Brian"Shiroko"Leighton and G Raiga.EXE

Appearance: Wears orange glasses, has medium length black hair that covers amber eyes. His skin is a dark tan. He wears black pants with a white stripe on the sides of both. He also wears a black shirt with a black and orange emblem that has a G on it in orange and black outlined in white with a feather behind it. He also wears black sneakers.
Personality:He is generally the strong silent type who seems to be infatuated with women. He tends to get a bit mad at times but he's mostly a kind hearted cool headed person.
PET Modifications: None at the moment. The color shceme is a dark orange with black trim.


Name:G Raiga.EXE (G stands for Gouzaru Just call him Raiga)
Appearance: Has long black hair, Amber eyes, Tan skin though his eeyes and most of his face other than his mouth are covered by a visor that resembles more of a Valkyrie Helmet. He stands at 5'10" like his NetOP. His skintight suit is black with a purple streak going down the sides while his paddings which resemble a falcon are purple leaving the rest of his armour other than his shin guards and boots black. Two scrolls float around him and both are of different elements. One of Fire and one of Wind. They hold inside, two great weaposn of which Raiga hasn't mastered yet.
Personality:Strong, silent type like his master, the only thing he doesn't share with his master is his taste for women. He is very honorable and keeps to the codes of a Knight more than anything else.
Custom Weapon:Raigan Edge-Raiga's blade that he took from the Valkyrian Wolrd when he was first fused with a Normal Navi. This blade symbolizes Raiga's victory over Fortz since he won it off of him.Raiga fires a small sickle of flames at the enemy as a standard buster shot.
Signature Attack: Raigan Rave- Raiga dashes towards the enemy quickly with his sword slashing forwards in an X pattern for 40 damage. Afterwards, there is a small explosion that causes an extra 20 damage. This attack needs a three turn cooldown.

Complete now.
Sorry for the DP, but I have completed Raiga.
First off, being able to jack in from anywhere seems like something that breaks a few rules. A person needs to jack in from a specific spot and operate from there. This would allow him to jack him in from anywhere and then move around while still have contact with him, if I'm reading this right. Whenever a person goes shopping in the middle of a battle, the navi remains unop-ed for a turn for every post their netop is away from a jack-in location. This seems like something that would negate this, so I'm saying no. If you want to go from ACDC to Netfrica, just travel through the square. Second thing isn't a problem, I'm just curious: he has a scroll that symbolizes Wind, yet he's Break type? He also uses a blade? Just wondering why he's Break, is all. Next, get rid of the reference in your weapon description. Saying stuff like, "think along the lines of ___" encourages rip offs, which is why we don't allow them. Now a question on your sig attack: it does 40, then an extra 20 to one enemy, right? So it'd be 40 Heat, then 20? Is that damage elemental? Just clear this up and the attack should be fine.
Yes, all damage in elemental on the attack.
Once again, I ask about the PET mod. So this is just a fancier explanation for how chips are gained, right? This is the only thing that needs clarification, since I just want to be sure that you can't use it to decide what chips you get or anything. Whether you got a chip or not and what enemy it would come from would still be up to the mod, understand? Also, for the PET mod, could you include the PET's color scheme? That'll be all, I think.
Well, you did as I asked so... Approved.

GET CHIP: Cannon, Rageclaw, Shotgun
GET NCP: Undershirt, Rapid+1, Attack+1, Charge+1

Post profiles where required.