Those were the words projected above one of the many entrances to the rather large construction. The building was circular, and built to a dome-shape, much like a closed stadium of some sort. Surrounding the building were many Navis from all across the networks, eager to get a hand in the action. Hustle and bustle abound in the area, with people talking excitedly about both sides of the equation. Hovering benign around the building were many informative advertisement-like holoscreens, detailing the what, the how, and the who.

A step inside the Kiosk itself would reveal a large common floor, with many Navis doing various activities. Some waiting with a few companions, some dashing out to god-knows-where, and some just scratching their heads in confusion. The circular area had many NormalNavis attending to the needs of the massive amount of Navis that came in and out. Each NormalNavi attendant had the GNA's emblem on their left breast, indicative of their status. A lot of them were receptionists, sitting at their various information booths and answering questions that were directed to them. Some were also ushers, leading some of those who were lost to the appropriate places.

If one were to look past the crowd, they would also see the same holoscreens posted outside littering the place. In the middle of the place was a grandiose counter set with a near-uncountable number of teller windows, each and every one manned by a GNA employee to expediate the registration process for incoming recruits. To the sides of every window stood a pair of privacy filters that kept whatever happened in a window between the register and the registree.

Once at a window and met with a GNA employee, the faction recruit hopeful would register for an examination mission with the faction of their choosing, and the specific department or family of that faction. Every GNA employee keeps the same professional attitude with every customer, and a glance through the teller window would show a very organized file system that seals and sends out every mission request to its respective destination. Within a matter of minutes, the request would return with a faction-issued mission attached.