I made a mistake, I choose 1 chip I didn't have for my starters, and used 2 instead of three.

Thus, instead of Vulcan 2 and Spreader

I will use Vulcan 2, shotgun, and sword.

Forgot that I didn't do this:

lvl 1

With the exception of two vents on EAV's back, the vents on EAV's body close to build heat. This causes an occasional small burst of some sort of smoke like cooling method from the two vents on EAV's back. The heat can be utilized by EAV as a weapon in limitless ways.

EAV uses 1 action to build up a reserve of 60 DMG. That damage can then be used divided in any way, and takes 0 actions to use.
3 turns cooldown. (starting from when the 1 action is used.)

Before you argue about building up damage by using the sig attack twice, think about it. It isn't an advantage. I won't be getting any more damage then normal.
I know, but it's still better than a standard 1.0 with no drawback. I'll say you have to use an action to release the heat. Beyond that, the others can put their opinions in.
I just explained this to Kazu and he changed his mind.

In simpler terms, I use 1 action to make 60 dmg, and I can then split the damage anyway I like over any amount of turns:

turn1: action:charge 60dmg
turn2: Punch X for 30 DMG (no action)
turn3: Punch X for 20 DMG and Y for 10 (no actions)

u dig?
Right. Approved.