Virii don't sleep!

Strouth.exe jacked in to the net, but was still rather oblivious...
"YEAH WOO!!!! LET'S BUST SOME VIRII!!! So... when are you jacking me in Ronike?"
Ronike just shook his head
"Strouth you're already jacked in..."
Strouth looked around and chuckled
"Ah so I am! Ah ha! Where are these virii?"
"Probably asleep like every other sane, somewhat intelligent being..."
"Come on man, we both know Virii don't sleep! Now, come out come out wherever you are!"
[battle one, please]
Four Metool's hear Strouth's call, and arrive to investigate.

Viruses Identified!

MetoolA: 40HP
MetoolB: 40HP
MetoolC: 40HP
MetoolD: 40HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Strouth.EXE: 100HP

<(Battle #1 Ready, Fight!)>
"AHHA!!! YES!!! FUNTIME!!!! Woo!
Strouth runs over to Metool C, releasing the flames from his buster and directing the flame down to his foot, then he jumps and tries to land on metool 3's head to deal the buster damage, and springs off in the direction of Metool B.
"Alright, I'm through messing around.
Strouth, while still in the air, released a huge amount of fire. Strouth quickly molded this into twin blades on each arm. He quickly analyzed Metool B's movements, to judge where it would be when he landed.
Strouth brought both swords down on Metool B, then swung them around in a circle, finishing off with a crossing slash from both blades.
"Chill out Strouth, that's how navi's get deleted. We need to work together, no matter how excited you are... I'm sending you a rageclaw, be careful...
A giant bear claw materialized around Strouth's right arm, which he quickly ran over to Metool A, hit it hard, aiming to knock his victim into Metool D (don't know if this is allowed, just judging by common sense and rageclaw's description), ad quickly jumped clockwise if he were strafing Metool C.

1. Buster shot, flame kick off of Metool C (neutral damage 8)
2. Sig attack, Dual Flame Sword Metool B (50 damage, slashing, take aim)
3. Rageclaw, hit Metool A attempting to knock it into Metool D (40? to 1, possibly 20 to 4)
4. Swordplay, Free Dodge, clockwise strafe around Metool C
((You did a good job RPing the RageClaw swipe))

Strouth jumps into the air and lands on top of the Metool, doing minimal damage and pushing its helmet down on its head. His dual swords handily dispatch the 2nd Metool and attempts to delete a third with a clawed hand. He over-reacts and slashes too early, nicking the Metool but knocked it hard against the 4th. The Metool bounces off the last Met and slowly spins to a stop, inverted. The last Metool sends out a shockwave with a strike from its pickaxe, but Strouth dodges with ease.

MetoolA: 32HP [Under Helmet] (Impervious to Damage)
MetoolC: 10HP [Immobilized]
MetoolD: 20HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Strouth.EXE: 100HP [RageClaw]
"Alright, Strouth, this is your chance...
Strouth runs up to MetoolC, hits it with the Rageclaw, towards Metool D
"*sigh*Not that you need me to tell you, your already doing stuff..."
Strouth runs over to Metool A, tries to pry the rageclaw nails under the helmet and flip it up in the air.
Strouth jumps above Metool A and slams the rageclaw down, bringing it all the way to the ground.
"WHAT NOW!?!?!?!?"
RECAP (Hopefully this programming style approach to RP is fine, otherwise I'll fix it):
Rageclaw(2/15) C to D
Rageclaw(3/15) A up into the air, not for damage
Rageclaw(4/15) A to the ground
((OOC: Ok, Ronike, that style to Rping won't work, so you will have to fix it. We base it more around RPing than what you have. Basically, you can't assume you make any hits, even if you give an alternate set of actions assuming it missed. Also, the conditional thing usually doesn't work, either. Basically, you should attack the enemies, and play it based on what you think you've accomplished. But don't make hit assumptions. More like, if you think the mod won't say you killed something, feel free to attack it again, even if it's overkill. If you think it may be dead after one attack, feel free to ignore it. But no "If/then" things, and no claimed hits, alright? [So, after you fix it, feel free to bump]))
(OOC: I apologize for the bad RPing, I've just been programming for class a lot, and kinda got in that mood. Tis eh fixed, won't do it again.)
((My bad, should have added that comment on "No auto-hitting."))

This time Strouth shows a little more control by launching a Metool into another, deleting them both in the collision; instead of overdoing it and throwing just deleted bits of Metool at his target. Strouth then drives his claws underneath the Met's helmet and flips the Metool into the air. The airborne Metool is met with a downward slash, deleting it.



Terrain: 100% Normal

Strouth.EXE: 100HP
Rewards: Guard1
Ronike just shook his head.
"Listen Strouth, do you even need me to be here, or can I go back to bed..."
This quickly got Strouth's attention.
"I'm sorry Ronike, I'll listen this time.
Strouth grinned
"Not that I really needed your help with those guys! JEEZ! What a bunch of WHIMPS!!! Seriously, who's NEXT!?!?"
"Alright, no problem, apology accepted... *sigh* Sometimes I wonder why I even bother..."

[Battle 2 por favor]
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As Strouth wanders deeper into the net area, some of the panels he passes by look different from the others. They look very shiny compared to the rest, almost mirror like in luster. Strouth's normally quiet footfalls make small metallic clicks and clangs when he steps on these unfamiliar panels. He examines the panels as he steps over them and looks up. He stops mid-stride to meet the gaze of several Metools, and a pair of Billy viruses. Go time.

Viruses Identified!

MetoolA: 40HP
MetoolB: 40HP
MetoolC: 40HP
BillyA: 50HP
BillyB: 50HP

Terrain: 80% Normal, 20% Metal (Strouth is standing on a Metal Panel)

Strouth.EXE: 100HP

<(Battle #2: Upping the Voltage! Ready, Fight!)>
(ooc: my apologies)

"Alright... hmm... I guess I could use your advice here Ronike, I have an idea or two of my own, but might as well hear your plan. After all, if I don't get your advice!"
"It's about time... well I have two ideas: one with high risk high pay off and the other low risk low payoff, which do you want?"
Strouth raised an eyebrow at Ronike.
"Right, sorry I forgot I was talking to the king of risk... Allright, so here it is...
Strouth listened carefully, then prepared to execute this plan.
"Alright, let's get this done! AHHHHH!!!!
Strouth runs quickly around Billy A so that there is a straight line between Biily A and Metool A, dodging any attacks as best he can as he goes. He then begins to run at the billy, raising the bringing the rageclaw around as he goes.
Strouth brings the rageclaw around as he pass the billy at full speed and attempts to hit it towards metool A. He then runs to Billy B in the same manner (so that their is a straight line to metool A) as fast as he can and does an uppercut with the rageclaw with much foward momentum in hopes of striking Metool A with Billy B.
"Way to go Strouth, this should take care of those Billy!

1. Movement with slight dodge
2. Rageclaw(5/15) Billy A to Metool A
3. Rageclaw(6/15) Billy B to Metool A
4. Swordplay free dodge (in air)
Strouth surprises the viruses by charging them immediately, tossing Billies at a lone Metool and pelting it to deletion. The two Metools launch shockwaves towards Strouth, but are easily dodged. However, Strouth quickly finds out the Billies' homing thunder orbs are much harder to avoid. He manages to escape one, but the other jolts his body with electricity and induces a wave of short-term paralysis.

MetoolB: 40HP
MetoolC: 40HP
BillyA: 10HP
BillyB: 10HP

Terrain: 80% Normal, 20% Metal (Strouth is standing on a Normal Panel)

Strouth.EXE: 85HP [Stunned! Lose 1 action!]
"Alright, this is working quite well, managed to dodge everything, and all that! And you said it wuold be high ris"
"WATCH OUT STROUTH! That bolt'll paralyze you if hit..."
Strouth cries out in pain and falls to the ground, but manages to land on his feet
"Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, be more careful, yada yada, blah blah blah"
"Hey, don't get mad at me, I told you the plan was high risk, but if all goes well these viruses will be done by the end of this turn...
"Yeah, yeah, let's just continue
Strouth recovers from the paralysis by the end of this small banter, and quickly runs over to Metool B.
"Lets see how you like this, you stupid electrodes! HIYAA!
Strouth swipes the rageclaw at Metool B, trying to hit Billy A. He then jumps over to metool C, dodging any shockwave from the metools, striking it with the rageclaw in an arc to try to hit billy B.
"Take that, you stupid viruses!
"Hey, keep your wits about you, this make sure this is the real end, plus there may be other virii around
Both navi and operator wait for the smoke around where Billy C is or used to be to clear...

RECAP (sorry, wrote in in class, right as class was getting over, so I forgotted this.)
1. Talk/recover from paralysis
2. Rageclaw(7/15) metoolB to billy A
3. Free dodge (swordplay)
4. Rageclaw(8/15) metoolC to BillyB
((Missing something?))
[ooc]Sorry, Ill get the hang of this "rule" thing eventually. If you want to give me any tips on my rping btw, that'd be cool cause this is pretty much my first time...[/ooc]
((Note: Swordplay only comes into effect after two consecutive melee attacks. I'll just tack it on to the end of your turn))

Strouth shakes off his paralysis and swings into action by sending two Metools into the Billy viruses, deleting both electric viruses in a few short seconds. The two wounded Metools send out shockwaves, but are dodged.

MetoolB: 20HP
MetoolC: 20HP

Terrain: 80% Normal, 20% Metal (Strouth is standing on a Normal Panel)

Strouth.EXE: 85HP
(OOC: ? Rageclaw doesn't rageclaw do 40 damage? Shouldn't the metool be dead? Maybe Im wrong...)
"Sigh... those metool sure are stubborn... just take 'em out, I don't care how you do it...
Strouth runs over to metool B and swings his rageclaw at it, trying to hit Metool C. He then jumped after his victim bringing his rageclaw down amidst the dust where Metool C is/used to be.
"Well that should be that! Hmm... what to do now...
"Oh no... here it come..."
Strouth grinned.
"Sometimes I wonder why I even put up with you...
But he couldn't help but snicker a little...

1. Rageclaw(9/15) metool B to metool C
2. Rageclaw (10/15) metool C
3. RANDOM TEXT ATTACK!!! hjxjkehadsuzxcdicgjebajhfdzxfknsdfjgd!!!! (extra action)
((If it did 40dmg, then the Metools would have been deleted in your hand. You would have thrown Metool dust at the Billies, which would likely just piss them off. XD))

Strouth swipes both Metools, reducing them to rapidly disappearing bits. On closer inspection, it looks like one of those Billy viruses dropped a chip!



Terrain: 80% Normal, 20% Metal (Strouth is standing on a Normal Panel)

Strouth.EXE: 85HP
Rewards: Thunder1, 25z
(OOC) Thanks for the explanation, and also for stickin with this while I'm sure you have other things to be doing, it really makes it a lot better.(/OOC)
"Well that was fun... You still OK to keep going Strouth?"
Strouth swung his arm in a circle as a little stretch and a way to relieve the pain a little.
"Yeah, I can keep going for a while. Even if I couldn't, why would I stop? The only way you get stronger is to push yourself to the very limits, and then go a bit farther."
"I suppose that is true... just don't push yourself so far that you can't come back... Alright, are you ready?"
"I'm ready if you are, just be ready with some more chips, I'm not sure this Rageclaw will hold up too much longer, so be ready!"
"Good point, just be careful, I think that we have made some noise and awoken some of the more powerful virii..."
"Silly Ronike, Virii don't sleep! That would go against the very title of this thread!"
Ronike tilted his head to the side in confusion.
"You have the weirdest humor, you know that?"

(Battle 3 please)