Previously approved by Demonstar.

PET UPDATE, 10/20/06

Instead of a standard PET, his is a special verson of some sort. Moa's PET is bright red and black, and has watch like straps to keep it attatched to his forearm. A glowing light on the PET displays the fact that his PET is active. It glows green when active, and blue when inactive. It can project a small circular holograph screen several inches in the air, but also has a screen on the top which emits a light blue glow, displaying statistical data in one mode, and visual data on the other. The side of the PET opens to reveal a panel of buttons, a small slot to insert chips and also, it projects a small keyboard a few centemeters from the PET. The button functions include (But are not limited to)
-Manual overide
Used to input comands into EAV that it is forced to obay until the order is negated or completed. After pressing the button, the display changes to a DOS like screen. The commands are fairly simple, but if Moa gets the commands wrong, results can be bad.
-Display switch
Switches EAV's non-holo display between Data and visual
Switches on the holo-display
-NAVI Customization
Changes everything about EAV from GMOs to NAVICUST
-Private Link
Op to NAVI communication
-Jack in/out
Brings EAV into and out of the net (While cable is attatched)
This button changes the main display to a simple userfriendly view of EAV's every detail. Moa can use this to scroll thru its current (or past) thoughts, as well as any data of the 5 senses.
In this same opening, a small wired manual jack in port can be used in case of error of the normal wireless jack in.