Hot virus on virus action!

In a flash of violet light, Del appeared in the middle of a busy Election 'Net intersection. He had enough time to register he was on the net before he had to dive out of the way to avoid being hit by a Navi modeled after a antique electric trolley.

"Clang, clang, clang goes the trolley! Ding, ding, ding goes the bell!" it howled as it zoomed away.

Del got to his feet, watching the Navi shrink into the distance. He brushed off the cyber-dust that had gotten all over him when he fell. "Well, I guess it takes all types..." he sighed. He located the nearest footpath and began to walk down it, looking for a group of viruses to rid from the 'Net.
Del, while looking for some Hot virus on virus action like the topic title talks about... unless I am wrong about Del's motivation, found some viruses in the wrong part of town. Wrong part as in the most magnetic part...Have fun

Billy: 50 HP
CactyA: 70 HP
CactyB: 70 HP

Terrain: magnet
Del slowed to a stop as he spotted the virus. "Well, that didn't take too long..." Del commented, eyeing the gaggle of viruses with a nonchalant gaze. "Yeah, I guess there's two things you can count on in this crazy world of ours," Taylor reflected, a pseudo-philosophical tone in his voice, "Taxes, and the fact that you can't walk 5 feet in Electown without finding some form of trash or another." He waved over to a passing waitress, and made an order. "Well, you ready?" he asked after he was done, moving the napkin holder to the center of the table so he could rest the PET against it. "You know it!" his Navi replied, turning his head to the side until his neck let loose a satisfying CRACK! "Alright, battle routine set," Taylor said, engaging the PET's battle interface.

"Execute!" Del shouted, charging towards the closest virus.

Reaching behind, Del wrested the fragmented mass of data he called a wing from his back and ran a clawed hand over it, causing the individual fragments to coalesce into a single, razor edged blade. Dragging the sword along the ground, he let out a battle cry, then suddenly vanished mid-stride.

Del reappeared behind the Billy, sword drawn high, as an explosive slash ripped through the ground behind him. He sheathed his blade, the fragments separating to their original state, as he turned to taunt the remaining viruses. Instead of a witty quip, however, he let out a yell as his feet were dragged along the ground, causing him to fall face-first as the rest of him followed. When he came to a stop, he scrambled back onto his feet.

"Huh... Haven't had to deal with these before..." he remarked, tapping his boot on the electrically charged panel beneath him. "Ya find something new every day, eh?" Taylor said, absentmindedly sipping from the steaming mug of coffee the waitress had just supplied him. "I guess so..." Del replied, sprinting parallel to the viruses to gain a more defensive position.

//Flash Step - 60 damage at Billy
//Magnetic Floors-a-go-go
Magnetic Floors-a-go-go indeed, because thanks to them and your little attack, you seem to not get attacked.

Billy: dead
CactyA: 70 HP
CactyB: 70 HP

Terrain: magnet
"Wha?" Del mumbled, surprised at the lack of attacks from his woody foes. "Oi, you guys are viruses, right? You're supposed to at least put up some kind of fight!" he shouted, coming to a stop and glaring indignantly at the pair. "Come on!" The viral Navi crossed his arms and waited for some kind of action...

And waited...

And waited...

"Taylor," he finally groaned, an exasperated expression on his face, "I'm bored!"

"Well then," Taylor said, causally slotting in two chips, "Let's do something to speed this up. Shotgun and Cannon, headed your way."

"Alright, let's get this going," Del smirked, supporting his right arm with his left and pointing it at the viruses. In a flurry of assorted data, a gleaming barrel took the place of the limb. Now, how to do this... A faint tingle ran through his feet, giving him an idea. A sudden lurch announced the start of another joyride across the magnet riddled landscape, but Del managed to keep his balance this time around. Only gonna get one shot at this... He slid past the viruses, and for one brief moment their forms overlapped. "Now!" he cried, releasing both shots almost simultaneously. Plumes of smoke rose from the ground as the shotgun, and the cannon, both impacted into... something. Del couldn't tell through the dust, but he could hope they hit as he continued his involuntary journey across the battlefield.

//Shotgun - 50 damage at CactyA, with possible splash to CactyB
//Cannon - 40 damage at CactyA
Shoot, you killed one of the plants...

Billy: dead
CactyA: dead
CactyB: 20 HP

Terrain: magnet
"One left..." Del grunted, dismissing the barrel in a storm of data much like the one that spawned it. He removed his wing, collecting the pieces into a single whole for a second time. Bringing the weapon to his waist, he crouched, building up his attack. In a sudden flurry of movement, he sprang at the virus, disappearing mid jump and reappearing with his sword drawn behind it. "It's over..." he said as he replaced the wing. Another gouge appeared in the 'Net, leading straight to the virus.

//Flash Step - 60 damage at CactyB
Know what?
Wait, that's not right...



Prize: 250z