All right, so you want to buckle down, make some decisions and kick some ass with the faction of your choice. How would you do that? Simple as hell. Follow these instructions, and you'll be on your way to bigger things. Don't follow these instructions, and receive an asskicking from your local friendly staff member.

Quote (How to Apply)

Step 1 - Make sure that you are above level 8, the minimum level requirement for faction applications.
Step 2 - Post a mission request topic in the Recruitment Kiosk sub-forum, just as you would in the mission BBS. This isn't a BBS, however. Roleplay as normal.
Step 3 - Choose the faction you would like to join, as well as the sub-faction. For instance, say you want to join the NetMafia, Bloodhound Family.
Step 4 - The moderator will give you a mission based on the faction and sub-faction chosen.
Step 5 - Complete this mission successfully, and hand over the results back to the Kiosk topic.
Step 6 - You will receive an E-mail from the corresponding faction, detailing what to do from there.
Step 7 - You're in! Celebrate!

That's about it.