Hell Cookie

Red bolted down into the net in a column of red light and immediately switched to her Badass_Hottie.GMO.
"Hmph, I might be letting loose for a bit," Red grumbled as she drifted towards the inner reaches of the netscape.

(( <reconsiders the net area he went to> CHOUGINGA GIGA DRILL BUMPEEEERRRR))
Rule of thumb: Hotties attract ugly fat people. In the net, that translates into Wallas. Large amounts of oily, furry Wallas.

Before Red can react, she's already being blown and sucked all over the place!

WallaA: 100
WallaB: 100
WallaC: 100
Trumpy: 60

Red: 190HP

And the Trumpy? The Trumpy WATCHES.

Battlefield: Red is floating over a patch of Cracked panels. The viruses are situated around said patch, not in danger of dropping.
"Oh that's IT!" Red growled as the Walls did... unspeakable things to her. "SHIN! GIVE ME SOMETHING TO BLAST THESE M@%&3%4@5 TO KINGDOM COME!"
"Well, they are nicely situated around you, so this will be a peace of cake!" Shin commented sending his navi two chips. "Let's see if Myun wants to join."
"Yeah, well she better," the crimson crusader growled as she slammed her hand down onto the panel she was on, and instantly, a large area of ice was formed and spread out around her, and possibly under the Wallas.
In another flash of light, the wind navi's support unit was next to her and already charging some energy into her fist.
"BREAK TIME!" the Badass Hottie roared as she boosted herself into the air with a gust of wind and started forming a crackling ball of electricity in her right hand. "Myun!" she called, while the support unit punched upwards, sending a red ball of energy to her master.
Red caught the ball and fused it with the electrical energy in her other hand and held the amalgamation of power above her head.
"NOW YOU DIE! THUNDERSTORM!" the wind navi screamed as she sent a blast of crackling red lightning screaming down towards the Wallas, hoping to destroy the whole group in one shot.
The red-caped wonder landed on the ice and slid herself away from the viruses as quickly as possible.

Turn Summary:
1. IceZone [Create a large area of ice centered on Red]
2. Summon Support Unit
*Gust: Boost Red up into the air
3.*. Break Elecreel1 to WallasA-C [80 Elec DMG x2(Ice gives 100% more damage) = 160 Elec DMG]
4. Dodge

Myun's Actions
*Add Break to Elecreel1
1. Dodge
And now, there's a Trumpy.
A lonely Trumpy.
That is unbelievably doomed.

Trumpy: 60 HP

Red: 190 HP
((Oh snap, I forgot to put summoning my S.U. in my previous Turn Summary! o_O))

"AND YOU!" Red screamed, her voice reaching a trilling high-pitch, pointing at the Trumpy with her right hand's index finger and glaring with pure, unconstrained hate. "You're the worst of all..." the wind navi growled as she approached the virus at an increasing velocity in a march-like fashion, her fist clenched tightly at her side.
"AND WILL SUFFER THE MOST!" the crimson crusader yelled as she aimed her fist at the Trumpy's head, attempting to smash the virus' face inward. Her left hand ignited on fire, almost spontaneously, unless you saw Shin slotting two chips into his PET a moment before, and the badass hottie descended her hand upon the virus and stopped inches before the virus' body before yelling.
"FACE!" before blasting a giant ball of flame at the virus, attempting to consume it to cinders with nothing left.
"Yes, I have defeated you for all eternity! You will never rise from the ashes of your defeat!" Red cackled, flames burning in her eyes.
Then the scene turned to her and Myun standing there lazily.
"Well, that was fun," the wind navi commented.

Turn Summary
1. Buster Shot to Trumpy [8 DMG]
2-3. Firehit1 + Heatshot Combo [100 Fire DMG]
4. Quote Azula

Myun's Actions
1. Dodge
Somehow the Trupy dies before it could sing ;~;

Rewards: 400 Zenny
And magicly 7 bugfragments hit you on the head
((BUGFRAGS PLZ! I think I got 7 from the last battle.))
((Thanks Medic))

"Well that helped," Shin grumbled as Myun picked up the Bugfrags and consumed them greedily.
"Well, what now?" Red asked, bored.
"Jack-out, I think I'll figure something out," Shin said, and the two net-beings nodded and blasted back into the PET.