Leeerooy Jeeeeennkiiiiins!

6 swords landed on the ground in a perfect circle. And for a moment, nothing happened. Then like a bolt of lightning, Hitokiri appeared in the middle, and each sword zipped from the ground to its rightful sheath. "Oh yeah! I'm ready for a fight." Hitokiri said, throwing a few punches with a smile wide across his face.

(Battle 1, Pleax)
Virus Attack!

CactyA: 70 HP
CactyB: 70 HP
CactyC: 70 HP
CactyD: 70 HP

Hitokiri.exe: 150 HP

-Blah, Battle 1, Go-
Hitokiri looked at his green opponents. "Hehe. I say we roast these Cacti, don't you think?" He said with a large smile. "I'm two steps ahead of you, Hitokiri." Glenn replied, and a heatshot took form on one of his arms, as another waited to form after it. He stepped towards the Cacty, with the gun aiming at it. He swore he could here western music in his ear, and thought a dustball had just rolled by. "Oh for the love of.." Glenn sighed, as he knew Hitokiri liked to make the smallest thing epic. And suddenly, a burst of fire erupted from the gun positioned on Hitokiri's arm, heading straight for a Cacty, preparing to hit it and burst through to the second Cacty nearby. Right after the shot was fired, the Heatshot gun dissapeared, and another reformed on his arm.

"That was a little pointless..." the navi snickered, and took aim again. But this time, seemed a little.. less epic, because the western music didn't play again, and he certainly did not hallucinate a dustball roll by. Hitokiri sighed, and fired the ball of white-hot flames at one of the Cactys, hoping for it to burn more than just one Cacty. The gun dissapeared, and he looked at the Cactys, to see what destruction he had caused.

Heatshot to Cacty A = 40x2=80dmg, Splash to CactyB
Heatshot to CactyC = 40x2=80dmg, Splash to CactyD
Argle, they die.


Hitokiri.exe: 150 HP

Get: Cactball1
"Alright. A good warm-up. Let's see if we can keep things going well." Hitokiri said, as Glenn examined the new chip. "Whoever wanted to put cacti in to a chip must be a fricken genious. I guess those rumors about monkeys making the chips weren't true."

(Battle 2)
More Viruses.

MetoolEXA: 70 HP
MetoolEXB: 70 HP
MetoolEXC: 70 HP
VolgearA: 80 HP
VolgearB: 80 HP
VolgearC: 80 HP

Hitokiri.exe: 150 HP