag-drive unicycle, all rolled into one. None of it's working parts were visible beneath the black-trimmed red exterior casing, save a quartet of chrome exhaust pipes that stuck straight out out from the back of the chassis' casing, stacked vertically in pairs next to the rear wheel. The engine, idling, sounded remarkably like the rhythmic coughing of a supercharged drag racer while the high-whine of a jet turbine seemed to lurk somewhat muted underneath....

So then... I take it you weren't thrown off the transport by the little lady...?

Formula rolled his eyes "Cute. Reeeeeeal cute."

Formula, now wearing only his regular smoke-gray body suit and more normal-looking red personal torso armor, bracers, greaves, and helmet, sat upon a traditional bike seat within an untraditional low-profile enclosed cockpit. His gloved hands gripped the dual throttles as his partner reported Mode change completed. I'm ready when you are, boss.

((Chase Theme))

Formula simply said "Lets do this." in a flat tone as he gunned it. The beastly engine roared to life, completely drowning out the turbine sound, as it unleashed countless horsepower, all of it hell-bent on generating raw acceleration. The tires warped under the initial strain as massive torque coiled and twisted them both until the bike broke loose from the static friction holding it in place. At that moment, the tires uncoiled with a snap and the bike took off into the data-channel like a rocket, leaving a cloud of smoke behind as it burned rubber. The data rate speedometer climbed rapidly through Giga-bits-per-second and changed modes to Terra-bits-per-second as the monster accelerated through the channel's net traffic.

Mere fractions of a second later, Formula and Moto were flying trough the channel in the mid Quadrillion-bits-per-second range, passing other so-called high-speed programs like they were parked. Despite this, they still managed to thread their way through traffic, frequent close calls and all, without hitting anything. And both of them were loving every millisecond of it.

They caught up with the transport only seconds later, and started to decelerate to match speeds with it. As they approached, Moto magnified the vehicle's image, and displayed it on the windshield's built in hud. Formula immediately picked out the group of four NetMafia goons skylined atop the transport, but saw no signs of the guards that should have been there instead.

"Sonuvascuttlest! Those bastards either fragged the guards, or the 'tards driving this party barge left 'em back at the switch." he swore angrily. "Either way, we make these fools pay for jackin' da transport on my watch."

Having known Formula for quite a while, Moto had already activated his joint-operated weapons, and simply reported Weapons armed. when it seemed appropriate.

"Alright. You know the drill: You tag 'em, I bag 'em." Formula said with a predatory smile as he loaded an Airshot into Moto's systems. "Light em up, Moto."

Like a Christmas tree, boss. A set of blue brackets appeared around each of the four goons as Moto's message appeared on screen. Moto selected a goon out of the group and changed the brackets around him to yellow. Then a red cross-hair appeared on the hud, allowing Formula to aim the weapon mounted on the upper-rear of the bike.

Formula wasted no time in lining up his shot; the brackets fading from yellow to orange as the cross-hair got closer to it's mark. When target and cross-hair intersected, the brackets went red, the cross-hair went green, and Moto sounded a lock-on tone. Formula immediately pulled the trigger, firing the Airshot from the long-barreled rifle on Moto's back with a jolt that he instantly compensated for without thinking about it.

"Next." Formula muttered as Moto highlighted another goon... But the edge of the truck was barely in his line of fire. Bad angle. A bit to the right, and he's mine... was his thought as Formula gently eased Moto into a better firing position absently while still taking aim at his target. He lined up the shot, the tone sounded, and he pulled the trigger a second time.

Formula Wind- Use wind to land safely.
Formula 1- Dodge traffic. (Dodge... traffic?)
Moto Wind- Use wind to accelerate in pursuit.
Moto 1- Tactical Movement: Get within range of transport.
Formula 2- Take aim @ StylishGoonA
Formula 3- Airshot @ StylishGoonA (20 Null + Microburst)
Moto 2- Tactical Movement: Stay with transport.
Formula 4- Take aim @ StylishGoonB
Formula 5- Airshot @ StylishGoonB (20 Null + Microburst)
Chimera's whiplashing grappling hook sends the Netpolice unit flying to his demise, hitting the ground with a sickening crunch and twisting of data, (Instant Death!) which evaporates mere nanoseconds before Formula would have run into it.

The transport sways as the waves of fire blast over it, and Sniper Joe is duly roasted. (50) (50) He barely manages to hold onto the transport, and Oxidania manages to throw up several barriers, guarding herself just barely from the first wave, and scorching herself getting hit by the next. (50) The transport itself, on the other hand, doesn't burn that well, but the extra heat added to the fire seems fit to scorch it, burning the chassis quite effectively. (100) (50) The countbomb is also planted onto the chassis, alarming the navi known as Sniper Joe, who takes a potshot at it with a Cannon, (40) hitting it but missing with a series of vulcan shots, which the other stylish goons avoid, quite easily.

Moto and Formula zoom up quite easily, catching up to the transport. Their weapons system compensates for the swerving and speedy transport, letting their combined aim send two stylish goons flying off the transport, their dodging not quite as effective as they had wished, their data jacking out as the two hit the ground, taking critical damage. (Instant Death!)

Oxidania cursed, and tried to draw her mortar-sniper-combo-cannon, but nearly fell from the transport as she did so, holding on with one hand, remaining there as she pulled a smaller weapon, apparently her buster, snapping off a few shots at the remaining netmafia goons, which served only to make them notice her. (18) (18)

They quickly obeyed Chimeraman's commands, in turn drawing their chips and proceeding up the transport, firing off shots at Oxidania, which missed, missed and one hit, (50) causing the navi to wince and let go of her buster, trying to draw herself to the end of the transport futilely.

"W-watch out!" The scorched netpolice navi shouted, catching ahold of Oxidania's trailing arm and keeping her there, the two just a single push away from death, it seemed.

The navis piloting the transport weren't about to do nothin', however. Guns rose out of the back end of the transport, providing an effective support, while firing at the stylish goons and Chimeraman. Unfortunately, the Stylish goons weren't able to dodge, surprised by the attack, and were stunned by the shots. (10) (10) (10)

The transport swerved wildly, barely controlled now, as the navis in the cockpit redirected their efforts to piloting the transport, if it were to go any further out of control, it would probably overturn.


ChimeraMan.EXE: 400 [On top of transport]
Commander Yancy: DELETED [...Dead]
StylishGoonA: GROUNDED [Left behind!]
StylishGoonB: GROUNDED [Left behind!]
StylishGoonEXB: 212 [On top of transport] (Stunned!!)
StylishGoonEXA: 222 [On top of transport] (Stunned!)


Formula.RPM: 200 [Caught up]
Oxidania: 40 [On back end of transport]
Sniper Joe: 50 [On back end of transport]
NetpoliceA: GROUNDED [Left behind!]
NetpoliceEXA: 250 [Piloting Transport]
NetpoliceEXB: 250 [Piloting Transport]
Transport: 1350 (Total)
-Protective Chassis: 350 {Countbomb Planted:10 HP}
-SentinelgunA: 50 [Back of transport]
-SentinelgunB: 50 [Back of transport]
-SentinelgunC: 50 [Back of transport]
-SentinelgunD: 50 [Back of transport]
---Cockpit: 200
---WheelA: 200
---WheelB: 200
---WheelC: 200
---WheelD: 200

90% Normal around the transport area with, 10% Metal in random bits of the field, on top of the transport is all normal panels.
ChimeraMan flinched as two of his cohorts went flying off of the transport, but quickly regained his composure as his sadistic grin twisted into an angry scowl. "Really guys? Falling to such a cheap trick? I'm beginning to wonder of the Techari has any standards at all, nowadays!" he shouted contemptuously, "If I weren't here to bail us out, that transforming retard over there would have single-handedly taken out you four-eyed rejects!" Pointing a clawed finger toward the remaining two goons, he narrowed his crystal blue eyes into a piercing glare. "You idiots had better not muck this one up," he growled venomously, approaching one nervous-looking Techari member and grasping the front of his white trenchcoat. With a sharp tug, Chimeraman brought the stylish henchman close to his face, knocking the designer sunglasses off his face. "Trust me, you don't want me to be the ones who answer to me if you screw this up!" he scowled, his face twisting into a mirthless grin, "Cause you know I won't just stop at tearing you to pieces."

The Techari goon struggled momentarily against the silver-haired operative's grip before he found himself roughly tossed to the side on the moving transport. As the hapless goon clamored to his feet, he was knocked off balance once again by the arrival of a circular yellow-and-green shield that smacked him straight in the chest. Struggling to maintain his footing, he shot a fearful glance at ChimeraMan, who was once again pointing at him threateningly with a dark look on his face. "I swear to the maker that I'm going to make sure that one of two things explodes today." he glowered, "Pray that it's the bomb and not you, if you catch my drift."

Whirling around, he turned to face the NetPolice enforcers and allowed himself to float lightly to the ground. "I certainly hope that wasn't the best that you could do," he laughed, extending his arms to his side as though to emphasize the fact that he was completely unharmed, "Pathetic! Absolutely positively pathetic! If I had known this was going to be this easy, I wouldn't have packed this little guy along. I suppose it would be a waste of a perfectly good piece of Special-class Tech if I weren't to deploy him though. Guess it's your unlucky day" Raising his human hand to the sky, he snapped his fingers sharply, releasing a silver pulse of energy that resonated across his body. "So say hello to one of the Techari's little 'pet' projects! Tactical Augmentation Chassis: AeroSplitter!"

Instantly, ChimeraMan's chest area began to glow with an unnatural silver light. Upon closer examination, it appeared as though his chassis was glowing, expanding as a separate entity rapidly formed itself over the Techari Operative's body. A pair of teal-and-white batlike wings sprung outward from ChimeraMan's back, shedding luminous shards in their wake. A sleek suit of silvery armor sheathed the Techari operative's abdomen, and the armor seemed to give a high-pitched whimper as Chimeraman gave a cocky smirk and gave his chest a sharp tap. "That red freak over there might have his cute little motorcycle," he laughed, whirling his dial and allowing his arms to shift form once again, "But I can tell you right now that with this on my side, I'm unbeatable!"

With that, ChimeraMan whirled around, extending a pair of intimidating gatling-gun arms that jolted into place with a resounding clack. His newly-arrived support unit seemed to whine pitifully as its wings flapped in place, sending a burst of wind energy tearing toward the two NetPolice operatives. The silver-haired Techari operative gave a small grunt as the twin barrels began to rotate, fully charged with battlechip energy. The gust of wind had barely passed the middle of the platform when ChimeraMan allowed himself to land, brought both weapons to bear, and cracked a sadistic smile. "I'd like to say that this is business, not pleasure," he laughed, "But the truth is, this is the best part of the goddamn job!"

With that, both barrels roared to life, spitting rounds of ammunition at a terrifying rate. Luminous bursts of concussive energy swept forth across the battlefield, kicking up shrapnel and dust as they scattered in a wide arc in front of him. The two Techari operatives behind him shot worried looks at each other as ChimeraMan howled with laughter, an spark of insanity blazing in his eyes. The twin gatling guns cast shadows across the arena as round after round tore forward in a seemingly-endless stream of destruction. "Yeah, yeah! You like that?!" he shrieked, grimacing as he struggled to maintain his balance as the massive recoil threatened to knock him off his feet, "That's what you get when you mess with the Techari!"

ChimeraMan's relentless onslaught generated a large amount of thick black smoke, but the bullets kept coming and coming. It wasn't till a full thirty-seconds later when his attack finally ceased. The silvery villain fell to a knee, panting as he nudged his chest-dial awkwardly with his still-smoking barrel. Grinning a toothy grin as his arms shifted form once again, he slammed a lion-shaped fist cruelly into the front of his TAC armor. The support unit seemed to squeal in pain, then slowly whimpered as it beat its wings weakly, suspending ChimeraMan a few feet above the top of the platform. "Oh shut up you whiny little robot!" he scowled ill-temperedly as he gave it another vicious pound, "I didn't see you doing anything to help with that last attack! Now get me into position!" The Techari operative smirked as he held his right hand up to his face. The blue lion-head-design fist glinted in the light as it began to glow an eerie blue color. "I've got a little surprise in store for that little red nerd over there!"

With a squeal of affirmation, AeroSplitter tore toward the back of the transport, beating its wings furiously as he carried ChimeraMan into battle. Hovering a small distance above the ground, the Techari agent extended his arm, allowing several azure sparklets to collect within the lion's "mouth." The poor support unit struggled to maintain its elevation and speed as ChimeraMan gave a quick wave toward Formula.RPM with his free hand. "Sorry, kemosabe," he laughed, pointing the lion-design arm toward the ground in front of Formula, "But it looks like you've just about had it. I'm about to put your little plan on ice!" Laughing mirthlessly at his own joke, ChimeraMan discharged the blue energy from his arm, sending a stream of frigid air toward the ground in front of Formula. The mistlike assault froze the ground in front of him, creating a slick, icy trap that gleamed in the artificial lighting. Laughing as he was pulled upward into a neat backflip by AeroSplitter's furious flapping, ChimeraMan landed heavily atop the transport. Smirking widely, the Techari operative slowly rose to his feet, surveying the battlefield as he brought his hand to his chest. "Pah-thetic" he quipped, giving the dial a quick whirl, "At this rate, I won't even need to use it after all! What a disgrace!"

1: Toss Guard1 to StylishGoonEXA, order to defend Countbomb1 with his life
Support Unit — TAC AeroSplitter — 100HP
TAC AeroSplitter — Gust toward Oxidania, Sniper Joe
2: Breaking MachineGun1 (9x30 Damage, 60 damage if it hits Protective Chassis or a SentinelGun) Oxidania, Sniper Joe, Protective Chassis, SentinelGunA-D (Random Targets)
3: MachineGun1 (9x30 Damage) Oxidania, Sniper Joe, Protective Chassis, SentinelGunA-D (Random Targets)
4: MachineGun1 (9x30 Damage) Oxidania, Sniper Joe, Protective Chassis, SentinelGunA-D (Random Targets)
TAC AeroSplitter — Tactical Move toward Formula
5: Chimera Breath R (Create Ice Panels, Med) In Formula.RPM's path, aim to reduce accuracy of next actions
TAC AeroSplitter — Tactical Move away from Formula, back to platform