Lets try this place out...

Splitman came down from the sky through a beam of light... then ran to his current location. A dull enough place, but wasn't everywhere? Hopefully Chad wasn't asleep this time, maybe he would actually be able to get through the first battle. It would be interesting to see what was around here. He stepped inquistively fourth, lets see what this place had to offer.

(Fight 1)
He finds viruses.

MetoolEXA: 70 HP
MetoolEXB: 70 HP
MetoolEXC: 70 HP

Splitman.exe: 100 HP

-Welcome to Yoka-
Splitman kneeled down when he found the virii, kneeling as if to pray to some higher power while in truth just begging for Chad to actually give him a compotent selection some day. "If you're up there listening, Chad, please give me a shotgun, or something else like that. Know what, just make it better than a cannon. That would be great"

He rose from the ground, his left arm gliding psuedo-mechanically into a gun. It wasn't terribly strong, but it would have to do. He advanced towards the first met and fired. He immediately followed by breaking into a charge, following the hail of energy-based weapon fire towards it's inevitable destination. When the small puff if impact-smoke cleared, his arm was visibly different, a horrible looking and wretched claw replaced the otherwise over-sized limb. "DAMN IT, I said nothing worse than a cannon" Splitman shouted as he grasped at the nearby virus aiming for it to go hurling at it's nearby comrad. 'Two bird's with one bird? That barely even makes sense' He thought to himself while jumping to a safer distance.

What energy he could he thought gathering and pouring out of him in a defensive shield-but- a random guard appeared in front of him, threatening to fall to the ground idly. He lunged out with his claw, managing to keep it in place in front of him. Oh well, the barrier could wait.

Shotgun(50): MetoolEXA
RageClaw: Throw MetoolEXA into MetoolEXB (20+20)

MetoolEXC: 30 HP

Splitman.exe: 100 HP

The shotgun rends MetoolEX A and B's flesh, and the Rageclaw finishes the two off...

MetoolEX C attempts to take a chunk out of Splitman, only to find it's attack reflected.

Splitman stepped back hesitantly for a moment then grinned. It was a very unnatural gesture, like a mad-man's grin on a statue's face. His body swayed unnaturally for a moment before he charged toward his foe, red eyes now gleamed in unremarkable sockets. He pointed, then everything became a blur.

"CHAD" He shouted out to the heavens, hopefully drawing his attention or at least waking up his master. Lazy bum. His arm began to shift into a white blur, but he ripped it off before it could finish. The limb became a weapon, a long-gun of some sort. He didn't think much of it though, he just jammed it into the Met and fired.

A brilliant flash of the genericly red-hot flame blasted out from the weapon, engulfing the localized area quite pleasantly He leaped back and smiled again, that wickedly insane same, madness filling every tooth. His second charge was a mere lunge, wielding the shotgun like some sort of heat lance. a bright orange-red jet of flame shot out, unnaturally thin and unnaturally forceful.

He watched intently as his weapon fell dead, a useless limb at his side.

MindShift (become break, next attack gains break ability)
Break-type ability

Splitman.exe: 100 HP

The remaining Metool is slaughtered with little effort.

Blood Money: 500z
Spltman slung his arm over his shoulder then carried on hesistantly into the area. Something definately seemed a bit odd about this place. He could not know which way to go therefore he merely pressed on foward.

More viruses come, looking for blood.

Swordy A: 60
Swordy B: 60
Swordy C: 60
Swordy D: 60

Splitman.exe: 100 HP
Splitman grinned upon seeing the incoming Viral swordsmen. What, 4 little men with swords? That was the best this place could come up with? He gripped his arm tightly as it writhed to life in front of him, taking the form of a gun in front of him. "Burn" he said as he let out two blasts of flame out from in front of him. He fired a third time, but registered only a 'click' as the weapon would fire no more. 'Had Chad stopped sending him chips?' He wondered before a simple shield appeared in front of him.

A guard, just dandy. "Damn you CHAD" He yelled as he charged fourth at one of the swordys he hit, shield extended out like a weapon, even though it clearly was not. "Damn the maker, damn the operator, and damn your tiny little sword too" He shouted outloud as the gap closed between him an his enemies.

Heatshot(40+Splash): SwordyA+B
Heatshot(40+Splash): SwordyB+C
Guard1+Break: Charge SwordyA
Swordy A: 20
Swordy B: Burn, baby burn...
Swordy C: 60
Swordy D: 60

Splitman.exe: 70 (Held!) (Guard1 between Splitman and Swordy A)

The Heatshot rounds wound one swordy and destroy another, but the first Swordy blocks the Shield charge, instead holding Splitman in place while it's comrade wounds him from behind... (30)
"CLAWWWWW" Split shouted to the heavens. These guys were screwing him over pretty solidly. Shockingly, his arm actually transofrmed into the desired weapon, a wicked curved claw, unnatural but effective. He reached over his shield and grasped at the Virus trying to pin him. Heaving with unusual effort he attempting to fling the little guy at one of his comrades, his left arm transforming into a familiar cannon while the enemy might have flown threw the air. A blast of flame swiftly followed, engulfing the area in it's wake.

He quickly leapt to recover his limb and guard, holding it out in both hands. It would seem that at some point he reattached his limb. Unexpected. It didn't seem to matter right now though, he was.... calm... all he needed to do was block this attack and he would be set, right?

RageClaw(40): SwordyA thrown into SwordyC
Heatshot(40): SwordyC
MindShift: Recover 30 HP
((Your guard is gone-- you tossed it away and it was destroyed along with Swordy A.))

Swordy B: Burn, baby burn...
Swordy C: 20
Swordy D: 60

Splitman.exe: 70

The Rageclaw tosses the Swordy behind him, though the intended second target dodges. The heatshot burns the Swordy, which retaliates with a sword strike-- Splitman dodges, landing him in the strike of the second remaining Swordy. (30)
Splitman sighed, merely raising up his left arm at his foes. This fight was clearly over. It transformed into a smooth cannon unusually long but obviously functional. The fire that came seemed to last forever yet just three shots engulfed the area where the remaining virii stood.
A thick red-orange haze was all that Split could see, the light reflecting red off his eyes in a disturbing portrait. He looked completely calm though his eyes reflected sadistic glee. It didn't matter to him though, he didn't even notice. It was just another fight, another battle 'just becase'. Maybe some of Chad's apathy was rubbing off on him.

"Chad" He said in a usually calm voice "Next time, could you not just give me one chip to use? I know we have alot of them, but it can get predictable if I just use one attack"
Somewhere, as if just a second-thought, he heard "Ok" while Chad returned to his usual activities, god knows whatever they were.

Heatshot(40+Splash):SwordyC(Splash at D)
Heatshot(40+Splash):SwordyD(Splash at C)
Heatshot(40+Splash):SwordyD(Splash at C)
The combined attacks finish off the Swordy...


Rewards: NOTHIN- Wait, what do you mean we did this joke already? Bah. 400z is yours.
Split sighed slightly. Chad had told him to wait for the trade to process, but this was getting dull as hell. It felt like it had been days since he had done anything and for what? A stupid RingLog? The gross incompotence of his Operator seemed only to drive at his nerves. His eyes flashed violently for a moment before he was calm again. Worst case he would just go out for a walk again, and why not? It wasn't as though he was going to be making Chad a profit just standing here anyway, and what else did the bastard care about other than turning him a proft?

The internal monologue went of for some time, unendingly calm despite the somewhat vulgar references from time to time. Meanwhile his legs moved mechanically bringing him from place to place in the relatively unremarkable landscape. Sure, some people might find it notable, but to him it was just another place.

Meanwhile Chad hummed without rhythem in the background. Doubtlessly doing something else at home.
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With the two weeks of inactivity, the ground suddenly leaps into life, bushels of corn riding geysers erupting all around Splitman!

Overhead, he hears shrill avian cries...


Splitman: 70


!_BATTLE 3_!
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It seemed as though Splitman spent more than a month studying the situation, determining the location of his foes, himself, and those bloody guisers that seemed to spout out nothing but a painful death. He stepped back then let lose a brilliant blue stream of energy from his left hand. It was just a shield, but a physical one at it's core. The energy spiraled out unusually, intercepting the pillars of water that were currently all around him. Ignoring the potential damage he arched the flows around and above him, hoping to put put his flying foes with a flood of fluid. He cursed himself for his own alliteration. "What the hell was I thinking there" He thought out loud, an audiable half-curse as his arm transformed deftly into a gun. He fired at the center of his grassy foes. The searing flames reflected off of his eyes making them appear red for just a moment.

He curesed to himself, realising that it probobly wasn't over quite yet.

Life Barrier (50 health dedicated)
Shift barrier to direct GEYSER flows at FirePhoenixs
FlameShot (40, Fire, Splash): BombcornB, attempt for any near aswell.
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