The sad voice

Celeste appeared in the netscape with her typical flowery flair. I feel different... I don't like it...

She walked aimlessly, trying to get used to the new changes in her programming. I really don't like this...

After walking for a bit longer, she spoke up. "Leon, is this really the best you could do?"

He sighed and nodded. "Unfortunately yes. This new language patched up a lot of the exploits I used to make your abilities... but it doesn't matter. It's only a matter of time until I get used to this one and find the holes in it."

Celeste hung her head. Darn... I was hoping this was a joke or something... She shrugged and shook her head. "Well, I guess I should be happy that I still compile and run after such an extensive upgrade..."


Celeste walked off down an often used but lonely looking road, looking for something to divert her attention.

[Battle 1 plox]
The up-and-comer soon finds herself an audience of billies...


BillyA = 50
BillyB = 50
BillyC = 50

Celeste = 160

Battle Start!
"Why hello little billies!" Celeste said in a false enthusiasm. "I'm afraid that if you came to hear my singing that I can't right now. I'm too upset to sing for you..."

Leon placed his hand on his forehead. "Could you be any MORE over dramatic?" He slotted in a shotgun and bubbler as he sighed. "Look... try being a little less emo and a little more thankful to be alive, ok?"

Easy for you to say. You didn't just lose what made you unique. Celeste activated the shotgun chip, the gun poofing into existence slightly ahead and in front of her and landing in her arms. "Sorry, little Billies," she said as she lifted the gun and pointed it at the lead virus, "It's just been a bad day..."

And with that, the first shot was fired.

Celeste quickly tossed the spent firearm behind her, it hitting the ground once and poofing out of existence. She took a quick hop to her left and began to run away from the billies, hoping to distance herself and get them running after her. She suddenly stopped and turned around, grabbing a large bubble wand out of her sleeve and placing it in front of her. The looked through it and pointed it at another billy, blowing lightly into it and sending a powerful burst of water soaring towards it and whatever may lay behind.

She then quickly scanned her system data. So... I have HealBomb, Meditatio, and Holy Light... looks like its time to try Holy Light out... She wasted no time to place her palm forward, pointing it towards the group of virii that were drawing nearer. She strained while trying to focus her energy into the palm of her hand, sweat droplets forming on her brow. She finally manages to focus it enough, and let two bright white orbs sail into the group, both hitting the virus.

She took a moment to look through the dust and smoke that had arisen from the battle, trying to see what remained, all the while her spirit worked to mend her body silently.

Passive: Meditatio - Regen

1. Shotgun 50, Billy A/B
2. Take Aim
3. Bubbler 50 Agua, Billy C/?
4. Holy Light. 30 Billy B, 30 Billy B.
The audience finds itself rather disappointed as the young singer lays waste. They hop about furiously but, one way or another, each find themselves blown apart or erased by the divine light...


GET: Thunder1x1
Leon looked on, thoroughly impressed with the upset navi's abilities. "Hey, not too bad Celeste. Looks like you caught on pretty fast."

Celeste flipped a stray lock of hair over her shoulder while walking over and retrieving the chip data. "Whatever... let's just go..." She was clearly still in no mood to talk.

"Look, I'll find a way to give you back your songs, ok?" Leon said, trying to diffuse her bad mood. "Just give me a while to learn this new programming language and test it's limits."

Celeste sighed. You idiot... She began walking down the road again, trying to get away form her uncharacteristically bad mood.

[Battle Two]
Celeste, obviously being the star of the show, has to obviously encounter some more enemies along the way otherwise this stuff would be pointless, wouldn't it?

VolgearA: 80 HP
VolgearB: 80 HP
VolgearC: 80 HP
LarkA: 100 HP
LarkB: 100 HP

Celeste.exe: 160 HP

Leon rubbed his chin. "Well, what a large group of virii... I guess you should entertain them." Leon slotted in two chips rather dully, unsure about what to do about Celeste. "Get into a good position to hit the Volgears, and hose em... and good luck."

"Give me some time" he says. Whatever... Celeste straightened up, readying her strategy. "Sorry guys, I'm not here for a show today..." she said, as she activated the area grab. She teleported to behind the Volgears, reappearing with a bubble wand in hand and positioned to hit two of them her attack. Just as her toe touched the ground, she blew into the wand, sending a might torrent of watery anger at them.

Leon slotted in another chip, watching as Celeste executed the last attack flawlessly. "Get in there and tear them up!"

"Shut up, Leon."
Celeste replied flatly to her operator, in no mood for his encouragement. I'll tear you up if you don't let me vent.

Celeste activated the rageclaw and dashed quickly to the untouched volgear, drawing her arm back as she neared. She skid to a halt and swung her newfound claws, quickly following the first strike up with a second from the other hand. She glared at the volgear, piercing it with her eyes. "Wrong singer to mess with, darling."

Passive: Meditatio (Regen 1)
1. Areagrab.
2. Bubbler 50 Aqua, Volgear A/B.
3/4. Rageclaw 40, Volgear C.
The Volgears are quickly dispatched by Celeste. The Larks kind of try and make a U-turn. Quick! Now's your chance before they turn around!

LarkA: 100 HP
LarkB: 100 HP

Celeste.exe: 160 HP
Celeste was all to eager to finish off the two remaining virii, hoping that she could kill them before they got a chance to hurt her. The last thing she wanted right now was physical pain on top of emotional, and she was determined to keep herself as pain free as possible.

"Celeste, smack those two larks together, then take em out with these!" Leon said, as he slotted another couple chips in like a pro.

Celeste didn't acknowledge his comment, but went with his plan anyways. She charged at the larks, as well as a small woman in a feudal era shrine outfit could. She ran between them while she let her clawed hand out to the side and ripped down what she assumed was the side of the lark. She stopped and spun around, to try to grab a hold of the backside of the lark she had just ran by with her beastly claws and swing it into the other.

It was then that she activated the shotgun, as she reached behind herself and pulled it out of thin air. "I hope you like this song, it's called the Elegy of Pain." She hastily pointed the shotgun at the two larks, and squeezed the trigger, sending the spray of ammunition right in their direction.

Discarding the spent shotgun, she activated a chip that she had never used before. I wonder how this'll work... Suddenly, what seemed to be a futuristic shotgun appeared before her, with a chamber that pulsed a strong yellow glow. Hmm... well, at least it's interesting I guess...

She grabbed hold of the strange weapon, reading a 1 on the unit's LCD screen. She pointed it at the lark again, and fired. A powerful ball of energy shot at the virus, with electricity jumping off of it the entire time. "What an odd attack," she said, somewhat dismayed. She shrugged and tossed the spent weapon away, its LCD flashing a red 0.

Passive: Meditatio
1. Rageclaw 40 @ LarkA
2. Rageclaw 20 + Impact @ LarkA/B
3. Shotgun 50 at Lark A/B
4. Thunder 40 Elec + Homing1 @ Lark B.
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Celeste.exe: 160 HP

Get: Flameline1, 375z
Celeste placed her hands on her hips and sighed. "How long do i have to keep this up? When are you going to give me my song attacks back?"

"I told you, when I figure out the system a bit better. As for how long..."[/b] Leon flopped his head back and looked at a clock on the wall, "I'd say another while at this rate. Maybe you should pick up the pace or something?"

How about I pick your face up off the netscape... she angrily thought. She walked over and picked up the data that was left over from the virii none too happy that she seemed to have a never-ending task of ritualistic killing ahead of her.

Maybe I'll luck out and meet a cute guy while I'm out. She walked onwards, searching for her true love, or at least another fight.

[Battle 3]

((Heh, mine's talking about HD BlueMax SAD Lighting.))
Celeste, unfortunately, just finds another fight.

HanzA: 100 HP
HanzB: 100 HP
OldstoveA: 50 HP
OldstoveB: 50 HP
OldstoveC: 50 HP
MagneakerA: 70 HP
MagneakerB: 70 HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

Celeste.exe: 160 HP

"Leon, I think the fans are revolting. You should probably give me a good song to calm them down," Celeste said in a semi worried and semi sarcastic tone.

"I get it, ok? I'll get you a song when I can, so stop pushing it," Leon replied to his pushy pal. "For now, just deal with the fans with these." Leon quickly scooped up four of his chips, quickly slotting them and continued. "Get to a good spot, turn up the heat on the Hanz and Hanz, hose the stoves, and then fill what's left with buckshot."
"Oh, such a simple plan. How long did it take you to think of it?"
"Just drop the attitude, will ya? The metal panels will work well for us, but they'll also end up getting us killed if we don't finish these things off quickly."
"Sigh... Fine."

Celeste was really unimpressed with the recycled strategy Leon used this battle. He's right though, if I don't thin their ranks it might spell the end for me. She dutifully scanned for a safe spot to ambush the Hanz from, teleporting in such a way that she was lined up to set her wave of flames off and make a large amount of the virii extra crispy. She reappeared, touching down with her feet and raising her hand towards the skies. A pillar of flame erupted in from of her, and hastily made its way towards her foes. She wasted no time checking to see if it hit, instead using the split second of surprise that might have been left to quickly blow a torrent of water at the decrepit and fiery ovens, shooting out of a bubble wand as usual.

Celeste then ran to her side, keeping her eye on the two virii she hadn't tried to touch yet. She skid to a halt, spinning to face them and pulling a large caliber shotgun from behind her back. "I'm out of puns for now guys. I'm sorry," she said apologetically. She raised the barrel towards the virii, the light form the netscape shimmering off the tip, and pulled the trigger.

1. Areagrab to a 'good spot'
2. Flameline @ Hanz A/B, Magneaker A. 70 Fire (x2 for metal panels)
3. Bubbler @ OldStove A/B. 50 Aqua (x2)
4. Shotgun @ Oldstove C/ Magneaker B
A single Magneaker is all that's left. It weakly fires a bomb that pins Celeste, but the virus' crippled state doesn't allow it to charge at the navi.

OldstoveA: DROWNED
OldstoveB: DROWNED
OldstoveC: BLOWN UP
MagneakerA: BURNT
MagneakerB: 20 HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

Celeste.exe: 130 HP (stun, -1 action)
Leon grinned wickedly at the quick deletion of the virii. "Way to go Celeste."

He said this just in time for Celeste to be hit by a Magneaker's attack, coming unseen from withing the cloud of destruction. Celeste tried to dodge but it was too late- the attack hit, and with a slight yelp and biting of the lip, shot a paralyzing electric surge through her body. Celeste wavered for a moment after the surge had passed. She raised her hand to her forehead and shook off the effects of the attack.

Leon quickly slotted in a cannon.

Able to see in the area once again, Celeste took aim at the defiant virus. "You should have just rolled over when you had the chance!" Clearly, she was none too happy about the pain. And she intended to pay the virus back in kind.

She formed the old pirate-style cannon in front of her, pointy its hefty barrel at the lone virus. She firmly grasped a rope coming out the back, pulling it with all her might, until the cannon fired with a loud and ominous boom, sending a ball of energy right at the virus.

Leon smirked. "Say hi to the rest of the fools with you. Remember... hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

1. Stun.
2. Take Aim
3. Cannon @ Magneaker. 40
4. Taunt those n00bs
It dies.

OldstoveA: DROWNED
OldstoveB: DROWNED
OldstoveC: BLOWN UP
MagneakerA: BURNT
MagneakerB: SCORNED

Terrain: 100% Metal

Celeste.exe: 130 HP

Get: Fireburn1, 500z
Celeste rubbed her neck, still stiff from the electric shock she had received. She quickly collected the data that the virii had dropped, noticing that she had gotten another chip. "You should be thankful. I'm saving you a ton of money by finding all these chips."
"Indeed. Now, just sit tight for a while. I sent an e-mail to Majin, asking if he'd like to bust with us."
"Oh, did you now... Why?"
Celeste asked, completely unsure of why Leon had decided to stop their solo busting.
"Two reasons. One: You're more of a support role now. Two: I haven't seen Junior in a long time, and I'd like to see how he's grown." Leon replied, rather matter-of-factly.
"Fine, fair enough. Shall I jack out?"
"Sure. Who knows how long it'll be till we get a response."

Celeste shrugged. Well, at least I got to get some of my frustration out. I guess that's good... Still, I'm not looking forward to acting cheery in front of Junior and Majin.

She brought her hand to the ground, barley touching it. She spun around once, bringing her hand to above her head at the same time, a trail of cherry blossoms swirling around her as she did so. They engulfed her, and she shot off of the net in her typical fashion.