Cid and Dartman

Name: Cid McKnight
Appearance: Cid is short for his age of 11. His hair is light brown at the tips but transitions into a silvery gray towards the roots. His brilliantly blue eyes always have a glazed over look, and never seem to look you in the eye. His skin is an unhealthy pale color due to his long hours of isolation and his thin frame shivers in even the slightest breeze.

Personality: Cid suffers from a critical social phobia. Though naturally a kind and charismatic person, he has a crippling shyness, panicking around new people or large groups. He will mumble on the rare occasion when he will speak to others, and even then it's seldom more then a few words. He avoids confrontation and will passively go along with others tell him to do, regardless of how he feels. Beneath his shy exterior, he longs to have friends and no longer fear to speak his mind. Cid excels at darts, having spent hours alone playing every day for years. He could do very well playing darts professionally, if he could ever build up the nerve to enter a tournament.

PET Modifications: Custom program to calculate trajectories


Name: Dartman
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Cursor
Appearance: Dartman is shorter and skinner then the average Navi. He has a bright yellow jumpsuit with black lines spreading from the center of his stomach, accost his back and down his arms. He has a pair of green goggles that give him data about speeds, distances and trajectories off his opponents to increase his accuracy. His head is topped by a mop of burning red spiked hair. He wears a long white scarf around his neck that covers his moth and nose. He has a strap accost his chest that holds an ever replenishing supply of darts for him. Dartmans hands have dark brown combat gloves, and his feet have a matching pare of boots. His symbol is a dartboard with a black and white spirial.

Personality: Dartman's personality is everything his operator, Cid, isn't. He is brash and bold, always seeking to be the center of attention. He is filled with a strong since of justice, and goes out of his way to see that justice is fulfilled. Dartman rushes headlong into any situation, relying on quick thinking and luck to see him through. He is impatient and often acts immature, whining and pouting when things don't go his way. But deep beneath his seemingly endless flaws, he is a nice guy who deeply cares about Cid and try's to help him overcome his phobia.

Custom Weapon: D-Darts. Instead of a standard buster, Dartman has a limitless supply of throwing darts he uses as a weapon, though they are the same as a buster in every way except their appearance

Signature Attack: Bulls-eye. Dartman dashes forward towards the opponent. At the last second he jumps into the air, dodging the enemies attacks, and launches a dart, point blank at the opponent. This attack dose 40 damage and requires a thee turn cool down.
Great job, first off. Be aware, however, that Subtypes are undergoing an overhaul right now, and furthermore, that your Navi won't recieve any special blessings of accuracy unless a) you write a really good post, or B) you take the Cursor subtype.

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though they are about the same as a buster.
You mean *exactly* the same. Also, you should know that your custom weapon can also be used to describe any type of chip.

Finally, your Signature Attack is underpowered. Generic Signature Attacks are 60 damage for a three-turn cooldown. If you want the jump maneuver to evade attacks, then say so in your description, keep your 40 damage, and reduce your cooldown to 3.
Ok made some changes

1. Added the cursor subtype

2. Added doging attacks to the signature attack

3. made the darts exactly the same as blaster in every was except appearance.

That it?

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