Analogus Destinations

The rush of battle and tempered sword. A soldier chooses between his own life and his foe's.

Shopping Sites
Electown Network
DenCity Servers

Rows of shops spread out as far as the average customer can see in a tangled web of on-line commerce. Everything from raw fish to flashlights to custom-made t-shirts to ready-packed beehives are available. Between two such websites, an alley of disinterest is formed. Here, a small, round object falls from the sky and comes to rest. It looks remarkably similar to a grenade. Without the pin.

A sudden rush of fire roars out of the alley, disappearing as fast as it arrived. In it's blackened origins, a navi now stands, resplendent in her untarnished dress. She tightens the straps of her backpack, unholsters an umbrella-like weapon and extends the flaps at the top. Satisfied, Turrello Ran exits the sooty alley, the Queen's Lady held above her.

"So which shop were we looking for?" she inquires to seemingly no one.

<<It's called the Writer's Block.>>, replies a disembodied voice, <<It's a big site that sells all kinds of writing and drawing equipment.>>

"Alright then. Are you going to let me know where it is, Ty, or should I just drift until it shows up?"

<<Hey, I said I was sorry about the dating thing. No need to be so... uh... what's the word... condescending.>>

With the directions in hand, Ran sets off for the materials store.


The violent sound of electricity was heard just ahead of Ran. It almost sounded like it was trying to scare the navi away from approaching further. I wonder why? It didn't take too long before the viruses appeared and immediately started their attack!

ScarecrowA: 100
ScarecrowB: 100
MagneakerA: 70
MagneakerB: 70
MagneakerC: 70

Terrain: 100% Metal

Turrello Ran: 180


"Wow, Ty. Five minutes and we're already lost! That has to be a new record.", Ran remarks as she makes her way through the digital back streets of the shopping district.

<<Oh, so it's my fault, is it?>>, retorts her unseen companion, <<You're the one who can't follow simple directions!>>

"Hah! Simple? I'd have to be lucky to find an actual road, let alone a specifi-"

She is interrupted mid sentence by a sharp, ringing tone emitted by her glass earrings.

"Virus Alert.", she mutters, and her frown becomes a smile, "How... unfortunate."

<<Battle Sequence Executed.>>, Tyies informs his partner, <<I see five units approaching, moving fast down that road on the right.>>

Hearing the menacing array of violent electricity before seeing it, Ran takes a calming breath in preparation to combat the oncoming storm. Tyies, having surveyed the area and nature of her foes sends her a set of chips to suit the situation. With the chips safely contained within her backpack, Ran removes a large, silvery ball from the bag's ammunition pouch and loads it into the breech. With the Queen's Lady armed and ready, she rests the barrel in her left palm, closes her eyes and focuses inwardly, her body suddenly becoming incredibly tense. She rests one knee on the floor for a steady shot and brings the scope of the rifle to head height. With the viral threat almost at the corner, Ran opens her eyes, revealing crosshair-shaped pupils, and looks through her weapon's sight at the area where the thundering group would first appear.

"The Lady has found you."

For Ran, time slows to a crawl. The busy sounds of the nearby shops seem to slur and blend into a dull drone, her breathing becoming deeper and less frequent, eventually stopping completely. The trigger is itching to fire, the crosshair steady as a rock. Ran's complete attention is set entirely upon the corner her targets are about to turn, the electric fury almost visible. Nothing else matters in this breathless corridor of life and death.


A person's eyes are a window into the soul.


Within the soul, secrets are kept. However, some eyes can become mirrors.


When you stare deep into those eyes, you realise that your soul, and your secret, can stare back.


A yellow face appears dead centre of the crossha-

~ <3


The sharp sound of the rifle's trigger shatters the silent atmosphere into a messy cacophony of noise. A wide, silvery beam of white-hot energy thunders out of the Queen's Lady and tears across the distance between the weapon and it's target. A wind musters around the doll-like sniper, her clothes billowing elegantly in the wind.

"Ah... Such power in a lady's kiss.", she whispers in a lusting voice.

<<I really wish you wouldn't do that.>>, mutters Tyies, <<It makes me forget to breathe.>>

Ran giggles at her operator's reaction. "It's important to make a good first impression."

Still kneeling, she holds the barrel of the Queen's Lady in her left hand and places her right on the ground, bowing slightly. This move lowers the axis of the Nimbus Hammer to aim at the group of advancing foes. With a silent command, a dull boom of propellant sends another explosive package toward the digital fiends.

<<Time for a plan, I think.>>, Tyies suggested, taking stock of the remaining enemies.

Ran straightens up, holding the rifle's shield towards her foes in case of a counter attack.

"A woman's wrath... is second to none."



1: The Hazard Shuffle (Hardbody)
2: Snipe Ability- Powershot (Accuracy+ / 50dmg) to ScarecrowA
3: Energybomb (Blast1 for 40dmg x 3 hits) to ScarecrowB and Virus Group
4: Shield
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The Queen's Lady struck the Scarecrow's head, but that didn't mean it was dead. It charged its electric power, but the head shot made the process much slower. The energybomb successfully destroyed the other Scarecrow as well as one of the Magneakers. As soon as the charge was complete, it fired the devastating current of electricity at Ran, but she was able to establish the shield just a second before it struck the navi.

ScarecrowA: 50
ScarecrowB: DELETED
MagneakerA: 70
MagneakerB: 30
MagneakerC: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Metal

Turrello Ran: 180 [HardBody]
A whisp of smoke drifts skyward from where the golden virus had stricken the protective plating of Ran's weapon. With a light chuckle, she lowers it a little to get a better look at her opponents.

"Hmm. That was little... off. I think my scope's twisted."

<<Seemed fine from where I was watching.>>, replies Tyies, who fishes out several chips from his inside pocket. <<Alright, here's what we'll do. The ground all around you is made of metal, right?>>

Indeed, when she looked, the entire area had the dull gray wash and rivets associated with iron panels. "And targets on metal are rendered susceptable to heat." Ran recited, recalling the time when Tyies had pressed her into memorizing a large e-book on battle tactics.

Setting down into a firing position, she realigns her weapon with the targets. They were getting close now. She had only a little time to act before they reached her position. The umbrella shield had already recharged and covers her from the front. It would only protect her once, though, she'd have to weather anything else.

Three shots she fires, one for each of the approaching foes. The first has a distinct crimson glow, whilst the last two are thick and cylindrical. After each shot, the bolt is unlocked, the breech is opened and the spent chip cartridge is ejected. This is then caught, infused with the next attack and reloaded back into the breech for the next shot. These actions are quick and precise, leaving no room for error.



1: Shield
2: Snipe Ability- Heatshot (50 + Fire) to MagneakerA
3: Shotgun (50dmg + Spread 1) to ScarecrowA
4: Shotgun (50dmg + Spread 1) to MagneakerB

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Ran spends her first move... guarding. Too bad nothing really wanted to attack.

Moving on, the British soldier took it on herself to open fire, literally, on her remaining opponents. The Heatshot grazed the first Magneaker, a Shotgun blast deleted the Scarecrow outright, and the last attack simply whiffed out another one.

The last Magneaker decided it was high time to attack. It launched an electric bomb at Ran, who was still under the protection of the Hazard Shuffle, hitting and... oh dear, stunning the navi! The Metal Terrain seemed to be helping the opponent, unfortunately. Unable to move, Ran could only wince as the Magneaker crashed right into her, the charge also amplified by the metal terrain.

It was just it and her on the Electown front now.

ScarecrowA: DELETED
ScarecrowB: DELETED
MagneakerA: 30
MagneakerB: DELETED
MagneakerC: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Metal

Turrello Ran: 150 [Stun! -1 Action]