Age Change Please!

Ive decided to make Aida older. Coming from a 7 year skip wouldn't be right leaving her 12. So here.

Name: Aida Ambridge
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: Long orange hair. The front hangs down but the back is tied. She has green eyes, wears a dark purple shirt covered by a blue jacket with regular bluejeans. She also wears pink lipstick and red earrings.(Picture coming soon)
Personality: Aida is a very shy person and is picked on by her coworkers and teased. When she was young, her father gave her a navi in hopes of making her gain confidence. She has gained some from this, but she still has a long way to go. She also deals alot with being pushed around, especially into arranged marriages brought on by her grandmother who seems to desire watching her go down the isle. She enjoys being with company more than being with herself even though she tends to be found alone.
All grown up ^^
Well, since I don't think that last statement counted as one, I guess I'll do it. Approved.