American vs. The Communist Virii

American was beamed down in a bright white light that stretched down from the heavens and touched down on the ground. His form was left standing as the light disintegrated away from the area. He grabbed his Musket from it's resting place on his back, and held it with both hands holding it horizontally. He began to walk forward slolwy while trying to survey his surroundings. The net seemed the same everywhere he went in this area, no large landmarks to help him guide his way.

"Bo, do I really need to bust here? It just seems like a total waste of time, without money I can't upgrade my weapons."

Bo had his rebuttle to any question American might bring up read at this point in time, he knew his navi well enough that he could predict almost anything he said. Bo shook his head and brushed the hair out of his eyes, pushing it to the sides of his head.

"Yes, but without chips how will you fight the stronger guys. Chips are better then your buster at this point American, and your sigs absouletly need to be upgraded more then your weapons."

American scowled, he knew he couldn't see Bo, but Bo could see American, and that was good enough for him at the moment. All he wanted to do at this point was just shoot something to get his mind off of Bo's naivity. He couldn't stand it for very long and wondered how long it would take for him to fully tolerate his operator's weakness and strengths.

((Battle 1))
Virus Attack!

BillyA: 50 HP
BillyB: 50 HP
BillyC: 50 HP
CactyA: 70 HP
CactyB: 70 HP

American.exe: 120 HP

American grabbed his shotgun from it's loop on his left shoulder. He then slipped his hand slowly into his pouch, and removed two shotgun shells from it. He flipped his shotgun and then loaded the two shells into it quickly while watching the virii hoping he wouldn't have to dodge. He put his left hand under the barrel of the shotgun and held the gun with his right hand.

"Bo, give me two Shotguns so we can blow these Billy's out of the water. I'll break the third one after I use the Shotguns."

Bo picked up two of the five Shotguns from his pile of chips, he then pulled the Vulcan from the pile also just so he could be safe and give American something to fall back on after he used his Shotguns. He slotted the three chips into his PET and then pushed the download button. The data was sent to American, and Bo took to explaining the situation to American.

"I gave you the Vulcan just so you can have something to fall back on after the Shotguns. You can use it if you want, if not just shoot those damn things until they die."

American cocked his Shotgun, then started to walk slowly while still aiming at the Virii. He began to start walking to his left, and never taking his eyes off the Billy's that he was walking towards. He squeezed the trigger and let the Shotgun boom, the recoil sent his arms flying up, while still holding a firm grip of his weapon. He then brought his shotgun back down to a good point for him to shoot once again. He squeezed the trigger and let the Shotgun boom a second time, and the same amount of recoil sent his arms flying back up into the air. He placed the shotgun back into the loop next to his shoulder pad.

American drew his one SMG from his right arm with his left, then switched off by giving the SMG in his left and put it in his right. He then drew the second SMG with his left and kept it in his hand. They were already loaded with a clip so he didn't have to worry about reloading or loading them at the moment. He held both hands up and outstretched, he pulled the trigger of his right hand and three bursts were fired off. He then pulled the left trigger and a small round of bullets were fired off from it.

1_ Shotgun (50dmg) BillyA
2_ Shotgun (50dmg) BillyB
3_ Vulcan1 (10x3) BillyC
4_ Normal Shot (12dmg) BillyC
The Billies are fried, well most of them. One Cacty attacks, and hits.

BillyC: 8 HP
CactyA: 70 HP
CactyB: 70 HP

American.exe: 100 HP
Bo pulled a chip from his pocket, this was his favorite chip. It had the most sentimental reasons, and uses that would blow your mind away. He thought this was his trump card, a chip that he uses to deal the most damage to a large amount of virii in a short amount of time. He slotted the chip into his faded PET, and then pushed the red button to give American the chip data.

"A tribute to the king American, don't mess it up."

American slipped the SMG's back into their holding places on his right arm, and then waited and watched as his right arm morphed into a buster like weapon. The Boomerang slid into position, and awaited American to fire it at his unkindly foes. He lifted his buster and held the underside with his left hand. He pulled the imaginary trigger in his mind and sent the Boomerang rocketing at the Virii. It spun quickly and made a sharp U-turn as it came back to American. He caught it with his left and it dissipatated into data.

"Bo, these things fall one by one slowly, but they fall at least. I'm strong Bo, why don't you see that."

American pulled out his Musket from his back, and slid his right hand into his pouch. He pulled out two Musket bullets and quickly loaded one of them into his Musket. He then braced the barrel with his right hand and raised it to his eye level. He was taking aim on the Cacty, not caring about anything else living at the moment. He squeezed the trigger and the musket fired off a small bullet, it flew through the air rapidly.

American held his Musket with one hand and quickly loaded it up with another bullet. He then placed it back in the position he had it when he made his first shot with it. He then took aim on the second Cacty, and quickly had to decide if to shoot or defend. He was getting somewhere in this battle, with the first two Virii dying from his first onslaught. He made the decision and squeezed the trigger again, letting a second bullet fire from his musket and fly towards the Cacty.


1_ Boomerang (60dmg) BillyC, CactyA-B
2_ Normal Shot (12dmg) CactyA
3_ Normal Shot (12dmg) CactyB
4_ Dodge

((Sin, when this battle is over, wait till you post. Medic said he wanted in, for OOC and IC reasons. So just wait until he joins before we start a second battle after this one.))
The boomerang takes out the last billy, and nearly kills the last two viruses. They were about to attack when America headshoted them.

Reward: 500 Zenny
"Okay, that was a good warm up. Now I feel like launching myself up the scale and take on something unplanned. Jack me out Bo, let's go to Yoka."

Bo wasn't sure about American's plan and began to doubt it, not being sure if he should jump up to someplace that might be to hard for him. He always doubted what American wanted, but even when he did he was to submissive to do anything about it and usually just let American go his own way. Not wanting to change his ways and probably anger American, so he pulled the plug and brought American back to his PET.

((Jacking Out.))