PET modification

Suien's PET

Suien's PET is almost as unusual as the navi that inhabits it. Unlike the small, compact PET units that are popular with college students of the modern era, Suien carries a larger model that resembles a black version of the original, first-gen PET units, complete with a handle and jack-in cable. However, a closer examination reveals that the device is more technologically advanced than one would be led to believe.

Every aspect of Suien's PET is designed to monitor the complex workings of the R.A.S.S. First and foremost, the PET has two screens on the front panel that serve a variety of uses. The default setting is for the topmost screen to serve as a battle monitor while the bottom displays vital changes within Rass' circuitry. However, the screens can be configured to display almost anything from enemy data to area maps to internet search results. The PET also contains a small stand that allows Suien to sit at a desk while using it — a function made more convenient by the fold-out keyboard that extends from the handle. Finally, an expanded memory capacity allows audio manifestations of electronic brain waves to be transmitted through the speakers — a function that is very important when monitoring a navi that hears voices in his head.
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