Save the Hospital! Group Two <EVENT>

In the middle of a rather desolate Electown location are three datapackets, each in the form of a small pink present with a red bow wrapped about it, and amidst all three is a map to the destination. The packages seemed to be encrypted with heavy locks, possibly time released. Amidst the data is a small card,

Thank you again for all your help, I have unfortunately included only one map in the data, and this part of the neighborhood is kind of shady, dears. Please travel in a group so as to ensure safety!

~Granny M
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An explosion of lightning, a flip through the air, and Raiden landed straight-backed on the panels of the Electown network, his eyes immediately settling on the three gift-wrapped packets of data that stood waiting.

"Hey, hey, first ones here! Everybody had better hurry, huh?"

Anti frowned heavily. "Look, are you going to be able to try to keep off my nerves just as little?"

Grinning, Raiden didn't deign to answer. Instead, he ran over to one of the packages that sat serenely on the ground, wedged a toe underneath one corner, and flipped it up, catching it out of midair and tucking it neatly under his arm.

"Wait a second. I'm executing a new program."

He felt a tingle in his gut, and then looked down at himself. Normally, he would have let out something along the lines of a yelp, but right now, it only made his grin wider. Anti had made him some kind of physical overhaul; he now looked almost nothing like he usually did. He had lost of all his armour, and he had acquired a human skin. There were a number of pendants and necklaces hanging around his neck, and there was some kind of blue skirtish thing around his legs, held up by a red scarf that was tied around his waist by a belt. He did a quick check of his other systems to see what else had changed. The scan told him that his eyes had gone red, his hair had turned white and grown quite a distance, and he had acquired a golden spiralling horn on his forehead. He raised a navy-gloved hand and realized that the scam was telling the truth when his fingers hit the horn. There was a sword slung across his back, waiting to be used.

"Anti, this is so cool! Do you have any idea? So very cool! Awesome!"

"Just shut up and wait for the others."

[TRADITION.GMO activated]
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A bird's cry could be heard as Phoenix entered the network of ElecTown. Gliding in the skies for a while, he suddenly dived, following the map program intently. Just as he was about to hit the ground, he braked, descending the last few feet down to Internetta firma slowly and gently.

"Well, Silas, I'm in," he said, looking around. There weren't many Navis around; in fact, there appeared to be only one Navi aside from him: a strange, white haired Navi with too many trinkets on its chest.

"Well, do you see anything suspiscious here?" the old-timer asked, opening a window into the Net.

"Lesse, wait a sec...yup, I spy the packages that I'm pretty sure are the medicine supplies," the Navi replied. He was surprised he hadn't seen them sooner; they stood out about as much as white on black. Nevertheless, he resigned himself to the fact that he was to guard one of them. Walking up to them, he addressed the other Navi.

"My name is Phoenix.EXE. I assume you're here for the medical supplies as well?" he said, holding out a hand for a handshake.

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Raiden grinned widely, made sure that the package was securely wedged underneath his arm, and grabbed Phoenix's outstretched hand with both of his. "Hiya! Hey! Nice to meet you, birdman, Phoenix, hah! Kinda dark for a phoenix, right?" He managed to reel all of this off at a tremendous pace, whilst shaking Phoenix's hands with far more enthusiasm than could be considered healthy. "I'm--"

"Be careful," Anti warned quickly over a private channel. "Use the name that you signed up with."

"--Thundervoice! Just call me Thundervoice, yep!" Raiden picked up on her drift with surprising speed and didn't miss a beat as he switched names. He released Phoenix's hand and pointed at the two presents that still waited. "That's the delivery, yup, the stuff we're supposed to deliver! Wanna go grab one, do you? There are directions there, too, to help us get there!"
Splitman came running down the path to the desolate region.
He was breathing heavily before he realised that he didn't need to breath at all and them immediately felt very silly for it.
"Uh.. I think this is it." Chad said

Splitman took a look around before greeting his fellow Navis.
"So.. I take it those are the packages we are supposed to deliver?" He said somewhat loudly and awkwardly though for what reason he could not say.

"Do you think that maybe we should look in them to make sure?" Splitman said, still looking around
"I don't think that will work.." Chad added in from above
"you never think anything will work..." Splitman replied with a sigh

Splitman took one last look around the area
"Guess we should leave now then?"
"...Interesting. Too dark to be a phoenix?" Phoenix asked, breaking from 'Thundervoice's' grip. Then, without warning, he burst into flame. "That bright enough to be a phoenix?" he said, flapping his wings and rising a few feet into the air. Putting himself out, he thought aloud, "No sense in using a hand to carry mine." So, he swooped over the box, picking it up in his six-inch talons. A metallic groaning sound assured that one would be hard pressed to rip the box from Phoenix's grasp.

"Heh heh heh, quite the little show-off, aren't you?" Silas added in, appearing amused. "Just don't tire yourself out flying before the trek."

"Oh, did I introduce my Operator, Silas?" Phoenix questioned, waving a hand towards the window into the real world. Silas made a small wave. "Oh, and Silas, I could keep flying for the next ever and not get tired," he added, addressing the window.

"Well, I say we wait for one more Navi, and then we can get this show on the road," Phoenix sighed, unaware of the imposing grey figure behind him.
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"Hahahaha, nice, nice!" Raiden kept laughing, even as he brought up his hands to shield his face from the heat that came rolling off of Phoenix as he transformed into his more spectacular form. "Well, I've got my skills too, yep!"
He reached over his shoulder, put his hand around the grip of the sword that waited across his back, and pulled it free. Then, suddenly, he lunged forward and stabbed the blade into Phoenix. Instead of carving him open like a Thanksgiving turkey, though, the sword simply passed harmlessly through this body. It looked as though Phoenix was impaled, but in reality, the part of the blade that came in contact with his body simply didn't appear to exist.

"Not very effective, nope, not right now, but it's a fun trick!" Raiden pulled the sword back out and replaced it over his shoulder. "Just one more Navi, huh, huh? I wonder who it is!"

The window containing the window to the Real World appeared next to Raiden, displaying Anti's rather annoyed face. "I apologize for my Navi being a total idiot," she grumbled. "Silas, huh. I'm Anti." She looked up and realized how far through life Phoenix's Operator was, and was just about to spit out some manner of comment on the topic of his age when she managed to drag it back before it could get out.

Meanwhile, Raiden had ducked around Phoenix and was skidding to a halt in front of the grey-armoured Navi who had just wandered onto the scene. "Hi!" he declared. The new Navi hadn't yet offered a hand, but Raiden grabbed hold of one anyway, shaking it just as hard as he had Phoenix's. "You're with us, are you? Just call me Thundervoice! My Operator doesn't want me going around using my real name, nope--"

"Careful," she warned darkly. "And get back here before that guy files for a restraining order against you."
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Flying a few feet off the ground, Phoenix noticed another Navi: an armored grey Navi that was getting his arm wrenched like Thundervoice had done to him. Swooping over, Phoenix said "The name's Phoenix. The old man is my Operator, Silas."

Silas, not minding Phoenix's way of introducing him, said "Well, we have three Navis now, so let's get to where we need to go,"

Phoenix, a coldly indifferent look on his tanned face, asked, "Got a name, grey boy?"
As the three prepare to head out, they are unexpectedly attacked by a troupe of viruses! The data that they are supposed to deliver has not yet unlocked to allow them to take it, and sits in between the two groups dangerously!

HanzA 100HP
HanzB 100HP
HanzC 100HP
CactyA 70HP
CactyB 70HP
CactyC 70HP

Datapresents 200HP

Phoenix 120HP
Raiden 140HP
Splitman 100HP

"By the curses of... eternal damnation... later[b]" Splitmans mumble gradually worked up to a shot as ran forward towards the data.

"Gimme.. *cough* give me the sheild thing, now Chad" he shouted waiting a minute before the guard materialized in front of him. He placed it in front of him on the data the proceeded to use it for cover.

'fire...' he thought for a moment before shouting out at his operator
"HEATSHOT, NOW... please" the panic due to enemy numbers gradually rising.

Fortunately Chad was actually listening this time, and with a resoundingly impressive "OK" his arm glimmered and transformed into a sort of amazing, high caliber cannon. OK it wasn't that great, but at least it was fire-e. He let out a shot at the nearest cactus before retreating back under the cover. Hopefully his allies could do better than him in the burn things to death department.

Guard Presents
Heatshot(40): CactyC
Hide behind presents
"Leave the cacti to me," Phoenix said, flaring up. "Silas, chips would be useful about now. I'll need our weakest attack chip and only our weakest attack chip." he called to his Operator. Feeling the chip data inside him, he prepared to attack, when....


....a powerful defense pulse ran through Phoenix's feet as the six six-inch talons scratched the lock program, and made him drop the box. "Silas, I can't seem to touch the box without getting hurt," he reported, a little concerned. Knowing that he couldn't move the thing he swore to protect was a problem. "Well, guess I'll just have to mow through these cactus viruses, then," he thought, shrugging. Crouching down for a second, he then jumped.

Holding his limbs close to his body, the area began to get a bit hotter as his flames expanded, engulfing him. Then, inside the fireball, there seemed to be not one Navi signature, but seven. Without warning, the fireball exploded, revealing the source of the multiple signatures: Phoenix had become seven of his own kind; phoenixes.

Simultaneously, the seven birds of flame sensed another combat program running other than his own. It appeared that the still-nameless grey Navi was attacking one of the Cactys. Feeling somehow a little grateful for him, the seven voices of Phoenix, all the same, appeared in the grey Navi's head, all saying one word: "Thanks,"

Then, the seven attacked, streaking towards their targets at frightening speeds. Flying in a straight line, four swooped down, while the other three continued to fly straight. The four that dived attacked the first Cacty, dive-bombing it in four spectacular explosions. The other three dived just as the four others exploded, going for the other Cacty. Regardless of hit or miss, fine silver ashes were spread throughout the air. Those ashes were Phoenix.

The ashes somehow all landed in one giant, single-ash thick circle around the area. Slowly, the circle began to condense and shrink on one spot. As the pile grew higher, it turned more humanoid. Wings appeared on the back, a feathery, birdlike tail appeared behind the body, feathers appeared everywhere, and finally the details, such as his face. Then, colour seeped into the ash Phoenix, turning him back to normal.

"I'm back, kids."

Phoenix downloaded the chip Silas had seemed the weakest of all of their folder: a Rageclaw. Shrugging, Phoenix accepted it as it took it's place on his right foot. Smirking, he then started to gain velocity, aiming for the last Cacty; the one that would still be alive if every attack was successful. Soon, he was tearing a path to it, until he was right in front of it's emotionless face. Winding up, he aimed a Rageclaw-enhanced kick right square at its ugly mug. He hoped it would fly where he wanted it to, so he decided to give it a little boost. Striking an "OBJECTION!!!" pose, the winds began to shift. In seconds, a strong wind was blowing, hopefully propelling the Cacty's head into one of the gloved hands he'd seen.

His job temporarily done, he took to the skies posthaste, weaving this way and that, constantly moving, never following a single pattern for longer than a second. He wouldn't let himself be hit.

0. Gust - propel CactyB's head faster towards HanzA

1. Golden Wing to Cactys A and B (40x2 to A, 30x2 to B )

2. Gust-assisted Rageclaw Kick CactyB's head into HanzA (20 to both + added speed)

3. Dodge
"Uh oh! These aren't your presents, it's not Christmas!" Raiden waggled one finger at the viruses who had recently appeared, seeming to pay no attention to the attacks that were whizzing around him, originating from his comrades. "This is going to a good cause!"

"Raiden, start up the widespread lag program," Anti told him, switching back to the private conversation channel to keep the others from hearing the use of his real name. 'Thundervoice' nodded and dropped to a squat. He whipped the sword off his back, turned it around until the hilt pointed upward, and lodged the point in the chink where two panels met. Once he was sure that he had it wedged in tightly enough, he straightened up and threw his weight against the blade. The panel was slowly levered up, exposing the black abyss that waited underneath. He reached down, grabbed the edge of the panel with his hands, and pulled it all the way up like a trapdoor.

"Okay, now you're going to get it, if I have anything to say about it, you nosy jerks!"

Raiden extended his empty hand toward the viruses. The network immediately around them suddenly turned a sickly shade of grey, rapidly paling as the program began to take full effect. The viruses themselves were thrown into slow motion like a sports highlight reel as a stream of energy flowed right through the air, drawn toward his oustretched hand. He slowly guided the stream down into the hole that was inches from the tips of his sandals, and watched as it vanished into the eternal darkness that formed the lower realms of the Internet. The network immediately around a number of the viruses degraded to the consistency of gelatin, trapping them in a block of lag that was so severe that they could hardly move.

The group of Hanz caught his attention. The other protectors of the hospital-bound packages had unleashed their full firepower on the Cacties, leaving the other type of viruses relatively unharmed. The grey-armoured Navi had taken the job of protecting the delivery, so Raiden decided that it was up to him to go for the hand-like viruses.

A pinpoint of light appeared in his right hand. He had seen this attack before, and he was quite partial to it. He shifted his sword to his left hand to free up the other, and threw the point of light right at the second Hanz of the group. If it hit, it would stick, and he was pretty sure that the effects of the wide-range lag program would ensure that it made contact. He was expecting the sphere of white light, shot through with varying greys, to form around one of his hands, but instead the energy lit up the blade of his sword. He took the variation in stride, though, and held up the weapon to point at the third Hanz. The aura around the blade grew brighter as he watched, and finally, he leapt into the air, giving the sword a mighty swing downward as he fell toward the ground again. The movement discharged the acquired energy, sending it away in all directions in the form of a storm of smaller spheres. As if possessed as one mind, though, the energy charges abruptly rerouted themselves and crashed inward upon the point of light, regardless where it had landed. Just as the storm of energy hit, though, time seemed to rewind, dragging them away from the target. Then, the energy smashed in a second time, although the charges were noticably less bright.

"Cool! That's awesome, hahaha! Why didn't you tell me it did that?!"

"Side effect. Keep going."

In place of the white energy, his sword lit up with a red light that spread from the hilt all the way to the point. Accompanying it, a lethal heat began to radiate off of it. The network's red colour was quickly drained out of its proper place, pulling together into a pair of red circles underneath the other Hanz instead. Grinning broadly, Raiden lowered his sword casually, then swung it up in a mighty crescent hack that left a shimmering trail of heat behind it. Fire roared skywards from underneath the Hanz, broiling the very air around the two columns.

[1. Lag Wall on HanzA, HanzB, HanzC, CactyA, CactyB (reduced dodge, reduced accuracy)
2. Markcannon on HanzC on replay (70 + 35 = 105 damage)
3. Flameline on HanzA, HanzB (70 damage each)]
Splitman burns through one cacty before hiding behind the box. Pheonix's miniture kamikaze birds then rain down on the Cacties, taking out one and severally damaging another. The feathered navi swats the last one away, into a Hanz. THe usually nimble Hanz are slowed down considerably by Raiden's odd technique. The navi then blasts the one with a powered up Markcannon, deleting it, while the others are put in critical condition by the Flameline. The weakest Hanz picks up the Gaurd laid over the presents, while the other also moves in and around the box to smack Splitman.

HanzA 10HP(guard)
HanzB 30HP

Datapresents 200HP

Phoenix 120HP
Raiden 140HP
Splitman 80HP
"You... YOU..." Splitman's eyes grew dark red as he marched angrily towards the Hanz who took his guard.
"SHOTGUN, NOW" He yelled outloud, as he tore off his left arm as though it were made of paper. Fire seemed burn is his eyes and in his belly.

His left arm hung limply in his remaining hand, then it seemed to wiggle, to shift, into to something else. A gun? Surely it must have been, though one couldn't tell by the way he was holding it.

He shoved the weapon through what was once his guard then fired, hoping to catch the second one in the shot, damn the presents. Damn them all.

A large boom could be heard, and Splitman's vision shifted from bright-red to white, blinding him to the consequences of his actions, though whether that was from the anger or the muzzle flash he couldn't tell.


Mind Shift- Break
Break Boost- Shotgun
Shotgun- HanzA+B

"Silas, mind giving me the Shotgun? I feel like helping out Blandman over here," Phoenix drawled lazily.

Sighing, Silas sent the chip without a word.

In midair, Phoenix began to spin on the spot, sending his hot air everywhere. (brick'd) "Now, lesse here, I should get it right...there," he muttered, taking control of the winds. Immediately, a downdraft of cold air began to fall, hitting the column of hot air. The result: insta-tornado.

The swirling windstorm carried Phoenix, high into the air, he let it take him higher and higher until the twister disappeared. Judging by the thin, chilly quality of the air, Phoenix could tell without looking down that he'd just gotten really, really high. (brick'd) Shrugging, he uploaded the Shotgun, summoning a myriad of grey shards. Pointing downwards at what he'd targeted as the Hanz, every single one shot down with the force of a bullet...



As Phoenix floated in the air, possibly thousands of feet in the air, Silas spoke up, saying the four magic words that would guarantee hilarity:

"My, you're a mess."

Phoenix froze, falling 5 or so meters. Then, without warning, he burst into a cleaning frenzy, midair style. He was so immersed wiping every feather clean that he forgot to keep flying. In other words, he was falling pretty fast.


As the smoke cleared, Phoenix's head was sticking out of a panel, sighing. Turning to face the window with Silas in it, he growled "I truely wish that I had a hand and a large mallet in the real world right about now."

"The funny thing is that you weren't actually dirty," Silas said, chuckling at the sight of the Headhunter Jutsu'd Phoenix.

0. Use gust to make tornado

1. Use tornado to get high (brick'd)

2. Shotgun HanzA (50, splash to HanzB)

3. Fall from approx. 2000-5000 feet and Headhunter Jutsu self
Shotguns flew through the air, while a tornado sent a screeching wind throughout the battlefield, and the grey-armoured Navi simply ripped his arm right off. Raiden wasn't fazed by any of it. The stupid grin was still plastered across his face as he turned his attention to the two Hanz. One had grabbed the Guard that was supposed to be protecting the delivery, but both of his teammates were tearing madly away at the virus. The one not far away was in slightly better shape, but it still seemed as though it had sustained quite the beating.

"Anti, let's finish this guy, huh, yeah?! Give me the Vulcan, please, please, pretty please!"

"Fine! Just relax already!"

The chip data arrived quickly in Raiden's systems. He turned it over, making sure it was the right one, and then found the sword in his hand once more. He jammed the tip of the blade down into the ground and snapped it upward, carving a few panel fragments out of place and flinging them into the air. As they hung in mid-flight, he unleashed the Vulcan data upon them. The pieces of broken panel were wreathed in white light as the network drained grey. They were suspended in midair for a second, and then with a slash of his sword through empty air, were released to shriek on a killing course with the second Hanz. He had already seen the effects of a Vulcan, and knew that the shots would tear right through the helpless virus if his aim was good enough.

[1. Vulcan2 on HanzB (15 x 5 = 75 damage)
2. Dodge
3. Dodge]
The final attacks of the group tear the viruses to bits, data and energy from attacks flying every which way as the viruses are blown to peices! As the navis disengage battleroutine, the hear a loud click, and each present undoes itself from the ground. The can now lift the packages and follow the map left along with them!

<You may now add a single Datapresent to your inventory>


Datapresents 200HP

Phoenix 120HP
Raiden 140HP
Splitman 80HP


Rewards: 300z, cactball1 <each>