The devil went down to yoka...

Void logged into the network, Landing on the ground in his Bathing suit GMO. Still looking like a half starved and beached teen in black swimtrunks, Void looked around the area. "Dammit Damian!" Void shouted out, extremely annoyed at his predicament. "What the hell does this navi look like?"

"Relax dude," Imp said as he walked up beside Void, "It gives us an opportunity to... Look around..."

Void glared at the overweight prog/Imp standing beside him. Imp was paying more attention to a couple of cute female navis running by in bikinis, oblivious to the fact that they might not be into short, fat, and ugly. "We can have a little fun."

"Whatever..." Void said, crossing his arms in mild disgust...
"Imp," Void muttered in an extremely annoyed tone, "you do know the difference between latitude and longitude, right?"

"One's up and ones down right?"

"Yes, but you got it backwards, it's in the house, up the stairs..."

"I thought it was up the skirt, in th--"

"Don't finish that thought..." Void said as he shambled off towards the proper location.