Mission: PC - Personal Conundrum!

At the edge of the Electown's netsquare, navis of all different shapes and sizes were leaving the site to challenge the virus infested areas to bust some viruses. However, in the busy area, one navi stood out the most with his calm, gentleman like demeanor as he simply watched over the bustling crowds as he stood in the middle of it all. Dressed entirely in a black suit with a dark red bow tie, but strangely keeping a green, default netnavi's head, the navi was humming a classy tune as he continued his watch...

"My my, just when is this Skyfire girl going to show herself up~" the navi whispered to himself, continuing with his humming very shortly...
"Can we hurry up already?! We were supposed to be at the designated mission area fifteen minutes ago!" SkyFire shouted at her Operator who was fumbling out of bed, the sheets being torn from the mattress by his own body. Viktor stumbled and moved to his desk, grabbing a slice of left over pizza and stuffing it in his mouth while throwing on clothing to look slightly presentable. After a few minutes of fixing himself, he grabbed his PET and was out the door running to get to the nearest network port since going through his homepage was impossible as it wasn't entirely set up yet.

"Why didn't you wake me!?"

"I did! You threw a bag of potato chips at me and told me you were dreaming about the monkey with the--"

"Argh! Nevermind! Let's just show off!"

Moments later, in a mall not so far away...

Sliding to a halt, Viktor aimed the infrared laser to the jack in port he needed. Jacking her in, SkyFire was on the way to the Electown network and appeared among the bustling crowds of the network. Exhaling an annoyed sigh, SkyFire began moving towards the NetNavi who stood out and spoke in a casually yet very aggravated voice. Not particularly with the other Navi, just how unorganized her Operator was today.

"You're the one who posted about the job offering, right?"
"I guess I did, but I'm not the one who needs a job done...Name's Slick by the way." The navi nodded his head to greet Skyfire and continued to talk with his smooth, southern accent. "I'll explain yer mission as we move along. Shall we?" Slick pointed the way for Skyfire before he took the lead, moving along with the busy crowd towards the deeper part of the network.

When the two of them finally had enough space from all the other navis, Slick finally began to debrief what the mission was about. "There was a sudden increase in virus activities and it became so bad that it began to infect people's PCs." They continued to move on until they came across a street filled with security cubes. "Now, if it was only 5 or 10 people who got their computers infected, it won't be too much of a trouble. But it got way out of hand for even the boys down at GNA...So we had to resort to getting all the help we could get." Slick turned around to face Skyfire, holding up five hovering keys for her to take. "These keys will let you open the security cubes to the computers that are infected. Of course, they gave us their consent for navis to access their computers...But don't go around snooping around things just because, darlin'."

Before long, Skyfire noticed that few other navis were entering the various, secured entrances with the same keys, all of them likely the helpers like herself. "If you have any questions, come on over and shoot. If not, go ahead and pick one of the five to start off yer mission~"

Cleared of her annoyance, SkyFire followed Slick through the crowd until they reached a quiet place where they could talk in relative peace. Upon reaching the new location, Slick was immediately briefing her on what needed to be done. A small smile formed on her lips as the helmet rolled over her head from being given the new task and the keys.

"What a peculiar infection, makes me wonder if someone's trying to pull some strings in the system. Or it could just be some kid playing around with a new toy. Nevertheless, I'll try and keep things as clean as possible."

Taking the new keys that would give her access to various computer systems. It seemed relatively easy, especially considering most viruses that infected computers weren't necessarily powerful. Patting the other Navi on the shoulder as she began walking away towards her first gateway. The lights illuminated as she spoke based on the pitch of her voice.

"I think I've got it from here. You're, by all means, welcome to come join a lady if you lack faith."

SkyFire stated in a sarcastic yet humorous tone. Taking the first key and using it to enter the computer system that was her first target of cleaning up.

Accessing Funk Factory Systems...
Provide Identification.

//use Funkfactorykey.exe


Opening Gateway...

With that, SkyFire landed at her destination. Extending out her right arm to be replaced with her bladed weapon. Looking up at the floating purple data clusters, she began walking forward in order to try and locate the viruses that infected the system and wanted to be at the ready.

"Stay on your toes SkyFire, it's too quiet here."

"My thoughts exactly...

Just because she couldn't see them now, didn't mean they weren't there. Yet SkyFire halted, listened, and waited. They were bound to show up eventually.
"Well, I do hope it's just a wet eared kiddo who did all this, but that just ain't it. Don't worry about the source of these things and just focus on the mission!" Slick gave Skyfire a thumbs up before he began to walk back to the netsquare. "I'd love to join you, but I oughta get some more navis to help us clean this up. Good luck, girl."

As Skyfire arrived into her first computer to clean up, she was on her toes and heightened her senses to find the viruses...But that wasn't as easy as she hoped. Music were blasting in high volume, bright, colorful lights were shining down on Skyfire, along with the floors glowing in a soft green light! Things were certainly busy (and funky) in this computer, and it wasn't such a great place to find and hunt down viruses with so much distractions.

Or so she thought.

Three, bright neon-lit Bunny viruses were hopping towards Skyfire with angry looks in their cute eyes. It's as if the navi had come to crash their party, and they were willing to fight for their right to party on! Electricity surged out from their long, neon metal ears and they were ready to attack!

BunnyA: 50 HP
BunnyB: 50 HP
BunnyC: 50 HP

Discoball: 20 HP (object)

100% Solar

Skyfire.EXE: 100 HP

"You've gotta be kidding me..."

The music wasn't the issue, it was the blinding lights that slammed into her eyes on occasion while being approached by three Bunny viruses that seemed hellbent on causing a ruckus. Sword at the ready, she was going to have to keep moving and be able to get in close if she wanted an attack in. Exhaling softly, the female launched forward to get up close and personal with the front of the line BunnyA.

Moving into a slide, SkyFire heard the voice of her Operator putting in a battlechip. "Cannon, battlechip in!" Suddenly SkyFire's left arm became a buster which was meant for a point-blank range powerful blast from the cannon attachment. Following it up, she came to her feet in a smooth transition and side stepped a single step around the original target to move passed the other two with a single sword slash assaulting the BunnyB with the same strength as a simple buster technique.

Performing a zig-zag motion, SkyFire turned around and started jumping back to back out of the combat zone while waiting to see what they had in store for her.

1. Rushed in close for Cannon battlechip on BunnyA.
2. Used custom sword armament equivalent of a buster.
3. Now about ten meters away from Bunny viruses.
((I have a couple of things I have to note.

First, we can't count movement and attack, or movement + something else into a single action. They need to keep separate :I. Second, we would appreciate it if you could list the damage along with the targets.

But since this is your first time RP-ing...Who gives a hoot. Just try to remember these two things next time~))

Despite all the distractions, Skyfire was on the move and closed in on the Bunny viruses. The neon-lit Bunnies were quick to fire their lightning rings at the approaching navis, but all of them simply missed the target. The one-two punch from the cannon and the sword surely did a number on the viruses, but the disco ball suddenly radiated brighter than before and healed the wounded viruses in small amounts!

Skyfire retreated back away from danger, now having the annoying disco ball to worry about now!

BunnyA: 13 HP
BunnyB: 50 HP
BunnyC: 50 HP

Discoball: 20 HP (object)

100% Solar

Skyfire.EXE: 100 HP
((Ahh I knew I was bound to screw something up for my first shot at this. This is really my first major thing with stats. Thanks for the tips I'll keep those in mind for this post.))

"So that's your game then, clever... If I'd known that, it would've been my target to begin with."

"What's the plan then? Another battlechip?"

"Isn't the Operator supposed to be the one that guides the NetNavi? I've got a plan nonetheless, though this will probably leave me open..."

Suddenly energy began to flow through the Navi as her bladed weapon began its charge. There wasn't a whole lot she was going to be able to do with that thing in the way. Although she could use this charged attack to do major damage, it still left the fatal flaw of getting attacked in close range. It's a good thing she kept some distance then, but even then, the charge finalized as the blade had a wavering glow to it. Raising it up over her head, she slammed the blade down in a vertical manner til the blade slammed in the ground. This caused a ranged attack that was only good for what was directly in front of it. Anything could generally side step into or out of range. SkyFire's target? The disco ball.

1. Charged Buster Weapon.
2. Charged Buster Weapon.
3. Launched Buster Shot at Disco Ball. 8 DMG (16?)

(OOC; I wasn't entirely sure how to read the charged shot. I was assuming the [x Charge] part means how many times your buster charged in a single turn but I left it alone to be safe. Would you mind clarifying in your reply? If there's anything else wrong in my post, PM me and I can make appropriate modifications.)
((xCharge means how charge upgrades you have in your navi. All charge buster attacks require 2 charges, so it doesn't mean what you thought it means. So in the end, it deals 8 damage total (1x1x8)))

((Also, I typing this on a phone...))

Realizing that the disco ball was more trouble than funky, Skyfire prepared her sword and unleashed a flying shock wave at the hanging ball. The attack shattered the sphere... Not completely, but enough to stop it from functioning! The light on the floor disappeared and left the Bunny even crankier than before.

They launched another volley of electric rings at the navi and one of them made its mark on Skyfire! The surge of electricity stunned the navi in place, leaving her vulnerable than ever before!

BunnyA: 13 HP
BunnyB: 50 HP
BunnyC: 50 HP

Discoball:, 12 HP (Object / Disabled!)

Terrain: 100% Normal

Skyfire.EXE: 90 HP [Stunned! : -1 Action]
[[Thanks for the clarification!]]

Letting out a sharp scream, partially from being startled and partially from the pain, SkyFire was back in action. Exhaling heavily, she readied her sword as she looked to the Bunny viruses and contemplated her actions from here on. Usually she had a good plan but her Operator was quicker to think than she herself was. Suddenly her arm turned into a buster as her Operator's voice was heard sliding in another battlechip and followed by a command.

"Shotgun battlechip in! Move and take advantage!"

Suddenly moving off to the right, SkyFire positioned herself just right so one Bunny virus was in front of the other. It just so happened that the first one was the weakened BunnyB with BunnyC right behind it. Halting in her tracks, the buster was raised and aimed and suddenly a burst exploded from the BattleChip launching and assaulting the BunnyB and aiming for the BunnyC behind as well. This kicked up quite a bit of virtual dust from the powerful impact which impaired both side's vision of one another making it a bit more difficult for them to hit each other until the "dust" cleared.

"N-Now that I think of it...Probably should've done BunnyA and C first...eheheh...Oh well. That should get rid of two of our problems.

"Get your head in the game! We've still got one more to take care of!"

Action: Stunned.
Action: Movement to position BunnyC behind BunnyB.
Action: Shotgun. +50DMG to BunnyB & BunnyC.
Even as SkyFire was paralyzed for a moment, the Bunnies relished the sight of the navi being so helpless and didn't take advantage of the situation. Of course, this would come to bite their neon butts later on as SkyFire fired her well-placed shotgun at them. The scattered bullets ripped through the two viruses seamlessly and left only the wounded Bunny. In panic, it fired one more lightning ring, but it missed by a hair!

BunnyA: 13 HP

Discoball:, 12 HP (Object / Disabled!)

Terrain: 100% Normal

SkyFire.EXE: 90 HP
"You're a crap-shot. Showtime."

Suddenly her blade began to glow once again, but a bit quicker than before she raised her sword up and launched it at the Bunny Virus and another wave rushed the virus. The half-charged shot aimed for its target at a slightly slower but still surprisingly fast speed. The blade's essence was a wavy raw energy, and looked a bit unstable which gave off the impression it wasn't capable of going very far as it was a bit more of a hastily created shot.

Action: Charge Buster
Action: Charge Buster
Action: Launch Half-Charge Shot at Bunny Virus. DMG: 20

((I lucked out with these new Buster Rules, didn't want to go through another Battle Chip XD))
((Chips reset every battle, so you can use them over and over again, so no need to worry about using them...Too much. Also, you did get lucky with the buster change because I saw that you...and dozens of other beginners before had trouble with using the busters at the beginning, so there you go~))

Without realizing that SkyFire's sword attack suddenly becoming stronger without notice, the Bunny thought that it could take on the damage and shrug it off. Too bad for the dumb, neon virus that it couldn't realize its mistake when it was promptly cut into two pieces by the cutting wave. The viruses were cleared and the loud music finally toned down a bit, reverting the Homepage back to its normal, still funky state.

"Good job, girl. You cleared out your first homepage." Slick's voice rung inside SkyFire's ear. "You go on right head to the next homepage. There's still more to take care of." But before the navi turned back into the Electown network, SkyFire found a small data crystal hovering over where the last Bunny virus once stood!


Discoball:, 12 HP (Object / Disabled!)

Terrain: 100% Normal

SkyFire.EXE: 90 HP

250z + [ZapRing1] BattlechipZapRing1
Damage: 40 + Stun 1
Accuracy: A
Description: Shoots electricity in a ring shape to stun an enemy in their tracks.
Duration: Once
Element: Elec
((It's more of an ego thing. Why use more battlechips than necessary in a single battle? Much appreciated on the Buster. I've got the hang of it now it seems.))

"Gotta say, not bad with that last one. Though you might be getting cocky."

Before SkyFire had the chance to respond, she was already informed to move onto the next Homepage. The data crystal caught her attention before that, however, and SkyFire opened it to claim her just rewards. Not even giving it a second thought, she carried onwards and moved to the link to the internet. Prepping the codes and key for the next Homepage, SkyFire was already on the move.

//Transferring Data
//Authorizing PeterComp.key



//Transferring NetNavi

Suddenly SkyFire was in an all new area and still at the ready. Raising the Sword attachment which acted as her Buster, SkyFire cautiously entered the new area as the data was loaded around her which revealed the new terrain of the system that was under attack by the NetNavis.

"If I'm gonna play hide and seek all day with these things I'm going to be really pissed off."

"Highly doubtful, even so, I'm sure all it would take is a little noise making to bring them all together to you."

Yet SkyFire seemed to take that as a challenge. Suddenly clashing her hand against the flat side of her bladed weapon. Hollering out to the Data being built around her as the Homepage finally revealed itself.

"Let's go you tiny punks, I don't have all day y'know! Keeping a lady waiting is completely rude!"

"You're trying to piss them off aren't you?"

"No, I'm trying to muster up a challenge from them."

"Stop biting off more than you can chew..."
((So sorry for the delay...))

As riled up as SkyFire was, she was throwing comments into the silent dark. The lights were too dim to really grasp anything around her, and it was still clear that they entered the correct homepage.

All of a sudden, the light lit up in the homepage and finally revealed that SkyFire was within...A bondage room. The room's walls was made of what looked like plastic stones and it was filled with strange and highly questionable leather contraptions laid across the floor. This sight was out of the norm...And two dominatrix Viney viruses "handling" a Metool was definitely that.

"...Girl, I hope you're hearing me right now." said Slick with uncertainty in his voice. "We're just here to get rid of the viruses...And not to judge whomever is the owner of this homepage. Keep it confidential to yourself...I'll throw in a bonus for your extra effort."

As soon as Slick's transmission was cut off, the viruses turned their attention to SkyFire. But not with ferocity or malice in their eyes...But rather eagerness! You better not find out what they might be so eager about!

VineyA: 80 HP
VineyB: 80 HP
Metool: 40 HP (Hold)

Terrain: 100% Normal

SkyFire.EXE: 90 HP

((It's all good. I'd prefer a delayed post that has more thought than a rushed one anyday.))


SkyFire wasn't sure whether to feel shocked, appalled, sick to her stomach, or even all of the above. However, that feeling was forced to be subsided when she saw the Vineys...or maybe it just made it worse. SkyFire exhaled a sigh of annoyance before backing up a step as to get into a battle stance. She smiled a bit as she realized that the Vineys were of Grass attribute which made for the perfect battle against her own type.

"Viktor, get me--"

[color=blue]"One step ahead of you, Heatshot battle chip in!"

Rushing sideways to try and get them both in the line of fire she had moved and skidded to a halt. However she only had a split second and launched the buster that appeared on her left arm. Letting loose the battlechip, she skidded to a halt back and waited. If she moved in now she decided to wait and see what happened. Settling down, she began to charge her sword and waited for the opportunity.

Action: Movement: VineyA in front of VineyB.
Action: Attack: Heatshot 40-DMG [x2 type effective = 80-DMG]
Action: Charge Buster.
Fortunately, SkyFire was able to regain her composure before the Viney got closer to her with their questionable tentacles, blasting them both with the fiery blast! This made the lone Metool rather angry that he had to play alone from now on, shaking its body to prepare a rubber pickaxe despite its bonded position. With expert precision, it threw the flimsy mattock at the navi and struck her dead on her forehead...inflicting both physical and possibly mental trauma!

Metool: 40 HP (Hold)

Terrain: 100% Normal

SkyFire.EXE: 80 HP