Playing hooky... for science?

A basketball sized globe of light fell from the sky, but stopped abruptly four feet from the ground. A series of glowing lines spread from the globe, forming a strange looking wire frame. With a pulse from the globe, a wave of data washed across the surface of the wire frame, leaving a solid surface in its wake. A second later, and the mechanical form of Psi.XNA floated sedately above the Network's surface. The Navi's hawk-billed face guard flipped up, and his visor lit up as his systems finally came fully online.

"...Johnathan?" Psi queried his Operator in a vexed tone as he registered the fact that he was no longer resting in his PET. And so the lecture began... "I was taking a timed nap, and that timer says 'It's Literature Class Time', which, correct me if I'm wrong, is where you're supposed to be for the next two and a half hours. Also correct me here, but this doesn't look like the literature wing of the library's database. So tell me: why am I in the Net?" Psi didn't add: 'and why aren't you in class?', but Johnathan heard it anyway.

It was at this point that Johnathan realized, belatedly, his plan might not work out, because Psi, who was necessary for its success, sounded really pissed about the young man skipping out on class... again. Little did the Operator know, and never would the Navi let on, that Psi was as much, if not more, irritated about the interrupted nap as he was about Johnathan playing hooky. However, John didn't know, and wouldn't have changed what he was about to say even if he did: "Oh come on, Psi. I've got a 97 in the class even with all the absentee penalties to my participation score. We both know this won't hurt my grade, especially after the upcoming extra credit." Johnathan wheedled. "Besides, this promises to be infinitely more interesting than killing time reading lame old poetry or taking a nap."

Psi was fairly certain he knew what that 'something interesting' entailed. He knew what time it was, and that it meant the new lab publications were mere minutes from hitting the Net. Psi, like Johnathan, wanted to read them, as they were relevant to his interests. However, he was still going to make Johnathan go through the motions to 'convince' him to cooperate. "Oh really. And what, may I ask, is more important than your studies." Psi said while thinking: No contest. Checking out the lab publications wins hands down.

Duh. Lab publications. Why do you think I skipped class? Johnathan thought as he responded: "The weekly Sci-Lab publication comes out in the next 10 minutes, aaannnnd..." Johnathan let his voice trail off teasingly while an impish grin spread across his face.

"And... what?" Psi asked in an earnest sounding tone, even though he already knew the answer.

"And this week's publication concerns the theoretical applications of gravitational control technology!" Johnathan said excitedly. "It's a whole set of new theories written by some of the world's top scientists about some of the same stuff your programming was coded to emulate. Why, just think of the possibilities--"

"Wait!" Psi cut his Operator off right there, before Johnathan got into another overenthusiastic rant that would likely have lasted a good twenty minutes or more before the young man realized he needed to actually go read the papers he was gushing over. "All right, I get that you're jazzed about this. So, how about we go read these papers first, then talk about them the rest of the afternoon instead of doing this ass-backwards?"

"Certainly." Johnathan's face lit up like a kid who'd just been promised an early Christmas gift. YES! He agreed!

"Okay then." Psi said in a neutral tone of voice as he started gliding in the direction of the lab's publication site address. All the while, he was fully aware that the conversation had gone the way he'd wanted it to from the start. Heh. Let the kid think what he wants about this being his idea. I can turn it around on him later if he decides to skip doing his homework to turn the refrigerator into a server cabinet or something... again. Keeping his new Operator in line was a full time job, considering the kid was a mad scientist in the making, but Psi was okay with it. He was kinda partial to Warren's little cousin, even if he did manage to make things blow up from time to time. Or maybe especially because he does things like that. It's certainly never boring with him around.

((Ready for Battle 1.))
Psi glided along for a little while, the mostly featureless landscape showing few signs of activity. That made it easy for him to hear and identify the source of a constant thumping sound. The Navi immediately moved back the way he'd came after passing by a tall bank of static computer terminals (possibly placed there to make the area look more science-y). Just past the makeshift cover, a pair of CannonDumbs had their barrels trained in Psi's direction, the earlier noises still being made by a Bunny hopping around behind the turrets.

CannonDumbA: 50 HP
CannonDumbB: 50 HP
Bunny: 50 HP (Behind other viruses)

100% Normal

Computer Bank: 50 HP

Psi.XNA: 100 HP (Behind computers)

Johnathan was on a roll today. "....and that could force everyone to rethink the idea of mass being a constant, instead of a variable. Just imagine how that could change the way we teach sci--"

"Hey, hush for a minute." Psi said abruptly as he picked up phonic vibrations that were not coming from his operator. ...For a change. Whatever it was, it wasn't terribly far away.

"Okaay...." Johnathan said in a tone that suggested he was awaiting further explanation, but he did comply with the 'request' to stop talking all the same.

Psi listened quietly as he continued to glide forward. He didn't bother asking his Operator if he heard anything, because the noise did not register within the range of human hearing quite yet. However, Psi had heard this particular noise before.... That sounds suspiciously like a Bunny. Psi currently did not detect the presence of any viruses this side of the bank of terminals he was cruising along beside. Once he moved past the end, however, the trio of viruses registered immediately. "Whoops. Hi there." Psi said as he came to an abrupt halt and backed up very quickly.

"Viruses?" Johnathan asked in a tone that was as much statement as anything as he also raised an eyebrow.

"Viruses." Psi replied simply as he raised his wings and locked them into combat position. "Just a couple of throw-away cannon viruses and a hyperactive dust bunny. Nothing special," the Navi added dismissively in a tone that sounded far more disinterested than he actually was. He also made sure he said it loud enough so the viruses could hopefully hear him, because angry viruses were more likely to fall for his tricks. Like this one. Psi thought as a holographic image of himself took off at high speed into the open in the direction he had been traveling previously. It would hopefully draw the fire of one or more of the potentially agitated Viruses, but at the very least it would grab their attention.

The real Psi, meanwhile, turned and took off in the opposite direction as a selection of chip data flooded into his memory banks. He burst out from behind cover, and locked onto the CannonDumb viruses instantly. A surge of energy washed over his spherical drive field, and converged at a point closest to the Virus. An expanding ring-like shockwave blasted outwards as a large bullet of energy shot towards the CannonDumb from the point of convergence. Less than a tenth of a second later, an identical energy blast shot towards the second CannonDumb. The energy matrix of both wave cannon shots were configured to blast clean through the first thing they hit, and potentially damage or destroy a secondary target... Such as the Bunny hopping just behind the line of CannonDumbs.

[spoiler=Summary]x: Clone Tech: Decoy
1: Dodge
2: Shotgun @ CannonDumb A/Bunny (50 Null + Spread1; A)
3: Shotgun @ CannonDumb B/Bunny (50 Null + Spread1; A)[/Spoiler]
Psi generated a projection of himself before moving out of the way of the Cannondumbs artillery fire. He quickly retaliated with two blasts of his own, eliminating everything in his way.

They never stood a chance.

CannonDumbA: DELETED
CannonDumbB: DELETED

100% Normal

Computer Bank: 50 HP

Psi.XNA: 100 HP (Behind computers)

Get: 450z
"That performance was so sad, I almost feel sorry for them." Psi glided to a stop, lowered his wing, and proceeded to download the leftover data on the field. "Almost." Psi muttered as he continued on his way.

((Ready for Battle 2.))
Gliding further down the network, Psi veered to a halt, barely avoiding the bomb just shot at him.

Scanning further to see what was the cause, Psi found two Beetanks barreling closer to him by sliding on glass, while a Ratty accompanied them like it was a trainee or something.

Time to get rid of those hostiles.

BeetankA: 80 HP
Ratty: 60 HP
BeetankB: 80 HP

40% Glass (Separated into 2 lanes, Beetanks sliding on them)
60% Metal

Psi.XNA: 100 HP