Mission: Skimpy Clad Exorcist Action!

A lightning bold striking the network floor and DNR's data plop into the area. The red eyed navi took a good look around the network's interface, a curious face appearing into the navi's face. "Ahhhh...." the albino navi said, clasping his hands together. "Ahhh Yoka net... a beautiful place indeed... full of excitement for any young navi! Ahahhh..." the navi gave a chuckle, the low beeping of his EKG becoming a companion as he waited for Exorcist.EXE.

A second lightning bolt seemed to strike the navi, yet it was only in terms of transport, giving the navi the DataCruncher necessary for the mission. "Hmmm... simple... but effective... these seem to remind me of a pack I once heard about in scientific journals that deal with a portable particle accelerator system that is used to create a charged particle beam... I believe it warrants further study..." the navi said, smiling as he waited.

((Waiting for Exorcist.))
Exorcist jacked into the net, bringing with her the DataCruncher pack along with her special black, floral-print swimsuit. Although the message around her hips read "PEACE" in capital white letters, she didn't feel very calm-minded. She was sort of upset at the idea of wandering around in a creepy warehouse with a relative stranger and nothing on besides the bathing suit. "Well, at least it's still a humid temperature," she said to herself optimistically, heading over to meet DNR.

"I'm sure the ghosts inhabiting this area are the textbook definition of the evil spirits that Counterinfectualism is destined to combat!" she resolved firmly, trying to keep serious despite her red face and hoping that her ally would do the same. "The Counterinfectualist creed demands that we clear it out and return it to a safe, functional... net... warehouse. What does one keep in a net warehouse anyways?" she wondered to herself, raising one eyebrow.

Burt smiled; the idea of putting spirits down was lifting his spirits. The swimsuit always helped his outlook as well. "Boy, you guys sure are lucky! DNR and... whatever your name is," he ribbed Polonius, pointing at the screen. "You're getting a free lesson in Counterinfectualism as well as a peek at the cutest navi on the net!" he chuckled through his hand, trying to keep his voice quiet.

Exorcist made out "Counterinfectualism" and laughing, but that was about it. "For having engineered the whole 'solemn practice' rule and all, Burt sure is giggly," she laughed, turning her head to DNR with a sad smile.
A cold gust blew by, making Exorcist feel like she really wasn't wearing the right thing, but whatever, she could just change, right?

The two talked as they headed a few steps until they got to a wire fence, the wire gate doors tattered and broken down. Within the fence seemed to be loads of junk and storage containers and of course.... abandoned warehouses.

There were three on each side and in parallel with each other with piles of junk between them and there four more further ahead.

Walking further in, the two specialists noticed the area glitch occasionally, floating blue wisps of light accompanying the inbalance at the time of occurrence.

Time to get cracking, where do you start?

Quote (Map)

Warehouse  Warehouse  Warehouse  Warehouse
      A                B                C                D
Junk                                                        Junk
Warehouse  5                                    Warehouse 6
Warehouse  3                                   Warehouse 4
Warehouse 1                                    Warehouse 2

Junk                     You guys                       Junk
Junk                                                         Junk
Exorcist's teeth chattered as she held her arms around herself to keep warm. "B-Burt, this was really the wrong choice of clothing. I think I should probably get my robe back now," she informed her operator. The humidity of the area had basically vanished once they'd moved into the warehouse area and now a frigid cold wind was blowing through.

"Naw! Think of this as another tribulation of a Counterinfectualist. This sort of weather training will help you out in the future, I guarantee it!" Burt laughed, dismissing the issue.

"But this didn't start out as weather training," she whined justifiably.

"No, but it's lucky for us it turned out that way, hmmmm? Now quit relaxing and get to ghostbusting. After all, who are they gonna call if we can't do this?" he responded.

Frowning and feeling sorry for herself, Exorcist decided to treat it like Burt had said and see if it made it any better for her. "Alright, we should split up so we can cover more ground, DNR. I'll search these warehouses to the right and you can search the ones to our left. If you find any trouble, just call me," she told her ally, still crossing her arms across her body to keep herself from shivering.

She started towards the rightwards warehouses and began to search it, having the vague feeling that she ought to avoid bending over too much if at all possible.

1) Move to Warehouse 2
2) Begin searching
DNR gave a quick look around the area as the wind blew in, his white hair dancing like grass on a suburban lawn. His face shifted as the focus changed between the different warehouses in the area, a small glare reflected from his refractor towards the floor. "Hmmm... so many places to start... and you would like to split up? Won't that umm...be a little dangerous?" the navi asked with a head tilt and a grin. "You know that there are rather dangerous creatures there... buuuuuut~" the navi said as he shrugged, shaking his head "Perhaps Counterinfectionalism can save your umm... skimpy self... heh..."

"Now comes the part where we choose.... I guess the left most one will be the most fruitful one... you can call me as well... I may be a surgeon but I can heal your write-protection so you can stay in battle more often, Miss Exorcist. I'd aid you better right besides you but perhaps my red eyes scare you, no?". DNR gave a laugh as he starts walking towards the leftmost warehouses, starting with the one nearest the Junkpiles.

Of course danger was all too probable, the navi making sure to move if any incoming attacks reached him.

1. Heading to Warehouse 1
2. Start to search said warehouse
3. Dodge any incoming attacks
4. Dodge any incoming attacks
Exorcist and DNR decided to divide and conquer, the scantily-clad taoist heading to the right, while the doctor headed to the left.

[Warehouse 2]

Upon heading into the Warehouse, Exorcist took in the sight of the dilapidated walls and ceiling and windows at the outer layer and then just rows and rows of storage containers. Lights and cranes hung creakily overhead. Some badly damaged, dented or otherwise, doors swinging open, or nonexistent, as if torn off their hinges.

The static continued to increase in the area, was it happening more frequently?

There also seemed to be random junk lying about. Exorcist could also make out an abandoned forklift down one aisle and one near the entrance. Was it just her, or was it not so cold anymore?

Suddenly, she saw something blue and ghosty whip by the aisles. It was headed to the left!

Quote (Warehouse 2 Interior)

|Junk                 Crate       Crate  Junk    Crate       Crate
|        Crate                                          Crate        Crate
|        Crate        Crate        Crate                           Crate
|        Crate Junk Crate Forklift               Crate        Crate
|        Crate        Crate         Crate         Crate Junk Crate
|Junk  Crate        Crate        Crate                            Crate
|        Crate          ???            Crate          Crate        Crate
|        Crate         Crate                          Crate          Crate
|                                         -Exorcist-
|       Junk            Junk                                 Forklift

[Warehouse 1]

DNR entered Warehouse 1 and found it to be completely empty of anything but a giant field of junk, in fact, there were like, hills of junk. It's 100% Junk Terrain!

Though there seemed to be things living in the junk.... Hmmmm....

Quote (Warehouse 1)

|                     Junk Hill                        Junk Hill                   ???

|        Junk Hill        ???              Junk Hill                        Junk Hill
|Junk Hill              Junk Hill         THE              Junk Hill             Junk Hill
|                                           BIGGEST
|             ???                             HILL
|            Junk Hill                                                   Junk Hill       ???
|_________________________________________________________                      |                
|                                          -DNR-

((The Divider represents where the 100% Junk Terrain begins))

Exorcist: 120 HP [2 Actions Left]
DNR: 240 HP [0 Actions left]
The red eyes thing had spooked Exorcist a bit, but she decided it'd probably be better all around if she didn't admit to that. After heading over into her own warehouse, she'd soon discovered a blue wisp that was almost certainly one of the ghosts she needed to take care of. "There, Burt! Did you see it?" she cried out, pointing the nozzle of her datacruncher in the direction of the spirit.

"Huh? Uh, no, I wasn't really paying attention. But I'll trust your vision. Go get him!" Burt encouraged her, then promptly turned his attention back off of the situation and onto her body.

Nodding, Exorcist focused on the ghost and summoned a small razor. After pricking her fingers (she'd practiced this before for her Chi Barrier, so it wasn't that new to her) enough to create a suitable blood flow, she quickly formed the design of her new Catching Circle. She then focused on the blue wisp and attempted to fling it out of hiding using the powerful suction effect of her new ability.

At the same time, Burt was fairly horrified. "Exxy, what are you doing?!" he cried out in shock as Exorcist cut herself to use the attack. He hadn't realized that any part of her abilities required doing so, despite how many times she'd practiced it.

"This is a normal thing in exorcism," she answered calmly while trying to figure out how to operate the vacuum-like apparatus that the GNA had supplied her. Hoping the ghost would be dragged into close range, she looked for the closest thing to an ON switch, activated it, and then let 'er rip.

3) Catching Circle to ??? [gravity + 15 HP sacrifice]
4) Use DataCruncher on ???

Exorcist quickly invoked one of her exorcism techniques to draw the blue sprite back.

It worked, the pull was quite strong and the blue flame sprite was in sight. Exorcist found the trigger on the vacuum handle and pulled it hard.

The suction force was strong, as much as the flame sprite struggled it could not resist the power of the DataCruncher and was eventually pulled into the pack. There was a bit of shaking Exorcist could feel, but it died down quickly.

With that, she let go of the trigger, for now... She should probably search the rest of the facility.

Quote (Warehouse 2 Interior)

|Junk                Crate      Crate  Junk    Crate      Crate
|        Crate                                          Crate        Crate
|        Crate        Crate        Crate                          Crate
|        Crate Junk Crate Forklift              Crate        Crate
|        Crate        Crate        Crate        Crate Junk Crate
|Junk  Crate        Crate        Crate                            Crate
|        Crate                        Crate          Crate        Crate
|        Crate        Crate                          Crate          Crate
|                                        -Exorcist-
|      Junk            Junk                                Forklift

Quote (Warehouse 1)

|                    Junk Hill                        Junk Hill                  ???
|        Junk Hill        ???              Junk Hill                        Junk Hill
|Junk Hill              Junk Hill        THE              Junk Hill            Junk Hill
|                                          BIGGEST
|            ???                            HILL
|            Junk Hill                                                  Junk Hill      ???
|_________________________________________________________                      |               
|                                          -DNR-

Exorcist: 105 HP [1/20](warehouse 2)
DNR: 240 HP [0/20] (warehouse 1)
The movements among the junk in the warehouse made DNR give a bit of a smile. "Ahahhh... I was wondering where these ghosts are..." the whire-haired blood cell of the net murmured in a hushed voice towards Polonius.

"Hmmm... well be careful... perhaps you should probably use a bit of caution before hand?" Polonius said with a hesitant voice, wondering perhaps the purpose of the piles of junk. Maybe it was for recycling data? Who really knows besides the GNA.

"... You have a point there, dear Polly... Ah, I think this should do enough for now..." The navi himself said as he dots around in the air a symbol of perhaps some medical origin. The light flashed as a small noticeable white aura surrounded DNR, giving him a burst of speed as he runs over towards the junk pile to the left of the entrance.

"...well I better get a better look at these ghosts..." the navi whispered softly, stepping closer and looking towards the back of the junk pile. The navi's red eyes then quickly trailed between the different piles of junk, but then soon ignored them as he turns on his Datacruncher, hoping that this machine works well enough to get the probable ghost. "Alright let's see if these ghosts can be grabbed by this..." DNR laughed as the navi flashes a grin, trying to suck up the ghost.

He would most likely search from west to east in that direction if he succeeded in capturing that possible ghost, the speed propelling him perhaps even fast enough to capture the next ghost on his list? Only lady luck can figure THAT out.

1. Asplecius Sig (Haste + 2 Take Aims)
2. Attempt to Suck up lower left ???
3. Flee to Middle-left ???
4. Attempt to capture Middle Left ???
Exorcist's face lit-up as she managed to get the ghost inside the fan with relatively little effort besides the uncomfortable jarring of the machine. Excitedly, she turned her smiling face to Burt. "Look, I got one! The ghost was-!" she started, then realized that Burt was taking his usual masturbatory pleasure in watching her bubble. She then killed his buzz by returning to a serious face. "I managed to get the spirit into the vacuum," she reported simply.

"Good going, Exxy, only... about nineteen more to go until we're full, apparently. Better get cracking, nya ha ha!" he explained, then turned away from the screen to continue talking to Polonius.

With a huge sigh, Exorcist gave the warehouse another look around. She could only hope things were moving at a quicker pace with her partner. "Here, ghostiiiies. Come oooout," she called halfheartedly. "Darn, I just don't know what would attract ghosts out of crates in an abandoned warehouse. If I could get them in front of me this might move quicker," she whined, leaning over one dusty crate to look around the room.

"Hey, you know what would lure me out? If you did a sexy dance and sang a sexy song. If I were a ghost, I'd come running!" Burt laughed, although he knew the chances of such a ploy working were minimal.

Exorcist's face was predictably red; knowing little about jokes, she thought her operator had been serious with his suggestion. "I don't think there's any real chance of that working," she answered, clutching her hands together over the box. "I-I mean, these spirits presumably aren't really like you, right? I don't think that'd draw them out."

"Peeshaw, what have you got to lose? Try it," he returned, suddenly interested now that he saw he might be able to get something out of this exchange.

No matter how enthusiastically Exorcist shook her head in rejection of the idea, Burt's nods of approval were stronger, and as usual she found herself reluctantly giving in. "B-But I'm n-not any good... at these things," she explained bashfully. "And what if my partner sees it? Don't we have something like exorcism tools that we could use for this?" she pleaded.

"Nope, this is all you. Remember that at this point Counterinfectualism is still 50% experimental; if we're going to know what works and what doesn't, you've got to try this," the operator replied, his eyes shining behind his glasses. Just her resistance to do it was already exciting enough to throw him into a frenzy of pleasure.

Looking mortified, Exorcist headed to the center of the warehouse (or what she estimated to be it), rallying by the forklift. "I can't," she muttered once more, looking back at Burt. Returning no sympathy but a lot of encouragement, Burt gave her the opposite response that she'd wanted. Swallowing hard, she grasped onto the front of the forklift and broke her vow, thrusting her bottom out provocatively and spreading her legs. She then leaned over to give anyone on the other side a better view of her breasts and did her best sexy voice through the muddle of her embarrassment. "Alright, ghosties, who wants a piece of Exxy?" she cooed, winking into the darkness. As she projected her voice, it was unfortunately loud enough for her partner to hear in the warehouse adjacent to hers, aiding by excellent acoustics.

Burt, nearly hyperventalating into his scarf, fell sideways off of his bench. Picking back up his glasses and repositioning himself, he made a mental note to capitalize on this naivety in more ways in the future if he could. "Good Exxy, good! Now those ghosts will come pouring out!" he assured her, nodding vigorously.

Exorcist wasn't so sure, but she held the position for a moment and watched. Not feeling entirely safe (and certainly not comfortable), she prepared to break position and dodge if some malevolent spirit tried to get the jump on her.

1-2) Move to forklift
3) Various arousing action
4) Prepare to dodge
[Warehouse 1]

DNR made a mad dash for the first detected presence, aiming his Cruncher at...

...what the f*ck is that?

What appeared to be a robot made out of scrap stood towering over DNR, opening and closing its bear trap jaws repeatedly, it's googly eyes swirling around before facing the doctor.

"Oh, sup dude. Don't mind me, just uh... looking for some parts, yeaaaah..." the robot greeted, nonchalantly, eyes swerving around the heaps of junk to see if he could find anything.

It did appear he was missing an arm at the moment. DNR went off with a courteous nod and dashed toward the back of the warehouse where he startled two floating black blobs. Activating the DataCruncher, DNR managed to suck one in, but the other was running away! It headed behind DNR in hopes of escape.

Quote (Warehouse 1)

|                    Junk Hill                        Junk Hill                  ???
|                                                      Blob
|        Junk Hill        -DNR-          Junk Hill                        Junk Hill

|Junk Hill              Junk Hill        THE              Junk Hill            Junk Hill
|                                          BIGGEST
|            Robot                        HILL
|            Junk Hill                                                  Junk Hill      ???
|_________________________________________________________                      |             

DNR: 240 HP [1/20]

[Warehouse 2]

Exorcist, in the meanwhile, fumbled her way to the forklift and tried using sex appeal to draw the ghosts to her location. On another note, Exorcist noticed a key still in the ignition of the forklift. Maybe it still works?

Exorcist suddenly sensed the amount of static in the area increase, and then a bellow as a towering red entity appeared over the crates to her left. It was vaguely defined, like a human-shaped blob, and steam was coming periodically out of its nostrils.

The entity took a look around before laying eyes on Exorcist, something around where the eye sockets would be seeming to alter toward... heart-shapes? before the whole entity turned a super-light shade of pink.


Quote (Warehouse 2)

|Junk                Crate      Crate  Junk    Crate                Crate
|        Crate                                          Crate                Crate
|        Crate        Crate        Crate                                  Crate
|        Crate Junk Crate -Exorcist-[Forklift]Crate    Entity    Crate
|        Crate        Crate        Crate        Crate Junk          Crate
|Junk  Crate        Crate        Crate                                  Crate
|        Crate                        Crate          Crate                Crate
|        Crate        Crate                          Crate                Crate
|      Junk            Junk                                Forklift

Exorcist: 105 HP [1/20]
Exorcist was disappointed that no ghosts had come out when she'd given the display, but more worried about what had come out. "Burt! Is that some kind of virus?" she asked shakily, still bending over the forklift to look at it.

Still recovering, Burt tried to make heads or tails of the new creature. "No, but it sure doesn't look friendly. In fact, it looks downright creepy," he shuddered. "What the hell is that thing? Maybe it's a cluster of evil spirits... They're always adopting new forms, you know."

"All I know is that I really don't like the looks of it," she said quietly, hoping not to upset it in the case that it was something she might stay on the good side of. "A-Alright, um, I was just trying to lure out ghosts, so uh, if you have any information that might help me..." she called out to the gelatinous creature, trying to keep a smiling face on.

"Woooah, Exxy, I don't think this is the time for negotations," Burt hissed. "Clobber that thing!"

Exorcist shook her head defiantly, not wanting to excite the thing any further if she could help it. "I'd really rather rely on the off chance that it's friendly then make an enemy of it. You know what they say: you only get one first impression," she explained. "And I made mine shoving my boobs up onto a forklift," she thought to herself with a sigh, looking anxiously at the creature. Getting off the forklift and walking slowly with her hands raised, she put on the best face she could despite her obvious worry. "Er, is there any chance you can help me find the ghosts in this area? Or maybe we can help each other out somehow?" she asked nervously.

1) Address creature cautiously
"What... the...heck?"

That was pretty much the only thing DNR said as he encountered the robot man without an arm, looking somewhat curiously for but a moment. There was one more thing he did say after the previous statements "Umm... you should probably get a specialist... I only deal with hearts..."


With that awkward brush with a junk robot, DNR was on the hunt, finally reaching the ghost. "Alright... time to suck some.... Wha? H-hey!" he said with a mad expression. The ghost was getting away, and DNR had to follow suit, his hurried footsteps following the beeping of his Emblem's EKG. His cheeks clenched up as he smiled, the grin widening as his eyes suddenly look out towards the blob that was eluding his grasp. "Alright... time to finally grab this cancerous blight...." Those were the words passed through the navi's lips, jumping off towards it. In the case that the ghost would escape the grasp he would pursue it like an anesthesiologist would towards a patient's vein.

Polonius seemed to be occupied with Burt's... interesting devotion to his work, so DNR did not give much thought to his protégé for now. A little break from his teachings every now and then can be fruitful to the overall program. Nevertheless, the navi soon rushed off towards the back of the warehouse. He readied his Datacruncher in the hopes of getting yet another ghost. "Let's see if I can excise you from this warehouse's heart shall we?" DNR said with a cackle, jumping off for another attempt...

1. Suck up Blob Attempt #1
2. Suck up Blob Attempt #2 if #1 doesn't work
3. Run off towards back ???
4. Attempt to suck up ???
[Warehouse 2]

"Ghost..." The entity spoke, using some form of telepathy, its voice mangling a thousand different voices together. It swerved its head from side to side before climbing over the crates with well-defined hands and feet... though the feet looked the same as the hands. It got, kind of, to eye-level with Exorcist, before sitting up on its haunches, lifting its arms in the air and shaking its head. "Ghost ghost... all ghost." It spoke again, before placing its hands on the ground and leaning its head in toward Exorcist.

"Lonely.... so lonely... What do?" The Entity wondered, opening a cavity in its head where a large tongue shot out and gave Exorcist a big lick.

"Mmmm... you feel good. Companion? Stay... stay!?" The Entity's voice became a lot deeper. This... didn't look good.

Quote (Warehouse 2)

|Junk                Crate      Crate  Junk                Crate                Crate
|        Crate                                                     Crate                Crate
|        Crate        Crate        Crate                                             Crate
|        Crate Junk CrateForklift    -Exorcist-  Entity Crate             Crate
|        Crate        Crate        Crate                       Crate Junk          Crate
|Junk  Crate        Crate        Crate                                                Crate
|        Crate                        Crate                       Crate                Crate
|        Crate        Crate                                       Crate                Crate
|      Junk            Junk                                Forklift

Exorcist: 105 HP [1/20] (Slobbered!)(3 Actions left)

[Warehouse 1]

DNR pursued the blob, utilizing his DataCruncher with more spunk before finally catching the blob. He then made his way over to the back where he surprised a holographic lady in a towel! It was obviously, still a ghost, and there was an audible "Nooooo" coming from the lady once he sucked her into the DataCruncher.

Something by the biggest hill moved.... Did the number of presences increase?

Quote (Warehouse 1)

|                    Junk Hill                        Junk Hill                 
|                                                                       -DNR-
|        Junk Hill                      Junk Hill                        Junk Hill
|Junk Hill              Junk Hill ???  THE              Junk Hill            Junk Hill
|                                          BIGGEST
|            Robot                        HILL          ???
|            Junk Hill                                                  Junk Hill      ???
|_________________________________________________________                      |            

DNR: 240 HP [3/20]
Exorcist's face turned from worry to disgust and displeasure as the creature's slimy tongue traced over her skin. "Gross! Groooss! Too gross!" she cried out, dancing away from it ungracefully with as much speed as she could.

Her operator was similarly displeased. "Enough is enough! Nobody licks Exorcist but me!" he announced with injured pride. "Go for that forklift, Exorcist. We humans like to use vehicles when we want to move for long distances more quickly; perhaps this thing also moves faster than you can walk. The key's in it and you can drive it out of there. Regroup with your partner and then you can kill that thing together!"

Not bothering to point out the physical impossibility of Burt licking her nor the fact that she'd be unwilling to let him do so, Exorcist jumped over the forklift and turned the key in the ignition. She'd never driven before but she'd seen people do it in videos and it didn't seem so difficult. All you had to do was spin the wheel to move and press your foot down hard on... one of the pedals. "W-Which pedal is 'go,' Burt?" she asked, pausing to wonder why, further than the purpose of the warehouse itself, net figures would have use for something like a forklift to move boxes.

"The long one! Don't press the other one until you're ready to stop," he instructed her haphazardly, glad that she didn't need any really complex instructions. Burt had never been much for driving himself and was pretty terrible when it came down to it; hence, he'd grown to love public transportation.

Pressing down the toes of her bare feet onto the pedal with none of her customary daintiness, Exorcist tried to drive the forklift out of the warehouse and over to her partner. "DNR! We've got trouble!" she called out as loudly as she could, waving one arm out of the forklift to get his attention as if a barreling forklift speeding over to his warehouse wasn't going to be enough.

2) Hop in forklift, use key in ignition
3) Drive forklift towards DNR's location
4) More of the above
Exorcist, following Burt's advice, dashed to the forklift and turned the key in the ignition, the engine thankfully starting up. The entity that was a bit away howled as Exorcist hit the.... gas? and piloted the forklift toward Warehouse 1, the entity bounding not-so-far behind...

Quote (Warehouse 1 and Outside)

|                    Junk Hill                        Junk Hill               
|                                                                      -DNR-
|        Junk Hill                      Junk Hill                        Junk Hill
|Junk Hill              Junk Hill ???  THE              Junk Hill            Junk Hill
|                                          BIGGEST
|            Robot                        HILL          ???
|            Junk Hill                                                  Junk Hill      ???
|________________________________________________________________    |           
|_______________            -Exorcist-                          ___________________


DNR: 240 HP [3/20]
Exorcist: 105 HP [1/20][Riding Forklift]

Entity: ??? (In hot pursuit!)
Exorcist thanked whatever omnipotent power was allowing to keep a safe distance in front of the apparition by using her newly acquired forklift. Counting on DNR's support, she fiddled with the controls for a moment before slamming down her bare foot against the brake, bringing the machine to a momentum-breaking halt. She jumped out of the machine, heading over to DNR and babbling randomly while pointing towards the creature like a madman. "That creature's a pervert and it's trying to do all sorts of weird, perverted things with me in this junkyard to soothe its loneliness!" she explained hurriedly, pointing in the general direction of the creature.

A frown spread across Burt's face and he looked down angrily. "Now Exorcist, despite how this may all look, it was never my intention to-" he started, but the navi quickly cut him off.

"The creature, Burt, not you!" she cried in frustration. "I need something to fight it with. I'd like to be careful since I don't know what all it can do, but I would like my Risky Honey chip. I'm fairly certain the thing will focus on me, so if I can get it to attack me, that'll set off the trap... I hope," she said with a shudder. At the same time, she prepared one of her special talismans in one hand. Turning to DNR, she explained the purpose of the paper. "This is one of my Ritual Talismans designed for exorcism. It drains the evil out of an area, or in this case, out of an accumulated spot. I'm going to toss it onto that creature and start draining its energy; that will allow you to pour on attacks," she elaborated, drawing quickly on the talisman's surface with her fingers.

As soon as she'd finished her exposition, Exorcist threw her talisman in the creature's direction. Without confirming the hit, she prepared her RiskyHoney in anticipation of the creature's attack, summoning a small stone statue and crouching behind it. When the statue was hit, a powerful curse would draw a swarm of bees... At least, that's what she figured would happen. It was all rather confusing to her. Whatever the result, she hoped it would spell the end of the giant creature that she now assumed to have perverted intentions. Now she just had to hope that DNR would go along with her plan... a bit of a stretch, considering she barely even knew him at this point.

"Alright, here's where I really hope your navi comes through, Polonius," Burt muttered, adjusting his glasses and watching anxiously. "Although, nya ha ha, if we come through this, we should make her do something to reward DNR, riiiight? Ha ha ha!"

"Burt, the goal of this is to get me out of a perverse situation," the navi sighed, trembling behind the small rock as she watched for the creature's tongue.

1) Exit Forklift
2) Ritual Talisman to Entity [20 + stun + hold]
3) Prepare RiskyHoney [10 wood x 10, counter attack]
4) Take cover behind RiskyHoney
DNR looked with a happy grin as he peers out towards the lady ghost in the towel. "My my... I didn't think ghosts bathed in such a slovenly manner..." the White Blood Cell of the Net's grin widened as the ghost yelled out a wail, his Datacruncher starting to suck up the "female" "Now now..." the navi bellowed as he wagged his finger towards the holographic ectoplasmic being. With her gone, DNR had a bit of a time to reflect, his left free hand adjusting his reflector disk "... Well, that was sure a surprising endeavor... I sure hope the next one isn't any thing that per... ver... ted?"

The navi couldn't seem to finish, his red eyes gazing towards the biggest hill of the warehouse as it shook and rattled; pieces of metal dropped into the ground, ruining any of the caretaker's attempts for maintenance. Polonius seemed to factor into the situation, starting to speak with DNR "Looks like more ghosts are around the area..." he said, with a low, timid voice.

"Well, I didn't expect for it to be easy..." DNR remarked, sighing as he shook his head at the state of affairs. He repeated an action he did before, dotting some sort of glyph with his hands in a precise fashion. Another beaming light surrounded the navi, quickening his reaction time yet again. DNR then gave a quick leg stretch and a jump, energized from the signature program "Okay, now let's try to clean house..."

He was unfortunately interrupted by what seemed to be divine intervention as Exorcist comes rolling in what looks to be a forklift. DNR raised an eyebrow as he looked over towards Exorcist, a bit befuddled by her entrance. Of course his EKG emblem betrayed his inner feelings as it started to beep faster and faster as his wandering eyes looked towards her. "Uhhhhhhmmmm....." He only said, coughing and patting his emblem in an attempt to silence it, yet with no avail.

Quote ()

Turning to DNR, she explained the purpose of the paper. "This is one of my Ritual Talismans designed for exorcism. It drains the evil out of an area, or in this case, out of an accumulated spot. I'm going to toss it onto that creature and start draining its energy; that will allow you to pour on attacks," she elaborated, drawing quickly on the talisman's surface with her fingers.

"Okay then!" DNR said as he raised a thumb up, grinning wildly yet again. With his speed at a good benchmark, the navi decides to run up towards the weird ghost, his Reflex Hammer starting to form in his right hand. As he passed by the biggest hill in the center, he couldn't help but wonder if his attack would even get through to the entity. Regardless if it would fail for whatever reason, he would try to at least suck it up with a Datacruncher anyway.

1. Use Aspecius hands (Haste +2 Take Aim)
2. Run on over to Entity
3. Smack with Reflex Hammer + Take Aim (140+Stun)
4. If all else fails, hit with Datacruncher/Dodge
Exorcist hurried quickly off the forklift as the Entity bounded to a halt, smashing its head through the warehouse entryway before shaking it from side to side, along with its drooping tongue.

"More.... bretheren.... come.... TO ME!" the Entity bellowed, swallowing up the other two spirits DNR detected in the area, or absorbing them, rather. He/It let out an animalistic cry, beating his chest like a gorilla before Exorcist slapped a talisman on him, forcing two spirits out and paralyzing the Entity to some extent. It slowly reached toward Exorcist with its arms, but DNR dashed in at the nick of time to slap the beast with a reflex hammer, fourteen ghosts pouring out and wandering about.

They were of various shapes ans sizes. Most of them NormalNavis, but some custom ones that stood out were a giant peacock/chicken navi; some mysterious noir-inspired guy with hands in the pockets of his trenchcoat; and some giggly, bubbly idol looking character, except not so much as she was dead and seemed to cry all her makeup out due to how depressed she was.

DNR managed to suck in 4 of them with his DataCruncher, and the Entity was still slowed, though it still reached quite towards Exorcist. It must need a bigger hit to recognize DNR as an object of attention.

Though it seems the Entity got a bit smaller.

Something rattled in the giant junk hill behind the group....

Entity: ??? (stunned!)(held!)

Spiritsx12: 0 HP

-You guys-
DNR: 240 HP [7/20]
Exorcist: 105 HP [1/20][RiskyHoney1]

10% Normal (Strip of land just in the entrance of the Warehouse)
80% Junk (Junk Terrain has the same properties as Metal, but also has other random effects. You may pick up junk and throw it at something for varying damage)

(Bird Eye View: Top-Down)
Left of the Warehouse: Junk Hills 1-5: 10 HP (The left side is your right, it is 2 movements to the frontmost Junk Hill. Then 2 Movements in between each one.)
Robot: ??? (Behind Junk Hill 1)
The Biggest Hill: ??? HP (It might not be destructible)
Junk Hill 6: 10 HP [2 movements away from The Biggest Hill]
Right: Junk Hills 7-11: 10 HP (These are the hills behind you. The nearest is one movement away. They are evenly two movements away from each other, within reason)
"Alright, it's working! Look, Burt, the new ritual talisman worked and it's more effective than ever!" Exorcist cheered excitedly, clenching one hand into a fist from her place behind the statue. "Thanks for keeping the attacks off of me, DNR. Together, we're going to purge this place of every evil spirit!" The navi either hadn't caught the meaning of DNR's emblem beeping or otherwise didn't hear it.

"And me! Don't forget my contributions!" Burt struggled. "You owe those upgrades to me, after all. Now, about rewarding DNR-" he muttered with a smug smile, stroking his chin with his thin fingers while his glasses shined in the sunlight.

The navi shook her head, half because she didn't feel like going along with Burt any more for now and half because the entity was still alive. "It's weakened but not defeated. We've got an obligation to finish it off and soak up all of the spirits!" she responded. "I think I've still got its attention, DNR, so while I distract it you go all out and hammer it. After it's down, we can soak up the spirits remaining."

"This is pretty good evidence for my clustering of spirits, huh Exxy? Kind of a faith-booster, riiight?" Burt asked, raising one eyebrow hopefully.

Exorcist nodded, not seeing why Burt would choose to stress her faith at a moment like this. "Um, I'm going to need an aqua needle though. That should work pretty well for keeping its attention," she requested, keeping a respectful tone of voice. Picking up the chip, she peeked out from behind her cover temporarily and lined up the shot with one hand, pointing two fingers outwards. "Now fly!" she cried out, bringing the hand upward and bending the arm to a 45 degree angle. Bringing it back down, she let loose a train of blue blades from the air, which would hopefully cut the creature and keep his attention from DNR.

"Alright, now it's time to clean up," she muttered, hoping that the attacks really would finish off the disgusting creature before it had a chance to exercise its slimy tongue any more. Pointing her vacuum out, she tried to sweep around and pick up some of the released ghosts.

*) Keep hidden behind the RiskyHoney1
1) Aquaneedle to Entity [20 aqua x 3]
2-4) Suck up spirits with datacruncher