Focusing Ross's thoughts.

It appeared in a flash, as a yellow, lightningbolt shaped beam of light Plummeted to the ground in the form of Rapidman. He stretched his arms and legs, grinning. "Ahh. Wonderful. A new place, new viruses, and new Navi's." He said to himself, although Ross could hear him clearly.

"Uh, if its okay with you, Id like to bust a few viruses before I go to bed. You can explore tomorrow if you want..." Ross chimed in, getting the feeling that Rapidman wanted to stay for longer than Ross had wanted.

Rapidman sighed. "Yeah yeah whatever. Im going to at least explore for at least a little bit. You can handle that cant you?" He asked, crossing his arms. Ross paused for a moment and conceded. "All right. A little bit Is ok I guess..."
At first, a solitary black feather flew past Rapidman, flitting around on a breeze, falling at his feet. However, the feather was a distraction. Standing back-to-back with Rapidman was Shinokami, already with Irkalla in his hand.

"Your time has come..." Shinokami stated in his usual droning voice. "I shall grant you your death as my Master wishes."

Shinokami still didn't move, awaiting his adversary's response...
Rapidman stood still, as Ross watched, tension rising as he saw the deathly figure appear, a chilling sensation tingling in the upper part of his spine. Ross reached into his pocket, pulling out three chips, setting them aside, sensing the inevitable battle that was about to come.

"And just who are you supposed to be?" Rapidman demanded, slightly demoralized by the eerie presence he felt. "And what buisness do you have with me?" Rapidmans Vulcan slowly began to turn. If it was a fight he wanted, then he needed to prepare himself, as the enemy seemed quite fierce.

Rapidman didnt move a muscle, instead waiting for the strange figure to make the first move. It may have been a mistake on his part, but his gut told him not to move, or he might end up deleted.
Shinokami still didn't move, still facing away from Rapidman.

"I shall be your deliverance from this eternal pain. You need not know my name. However, pray tell yours, so I can engrave it upon your tombstone."

With a flap of his wings, Shinokami soared above Rapidman in a half loop, stopping behind Rapidman again, this time upside down and facing him.

"Now, your last request. Will it be quick and painless? OR will you give me the pleasure of giving you a slow and painfull death..."
As the two combatants threaten to out-badass each other, a new challenger approaches!


...well, okay, not so much a new challenger as new challengers, and not so much new challengers as a pack of hungry viruses looking for some fresh new digital beings to crush, dismember, and consume the core data of. Whether or not the two navis like it, it may be in their best interests to deal with the present threat first.

Battle Routine Set! Execute!

LarkA: 100

Shinokami: 100
Rapidman: 100
"Cocky little bastard arent you." Rapidman snorted, a hint of chuckle right at the end. " I dont see why I need to hand out my name If you deny my yours, especially since I dont plan on losing this fight." His words sounded strong, but he himself was not sure if he was capable of defeating him, but he didnt want the Assasin to know that.

Suddenly, Virii had appeared right before Rapidman could make his action, which had killed the strategy he had brewed into his head. Trying to take advantage of the situation, though, Rapidman attempted to lunge forward away from the would be executioner, and held up his arm. "Shotgun Chip, now!" he demanded.

It didnt take Ross any time to know that he needed to send him the Chip, so he reached for The shotgun chip placed on his bed and Slotted it in. He felt a little more relaxed, as this is what he had intended to do in the first place. "Coming your way.."

Rapidmans Vulcan quickly warped into a shotgun, and he aimed it at a Billy, taking aim and Letting fire. After the Shotgun on his arm had been used up, it had morphed back into his trusty Vulcan, which began to emit electric pulses.

Rapidman looked towards the lark. A formidable virus to say the least. It seemed wise to weaken it next. The pulses from his Vulcan had started to turn into what seemes a solid form, as his Vulcan began spinning rapidly. "Drill!" Rapid extended his Arm, aiming at the Lark. "Shocker!" He exclaimed, as the Electric drill fired towards the virus.

[Shotgun at BillyA]
[Drill Shocker at LarkA]
Shinokami grinned, uttering an almost amused "hmph".

"Very well." he continued. "I shall send you to an unmarked grave!"

Without even waiting for a response, Shinokami flapped his wings again, darting high into the air, then directly at Rapidman, Irkalla at the ready.

"Where are you looking? I am your opponent!"

He shot past Rapidman, attempting to slice him with Irkalla as he flew past, soaring higher into the air and looking down on the effects of the attack he may have caused.

((1/ Musou Tenshou Yoku no Jin - Rapidman.EXE - 70 damage))
((2/ Dodge))
((3/ Dodge))
((Rapidman, please put damage values into your turn summaries. That makes things so much easier.))

Rapidman begins the assault with a shotgun burst, sending a thousand deadly lances of energy bursting toward the Billy virus. The electric-element menace explodes almost instantly, having been shot to pieces by the high-powered buster technique. Shortly thereafter, Rapidman's high-voltage vulcan tears into the Lark, deleting it in a burst of electrical energy.

Rapidman turns toward Shinokami, half-expecting his darker comrade to launch his own...

...what the hell?

The tall, armored navi dove out of the way just in the nick of time, evading Shinokami's sneak attack by mere inches. What could that navi be thinking?! Fighting like this outside of the colosseum! Capitalizing on the opportunity, the Cactus-like viruses hurl a deluge of small cacti at the fighting navis. Shinokami manages to evade, but Rapidman takes a glancing blow from behind (10 - 20 with weakness)!

This isn't looking good at all.

LarkA: Deleted

Shinokami: 100

Rapidman: 80
"Erk.." Rapidman Groaned. While he barely dodged the Assassin, he was hit by an incoming virus. One that had the Type advantage, no less. "You dirty cheat.." He groaned, getting up from his Prone state. "Fine. I guess its every man for himself.

Rapidman was Caught in a Crossfire. There were Viruses in front of him, and a bloodthirsty NAVI in back. Rapidman thought for a moment, as a moment was all he had in this one-sided battle. Rapidman slowly moved around, looking back and forth, trying to keep up with the Situation.

The vulcan on his arm began spinning, and continued to spin. Suddenly, Rapidman Attempted To dash behind Shinokami, to try and reverse the position he was in. Maybe if He stayed near him, as dangerous as it may be, the Virii would focus its attack on him.

[Charge 1/3]
[Charge 2/3]
Shinokami glanced at the virii, then towards Rapidman behind him. There was a simple way to fix this...

Shinokami thrust the bladed base of Irkalla behind him, trying to skewer Rapidman with it and follow up by throwing him towards the very thing he was trying to use against Shinokami, the virii. It didn't take a rocket scientist to realise what his plan was, but there was the possibility that it could work. Expecting this, he flew skywards yet again during the front-flip throw attempt.

"A futile effort. Now. Tell me your name, so that I may engrave it upon your tombstone. It shall give your operator something to weep over."

((1/ Stab - Rapidman.EXE - 8 damage))
((2/ Slash-throw - Rapidman.EXE - 8 damage [Swordplay Dodge - Flight]))
((3/ Dodge))
Shinokami's swordplay deals Rapidman two glancing blows (16), but his second attack was interrupted by several hundred volts of electricity surging through his form. The Billy virus, not quite sure what to make of the warring navis but not one to avoid capitalizing on the situation, fired off a thunderball that caught Shinokami in the middle of his second strike! (15)

The cactus viruses respond once more, but both combantants manage to evade the attacking viruses with a set of well-placed dodges. What could those navis be thinking? Fighting in the middle of a civilized area. I wouldn't be surprised if something drastic happened if this madness kept up!

LarkA: Deleted

Shinokami: 85 (Stunned! -1 action)

Rapidman: 64
Rapidman let out a toothy grin. While everything didnt go exactly according to plan, he couldnt complain, seeing as the Billy he left managed to get a hit on the murdering NAVI that was after him.

"You may talk tough, but when it all comes down to it, you are no stronger than me."Several Bullets Dispersed from his now wildly spinning Vulcan, in the direction of Shinokami. If there was any time to fight back, now was the time. "You couldnt even escape a Slow-moving Billies attack. I would be surprised if you could even delete a virus on your own."

While He would have liked to, Ross could not Ignore the threat the Remaining Viruses Possesed, even if Rapidman was stuck in his own little world. "Rapidman, Im sending you a chip. Please try and take out some viruses.... Its too dangerous to fight too many enemies at once."

Ross took one of the two remaining chips on his bed, and put it through, so nervous he forgot to check which chip it was. Rapidman had continued to smirk, until the transformation on his arm wore off, and it turned into a shocked stare.

"RAGECLAW? What the hell am I supposed to do with this, poke them to death?!" He complained. It seemed as though he did not like bladed weapons that much. Ross seemed embarassed at this, and decided not to comment. "Fine then..." Rapidman sighed. There was no room for complaints on a battlefield, so he decided to make due.

Rapidman turned his back on his would-be killer, and instead ran after a Cacti. He decided to spare the Billy for his help, at least until much later. Rapidman let out two furious swipes with the claws, which he didnt seem to like much, and jumped backwards, feeling fatigued from the whole ordeal.

[Charge Shot 32 damage At Shinokami. {Snipe Ability}]
[Rageclaw 40 at CactiA]
[Rageclaw 40 at CactiA]
((Sorry, was sorting out my new home for the next three or four years))

Electricity surged through Shinokami's digital body as the virus landed a cheap shot. But he wasn't going down just yet...

"RageClaw. Slot in."

Shinokami's free hand again became larger with elongated claws. As the convulsions stopped and without even blinking, Shinokami soared towards Rapidman, attempting to skewer him on his clawed fist, then grab hold of Rapidman and shred the claws through most of Rapidman's insides. Whether or not the attack was successful, Shinokami again took to the skies.

"You are mistaken. Your condition is worse than mine. Save your breath and allow me to grant you slumber eternal."

((1/ STUNNED))
((2/ RageClaw - 40 - Rapidman.EXE))
((3/ RageClaw - 40 - Rapidman.EXE [Swordplay dodge - Written as flight]))
((Just so you know, it's perfectly okay by OUR rules to try to kill each other outside of the arena... but the Netpolice don't take to it quite so lightly.))

Suddenly... shots fired into the area! Shinokami was the first to be hit, a triplet of stunning attacks fired directly into his back.

The second things to go down were the rest of the viruses-- pillars of energy erupted from beneath each one, vaporizing them one by one until none remained.

Finally, a net hit Rapidman from above, and a sextet of anchors locked it in place on the ground.

Three navis appeared, side by side, taking slow strides towards the now-defused battle. Netpolice navis. The two to either side didn't look like much, both combatants had to admit, but the one in the middle...

He was huge. Easily twice the size of all the other navis present. When the Netpolice navis drew near, he was also the one who spoke first. "Now... what exactly is going on here?"

???: ???
???: ???
???: ???

Shinokami: 85 (Stunlock! No actions available!)

Rapidman: 64 (Net! No actions available!)
"Rapidman....are you alright?" Ross called out in a worried tone. He had become entangled in a net, and Ross's stomach lurched at what might happen next. First day in Electopia and he was already in a bit of trouble.

Rapidman didnt take any notice to Ross's worried words, instead looking up at three mysterious NAVIs who had easily taken out the rest of the Virii, along with him and Shinokami. "Theres not much to tell really. I was threatened with Deletion, I fought Back, Virii appeared, and I fought them too."

"And I would have wone too, if it werent for you." He muttured, his Pride hurt, along with various wounds he sustained from the battle.
Hisai's head appeared on a monitor screen nearby, visible to all. He was still in his suit and still smartly dressed. He bowed his head apologetically to the newcomer Navis. They were most likely NetPolice Navis, given the situation.

"Thank you for your help, officers. I'm afraid I lost control of this Navi during a test of an upgrade I had purchased, but it seems I was misled by the vendor. The Navi wasn't responding to my orders to halt and was unable to Jack Out. Again, many thanks for stopping him before it was too late. I'm certain that if I am able to return him to his PeT, I can remove the upgrade. Or, if you prefer, you can remove it yourselves."
"Hm." The larger Netpolice Navi growled. "Fine. I'll let you off with a warning this time, but if it happens again..." He didn't bother to finish the sentence, thinking that they could probably finish it better than he could. "Now get outta here. I'm tired of lookin' at your ugly mugs."

???: ???
???: ???
???: ???

Shinokami: 85 (Stunlock! No actions available!)

Rapidman: 64 (Net! No actions available!)

((Or in other words: JACK OUT NAO. >:0))
Rapidman grumbled in a bit of anger, glaring at the large oaf who had interrupted the battle. "....Fine big blowhard." And before the large NAVI could say another word, he was jacked out.

"Rapidman? Are you ok?" Ross asked, as he returned to the PET. Rapidman ignored Ross's concern, thinking to himself about the fierce battle he had been forced into. Even in the face of deletion, He couldn't help but admire his opponents skills, and was even more surprised by his own.

Rapidman would not soon forget his first day in Electopia.