GNA Statement:
At a glance, the struggles in recent history between the NetPolice and NetMafia has commonly been looked at as good vs. evil, though which is which often depends on who you ask. It could be said that the two factions each have both good and evil within their ranks. In reality though, the conflict between these two factions isn't one of ironclad morality, but of uncertain beliefs. The Net is a very unique world; not all of the logic and standards of the real world need apply to the Net, so its political struggle reflects these differences as a result. The NetPolice and NetMafia stand as opposite extremes on this spectrum.

At its core, the NetPolice stands for "control". Such a term would invoke fear of oppression in the real world, but in the Net, it is mere content regulation. In a world where matter can be created and destroyed on a whim, the NetPolice represents the idea that the only way to keep the Net stable to use law to regulate that possibly infinite amount of content into an amount that reflects what would be normal in the real world. Battlechips, programs, upgrades, even zenny... If any or all of these were reproduced infinitely, the existing structure of the Net would surely collapse and cause significant damage to the real world as well. The prevention of such a disaster is the creed of the NetPolice.

On the other hand, the NetMafia stands for "freedom". In a positive light, it can mean opportunity for all. In a negative light, it can mean anarchy. Within the Net, though, all it means is the right of ownership. Data is individually owned property. If the owner chooses to make copies of the data he or she owns, is that wrong? Even the most uninvolved Operator would admit that the Net is always a danger; viruses are always present and ever plentiful, so Navis must be armed to defend themselves and their Operator's property. Laws and regulations to limit the supply of Battlechips and upgrades only serve to endanger every Operator and Navi on the Net. Being all-powerful is not dangerous to anyone if it is available to everyone. It is a right to provide self-defense to its greatest value, and this right is what the NetMafia fights for.

Join the NetPolice!

Protect the people and serve in the Internet's best peace-keeping forces! The NetPolice is a top-notch Internet Lawkeeper body. We are the first and best forces to serve the networks, serving the general population and protecting any and all from the dangers of the Internet. There are numerous opportunities in the NetPolice ranks. Research new technologies, discover new breakthroughs with the Department of Technology! Serve the general good and protect those dearest to you with the Department of Public Safety! Capture and reform criminals of various crimes with the Department of Navi Prosecution, and more!

Are you up for the job? Then come to the NetPolice-GNA Recruitment Kiosk and register yourself as a NetPolice recruit now! The Kiosk is located in the heart of Internet City, the NetSquare! To register and learn more about this great opportunity, please speak to one of the Global Network Admin representatives at the Kiosk. An assessment task will be required to complete registration and verify competency.

Available Positions for NetPolice Recruitment:

    [li]Department of Internal Affairs
    (Primary Function: Administration. Mission orders, policy decisions, budget allotments, and the like are all decided here, usually among a panel of the department leaders. Intra-organization discipline is handed down here, and representatives from the department are typically sent as emissaries to deal with outside parties.)
    [li]Department of Technology
    (Primary Function: Research and Development. Typically the smartest, but not the strongest. The Light Cybeast was created by this Department, along with most weapons technology. Department officers typically work independently on projects, but will come together at the order of the higher-ups. Some of the experiments are questionable...)
    [li]Department of Justice
    (Primary Function: The NetPolice's military division. Large-scale combat operations are this department's forte, and its members have the most skirmishes with the NetMafia. This department has the dubious honor of having its fair share of officers corrupted by power. Still, they are typically some of the strongest Navis and are an essential part of the NetPolice.)
    [li]Department of Public Safety
    (Primary Function: Everyday law enforcement. Officers are tasked with protecting the general populace and keeping the order of the law. Emergency response and rescue operations are daily tasks here. This department is both the largest in members due to the sheer amount of ground needing to be covered, and the most easily recognized from its regular dealings with civilians.)
    [li]Department of Navi Prosecutions
    (Primary Function: Special operations. While Justice deals with open warfare, members of this department favor single target missions to execute an arrest warrant issued from higher up. Some of the NetPolice's most combat-capable are assigned to this department, well aware that they have some of the best chances to go head to head with the NetMafia's toughest operatives.)
  • Department of Investigations
    (Primary Function: Case profiling and information warfare. Investigating crime scenes is a daily job for members of this departments, as well as forensic science, hacking, criminal profiling, espionage, and whatever other way information can be gathered and wielded. Direct combat is not a major part of the job description, but the information gathered here is used across the other departments for a variety of purposes.)
The NetPolice - To Protect and Serve the Networks.


Seek Adventure with the NetMafia.

Are you tired of being delegated to virus-busting every day? Want something new, fresh, maybe even risky, to try out? Reap some profits in the process? Then the NetMafia is for you! We specialize in the unseen side of the Internet, where opportunities and risks go hand in hand. Thrill-seekers, profiteers, businessmen. We cater to everyone who wants a good time and isn't too much of a worrywart of a few risks. Netbattle junkies can head on over to be a Bloodhound, and bookworms who aren't afraid to get their hands a little dirty can find Techari to be a very interesting choice. Speak for yourselves in Creel and Vivarte, and- oh, I don't think I can explain it all here. You can just find out for yourselves.

I can see you're interested, aren't you? Well, if you're not, and you change your mind later, you can visit the NetMafia-GNA Recruitment Kiosk. Located in the very popular NetSquare area in Internet City, you'd be blind and deaf not to come by it. If you want to get a little info on our activities before you join us, that's easier than shooting Fishy in a barrel. Just talk to one of the Global Network Admin representatives present at the Kiosk areas, and satisfy your bursting curiosity to your heart's content.

And hey, who said a little extra pocket zenny in one's hands at the end of the day would hurt anyone, right?

Available Positions for NetMafia Recruitment:

    [li]Head Family
    (Primary Function: Organization. Members of this family coordinate operations across the entire NetMafia, while simultaneously keeping the other families in check. Betrayers are often dealt with here, by one means or another. Setting up black market purchases and back-door deals often fall on the shoulders of these members.)
    [li]Techari Family
    (Primary Function: Illegal technology production and research. This family bypasses laws and ethics in the creation of powerful weapons, the experimentation on modified Navis, and various other dangerous products. Many different types of experiments can be going on at any one time.)
    [li]Bloodhound Family
    (Primary Function: Combat. This family houses some of the NetMafia's most vicious warriors, and everyone knows it. If a situation gets ugly, it either needs the attention of a Bloodhound member or is caused by one. Raids on the NetPolice aren't rare, and as a result members of this family run into the NetPolice's Department of Justice more often than normal.)
    [li]Teksqp Family
    (Primary Function: Disorder. This family keeps some of the most unstable company on the Net, and the Netmafia leaders take advantage of that fact. Chaos is the name of the game here, and the sheer madness of the situations these Navis create often force the NetPolice to stretch thin, making it both difficult to capture Teksqp members and possible for other NetMafia families to strike. As such, this family is often called on for decoy tactics in large joint operations.)
    [li]Vivarte Family
    (Primary Function: Revolution. Vivarte houses the more noble members of the NetMafia who are more concerned with ousting the "corrupt" NetPolice than anything else. Every so often "conversion" operations will be performed, where family members infiltrate the NetPolice to turn young recruits towards the truth and the real just cause. Combat ability is important in this family, since joining means declaring war on any and all NetPolice officers.)
  • Creel Family
    (Primary Function: Propaganda. This family is concerned with spreading information, be it true or otherwise, to alter the public opinion which has long sided with the NetPolice. Recruiting initiatives also fall into the hands of this family, which is prone to creating some truly creative slogans and draws to get new members regardless of the means. Combat is not a major part of this family, but occasionally digging through the NetPolice to get some actual shady information can force operatives to defend themselves.)
The NetMafia - Stretch Your Limits.