Virus training

A tornado hit the ground hard and produced a green navi with a fan on his chest and extremely long arms. He looked around the area and wondered. *Where are all the viruses?* He wandered through the area, going to see if viruses would come after him at his presence.
A wandering group of Metool spot the Navi and attack!

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
MetoolC: 40
MetoolD: 40
Fanman spotted the mettools. They stared at him evily. Then Fanman smirked. "Nice." He simply said as he began the battle by shooting a cannon at mettoolA. He grew a cannon on his left arm and blasted it at one of the mettools. After the shot was fired, he quickly ran up to the second with a rageclaw on his right arm and slashed the opponent with good force. To finish his move, he used the rest of his time to try and avoid attacks.


atk 1:cannon-40dmg target:mettoolA

atk 2:rageclaw-40dmg target:mettoolB

1 dodge.
Pulseman jacked in
"Hello, brother, took me while to find you." Pulseman looked over at the viruses. "Can I help?"
Fanman looked to the side. "PULSEMAN!" He exclaimed. He would greet him, but he was battling theses mettools. He was getting ready for there next action.

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The small brigade of metools saw Fanman coming from a while away granting them initiative. Brandishing their pickaxes expertly, they fired a coordinated attack on Fanman, each of the small yellow viruses discharging a shockwave that tore along the ground toward the windy navi. Despite his dodging, three of the four shockwaves struck, knocking Fanman over and causing him to become disoriented (30 damage). The navi slowly rises to his feet, his ears ringing from the force of the blow.

Fanman's counterattack is equally potent, blasting one met into oblivion with a cannon and making a valiant charge toward a second. At the last instant, however, the Metool cowered into its helmet, causing the rageclaw to shatter on impact and reducing the power of the blow. Fanman reels from the impact, already slightly disoriented from the shockwave assault. As he catches his bearings, he notices with some charign that all three of the metools are hiding underneith their helmets...

MetoolB: 15 (Hiding, may use 1 action to flip)
MetoolC: 40 (Hiding, may use 1 action to flip)
MetoolD: 40 (Hiding, may use 1 action to flip)

Fanman: 70 (Rageclaw Broken)
Fanman smiled. "This battle may actually go in my favor! He said to himself running over to mettoolB and flipping it over. He then let loose a point-blanc shotgunn blast at the mettoolB while looking to his side to make sure the other mettools didn't pull something on him.


action1:flip mettoolB over

action2:shotgun chip used on mettoolB (30dmg)

action3:dodge use.
((Shotguns do 50, unlike the games))

Fanman slammed the ground near the metool, causing the helmetted virus to spiral awkwardly into the air, meeping in sheer terror. In a rather malicious gesture, the windy warrior fired a burst of shotgun fire to the airborne opponent. Hundreds of tiny beams of energy lanced forward, blasting the tiny virus to smithereens and deleting it on contact. In his fervor, however, he was struck on the side by the remaining two metools, bowling him over and rending his skin in the process (20 damage). The tiny pair laugh in shrill tones as they hop around happily, waving their pickaxes joyously in the air as Fanman was knocked flat on his back from the powerful impact.

As Fanman struggles to his feet, he glances over at the two remaining viruses who, as before, appear to be hiding under their helmets.

MetoolC: 40 (Hiding, may use 1 action to flip)
MetoolD: 40 (Hiding, may use 1 action to flip)

Fanman: 50
Fanman was in pain, but it couldn't let that stop him, he had been worse of before, so he could handel this. He was becoming annoyed with the mettools but he was still persistant. He bagan to charge up his custom weapon, just so ha could deal a serious blow once more. He used the rest of his time to prepare for a dodge.


action1:charge custom weapon


[If you start charging up on the first action, then you can fire on your third action. Wanna edit?]
OOC:No. i planned to fire it next turn. But thanks for the tip. ^^
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MetoolC: 40 (Hiding, may use 1 action to flip)
MetoolD: 40 (Hiding, may use 1 action to flip)

Fanman: 50 (Charge 1/3!)

Fanman begins to glow a little, as he deftly dodges two shockwaves!