Skies Over ElecNet

Steelsky materialized in the shop's homepage and strode towards the portal leading to Electown's Net. The homepage was discreetly hidden in a small branch of the network, which helped with privacy but wasn't much good for getting anywhere. With a sigh, Steel started walking the route towards the central CyberSquare.

"When's he installing a warp that's closer to the Square?"
"Uhm...Well...I was doing that for him, actually."
"So you are to blame for this nonsense?"
"Never mind. How close are we?"
"About halfway. Any sign of trouble?"
"Yes, actually."
"Could have told me. Battle routine, set."

Unsheathing his sword and dagger, Steelsky gave an evil grin and replied, "Execute!"
((I'm assuming that your HP is at 100 since you're a newbie. *Hint*Put it in your sig please*Hint))
Virus Attack!

BillyA: 50 HP
BillyB: 50 HP
BillyC: 50 HP

Steelsky.exe: 100 HP

[Knew there was something I forgot in the Quickstats. >_>]

Gauging the distance between himself and the viruses, Steelsky maneuvered around them until he had two lined up in front of him. "I need a Shotgun," he muttered. "Roger, and this should help as well," replied the Op, exuding confidence for the first time that day.

Taking aim, Steelsky fired at the nearest of the two Billies, hoping to catch both in the Shotgun blast. Turning his attention to the final virus of the trio, the second chip's data loads.

Swapping his sword into his left hand, Steel clenches his fist, then flings it open as a lethal-looking claw grows where his hand was.

A gleam in his eye, Silver exclaims, "Go for it!"

Sword and Claw at the ready, Steelsky dashes toward the third Billy, leaping and delivering a powerful downward swipe, then using the leverage from the Claw to complete the somersault. Whirling, he brings his sword and RageClaw into a guard position.

1. Shotgun at BillyA and B
2. RageClaw swipe at BillyC
3. Dodge

((Also: This is something my previous MM RPG forum taught me to do.))

Steelsky: 100
BillyA/B: 50 (50 damage; Deletion pending)
BillyC: 50 (40 damage pending)
Well, the Two Billies were taken down by the shotgun blast, and while you charged the last one, it fired it ball at you, but missed when you somersaulted over him.

BillyA: poof
BillyB: poof
BillyC: 10 HP

Steelsky.exe: 100 HP

((Well, we tend to normally put the damage and stuff next to our actions in our summeries, but what you did their was fine.))
Straightening, Steelsky swipes twice with his claw, then delivers a heavy blow with the flat of his sword to knock himself and the virus apart

"Did we do it?"

"Hard to tell, hold on..."

1. RageClaw
2. RageClaw
3. Normal attack/dodge
((First of all, do try and put the damage next to your attacks, it really helps the mods so we don't have to go and check the DMG of every single chip that we don't know off the top of our heads. Thank you.))

It dies.

BillyA: poof
BillyB: poof
BillyC: poof

Steelsky.exe: 100 HP

Get: Thunder, 100z
[I'll add it to the ChipFolder tab.]

Gazing contemptuously at the remains of his fallen enemies, Steelsky notices something; a white spark, a seed of lightning. He reaches out to grasp it and as his fingers make contact, he freezes and lines of code run across his eyes; the PET spits out a small chip, and the counter of Zenny on its display increases by 100.

Cool. Now I'm not flat broke.

Grumbling, Steel stalked toward the Square, still a distant goal.

Hint, hint.
Bump. Again.
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Steelsky finds more viruses.
Joy. :rolleyes:

CactyA: 70 HP
CactyB: 70 HP
CactyC: 70 HP
LarkA: 100 HP

Steelsky.exe: 100 HP
((Why is there no list of virus' stats? >>))

More viruses, Caleb.

How very...unexpected. The Lark appears to be Aqua; Thunder on its way.

Steelsky, a sanguine grin on his face, walks deliberately closer to the viruses, keeping his eye out for any sudden moves. Setting his sword to his dagger, he makes as if to strike a spark, but instead, a sphere of roiling ball lightning is struck, flying towards the solitary Lark. Abruptly picking up speed, he dashes around the lark and lines up a Shotgun shot as in his previous tactic, attempting to hit the closest Cacty. Backing off, he fires a Cannon at the unfortunate Cacty, and prepares to parry.

1. Thunder on Lark
2. Shotgun on Lark and CactyC
3. Cannon on said CactyC

Steelsky: 100
Lark: 100 (80+50 damage; deletion pending)
CactyC: 70 (50+40 damage; deletion pending)
Cacties A&B: 70
((Ok, this is not a mod post, but an advice post.

You do not need to keep track of your HP.
Your Swordplay is for MELEE attacks ONLY. The attacks you just used were all ranged attacks.

Your Turn Summary should be more like this.

Turn Summary
1. Thunder on Lark [40 Elec DMGx2 = 80 DMG]
2. Shotgun w/Splash at Lark and CactyC (((Remember to specify your target, don't say "closest" Cacty, or we might make it not be hit at all))) [50 DMG]
3. Cannon on CactyC [40 DMG]

We don't have virus stats because it would be considered metagaming.

Thank you for your cooperation.))
[I'll keep that in mind. Bump.]
((Apparently, you feel too lazy to edit your turn Summaries completely. <<;))
Larks are zapped, a Cactus is blasted, and viruses are defeated.
Other Cactys attack Steelsky.

CactyA: 70 HP
CactyB: 70 HP

Steelsky.exe: 60 HP
Steel grimaces and picks cactus needles out of his leg.

Any ideas?

A few...get close in.

Steel dutifully rushes the remaining viruses and listens to Silver's calm speaking in his mind.

Not bad...I'm on it.

Steelsky unsheathes his dagger as he runs, and dodges around behind the Cacties, unleashing a vicious slash from the left-hand dagger and a brutal cleave from the sword to the nearest. Turning, his hand again morphs into a wicked claw, which he proceeds to use to as much effect as possible on the final virus.

1. Blade Horizon on CactyB [70 DMG; Deletion pending]
2. and 3. RageClaw swipes at CactyA [40 + 40; 80 DMG, deletion pending]

As the attacks were ALL melee... [Swordplay] free dodge.
They all die.


Steelsky.exe: 60 HP

Get: 400z
Steelsky walks cheerfully through the Square door, a bit battered but none the worse for wear.

Where to, bossman?

You seem pretty happy. Anyway, I need to go to...ACDC Net and pick up some things.


((To the ACDC chip shop! Thread ends?))