Save the Hospital! Group One <EVENT>

In the middle of a rather desolate Electown location are three datapackets, each in the form of a small pink present with a red bow wrapped about it, and amidst all three is a map to the destination. The packages seemed to be encrypted with heavy locks, possibly time released. Amidst the data is a small card,

Thank you again for all your help, I have unfortunately included only one map in the data, and this part of the neighborhood is kind of shady, dears. Please travel in a group so as to ensure safety!

~Granny M
In a flash of electricity, Lavaman materialises on the scene. He looks around, then eyes the boxes. He assumes they are the Recovery 300s.

"First ones here," comes Rafael's voice. Lavaman nods, and sits down.

"Now we just have to wait for the others to get here," says Lavaman patiently.
Teethman arrived second in the Net, appearing in his new signature rain of silver lasers that eventually came out to his form. He spread his arms dramatically and took a stretch as he unfolded from his kneeling position. "Hyuuuuum... I suppose I'm inward."

The Navi took a look around, immediately spotting the one ally that had already appeared and the two remaining packages and map lying abandoned on the paneled floor. He walked casually over, scooping up one package and staring at the map. Had Hal been present, he might have questioned why the packages had not already been swiped, but Teethman was more interested in finding out about the sword-wielding ally he'd be working with.

Straightening up from his stiff bend to get the package in his arms, Teethman turned to the Navi and extended what would be his equivalent of a hand. "The title's Teeth. I suppose my guide shall form quick sufficient. Into the meantime, whom may you be?"
"The title's Teeth. I suppose my guide shall form quick sufficient. Into the meantime, whom may you be?"

Lavaman was taken aback by his polite yet strange way of speaking, and shook his hand.

"Well, Teeth, I'm Lavaman. I hope to slice any and all enemies we may encounter into tiny bits or strangle them to death with arms popping up from the ground."

Lavaman grinned. What he had said was said with the right words.
Valkyrie arrived to the area running. She had to take some detours, first getting to the scilabs-square, then find the link to Net-city, get to Electown-square, and finally, dash to the rendezvous point. The armor felt heavier and heavier with each step taken as she was getting closer to the place. She was slightly panting, and her face turned red from this little exercise.

- Your CPU is heating up my dear... must be because you run without any cooling...
- Oh, shut it already! We both know that I'm a program and not a machine you, you... bah, why am I even trying?

Val spotted the others already standing there, talking to each other. She slew down, and tried to walk casually, forcing slow breathing on her self, as an attempt to show no signs of fatigue. One of the navis was a warrior obviously... he was wearing a knights armor, sporting a scar on his face. She liked that; a true warrior should wear his scar proudly! However, the other one was... hard to describe. He was humanoid, in the sense that he had 2 legs, 2 arms, and something that faintly resembled a head, although, it didn't have any face like features. The design was dominated by white blocks, which reminded her of... teeth? They were standing next to some boxes, probably the containers of the recovery chips.

She stepped to them scratching the back of her head as a sign of embarrassment.

- Hope I didn't arrive late guys. My operator held me up.
-Weird I thought you was the one who wanted to stay and fight....
- Please do not mind his senseless mumbling. He does that at times.
- See? Just ignore him, and he stops. -there was a slight pause as the female navi let out a sigh, then continued talking- My name is Valkyrie. And you two are...?

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Teethman withdrew his hand from the Navi's disturbing proclamation of what he intended to do with the anyone that stood in their way, and questioned in the back of his mind how long Lavaman would take to discern a friend from a foe as he swung his sword. He nodded all the same, his expressionless face's equivalent not betraying his initial thoughts. "F-fine, I wish we shall never meet into all mischief onto our journey..."

The Navi turned gladly to the female Navi that had just introduced herself. "Greetings, Volkswagon... including trio concerning us assembled, are we prepared to go?" Teethman indicated to Valkyrie the remaining package on the ground with a gesture. The lights on his chest were flashing on and off with increased rapidity... "I'd acknowledge you toward my own guide," Teethman sputtered quickly, "However he's presently never located his TEP..." The Navi became aware that his social awkwardness was scrambling his speech even further than normal, so he cut his speech short and tapped his foot, diverting his face as he waited anxiously for his operator to return from making breakfast.
As the three prepare to head out, they are unexpectedly attacked by a troupe of viruses! The data that they are supposed to deliver has not yet unlocked to allow them to take it, and sits in between the two groups dangerously!

LarkA 100HP
LarkB 100HP
LarkC 100HP
BillyA 50HP
BillyB 50HP
OldstovA 50HP
OldstovB 50HP

Datapresents 200HP

Lavaman 100HP
Valkyrie 140HP
Teethman 100HP

- Do you mind if I take notes?

Valkyrie stood still for a second as her brain (or whatever navis have that does the thinking) processed the words that left the mouth (or whatever that thing on his fa... head can be called) of Teethman.

- Ha, ha... So, you are a funny boy, right? You know whats would be funny? Sticking this baby here -she summoned her sturdy lance on a whim- up your...
- Not to interrupt hilarity in the making, but we have some company
- Oh, yeah- She said while turning to the other navi who was standing there speechless, probably waiting for an opportunity to introduce himself- Sorry, I've got carried away a bit....- but her speech was interrupted again.

Just behind the boxes, a group of virii emerged from the depths of the net.
-... I meant THEM. Seriously, why would anyone drop precious data at a virii infested place?
The female navi glanced at the group...They were many, they were mean; just the way Valkyrie liked them.
- Know what? Forget this introduction crap, I'll let your actions speak for you.
She charged straight at the virii using the containers as ledges for a jump. While leaping into the air, she activated the thrusters on her back, using them to reach an extreme height. In the back ground, behind the whistling wind in her ears, she could hear a voice far too similar to her operator's say "Sword slot in! Battle routine set, Volkswagon, execute!", before falling back at one of the Larks. Like a hunting bird, she preyed upon her victim, smashing the ground with the blue energy sword as she (not so gracefully) landed after the neck breaking jump.

The momentum kept her going, as she had to do a side roll to lessen the impact of the stunt she just pulled off. She arrived facing the Billys, and without a moment of hesitation, she span around and dropped to her knees, to be in level with the unlucky virii that was about to get a taste of her sword. The blade that the chip temporary granted to her wrote down a wide arc into the air, leaving a blue trail behind as it got closer and closer to the Billy.

1. Valkyrie Ride to get to the virii / other side of he boxes
2. Sword LarkA(80+40)
2.5 Sword dance dodge
3. Sword BillyA (80)]
Hal returned to his PET to find the group surrounded by enemies... he knew that if their curiosity was like that of most viruses on the Net, they would be hounding those packages at any moment. He grabbed his PET at the table and held it with his left hand as he held his spoon in his right. "Teef-" came his voice, along with several bits of cereal he was chewing, toward the PET screen. "You getting along fine so far?" he asked briefly.

"LoverMan wishes toward form every infections we battle up gorey giblets; Volkswagon desires to force her javelin into my-" the Navi began with a note of severity.

"Nice to see you all are getting along so well," Hal cut him off short, knowing that both teamwork and time would be a factor in their success. "Now, this is just a shot from the blue, but I'm going to take it our two new friends are fighters before defenders. With that in mind, we'll do a bit of attacking, but try to stay back for the most part and let the others handle it while we take watch after these packages," Hal decided, rubbing his chin thoughtfully, although the image of him shoveling cereal into his mouth as he strategized created a notable contrast. "Valkyrie, you said her name was?" Hal confirmed, somehow drawing the name from Teethman's skewed report. "She seems to have already begun her Ride," Hal noted, catching the reference, "so we're going to aim for enemies she isn't focusing on. I'll send you chips: keep in mind our priorities are to protect these packages, get off our shots, and avoid hitting allies."

"Simpler voiced than acted..." Teethman responded, recieving the first chip. His arms spun, releasing steam in a torrent, and clouded the formation of his Shotgun weapon. The familiar tube-like shape of the gun was now aimed straight at the enemy stove unit, smoke curling maliciously from the corners of their bizarre mouths. The shot flew from the barrel, and with an almost instinctive urgency Teethman turned to attempt and defend another front. Those Larks would definitely prove to be a problem. He could tell his operator and he were on a similar page as his tubelike arm opened up to reveal two tiny prongs inside, electricity beginning to form a spark that became a concentrated ring. He pointed the arm quickly, knowing the shot would zip off of its own accord, and sent the charge whizzing toward one of the flying enemies.

With that, Teethman knew he was about spent. His last move should be focused on defending the packages: he hoped his allies would be able to pull through for him. His arms widened and flattened to form the shield he would use as the first line of defense, but after that his body would be the only thing standing in the way of a virus onslaught.

Shotgun to OldstoveA [50+splash]
Zapring to LarkC [40+10(UPBoost)x2=100 or 40x2+10(UPBoost)=90?, stun]
Shield in front of packages
<(Lavaman gets one more day)>

Lavaman took his fighting stance and knew what was coming. His arm transformed into a claw and he looked at it, puzzled.

"What the hell is this?" he said.

"I think we should save the sword for later."

"You are so stupid."

Nevertheless, he ran towards the OldStovA and felt the power in his arms, and the rustle of his new fur as it passed through digital air. As he continued, his clawed arm went down and made contact with the floor. He was now in a one-handed handstand. Using his upper-body strength, he propelled himself into the air and screamed,


Suddenly, two arms sprouted from the ground, strangling the virus to the ground.

"Lavaman, have you been watching too many Animes?"

"It seemed cool, okay?"

When Lavaman touched back to the ground, it was on top of the remaining box. Rafael's voice resounded into Lavaman - "Bring it awwwwwn!"

Rageclaw at OldstovA (40)
Lavabind at OldstovA (40)(Bind)
Dodge / protect box]
A lark and a billy are taken down by the dancing blade of valkyrie as she positions herself to take blows for their presents. Teethmans cannons manage to take down two more viruses, but as Lavaman deletes another stove, the remaining lark hits Valkyrie and Lavaman! The last billy manages to lob off a thunder that homes in on teethman, but his sheild deflects it.

LarkB 100HP
BillyB 50HP

Datapresents 200HP

Lavaman 60HP
Valkyrie 120HP
Teethman 100HP
Teethman felt the thunder surge through his shield as the strain on the systems forced his arms back into their regular form with violent spinning motions. He could tell that his allies had taken hits trying to defend the presents. Luckily, however, their defense seemed to have been largely successful. Maybe Teethman really had gotten reliable allies for this mission.

Hal's face quickly popped onto a screen next to his Navi, dark bags still visible beneath his eyes from having just woken up. He let out another yawn, then quickly got to yawning with a more serious tone. "You've all done a great job defending the presents so far. By the way, my name's Hal Belfast, but I'll introduce myself later. For now, it's important that we don't let those viruses lay a hand..." he reconsidered his words after some thought, "an attack on those packages. Everyone, for this turn, stand back and simply pepper the enemy with fire. Stay out of eachother's way and don't let anything get through your line of defense. Give it your all, folks!" Hal said, with a grin and thumbs up that seemed almost inentionally directed toward Valkyrie. As the screen cut off, Hal smiled to himself, confident that his charm and charisma would have a profound effect even on the somewhat creepy female Navi and her undoubtedly charming female operator, having not heard the voice Teethman had.

Teethman gave a nod to his alllies, hoping they would comply but having his doubts after giving a nervous second glance at the brash female and, frankly, somewhat shady-looking male. With that, he began to recieve the data for the arsenal he would use to take down the remaining enemies. The first weapon his arm shifted into was again the five-barreled shotgun of the Vulcan chip. He quickly leveled it with the enemy Billy, bracing his feet against the ground as shells flew from the gun in quick succession. A particularly loud blast accompanied the final round, and smoke drifted from the barrel. That smoke was quickly flung into vapor, however, as his arm took its original shape and then shifted, one block over the top end, to allow a barrel to protrude from the tip. He quickly shifted his aim to a flying virus, what should be the only remaining target. As the blast left the cannon, his arms began rapidly disbanding. Teethman needed no chip data for the final assault: he firmly held his ground and allowed the lasers from his now-floating arm blocks began to rain down on the virus's position in the dust... hopefully, if his final assault didn't finish the enemies off, his allies would take care of it. He watched them with notable anxiety as his arms began to lock back into place, each connecting with a loud shock.

(UPBoost) Vulcan2 to BillyB, [4x10, 1x(10+10)]
Cannon to LarkB [40]
SparklingWhites to LarkB [60]
"You forgot to dodge."







"Just gimme a Sword already!"

"Alright, but you're keeping the claw."

Lavaman's arms became very mismatched - one very furry claw and one very sharp, glowing sword. Then he saw Hal's picture appear from nowhere.

"Screw that," said Rafael from Electown. "You can't aim for nuts, Lavaman."

"Damn straight," replied Lavaman, and ran towards the Lark, while staying well away from Teethman's line of fire. As he passed him, he whispered - "I told you I'd slice them up."

As he neared the Lark he somersaulted high into the air, then came down to the ground and using the momentum given to him by the fall, lowered himself so he was only inches from the floor. He swung out his sword in the direction of the Virus, then swung upwards. However, rather than aiming for the lark, he continued the swing up, and finally his body going with it. He stabbed hard towards the Billy, then landed on the ground near his package softly. Without hands - letalone thumbs - he couldn't do much in the way of holding the package, so he simply readied to dodge by grounding himself and bending his knees. He folded his arms - and weapons - into a ready-to-use position.

One he was done he shouted to Valkyrie, "Hello. I'm Lavaman, and I'll be your pyromaniac for today."

He grinned, and Rafael did as well.

Sword at LarkB (80)
Sword at BillyB (80)
The lark swept past Valkyrie sweeping her off her feet. She hit the ground, followed by the loud clinging noise of her armor colliding with the substance that the panels of the area were made of.

-That must've hurt...
- Nah, it was great! I like getting knocked down by... what the?- she tried to stand up but her legs barely moved. The armor felt heavier than ever before, almost suffocating her with its wight. After a long struggle, she managed to force herself into a kneeling position, trying to support her legs with the lance.
- Great... you get pwnd by a bird...
- Stop babbling you insolent fool! What happened to me?
- Remember the joke about your CPU heating up? Guess what? It was not a joke. Since you did not let me optimize your code, your actions take up a lot more memory to process. You are eating up memory on a rapid rate, which means you get fatigued a lot faster. Especially when you run a marathon... Sit down and chill.
- No! Battle awaits! I won't just stand here idling...
- Yes you will. Guard, Recov10.

The guard chip took effect, forming a barrier in front of Valkyrie, cutting her off from the battle, while also protecting her and the packages. Meanwhile, the Recov10 also activated, healing some small wounds and cracks on the armor, which took only a few seconds. However, the female navi didn't stop spouting curses for much longer time...

1 Nothing
2 Guard
3 Recov10]
With blasts of energy and slash of swords, the remaining viruses fall anf the pathway of the navis is unblocked! The presents are all unlocked, each with a name of a navi in the group appearing on it, one for each!


Datapresents 200HP

Lavaman 60HP
Valkyrie 120HP
Teethman 100HP


Rewards: 500z each
(placeholder. I have to go to work now, and won't be back for 12 hours.... I'll edit in this post, for the time being, we pick up the boxes after arguing about how Val is a warrior, not a lackey)
"Yet another kick-freaking-ass victory by Rafael!"

"And Lavaman."


Lavaman went over to his package and sat on top of it. He coded a small program, working from the PET.


"What, Rafael?"

"You always get something wrong when you code."

"This is different, it's a simple program."

"Better work..."

Lavaman continued to code, and after a couple of minutes a small, hovering platform materialized. He placed his package on it, and smiled. He announced to the party his magnificent creation.

"This platform will follow me, on the ground, about ten metres behind. It will suck the package onto it, not allowing it to fall off."

As he finished, the package put a whole through the floating platform and slammed into the floor.

"Or I can just carry it..."
"Fine..." Teethman said, blinking a bit vacantly as he stared at his ally's unsuccessful platform. "I- I view you... erm... dribble in crypting? My guide proceeds a tidbit of such, however I..." Teethman went on awkwardly, staring off in another direction and letting the uncomfortable discussion trail off.

Hal's face appeared on a screen next to his Navi, saving him from the discussion besides. "Expert work, everyone," Hal commented, giving a thumbs up and grin and appearing less weary. "You're all doing a great job protecting those presents, and I can tell you put a lot of heart into it. That's the way to take one for the team! With you all to help, we'll have these presents delivered in no time, and in perfect condition. Teeth," he said, turning the screen to face his Navi directly, "grab that present and make sure to do your part, okay? Those sick Navis are counting on us!"

"Concerning path!" Teethman responded, giving his operator a relaxed salute. "The opponent shall never place a digit upon these."

"That's what I like to hear. Keep it up, everyone!" Hal finished his pep talk, the blipping into darkness and then disappearing.
The last virii had exploded a (relatively speaking) long time ago, but Valkyrie was still going on, and on, and...
-...miserable little piece of...
- The battle is over you know? Would you mind taking up a box and join the others?
- Know what? Do it yourself! I had enough of you.
- Look, I'm sorry....
- I don't give it a f@ck! How dare you interfere with my battles? Do I Boss you around?
- All the time...- It seems that Sieg wasn't loud enough, as the female navi didn't really pay attention
-... What am I, kind of peon or something? Carrying boxes...
Valkyrie walked to the box with her name on it, and picked it up, placing it on her shoulder without much of an effort.
- Don't get me wrong. I'm doing this because you made me accept the job. I can't turn back now.
- And here, I was thinking you took pity on the poor hospitalized navi..

Quote ()

"You're all doing a great job protecting those presents, and I can tell you put a lot of heart into it. That's the way to take one for the team! With you all to help, we'll have these presents delivered in no time, and in perfect condition."

- Oh Gods, another damn poser.
- He IS the Belfast PR mascot after all... its his job
- Alright, I'm getting tired with this. Lets get going.