((You may notice that this looks/sounds like Mazinger Z. All super robots do. Mazinger Z symoblizes super robots, hence the similarities.))


Activated with a phrase, motion or both, EAV suddenly blinds everyone with brilliant white flash. When eyes adjust, EAV's normal armor has changed. Her overal design has become broader and smoother, and her normal sholderplating has disapeared to show round ball join shoulders. Her chest and waist armor have turned black and are slightly extended, and a huge golden V crest lies on her chest, extending several inches above her body. Her lower arms and legs are slightly larger then the rest of her armor, not unlike her chest and waist area. They turn black as well. The line of blue light emited from EAV's visor disapears, showing nothing but black. Suddenly, a white light (tinged blue on the edges) reemerges in the shape of two "upside down triangle" eyes.

EAV's movements are more powerful in this state, but also are reduced to a normal speed. EAV's weaponary changes to a variety of concealed powerful weapons including hidden machine guns, missiles, lasers, blades, and various other hidden weapons including a missile punch.

((This will change as you will see with the completion of EAV2.0's custom weapons.

for the second time :] ))
I agree, all super robots are really Mazinger Z.