The Displaced Netopian


Lightning exploded out of the sky, and Raiden landed on the panels below. His knees bent almost automatically to absorb the impact, and he remained in his crouch for a moment.

Then he straightened up.

"Cool! ElecTown! I've never been here, but it looks so cool! Come on, come on, Anti, let's go!"

His Operator almost fell off her chair. "I beg your pardon?!"

Raiden grinned, swinging his arms back and forth and rolling backwards and forwards on the balls of his feet. "Pardon what? What did I do? I just want to get going! Come on let's go go go!"

With his arrival in the ElecTown network, his eyes had grown wide and strained around the edges, as if he was on a massive sugar high. As he took off into the network, it was with a lot of wasted movement--he would hop from side to side, spin around in the air, and even completed a couple of rather well-executed backflips. It seemed to Anti as if he didn't care whether he stumbled across some viruses to delete or not.

[Battle 1.]
Raiden comes across viruses!

HanzA 100HP
HanzB 100HP
HanzC 100HP
MagneakerA 70HP
MagneakerB 70HP

Raiden 100HP

"Hey, look, Anti, those guys want to play!" He didn't seem the least bit wary of the viruses that he had stumbled across. Instead, it seemed as though he considered them as distant family relations. Raiden wasn't going to attack these viruses of his own volition, so Anti was going to make him.

His head snapped around and a perplexed look took over his face as he looked down at his hand. A storm of panel bits had broken away from the floor, and were forming a boomerang-shaped projectile in his hand.

"Anti, do I have to? Huh? Huh?"

"Raiden, shut up and let's just get through this."

"Aww, you're no fun!"

Raiden raised his arm, shuffled his heel backwards, and stepped into it as he threw the Boomerang as hard as he could. He had already taken the ElecOgres' elements into account, and knew that the Boomerang would be extra effective on them.

"Now get in behind them."

"Okay!" He grabbed hold of the AreaGrab's data as it came down, and transformed him into a single bolt of lightning. The bolt of electricity streaked over top of the Hanz, and he landed directly behind them, reforming into Raiden again. He whirled around and dropped his hands to hip level. The network's red hues leached out of it, concentrating in three red circles underneath the viruses. He snapped both of his hands up, and fire roared up from the panels, throwing off huge waves of heat.

[1. Boomerang on ElecOgre A/B (60 x 2 = 120 damage)
2. Areagrab behind Hanz
3. Flameline1 on HanzA/B/C (70 damage each]
the magneakers easily succumb to the boomerang, both going down as all the hanz are blasted by the flames. However, one turns around and slams back Raiden.

HanzA 30HP
HanzB 30HP
HanzC 30HP
MagneakerA DELETED
MagneakerB DELETED

Raiden 80HP

Raiden made a great show of falling over.

"Oh, get up!" Anti shouted at him, slotting in a trio of chips. This hyperactive version of Raiden was really starting to get on her nerves. She had never liked the high-energy, constantly sunshine-and-rainbows types, and wasn't about to start doing so any time soon.

"Sorry, grouchy!" Raiden grinned. He pulled his knees up to his chest so that he was lying on his back only, and then surged upward, leaping up in an inverted U and landing easily on his feet. The network drained toward greyness, and a pair of small sphere of white energy formed in his hands. He brought both of them up to shoulder level. His first and middle fingers stayed straight while the other curled, and the thumbs rose straight up. Setting his feet to help sustain the massive recoil, he snapped his right and left hands upward in quick succession. The Shotguns were released, and screamed toward the first two Hanz.

The third chip was the brand new Bubbler that Anti had just got. As the white returned to the network around him, the blue departed, forming as a sphere of water that refracted light to a massive degree that was held in one hand. His sugar-jacked eyes locked onto the final Hanz, and he skipped the sphere of water across the ground like a rock over a lake.

[1. Shotgun on HanzA (50 damage)
2. Shotgun on HanzB (50 damage)
3. Bubbler on HanzC (50 damage)]
Raidens blasts of cannons manage to tear the remaining viruses to peices, interrupting another punch from the virii!

MagneakerA DELETED
MagneakerB DELETED

Raiden 80HP


Rewards: 350z
"Good job," Anti said grudgingly. This ElecTown Raiden was a real pain, but at least he was just at good at busting as he had always been.

Without even asking whether she wanted to keep going, Raiden hopped, skipped and jumped off deeper into the ElecTown network, emulating the area's energy perfectly.

[Battle 2. 80 HP.]
Raiden finds a new troupe of viruses coming up to him from the side!!!

LarkA 100HP
LarkB 100HP
BillyA 50HP
BillyB 50HP
MetoolA 40HP
MetoolB 40HP

Raiden 80HP

Raiden spotted the platoon of viruses in mid-flip, and landed quite awkwardly. However, he didn't let it phase him in the slightest. He zoned on on the two Larks first; he automatically knew that he had the immediate advantage over them.

Electricity immediately began to crackle up and down his right arm. It collected in the form of a long, slim spear of lightning that floated just out of his grasp, but was tethered to his arm by rogue bolts of electricity. Normally he would have just tossed it at the viruses, but he was especially hyper today. He dropped to a crouch, getting ready, and then leapt straight up into the air. In a display of rather impressive acrobatics he whirled aimlessly in midair, releasing the electrical spear somewhere in the midst of the flurry of movement. He landed with his feet set wide apart, and his arm already in the process of being encased by a shell of broken panels, adorned by claws of white light.

Grinning like a fool the entire time he rushed toward the two Metools, trailing his still-forming Rageclaw behind him. He halted in mid-step as he got within striking distance, fell to a squat with his knees bent at an extreme angle, and rammed the claws into the virus. Not giving its friend a chance to get away, he shifted his weight onto one hand and one foot instead of both legs, and spun on the spot with the Rageclaw leading the turn. He would have just kept the spin going if the Metool hadn't been there to stop his momentum, and he made sure that it stopped it with the claws. He was running several risks by not putting any energy into evading, but he was far too drunk on the adrenaline rush to notice.

[1. Thunder God on LarkA (40 x 2 = 80 damage, stun)
2. Rageclaw on MetoolA (40 damage)
3. Rageclaw on MetoolA (40 damage)]
Raiden rained havoc upon the viruses, who largely seemed to stupified to attack. One Metool, upon being skewered by the Navi, pricked its axe into the Navi's foot, but it didn't seem to hinder Raiden at all.

LarkA 20 (stunned)
LarkB 100HP
BillyA 50HP
BillyB 50HP

Raiden 70HP
Raiden clenched his fist inside the shell of panels, and the Rageclaw burst apart, scattering shrapnel everywhere and revealing his arm once more. The Lark's damage was like a beacon to him. Instead of striking quickly, though, he took his time to skip over to the stunned virus. Anti slotted in a chip, and a point of red light formed in his hand; as he walked, he slowly shaped a fireball with his fingers.

"Hiya! Having some trouble? Here, I'll help you out! This should light a fire under you, hahahahaha!"

With that, he drew his arm back, and mashed the ball of flame into the stunned Lark.

He swivelled back to face the rest of the viruses, still beaming. He was finding this all quite fun, and hoped that Anti wasn't going to be jacking him out any time soon. The panels pieces that had been cast off from the collapsing of his Rageclaw levitated themselves back up into the air and came together to form a Boomerang. Spinning gracefully, he released it in mid-pirouette, not really sure whether it would hit its mark or not. He used one foot as a kickstand to stop himself short. One arm snapped up, his fingers forming the gun, and he stepped back to keep from being sent flying by the recoil of the Shotgun burst that he fired with an upwards jerk of his hand.

[1. Heatshot on LarkA (40 damage)
2. Boomerang on LarkB + BillyA (60 damage to Lark, 120 damage to Billy)
3. Shotgun on BillyB (50 damage]
The first Lark is deleted by the Heatshot. The boomerrang then hits another, taking out a Billy as well. Another elec type is destroyed by the Shotgun, but then the final Lark unleashes a wideshot into Raiden.

LarkB 40HP

Raiden 50HP
"Ow! Ahahahahaha!" Despite the damage that he had taken, Raiden was laughing. "That hurt! That was a really really really good shot!"

Anti pointedly slotted in another chip, silently telling him to get on with it. Raiden raised one hand, looked down at the energy burst that had formed within his fingers, and took off. Jumping, somersaulting and bobbing and weaving at random intervals wasn't the most co-ordinated method of avoiding an attack, but Raiden simply intended to get onto the Lark's blind side, no matter how stupid he looked in doing so. He threw himself into an upright slide to lower himself out of wideshot range and fired the energy burst in his hand toward the Lark. Hopping back up, he simply rocked back and forth on his heels, waiting for something to come his way in order to leap over it.

[1. Dodge
2. Cannon on LarkB (40 damage)
3. Dodge]
As the virus floats there stupidly, raiden blows it away with a powerful energy blast!


Raiden 50HP


Rewards: 300z, Thunder
"Hahahaha--ergh!" Raiden's newest fit of giggling was interrupted as he hunched over, clutching at the long slash in his chest that was leaking copious amounts of coding. He'd taken quite the beating in that last fight. However, he straightened up again, the grin returning at warp speed. "This is pretty tough stuff, harder than it was back at ACDC or when we were chasing that guy with the Sunshine chips! But this has nothing on how bad I got beaten in the Netsquare! Right? Right? Yeah! Come on, let's keep going, please please please please?!"

Anti turned her music up louder.

[Battle 3, 50 HP.]
Raiden finds more viruses quickly!

VolgearA 80HP
VolgearB 80HP
VolgearC 80HP
CactyA 70HP
CactyB 70HP
HoneybomberA 110HP
HoneybomberB 110HP

Raiden 50HP


"Yeah, yeah, what's up, huh huh huh?"

"Would you actually pay attention?!"

"But that's no fun at all!" He did a spin on the spot, grinning.

Anti gritted her teeth in fury. "Look. I've seen those Honeybombers before..."

She trailed off as she was swept away by a very detailed flashback. A blue-and-purple NormalNavi, spitting coding from every joint, falling to its knees under a hail of bees—

She quickly shook it out of her head. That was then, this was now. Raiden was much stronger than any of her previous Navis—he could handle this, no problem.


"Those Honeybombers are serious trouble. Take them down first." She quickly slammed in a pair of chips, and hoped for the best.

Another point of red light appeared in Raiden's hands and he grinned. As the ball of flame grew in his fingers, he took off around one side of the swarm of bees, looking for a good vantage point to fire from. Sliding to a halt, he held out one hand.

Anti crossed her fingers underneath the table.

He threw the fireball toward the swarm of bees. As he completed the toss, his arm crossed his chest and his hand wound up by his opposite shoulder. In his grasp, a storm of panel pieces came together to form a Boomerang. With absolutely no energy wasted, he brought his arm whipping across the front of his body again, throwing the Boomerang in the Heatshot's wake. Taking the Honeybombers' typing into account, the two attacks would be able to take the swarm out.

[1. Line up Honeybombers
2. Heatshot on HoneybomberA (40 x 2 = 80 damage), splash to HoneybomberB
3. Boomerang on Honeybomber A + B (60 damage)]
The two honeybombers are steaduly pissed by the attacks, but both fall as the attacks hit them! The other virii turn to the attacks, but only a single Volgear hits Raiden.

VolgearA 80HP
VolgearB 80HP
VolgearC 80HP
CactyA 70HP
CactyB 70HP
HoneybomberA DELETED
HoneybomberB DELETED

Raiden 30HP
Anti watched wide-eyed, and remained that way until Raiden had jumped out of the blast of fire, still alive. He was in terrible shape--most of his body had been scorched or banged up in some manner, and several long slashes crosscrossed his chest and back--but he was still moving, and he was still laughing.

"Hahahaha! Ow, Anti, this really hurts, you know? But you wouldn't, nope, you wouldn't, because you're not here, you're in the Real World! You've got it easy, nice and easy!"

Back to her usual scowl in a second, Anti whipped another two chips from the case on her desk. In the alternate Digital World, a small sphere of water formed in Raiden's hand. A small amount of blue faded from the network. Spinning from the deleting Honeybombers to face the other viruses, he skipped the Bubbler across the panels like a rock across water, directed at the first of the Volgears.

Despite all the damage that he had taken, he was still sprightly enough to take off in a wide strafe around the entire group of viruses. As he ran, his right hand dropped as low as his knees, and the red hue of the network gathered underneath two of the Cacties and one of the Volgears. He leapt up into the air in mid-step, swinging his arm all the way up, and three pillars of flame erupted skyward from the red circles underneath the viruses.

[1. Bubbler on VolgearA (50 x 2 = 100 damage)
2. Dodge
3. Flameline on CactyA + B + VolgearB (70 x 2 = 140 damage to the Cacties, 70 damage to the Volgear]
As the immobile cactys are baked, raidens Bubbler manages to take out two volgears! The last one has been burned, but attacks back regardless, missing horribly.

VolgearC 10HP
HoneybomberA DELETED
HoneybomberB DELETED

Raiden 30HP