Elec hunting season.

"You know curse, i think you getting a bit slower. rusty? heh."

"Hey! i'm the one doing all the running after you jacked me into the otherside of the area, NYAA!

The navi and Op squabbled pointlessly as they arrived at the NetSquare , taking a slight detour it had seemed from what was originally planned. One could say that these little arguments were quite common between the two, and yet it had never really affected their relationship as a navi and operator. This was just another day of many before, and most likely many to come.

"Hey curse, enough of that. Do you see the group we were supposed to meet with yet?"

" Tch, just like you to change the subject, nyaa! fiiiiine, i'll have a look."

Curseman just gave a quick look around, before abrupty pausing with a confused look in his eyes. " Uhhh... rei... we don't know what they look like, nyaa. how can i look for them if i don't know what they look like?!"

"hmmm...good point, heh." Rei muttered slightly, completely forgetting that he had forgotten to ask on the BBS. Though there wasn't much they could do save for sending curseman back over there, but Rei was pretty sure he wouldn't go for all the extra running.

"alright then curse. Just relax for a bit. We'll just wait for 'em by the exit to the electown area. no rush right?"

" whatever. I just better not be standing here all day nyaa..." The feline navi muttered as he shuffled over to the gate. He hadn't seen anyone who particularly stood out yet, but not knowing anything about the ones joining him didn't exactly help in the distinction between any other navi's in the square. All he could do was wait.
((Logged in from "Let the Vacation Begin!"))

Machman and Aera warp in from the PET into the square with two bright beams of cyan light. The light remains stationary at the floor and begins to change shape, leaving glowing profiles of the speedy couple. The glow fades as the pair moves towards one of the exits to the ElectownNet. As they walk towards the portal, Aera starts to quicken her pace. She looks back to Machman and smiles.

Race ya!~
Aera's wing thrusters kick on, rocketing her towards the exit. Machman chuckles as his thrusters prime and ignite, making him slide over the net floor and kick up sparks. Mach then kicks off from the ground, pushing him a few feet in the air and nearly doubling his speed. As they approach the portal, they notice a black feline-looking Navi waiting by the portal to the network. Machman had easily caught up to Aera by that time so they both touch down nearly in unison. They calmly approach the Navi.

Excuse me, are you Curseman.EXE? I am currently trying to meet up with him.
Curseman's head turned to look at the navi's who had addressed him. He nodded his head to the male and female before him, before giving his response. " Aye, I'm curse. Nyaa" the feline-like navi looking over the two as he spoke. His two tails darted back and forth behind him, the flames flickering vigorously, as he tried to recall the names. Curseman never forgot a face, but the names were a completely different matter.

" So then you must be... Machman and Aera? Nice to meetcha, nyaa." The black-clad navi retorted after a breif pause midway through. "Curse, you really need to work on your memory, you know that? Anyways... I'm Rei. Glad you could make it" came the netOp's voice, through a channel via curse. He figured he may as well introduce himself in person, so to speak, before they headed out.

"well then, shall we?"

With that curseman backed up, before leaping onto the Electown warp. A grin from beneath his helm as a clawed hand waved. " Catch me if you can, nyaa~" The navi's image began to fade as he was relocated to the new destination.


Upon arriving into the electown net, the feline navi dashed from the glowing pillar which had encased his body upon materializing, moving swiftly upon all fours keeping an eye out for the first victims. Curse was hoping of course, for some decent elec chips; He and rei needed to diversify their battle collection for certain. Especially if he happened to run into lucky again on a bad day. Curseman wouldn't mind settling a few things with the aqua dog, but that aside, any aqua type needed to be prepared for. Every one knows cat's and fire navi's hate water after all.

====== Ready for Battle one upon Machman's arrival ======
Yep, that's us. Nice to meet you.
Mazer's face appears in a small pop up window.
[Hello, I'm Mazer. Nice to meet you both. Shall we head out?]
Curseman already passes through the portal and out into the net. Mach and Aera do the same, warping out of the area and into the Electown Network.

Mach and Aera beam down and as the light surrounding them begins to fade, their wings spread out to their ready positions and they both start to take in their surroundings. They see Curseman already dashing out ahead, so they activate their thrusters and boost forward to catch up.

((Requesting Battle #1))
Curseman, Machman, and Aera head out to the vast technological area that is Electown Net. Probably not to see the sights though. No, they headed for the more ghettoish areas where viruses ran amok, and there were plenty of battles to be had.

Upon arriving, a group of viruses soon noticed them. It was time for a fight, and the surroundings were perfect. The place was littered with obstacles, there was a bit between one Volgear and the Armadills. A bunch were behind the navi group, and a wall of debris separated the Twistys from them. Though you could still see the damn things, it wasn't likely you'd hit them very easily without taking down that wall.

Obstacles: 100 HP
VolgearA: 80 HP
VolgearB: 80 HP
Obstacles: 100 HP
ArmadillA: 100 HP
ArmadillB: 100 HP

Obstacles: 100 HP
TwistyA: 80 HP
TwistyB: 80 HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

Curseman.exe: 140 HP
Machman.exe: 100 HP
Aera.SP: 40 HP
Obstacles: 100 HP

Viruses Identified. Count 6. Multiple obstacles present. Permission to engage?
[Battle chips uploaded. Don't stay behind cover for too long! Engage!]

Machman and Aera touch down and stop a few dozen feet away from the viruses ahead. Machman picks out a pair of Volgears and readies a watery chip to douse their programming. Machman's hands start to glow bright blue as he slams them into the ground, causing the panels to rumble beneath him and water gushing out of the cracks between the panels. The force of the water coming up from the ground creates a large wave almost 10 feet tall and sends it barreling towards the fire viruses. Aera picks out one of the Armadill viruses and fires a small energy blast from her palm.

Machman lifts his hands from the metal floor and catches sight of the two Twisty viruses in the distance. He brings his arm back as a green boomerang forms in his hand; he gauges the distance between the viruses and himself and throws with a hopefully appropriate amount of force. The boomerang, flying low and looking more like a blurry green disk, zips towards the immobile viruses. The boomerang buzzes through the viruses position before making a steep climb and dives back down to make its return path through the viruses again and back to Mach.

Mach snatches the boomerang out of the air as it flies back to him. The boomerang evaporates into data and is absorbed in his hand. The data flowing back into his hand makes his entire arm glow and it starts to warp into a rectangular shape. Two large loops protrude from the front of the odd looking now yellow buster. The silver metal loops start to buzz with electric current and a small, crackling ring of electricity forms between them. Mach finds the other Armadill and quickly lines it up before firing the ZapRing launcher. The ring zips through the air almost silently, making only slight popping and crackling sounds as weak electrical arcs touch the metal floor below.

Mach's arm returns to normal and his wings splay out to give him maximum thrust potential. Aera does the same, waiting for Mach to make a move if they needed to dodge any incoming retaliatory fire. Machman then calls out to Curseman, cheering him on.
I think I managed to neutralize most of them! The rest are all yours!

WaterLine1: VolgearA,B (160dmg Aqua + Ground Attack + Line Attack {Max 3 Targets})
Boomerang1: TwistyA,B (120dmg Wood {Max 3 Targets})
ZapRing1: ArmadillB (80dmg Elec + Stun)
Cheer Curseman
Gust: Dodge

Attack: ArmadillA (20dmg)
Curseman came to an abrupt halt as he noticed the virii before him, slowly raising himself from the four limbed running stance, back to a standard standing position.

" We got a bunch of em this time, nyaa. Can i test out my new moves now rei?" The feline-like navi called up to his op, seeming almost action for the battle, tails waving back and forth behind him in delight.

Rei let out a slight sigh at his navi's clear disregard for tact and loving to cherish the term overkill. "Fine curse, do whatever you want. I'll send THAT in once your set up." Rei returned, pulling out a stray battlechip from the pile in his hands.

Of cours,e by time all this was going through, Machman and Aera had already began to make their moves, and curseman was falling behind to take what was left after their assault. Curseman acknowledged the word's machman gave to him, as he prepared to strike. "Tch, your pretty good at this. Definitely know how to handle yourself well anyways Nyaa. time to pick up the pace."

Curseman's hand began to glow as he positioned himself not far from the armadill's focusing his attention on the one which had been attacked less. Quickly his fingers began drawing upon the air infront of him, leaving a glowing mark in the form of a glyph. Almost instantly the symbol shot forth a blast of energy at the virus, shortly followed by a series of symbols similair to the first trying to surround it.

Rei followed up, quickly slotting in their new Machinegun1 battle chip, taking the place of curseman's arm's as he innitiated his signature move. " Curse of lightning! NYAA!" The electricity flew forth from the glyphs, while at the same time an electrical current began to flow into curseman's new gun.

With curseman's initial glyph now acting as a shield, and his machinegun electrically charged, it was time to set up the combination. Without hesitation he relocated himself to a much better veiw of both the armadill's, on of which they were both in range of his sights as he began to take the time to aim.

In addition to all the preparation, Curseman's own natural gunner instincts began to take control as he plotted out his trajectory, velocity, distance, terrain and target's movements into his preparation. " All processes clear. Nyaa... FIRE!"

The black clad feline let lose a torrent of electrically charged shells as his two opponents, making use of the terrain as much as possible to hopefully decimate the two virii. In what could only be described as complete and utter overkill, curseman's attack was made. Of course to add insult to injury, the third eye of curseman slowly began to open as the bullets flew, a black ball of flame slowly collecting and glowing before the crimson iris in the middle of his forhead; only to fire a blast of dark flames towards one of the already victimized virii. Though it couldn't be helped, as this attack was purely instinct now.


1. Insert machinegun1 + Curse of lightning: (4 TCD, opponent - Hold + stun + knock back. Curseman - imbue null lightning to next chip + 1hit shield + busterlock) @ ArmadillA

2. Relocate/aim Machinegun1 @ armadillA+B

3. Machinegun1 ( 60 elec dmg x 9, via curse of lightning and metal panels) + snipe @ ArmadillA+B

4. Passive: Evil Eye: (Passive shot type - 10 Drain + fire) @ armadillA
The Waterline moves towards the enemy lines but the obstacles manage to absorb the attack, making it seem pretty worthless. He then throws a boomerrang which travels around the field in a wide enough arc to miss the objects blocking the Twisties and travel right through the pair. He finishes up by hitting the obstacles in front of the armadils. Woot. Meanwhile his partner finishes off the wall in front of the pair. Curseman then makes a move, hexing an Armadill and making it an easy target. Moving out from around the set of obstacles still in front of their group, he readies a Machinegun and peppers the virus with shots, taking out it and its neighbor without much trouble. A volgear moves slightly to the side of the hunk of junk in front of it and opens its mouth, spewing some flames which eat up the remaining protection for the pair of navis. Also, Curseman sucks (the volgear's life).

Obstacles: 40
VolgearA: 60 HP
VolgearB: 80 HP

Obstacles: DELETED!
ArmadillA: DELETED!
ArmadillB: DELETED!

Obstacles: 100 HP

Terrain: 96% Metal 4% Normal

Curseman.exe: 140 HP
Machman.exe: 100 HP
Aera.SP: 40 HP
Obstacles: DELETED!
Mach and Aera avoid the flames and meet up a few feet away.
[It looks like your WaterLine didn't reach them. Try to find a clear shot and send a Bubbler in there.]
Already on it.
Mach kicks on his boot thrusters and slides off to the right and diagonally closer to the two floating fire viruses. He tries to find an open lane to launch an attack; he does and slides to a stop. He pulls up his already formed buster, the inside of the barrel glowing a faint blue, and takes careful aim at the viruses. He activates the trigger, firing a watery projectile that explodes in a shower of water and bubbles, coating the immediate area in a thick spray of water. Aera moves next to Mach, her right arm extended forward and palm at the ready position to fire. Machman calls out to Curseman,
I think I got them, but could you confirm? We'll cover you!

As soon as Mach called out to Curseman, he loaded a shotgun program into the buster, the weapon reloading in a metallic "kra-chock" sound. He continued to point his weapon downrange towards the viruses, but made sure to think twice before opening up; he didn't want to hit his own comrade.

Gust: Strategic Action; move to get a clear shot.
Take Aim at Volgear viruses
Bubbler: VolgearA,B (100dmg Aqua + Splash)
Cheer Curseman
Shotgun: Any remaining virus(es) (50dmg + Splash)

Move to Machman's side
Attack: 1 remaining virus (20dmg)
Curseman was already on the move as Machman spoke to him. Noticing how the obstacles affected theit attacks the last time, he knew he had to do something about that first. " Gotcha, nyaa!" was all curseman said as his eyes wandered the battle field plotting out his route of motion. The felines aim was to move himself to a path which kept the obstacles from interfering with his vision and his aim. Dispite the slight detour it would increase the chances of a successful attack.

Curseman's buster crackled slightly as he moved, the strain placed on it from his trial being felt, as he knew he couldn't use it, not that he cared to much. He always seemed to rely on his chip's and special abilities anyways. As curseman came into view of his victims, Rei slotted in two chips. The first formed on Curseman's left arm, as he lined himself up to use it properly. His hand raised up as his instinct's took over, the barrel giving off a slight shine as his sight's connected to his target. The shotgun exploded with a blast of ammunition, aiming to hit both virii quickly.

The next chip to follow appeared on his right arm as he got a bit closer to the virii, re-alligning his position once more to match with the chip. His somewhat ethereal looking flames flickered and grew as they charged up the added power of his new right arm, the flamethrower from the FireBurn1 quickly heating. In an attempt to blast both his enemies with the charged flames, he let it erupt forward, as the deadly flames attempted to engulf the volgears. Almost simultaneously, Curseman's third eye had already begun to charge his dark flames in front of the bloody red iris, before sending forth the dark beam of flames at the stronger of the volgears in line with the stream of fire.

"That should do it, nyaa"


1. move to a location with the least amount of obstacle interference between self and volgears

2. shotgun (50 dmg) + snipe @ volgearB+A

3. Fireburn1 (50+ 5 fire) @ VolgearB+A

4. Passive: Evil Eye (10 drain + fire) @ VolgearB
Machman moves into a position where he can get a good shot and then fires his Bubbler. The Volgears, not really focusing on dodging, figuring that their wall will keep them safe, both get caught in the watery blast and become dust.

Obstacles: 40
VolgearA: DELETED!
VolgearB: DELETED!

Obstacles: DELETED!
ArmadillA: DELETED!
ArmadillB: DELETED!

Obstacles: 100 HP

Terrain: 96% Metal 4% Normal

Curseman.exe: 140 HP
Machman.exe: 100 HP
Aera.SP: 40 HP
Obstacles: DELETED!

Rewards: CM: 500z
MM: 300z, 26 Bugfrags
((Friendship XP?))

Machman gathers up some zenny data from the remains of the viruses as Aera draws in several BugFrags into the jewel on her hand. Mach tosses a packet of zenny to Curseman.
Great work, Curseman. I'm very impressed, that MachineGun chip especially!

((Prepared for Battle #2))
Curseman catches the zenny and uploads the data into the PET system. Curse let out a slight chuckle, at the comment before making a retort.

"Heh. it's my new favorite, from the insane stuff i had to deal with earlier. though you know, you weren't so bad yourself, wiping out almost half the field, nyaahahaha."

*ready for battle 2*
((You get 3 FXP.))

A variety of viruses come the trio's way. A group of Champus approach while behind them some Larks just move about randomly. Magtects dart back and forth, one in the front of the rest of the enemies, another in between the Champu and Lark, and a third in the very back. The field is metalic, with a few nasty little magnet traps scattered here and there.

MagtectA: 90
ChampuA: 60
ChampuB: 60
ChampuC: 60
MagtectB: 90
LarkA: 100
LarkB: 100
LarkC: 100
MagtectC: 90

Terrain: 93% Metal, 7% Magnet

Curseman: 140
Machman: 100
Aera: 40

Battle 2 Start
Mach notices a large group of viruses ahead, and also starts to feel the magnetic pull of some magnetized panels.
Viruses Identified! Count 9! Permission to engage?
[Battlechips uploaded! Watch out for those magnetic panels; engage!]

Machman draws his arm back, Boomerang at the ready, and takes aim at one of the Magtects. He tries to track the virus, but it was moving too fast! There was no way it could be hit by the relatively slow-moving boomerang. Instead, Mach's arm transforms into a bloated blue buster covered in holes. Multiple shimmering transparent films are drawn over the holes as an internal fan blows air into them, creating a mass of small bubbles. A larger bubble is formed over the end of the barrel, and the smaller bubbles blown into it. He takes aim at the slower Champu viruses and fires the bubble. The bubble zips forward and explodes, showering the immediate area in cage-like bubbles and hopefully ensnaring one of the Magtects.

After he fires the buster, the holes seal up as he drives the end of it into the floor. A dull pulse eminates from the buster as a massive amount of water is forcibly injected into the floor. The water surges from the floor, making a massive pillar that barrels towards the center of the virus group. He removes the buster from the floor and takes aim towards one of the Lark viruses, but now his buster has taken a different shape. It is now boxy and has two metal loops protruding from its front. The loops hum and form a flickering ring of electricity between them. Mach fires the launcher, the recoil-less blast sending the ring towards the Lark. He "holsters" his buster as his wings cross in front of him, forming a large yellow shield. Mach and Aera wait patiently behind the shield, ready to take some enemy fire and bolt out of there as soon as the shield fails. Aera peers around the shield and fires a pot shot at a Champu with a blast from her hand.

BubbleStar1: MagtectA, ChampuA,B (20dmg {40dmg to Champus}Aqua + 3x Bubble Trap)
WaterLine1: ChampuB,C, MagtectB (70dmg {140dmg to Champus}Aqua + Line Attack)
ZapRing1: LarkA (80dmg x2 {Metal Terrain}Elec + Stun)
Guard1: Machman.EXE, Aera.SP (Reflect up to 60dmg)
Gust: Dodge

Attack: ChampuA (20dmg)
"Lets do it nyaa! Rei! i want that new chip again. i still wanna have some more fun, nyaaa" Curseman called to his op, tails fluttering back and forth with anticipation of the battle. Rei let out a slight sigh, before reluctantly pulling out the chip from their collection and loaded it up.

"fine fine, just dont get to careless."

Curseman dashed into position, facing the line up of monsters head on, as his arm changed to a gatling form, the Machinegun1 finally done loading. Curseman quickly eye'd up the opponents and prepared his attack to follow directly after machman's, hoping to strike down anything that survived his partners assault. His intuition kicked in as he lined up the gun, steadying the barrel with his free hand, before letting the bullets fly forth at the enemies.

"Alright curseman, i want you to defend again anything thats left alive this time, got it? im sending in two chips, use em how you want."

Curseman acknowledged, as he took off towards Aera and Machman. Rei pulled out both of the guard1 chips they had and slotted them in one after the other. Curseman attempted to get between his allies and the virii, extending his arms to form a small wall of shields. Hopefully this plus machman's shield were enough to fend off any attacks against the three of them.

While hiding behind his now fortefied defense, curseman's third eye opened and began to charge it's ebon flames, before letting them loose on ChampuA.


1. Machinegun1 (30 dmg x 9) + snipe @ anything still alive.

2&3. Guard1 wall:aera, machman, curseman (60 dmg reflect max each)

Passive: Evil Eye - (10 drain + fire) @ ChampuA
((Evil Bump))
As Machman fires some bubbles, the Magtect darts out of the way. However, one of the bubbles still manages to swallow up a Champu. He then send's forth a column of water which crashes through the other two Champus, instantly deleting them both. Machman fires a Zapring at the Lark and the slowmoving opponent is easily struck. As Aera takes out the trapped Champu, Machman puts up a shield. Curseman then tries back his allies up, firing his Machinegun. Of course, he doesn't seem to be firing at anything in particular, so the results are kind of random, some getting hit once, other twice and one not at all. He then puts up a Guard as well, which is then overriden by another guard. The viruses then start shooting back. A Lark fires at Curseman, though the shot is reflected. The fore most magtect tries pulling Machman forward and punching him, though a similar result is achieved.

MagtectA: 30
MagtectB: 60
LarkB: 40
LarkC: 80
MagtectC: 30

Terrain: 93% Metal, 7% Magnet

Curseman: 140
Machman: 100
Aera: 40
[Mach, it looks like those Magtects are just too fast to hit. I think we may have to rely on counter attacks to actually take them down. Try to take the Larks out of commission first, so we can shift our focus to the Magtects.]
Understood. I'll try to steamroll the Larks in one shot! Who knows, I might take a Magtect or two with them.

Machman places his hand on the floor in front of him as a large square shape is drawn in the ground with light. Mach then lifts his hand up, drawing a large rock cube from the floor. He draws his hand back as the cube continues to rise, and his wings move from his back to begin rotating around his right forearm. He peers from behind the rock and adjusts himself so he aims right down the line of the remaining viruses. His wings point their thrusters down his arm and towards the cube of stone in front of him. The thrusters charge with a group of high-pitched whines, and Mach thrusts his arm forward like a punch. The thrusters ignite in one blast, sending the RockCube skidding across the floor like a massive curling stone towards the viruses.

Machman's wings return to his back and he brings his left up to his chest, quickly joined by his right. Machman starts to gather thermal energy between his nearly clasped hands, creating a glowing mass of energy that emits beams of warm light through the cracks in his fingers. Machman's eyes lock on to the Magtect towards the middle of the group, and he continues to track its movements throughout the entire time he prepares his next attack. His eyes dart back and forth, following the virus's every movement as he tries to find a pattern to its movement. After about 10 seconds, he has a good idea as to where the virus will move. He trusts his calculations and pushes both of his hands forward, now almost ignited by the heat and energy being contained between his palms. The energy is released all at once, igniting the surrounding air and creating a fast-moving wall of flame. The middle point of the flames travels a bit faster than the rest, creating an arrow shape that looks almost like a phoenix gliding through the air.

The attack is away, leaving Mach with both of his hands facing forward, almost Hadoken-esque... He draws his right arm back, separating as he does. The covering of his arm breaks up and floats away like a slow-motion explosion, but the gaps are quickly filled by newly forming yellow armored plates. The plate segments slide into place, and they all tighten with metallic scrapes and the occasional spark. Mach's now massive yellow hand tightens into a large fist and his arm locks into the ready position, looking like it is held back by a mere hair trigger. He waits for a Magtect to attempt to draw him in with magnetism, he now has a fairly large yellow gift to give them!

Aera stands near Machman, not nearly as intimidating as her male counterpart, but both of the red jewels on the backs of her hands are aglow, ready to release bolts of energy into any viruses that try to attack. She keeps her eye out for any additional magtects that try to engage Mach; she'll try to keep them at bay.

1. Summon RockCube (Summon 200HP Rock Cube)
Gust: Push RockCube into LarkB,C, and possibly Magtects A,B, & C. (200dmg Null + Breaking + Impact)
2. Take Aim at MagtectB
3. PhoenixShot1: MagtectB (70dmg Fire + Wide Attack)
4. Counter1: Machman.EXE (Counter with GutPunch for 70dmg Null + Breaking + Impact)

1. Attack: 1 attacking virus (20dmg Null)
2. Attack: 1 attacking virus (20dmg Null)