Planeswalker Test Arena B

The arena was blank, featureless, and gloomy. A lone Navi (wearing a distant expression) stood off to one side. Fairly bland in appearence for a custom Navi, he simply waited for the participants to make themselves ready for the battle to come.

Admin Navi (???): "When all participants have arrived and declared themselves ready, we will begin the first round of the test... Heh, Dejavu."
"So, the first one there?" Wes asked as Junior jacked in.

"Looks like." Junior glanced around, "Well, I'm going find a place to sit, maybe take a nap." He yawned as he sat down and closed his eyes.

"Kay, I'll wake you up if anything happens." Wes settled back down into his own chair.
Red shot into the network in a column of red light. She looked around and spotted Junior sleeping on the ground.
"Guess he's here." Red said with a bored expression.
"At least we'll get to try out some new combos." Shin remarked taking out his chip folder.

((Waiting for a possible third, up to you Majin.))
The Shy med student walks towards the arena, while looking down " Okay I-I-I-I-I-I-I'm ready for the exam"
Junior yawns, then sits up, "So, our third finally arrives. This is Red Riding Hood and you can call me Junior." He then turns to the Admin Navi, "So, I guess this means we're all here. If none of us has an element, I'll take elec. However, if the newcomer has one already, I guess we can just get started."

"Let's go!" Red shouted in agreement.

((Let's go Paladin.))
"Well, I guess with those stats, the Spikeys are a major problem. L:et's see if I can mess with their vision a bit." He streched out his arms then brought them towards his center again. He began channeling the energy in his body inwards. The fresh air helped him relax and focus easier. He opened his eyes again, the power of the attack now at full, "Soul Flash!" A lovely line of light poured from the powerful person, shooting soundlessly at the silly Spikey. Such a beautiful display.

"So, Boomers in the back? Wood type, so they'll take double damage from Heat attacks... with the grass stage, that'll be an additional double. Heatshot will do 160 to Woods on this." Wes finished calculating, then pulled out two chips, "Time to go. Sending Areagrab, Heatshot."

"Well, I can gather what you're planning from all that mumbling. Well, here I go." Junior gathered energy for his attack in his hand and then disappeared. He quickly found himself behind the entire group. He had better strike quick before they realied he was there. Bringing up his palm to face his enemies, he prepared to release the energy. He made sure that his arm was up high enough that his attack wouldn't catch the grass around his feet on fire and then he let the blast fly. As it moved over the plain in front of him, a few stray sparks fell loose of the attack, singeing the tips of the grass. Knowing that this would make one hell of a fire, Junior then turned and ran like hell, "Shit! What if I'm too close when that hits?" He glanced over his shoulder to make sure nothing was firing at him either.

((1.) Soul Flash, 60+lowers accuracy, SpikeyA
2.) Areagrab behind group
3.) Heatshot, 40 Heat+splash, BoomerEX group
4.) Dodge))
"Ahh, assembled and ready to begin?" He paused as Red shouted "Lets Go!" at him... "As you wish. It appears one among you is Elec Element, so you'll be fine as is." The Navi went to one knee and touched the ground with his palm... The entire field changed to Grass! Then trees suddenly sprouted from the ground, and the sky became a realistic image of real, honest to god, open sky with the occasional cloud. The sun felt... warm? There was a small pond nearby... The wind blew pleasantly...

It was a marvel of technology.

The Admin Navi was standing once again when he spoke... "This is the reason you're here. In this environment, you will battle under these conditions. Please review them at your leisure."

Quote ()

-Heals Wood Elementals for (Level) HP per turn
-Doubles Fire Damage, reverts to Normal when triggered

-Causes Fire Navis to lose HP by (Level) per turn.
-Slows movement of all Non-Aqua Elementals.
-Allows Aqua Navis to Submerge, enhancing dodge slightly.
-Changes to Ice when an Ice type Aqua attack is used on it.
-Doubles Elec Damage, revert to normal after.

-Occasionally stabs bamboo-lances through the floor, dealing Wood Damage, and creating Grass Terrain with a spead of seeds.

The Admin Navi gave them some time to look over the data.... Then he began the test... "And now... I must ask you to fight for your lives." As he finished speaking, he made a small gesture, summoning a formidable array of viral opponents... "Good luck."

A trio of Spikeys advanced upon the trio while a pair of Boomerang-armed Virii hovered close behind... An ominous shape hovered from behind the trees, and took up station before the Boomerang Virii... They were arrayed for combat.


Spikey A: 90
Spikey B: 90
Spikey C: 90
Boomer EX A: 100 (Guard)
Boomer EX B: 100 (Guard)
HoneyBomber: 110 (Cover)

Red Riding Hood: 140
Soulman Jr.: 100
DNR: 100

Pungi (trap)

"Ah . . . . .. if the spikeys are such a problem . . . . . . THEN WERE GONNA HAVE TO GET RID OF THEM!" Spewed forth from the White Terror's mouth. "Lets see . . . . Spikey A was checked in already, so we'll bring in more patients via a vitamin bath wouldn't you say Laquiashia?" After he posed this question to his Netop he raises his left arm, exclaiming: "THEN BRING FORTH THE RAGECLAW, STAT!"
. . .
The med student checks his bottom coat pocket, trying to find the necessary chip " . . . . . . . . . . R-r-r-r-r-rageclaw chip, d-d-d-d-download" is all Polonius can muster in this social situation.
. . .
The Rageclaw data sprinkes forth in a floating, shiny red cloud. It surrounded the white haired navi, then proceeded to concentrate in each hand. The claws extend forth, and the navi rushes foward towards the middle Spikey, planning to impale the virus and throw it to the nearby lake. He also looks towards the enemies, as if he was expecting an attack as well . . .

After that, the navi looks at the Spikey to the right of the former target. Before he readied to perform the same action, he did a flamengo dance towards the Spikey, saying stuff like " Lala-lala-lala, Your gonna take a dive. Lala-lala-lala, YOUR GONNA LEARN TO SWIMMM!" At the end of that exclamitory statement, DNR quickly gets a psychotic grin on his face and lowers his right knuckle, ready to throw the Spikey to the similar fate as the former. His wierd Spanish dancing also give him at a great advantage to dance away from an attack. . .


1. Rageclaw throw SpikeyB to lake (20)
2. Rageclaw throw SpikeyC to lake (20)
Special Sword Ability: Extra dodge
3. Dodge


Red smiled cheerfully as she watched her comrades dive into the fray. The wind feels pleasant today Red thought as she watched the navis finish their assault. My turn! Red thought gleefully as wind wisped from the pockets of the net and swirled around her body.
"Let's take care of that Bee virus first." Shin ordered, holding up a chip. "SEND IT INTO THE GROUND! FIREHIT! SLOT-IN!" The netop yelled dramatically as he sent his navi the chip.
The former Master Control Program smiled cheerfully as the wind propelled her straight towards her designated target, in this case, the HoneyBomber virus. As she flew through the air, the navi curled her right hand into a fist, and her eyes narrowed as she neared the virus. The fist suddenly burst into flame and the wind navi let out a mighty yell.
"TAKE THIS!" Red roared as she swung her fist down upon the virus, and made sure it was going down and would burn into the grass. She didn't have time to check the results as she landed on the ground and faced the other viruses.
"It seems DNR took care of Two Spikeys, but there's one still blinded by Junior's flash. Eliminate it." Shin commanded. "Sending you a Bubbler."
Red nodded cheerfully as she pulled out a one-barreled gun from her picnic basket, she carefully aimed it at the Spikey virus and then shot at the target with a blast of water, that sped towards the wolf virus, intending to destroy every bit of data the fire elemental was composed of.
Red surveyed the landscape and cartwheeled out of the way of any attacks directed at her.

Turn Summary
0: Ability: Gust: Propel Red at HoneyBomber
1. Firehit1 to HoneyBomber [60 DMG [color=red]Fire[/color]]
2. Bubbler to SpikeyA [50 DMG [color=blue]Aqua[/color]]
3. Dodge
The Spikeys leap into the fray... Then stop short as the first of their group is reduced to a puff of steam by a Bubbler! The other two are summarily tossed into the lake by a psychotic, dancing, and singing Navi, never to be seen again... This causes the Admin Navi to laugh at the absurd scene, thoroughly amused at the Navi's antics.

Meanwhile, the rest of the attack did not go so well... Red aimed for the HoneyBomber, but torched a tree instead as the Virii fled behind it for cover out of fear. Soulman's attack was well executed! His teleportation was flawless and his aim was dead-on... The shot connected with both targets, engulfing them in flames... However, only one was destroyed, while the other was saved by it's Guard. The first was deleted as it had taken a shot at Soulman, and missed... the second aimed at the burning tree, and cut it down, starting a raging fire that began to spread through the dry grass with the wind...

If the group didn't act fast, they were going to be cooked.

And the Boomerang was coming back around...


Spikey A: Smoked!
Spikey B: Sleepin' w/ the fish!
Spikey C: Sleepin' w/ the fish!
Boomer EX A: Toasted!
Boomer EX B: 100 (Attacking!)
HoneyBomber: 110

Red Riding Hood: 140
Soulman Jr.: 100
DNR: 100

Grass (Currently burning!)
Pungi (Trap: Not triggered)
"Boomerrang coming from the rear.... bee floating in the air... grass starting to burn all around me..... HOW CAN I TAKE ALL THE PRESSURE!?" Junior held his hands to his head, making a paniced face. Then he smiled, "Just kidding. Wes, give me a Rageclaw, Shotgun, and then a Ringlog when I need it."

"Oh....kay. Sending Rageclaw, SHotgun, and Ringlog, then." Wes simply slotted in the chips as requested. He had no clue what Junior had in mind, but didn't really care, as long as he did.

Junior then rushed the Boomer again, "Well, I take it where ever you go, your boomerrang will follow. Well we don't want any, SO TAKE THAT CRAP ELSEWHERE!" He extended his hand, which tranformed into a bear-like claw. He aimed his now pointy fingers at the Boomer's empty mouth, determined to finish his move before the projectile could return. He brought his other arm forward, to help with the task of throwing the massive enemy. Bringing his arms up, he put all his effort into hoisting his enemy through the air, towards the bee. He wasn't sure whether he had managed to throw the virus any distance, but with the flames now spreading even more, it was time to go. He began to dash towards the lake, peeking over his shoulder quickly and firing at the RiskyHoney with the Shotgun he had recieved. Hopefully, if his plan had worked, both enemies would be together and then both would take the hit from his attack. Now just feet from the lake, he activated his final chip. The log appeared in front of him and he immediately chucked it into the lake. Seconds later, he leapt into the water himself, wrapping his arms around the wood. Using it to float, he surveyed friends, foes, and innocents, "Now what will they do...?"

Wes now stepped in with his own advice, "Red, either use your gust to put out the flames, spread them towards the enemies, or fly above them. If you don't use them to dodge, use your own log to follow Junior's example. You, the other navi, try to use something with splash to attack both viruses and then jump into the lake as well. Don't use you're element, though. Elec and aqua do not mix!"

"Uh.... wow, I guess that takes care of everyone. Well, everyone but..." Junior glanced at the Admin navi, "Are you going to be fine? We're not supposed to attack you, though since the flames were ours, that might be an indirect injury."

((1.) Rageclaw, 20 to BoomerEXB, 20 into HoneyBomber
2.) Shotgun, 50+splash, HoneyBomber
3.) DOdge/Run to lake
4.) Ringlog1 to float on water))
We see the White Terror still dancing the falminco dance. A few seconds of dancing in a rather unique style later, he noticed the burning fire creeping further towards him. He gets a startled look and flamingos away, giving quick short bursts of "Ole'" after each inch.

Quote ()

"Red, either use your gust to put out the flames, spread them towards the enemies, or fly above them. If you don't use them to dodge, use your own log to follow Junior's example. You, the other navi, try to use something with splash to attack both viruses and then jump into the lake as well. Don't use you're element, though. Elec and aqua do not mix!"
It came from one of the other Netops. "Hmmm . . . . .an interesting advice. On a side note, that little lady sure has a pyrotechnical problem." he thought while Spanish dancing away. After a few more steps, he finally stopped, saying to his "nurse", "I need a shot gun and a Log, Nurse Joy!"
. . . . .
The shy netop just stares with a small eyetwitch on his left eye and goes to his pockets. He finds the missing chips and slots in the two chips: " Shotgun, Ringlog, Vaccinate!" is what he says as he is barely audiable.
. . .
Back in the arena, the Shotgun data arrived in its typical grey glitter format. It reaches DNR's body and then clustered to his right arm, turning it into a gun with two barrels. He aimed upwards diagonally, hoping to hit the Boomer and Honey Bomber. . . .

After he shot the two, consecutative bullets, the Ringlog1 chip data comes down in its typical green fashion. As the log materialises in his hands, he holds it up, proclaming " I am Pierre de Jaques Rousseau and I have cut this tree! TIMBEEEEERRRRRRR!" He threw the log to the nearby lake, in which it floated like a rubber duck. He jumps on it, running backwards and saying in a Canadian accent: " Hey, this is kinda fun eh?" He starts rolling very quickly along the lake, being in an pretty good position to dodge any incoming attacks. . .

1. Shotgun to Boomer EX B and HoneyBomber (50 to each)
2. Ringlog1 to the lake for safety
3. Dodge
Red nodded at Wes' idea as she slowly started to concentrate large amounts of air in front of her. The navi compressed the air into a ball, and shot it out, towards the fire as a mighty gust of wind, directing the flames towards the virii.
The navi chose not to follow Junior's example and instead, rocketed up into the air in evasion of any incoming attacks.
"I think it's tea time for those viruses Shin," Red commented as she pulled out seven pastries from her picnic basket.
"Guess so, they're missing the snacks though," Shin replied to his navi, smirking at the idea that she had.
"Then why don't I give them some?" Red questioned. Without waiting for a reply, the wind navi threw all seven pastries straight at the viruses, and watched them explode on contact. She watched the viruses carefully, and prepared to move out of the way if they were to attack.

Turn Summary
*Gust: Blow flames toward BoomerEX B and HoneyBomber [??? DMG]
1. Fly o so high in the air.
2. Pastry Bomb to BoomerEX B [30 DMG] and HoneyBomber [40 DMG]
3. Prepped dodge
The two Wood Virii are completely trashed by the allied assault. However, Junior's idea of throwing the Boomer EX into the other Virus proves to be a bad one as the Boomerang it launched tries to follow the virus, who disintegrates before it arrives, causing it to arc skyward, nailing Red between the eyes, and knocking her from the sky.

Meanwhile, Junior voices his concerns about the heated turn of events... Yet the Admin Navi seems unconcerned, possibly even relaxed about the entire thing, and lets Junior know about it: "That sounds like something my Net-Op would add to the event rules. She aught not to worry so much." As he finishes speaking, the robed Navi walks out onto the lake's surface, completely safe from the fire. "Please concern yourselves with your safety first. As long as you're not actively shooting at me or some such, I suppose we can overlook that clause." As he finished speaking, Red fell out of the sky, and entered the lake at his feet, causing a huge geyser of water to soot upwards that soaked him from head to toe and rained down upon the other two Navis... The Admin Navi simply smiled and shrugged as if this was a normal thing for him...


Enemies Defeated

Red Riding Hood: 110
Soulman Jr.: 100
DNR: 100

"Crap, Red-chan, are you okay?" Junior called out. He swam over to where she fell.

"Relax. She took a hit, but she still has more HP than you." Wes sighed, "Anyway, Mr. Admin, can we move on now? Having a soggy navi is a bit of an inconvinence, plus I have places to be. Also, since we didn't get anything from this fight, I take it we get the rewards at the end? You guys better blaze through these next rounds, got it?"

"Yeah, whatever." Junior reached into the water, pulled up Red, and threw her over his Ringlog, "You okay?"
Red shook the water off her before replying to Junior, "I'm fine." Red said cheerfully, but rubbed her eyes anyway. "But that boomerang really hurt!"
The navi keeps rolling his log like a lumberjack, singing a little song "Leaping from tree to tree! As they float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia! With my best girl by my side! The Larch! The Pine! The Giant Redwood tree! The Sequoia! The Little Whopping Rule Tree! We'd sing! Sing! Sing! Oh, I'm a lumberjack, and I'm okay, I sleep all night and I work all day." He gets rained over by the little girls splash and looks behind him. "Oh crap, what the hell!?" he says as he sees the little girl in the taller navi's arms. He rolls over and asks "That was some fall I heard, are you alright? I'm DNR.exe By the way, sorry if I was so rude to not have introduced my self." He says to both the small, red navi and the oddly green colored navi.
The soaked Admin Navi looked distracted for a moment, the spoke to the team, "I apologize for the inconvenience, but I am afraid I am going to have to ask you to come back and finish your exam at a later date. Please inform your operators and jack-out at your convenience. Your registration is still valid upon your return." With that, the Navi touched the surface of the water, causing the fire, grass, and water to vanish. The trio of Navis found themselves standing upon normal ground once again, bone dry, and unharmed. The Admin Navi was still soaked however.
"Wha...? This is so lame." sighed Junior.

"No kidding. I was really hoping to get the rewards from this before our big event." Wes's eye twitched. he glanced at Red and then got an idea, "Hmmmm.... jack out for now. I have a plan."

"Plan? Whatever. Coming back now." Junior then disappeared.