A strange signal

On top of one of the buildings in Electown, 2 persons are standing, looking down on the crowd of people, maneuvering themsleves through the busy streets.
The smallest of the two, starts to talk. 'So here is where the signal lead to? Daron?'
Yes Rae, but as soon as we got here, the signal stopped. I suggest we could go look for some clues, something that's...different. 'Yes, you are right, I shall check the Net, you could go for a stroll through the streets and look there.
yes, that seems fine to me.*sign*
Rave turned his head, looking at Daron. 'What is it Daron? Are you alright?'
yes,it's just.. keeping the Net in Balance is not an easy task, sometimes I have this feeling... Ahh, never mind, I'm going down there look for some clues.
As he was saying this, Daron jumped down and landed in the middle of the crowd, took a turn and dissappeared out of sight.
'Daron..sometimes you think to much....'
Ok Angé, let's go jakc in and do your part of the job to.
Ok Rave, there is a telephone line nearby, maybe you can jack me in there?
hehe, that won't be a problem, Angé, jack in!!!!

10 minutes later, on the Net:

Still not a single clue Rave, are you sure this is the last spot where the signal came from?'yes Angé, but it could be that they already left.
Maybe they left, but the virusses didn't.Rave, get ready for some busting!
'What are virusses doing here all of a sudden? Well, ok Angé, let's go!!!'
Virus Attack!

oldsotveA: 50
OldstoveB: 50
Hanz: 100

Rave: 100

Battle 1 Start!
Oke Angé, let's go busting!!! Canon in!!!
Angé locks eyes with the oldsotveA, and sets it's canon ready to attack.
It's time for diner..virusses.....
Angé Fires his canon with a drestructive blow, and switches back to his sword again.
Ok Angé, attack the most nearby virus with your blade!!!
Angé grabs out his blade, leaps forward towards the Hanz, and smite's his foe, then, leaping backwards, preparing for any counterattack that may be executed.

1)Canon(40): @ OldsotveA
2)Custom weapon: @ Hanz
3)Preparing for any attack
((Summary, please.))
Rave's catchphrases go unappreciated by the virii, and although the Cannon hits home, a giant glove flicks him in the forehead before he can follow-up with his weapon, and then he's inundated in flame.

OldstoveA: 10
OldstoveB: 50
Hanz: 100

Rave: 60
(Who doesn't like my catchphrases!! :P)
Damn, that was a hard hit, I guess we got to try something else Rave...
Hmm, this bothers me, a lot to Angé, guess we became a litle rusty. There wasn't much to fight for us when that lan boy was around.. Ah well, let's focus on the fight!
Angé, get ready for a second attack, sword chip: slot in!!! Let's get rid of that Hanz first!!
Angé get's his sword ready, Runs towards the Hanz, and suddenly jumps high into the sky.
Here goes nothing!! Angé shouted, while coming down with his sword ready to slash.
When Angé hits the ground, he backflips away from thevirii, in order to give him more room for an attack. While he is at it, he spy's at the enemy, thinking what to do next. Then, he suddenly got an idea. Rave, of we use a heatshot we might..
Don't speka no more, I know what you want to do, and I think it's a good plan.
heatshot, slot in!! Angé, you know what to do, it's your plan after all.
Ok Rave, here goes nothing!!
Angé leaps forward, points his Rapier at the Hanz, as if he was going to kill it with pointnig alone, then, suddenly a flaming glow surrounds the edge of the blade,and releases a large fireball from it, straight at the hanz. The burning flame scorches his way through the air, coming closer and closer to the Virus.
Ok Angé, those flicks on the forehead are annoying, get ready to avoid!!!
Angé takes a few steps back, and holds his Sword right in front of his head, in a straight line with his nose. TYhis is the tipical defense stance of a Rapier fighter.
Angé's eyes move swiftly from left to right, keping every virus ni his sight, preparing for any attack that may come.

1)Sword: @ Hanz
2)Heatshot: @Hanz
3)Prepare to dodge.

(P.S: I don't know that many different meanigns for one word, cuzz I'm Dutch )
Kicks topic up.
((So you have a bit of trouble with English, then? I'll make a note of that.))
Ange lays into the Hanz. bringing it down. A Stove spews out flames, but they are dodged.

OldstoveA: 10
OldstoveB: 50

Ange: 60
(I can speak and write proper English, but I just don't know that many words for one thing ^^, grammar is OK, I have to make the summary short because it's dinner time here)

Rave let's the Rageclaw chip turn aruond his fingers, then, suddenly, he grabs it thightly and prepares to slot in, then he turns his head to the screen of his PET, and starts talking in a calm voice to Angé.
One Rageclaw chip sloting in, you know the drill.
Angé hears the voice o Rave clearly, and nods his head. Then, his blade starts to dematerialize, and the liquid metal of his Rapier flows over his hand, and create lon,g slim metal needles onto his now fully metal hands.

Angé opens his eyes, looking straight at the OldstoveA. Raises his hands, and runs/hovers at his enemy. he then grabs the oldstoveA, and throws it into his friend. After that, Angé runs towards the remaining enemy, and pierces it with his several long needles. He then jumps back and holds his claws in front of him, and watches the OldstoveB carfully, preparing for an attack.

1) Attack OldstoveA
2) Attack OldstoveB
3) Dodge
((Remember to include damages in summeries.))

Both stoves are hit, one crumbling and the other firing back, though missing.

OldstoveA: DELETED!
OldstoveB: 10

Ange: 60
Rave looked at the screen and made a little glimpse of a smile appear.
Ok Angé, finish this one with a final Rageclaw attack. That should do it.
Angé leaped foreward en slashed the oldstove with his Rageclaw, emediatly jumping back preparing to dodge (if he missed)

1)Oldstove B: (40)
2) Dodge
3) Dodge
The remaining virus succumbs to the void known as deletion.

Virii Deleted.
Rewards: 300z
After the fight, Angé starts to look again for the strange signal.
I hope we won't run into any more virusses Rave..
Then, Rave suddenly saw a signal appear on his screen, which faded a couple of seconds ago.
Rave's face looked disturbed, and contacted Daron.
Daron, you alright?
Daron: I found a clue, so I jacked into the net. The navi we are looking for was here, but he tried to get rid of me with some virusses. I can't take them all at once though, could use some help.
Ok Daron, whe are on our way. Rave replied. When he got disconnected, Rave turned his face to Angé.
Angé, Let's go help Daron, he got some virusses on his hands.
Imediatly Angé started to move in Daron's direction, and as soon as he arrived at the location, he saw Daron's Navi locus fight with virusses. The virusses where completely surrounding Daron, which could only keep his eye on a few at once.
Angé jumped over the virusses, and landed near Daron.
What you say Locus, want to even the ods?
locus smiled at Angé and replied with a yes.
Ok locus, you do your thing, and we'll take some of the other virii!!
((You can't say that you find a certain amount of enemies and you can't team up with an NPC you created. That stuff's for subplots.))
Editted the post, now no one knows how many virusses there are.
Also, Locus fights his own battle and So does Angé, so Locus doesn't show up in Angés battle at all.
Ange discovers viruses!


Ok Angé, we have to finish this fast, so we can continue folowing the Navi.
Sword chip, slot in!!
Angé's blade starts to shine, so Angé knows the sword chip has been used.
Angé, try to destroy those first two metools in 2 blows, this way we get rid of the small scum first!!
Angé nods, and fly's up into the sky. When he aquired the right hight, he leapes down onto metoolA, striking swiftly. right after the hit, he jumps towards the second metool, and strikes again. Angé then leaps back and prepares himselve for a counterattack.

1) metoolA: (80)
2) metoolB: (80)
Unleashing quick strikes with his sword, Ange managed to take down two Metools without trouble. He was quick enough on his feet to dodge one incoming retaliation shockwave, but another clipped his foot as he landed. The Hanz didn't attack, but floated closer with a menacing air.


Rave was the first one to see that the Hanz where up to something.With a troubled face he reported in a fast, almost telegram style way: Hanz, advancing,sword slash 90 degree angle.
Angé closed his eyes and smiled. Being in this kind of position always made him happy, because he knew that, if he managed to get out, he whould be very satisfied with the result.
Want to use our signature attack, Rave?
Rave smiled to, and replied with a soft voice.
'it's your moment'

Angé unleashed his attack, first he created a shell that whould stop an attack of one of the Hanz. Then, he fired the five steel scraps from his blade, trying to hit both Hanzes.
Then, Angé grabbed his sword again, and, while covered by his own scrap metal still flying around, he leaped at one Hanz and slached it with his sword.

1)Signature attack (barier)
2)Signature attack (5x10 damage;HanzA(30) HanzB(20))