Sci-Lab Server Gateway

The area around the Net-Square hyperlink was bustling with activity. This area of Sci-Lab's Network, like the Net-Square, was devoid of viruses of any kind. It served as a sort of travel hub that branched out into the various sections of the local network, both public and restricted. And, as always, there were literally hundreds of Navis (both generic and custom) and Programs moving through this vast space. They were all here for various reasons; be it civilians passing through, network delivery services dropping off or picking up orders, Net Police guards patrolling the area, or Sci-Lab personnel going about their daily business on the net.

Situated around the area were, among other installations, numerous information desks. One such kiosk was standing relatively close to the Net-Square portal. and was only seeing light traffic. A group of Progs and Navis stood behind the terminals, ready to assist.
Among the hustle and bustle of the Sci-labs, came "Dr. Neuro" scilab personnel and rather handsome to boot. "Hello yes..." he said as he scratched his chin, fixing up his ID tag. "I am Dr. Neuro, I must inquire to where my office is, I've just recently got assigned here...." he said with a tone of seriousness, but somewhat litigated by his smirk.
"Greetings." The generic female Navi said as DNR approached her terminal. She listened to DNR's question, then replied: "Dr. Neuro? One moment please." She paused for well over a minute, before responding to DNR's question. "I'm sorry, Dr. Neuro. Your office location is not in our records as being within Sci-Labs. I had to run a cross reference search through the local hospital Networks, and I believe your office is located in area 3 of Chauliac Memorial Hospital, which corresponds with the third floor of the real world hospital." The female Navi tilted her head to one side, and looked at DNR with an expression that nearly shouted 'are you ok?', then asked: "Is there anything else I can help you with today?"
"Oh darn... the netsquare just seemed so busy that I got lost in the group. I did not know which way was the Hospital! Heheh, sorry for the trouble madam, it's kinda my first day" 'Neuro' said, trailing off. He paused for a second before snapping back to focus. "but Oh! Right of course!" 'Dr. Neuro' said as he placed a hand on his face, obscuring one of his eyes with it. He then smiled a bit as he took said hand off his face to allow her to see his mouth. "See, I came here to do some research in the Scilabs international data server. I just wanted to know what I needed to go inside that international server before my shift started. Is that alright to ask about?" 'Neuro' said. The doctor started looking progressively worried, wondering if he would be able to make it to the hospital on time for the shift.
"All right. I will direct you to the data server's gateway." The female Navi said as she clasped her hands together. "One moment please." The Navi stood there silently for several seconds, before spreading her hands to reveal a glowing datacard. She grasped the card with one hand, and held it out for 'Dr. Neuro' to take. The card had directions printed upon it that would lead the doctor to where he wanted to go. "Here you go, sir. Is there anything else I can help you with today?"
The doctor's smile widened even more as he bowed towards the generic lady. He then raised his body as he took the glowing card and replied "Thank you m'lady, I shall return during my break." Laughing once again, he hid the datacard in his person so others couldn't see. He then said "See you in a while, a doctor's work always comes first!" as he took out the card, looking it over as he followed the directions on it.
After a fairly lengthy trek, DNR eventually arrived at what the datacard said was his destination. The area ahead of him was huge; easily a hundred or more panels across by roughly the same number in width. Even the path he'd taken to reach this area, and the one he was currently standing upon, had been a remarkable fourteen panels wide. If someone needed to move large amounts of data through here, they'd easily be able to do so. However, it was also quiet here, as there appeared to be none of the normal net traffic he'd seen throughout the rest of the network in this area.

The room itself, aside from being large, had only a very few features to it worth noting. Along the left and right walls were a set of eight large (and currently deactivated) network gateways; four to a side. The gateways were much the same as those found in the NetSquare: stable, dedicated, and able to accommodate large amounts of net traffic when they were active. Along the back wall was a pair of large blast-door style security partitions. Situated between them was a small alcove housing a normal sized telepad behind a green-colored light barrier.

The area was deserted, save for a pair of modified blue-and-silver Progs and a lone Custom Navi in white clerical robes. The Progs stood flanking the green barrier, while the Navi stood a bit away from the back wall, and appeared to be talking with someone through a free-floating holo-screen window. From this distance, DNR couldn't make out any more details about the room or its occupants.
The operative finally reached the end of the directions placed on the piece of paper, the international data server's gateway. "What is it used for?" reigned in Polonius' mind, looking in the PET's screen in DNR's point of view. He could see that this gateway had something to do with the transportation of data, that one was of course surmised by the large area. The larger question in his head now was more on the type of data; this being not only in Polonius' mind but DNR's as well, looking at the Custom navi in the back as well as the shifting Mr. Progs. All of these defenses as well as the length added up to one thing: whatever that was inside had to be important for scilabs.

DNR walked through the path, nonchalantly waving to the progs and the person in the back. He even twirled in place as he stopped a few feet behind the progs, clearing his throat as he spoke "Hello everybody, I'm here for my shift... I do so hope it is not too late." even giving a bit of a bow to prove himself as a courteous fellow. Polonius himself was unsure by DNR's camp attitude: they knew next to nothing about Dr. Neuro's personality, and the best way to counteract this was to say as little as possible... DNR's twirling and his bow could easily be interpreted as odd and could easily lead the guards to end the mission right there and there. In DNR's mind however, he was sure that this is alright: the fact that the net mafia was able to procure Neuro's ID and keycard may have been done because this was either Neuro's first time to this area, or that the mafia may have... "Disposed" him. Either method, DNR had to at least give the impression that Neuro and he were one in the same.

As DNR approached, he was able to see the Custom Navi and Progs in greater detail. The Progs, aside from being silver and blue instead of green and yellow, were normal looking. They didn't appear to be physically modified in any way. They did little more than watch DNR as he walked across the room, then between and past them. They made no effort to communicate with him or interact with him.

The Custom Navi, apparently male by the sound of his voice, was just wrapping up his conversation with the individual in the communication window... "Thank you for informing me. Please contact me again if any new information turns up."

A female voice replied with "Will do." just before the window closed and disappeared. DNR never got a good look at whoever the speaker was.

As the window closed, the Custom Navi caught sight of DNR and turned to face him. The Navi was over half a foot shorter than DNR; perhaps standing maybe two or three inches above the five-foot mark, at best. He wore the flowing white robes of a cleric, belted with a silver cloth sash at the waist. Over this was a broad blue ceremonial sash that stretched from the Navi's left shoulder and down across his body to his right at about hip height. The Navi wore a white and silver helmet with a deep blue diamond shaped crystal inset in the front of the helmet. The Navi's emblem, worn as a coin-shaped amulet that hung from a plain black chord around the Navi's neck, was of the north star shining above the shadow of a rook-like tower on a dark blue background.

"I've been expecting you, Dr. Neuro." The Navi said in a calm tone as he took a step towards DNR, and held out his silver-gloved hand, clearly offering a handshake. The Navi gazed up at DNR with a sense of calm radiating from his bluish-green eyes as he spoke in a business-like tone. "You're only a few minutes late. It's not enough to impact our schedule, so don't worry about it. More importantly, did you remember to bring the red server ID card with you?"

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"I've been expecting you, Dr. Neuro." The Navi said in a calm tone as he took a step towards DNR, and held out his silver-gloved hand, clearly offering a handshake. The Navi gazed up at DNR with a sense of calm radiating from his bluish-green eyes as he spoke in a business-like tone. "You're only a few minutes late. It's not enough to impact our schedule, so don't worry about it. More importantly, did you remember to bring the red server ID card with you?"

"Of course, of course." 'Dr. Neuro said with a smile as he extends his own hand, meeting the cleric's halfway, shaking it firmly. "A busy day this will be then... Excellent I say. " the doctor then added as he pulls out the red ID card from his chest, showing off the letters S C R Y. "Neuro" then took an interested look at the Cleric's symbol, saying in his charismatic tone "I must say, the amulet you are wearing is rather... symbolic looking."

Both the navi and the netop's curiosity has grown in the short while that they've seen the cleric; both wondering not only about the person's previous conversation, but also what will be inside... and what tasks they will be expected to perform...
Upon seeing the card DNR held, the other Navi's eyes narrowed slightly. The Navi quietly reached out and took the card out of DNR's hand, then began to examine it. He didn't pay even the slightest bit of attention when DNR commented upon his Emblem, as was evident when he spoke a moment later....

"This isn't the pass key." The other Navi said abruptly, looking up at DNR once again with the same calm expression. "I would ask you where you got this from, but I already have a pretty shrewed notion." The Navi handed the card back to DNR, then produced a blank red key card from the sleeve of his robes and held it out for DNR to take. "This is the server pass key. It is a one-use item, and will vanish when used. It allows you to leave the server, not enter it. Without it, you will be trapped inside." The Navi paused for a moment as if reconsidering something, then shook his head and continued speaking. "You're supposed to perform a routine check on our remaining stasis units."

The Navi turned towards the green barrier, and waved at it, causing it to vanish. "The room you are looking for is on the third tier in the green sector. The door is labeled 'Stasis-A'." He looked back at DNR. "I'm quite sure you're intelligent enough to figure out how to get there... right doctor?"
As the Cleric had explained the differences in the cards, 'Neuro' was nodding in response, contemplating in his head. "Hmmm..." started the voice in his head as he started the conversation with himself "An interesting conundrum, if I give any kind of reasoning, I'll probably make myself look even worse in his eyes... and then he'll just think of me even more with dubious intentions... I guess the only way to go through with this is to follow through..." . The doctor, starting his reply with "I see... Well thanks for the review of the itinerary, but since I'm already behind schedule, I really have to be off now.", taking both key cards from the hospitable navi. "As people around the hospital say: take it easy." He replies with a honest smile, walking into the telepad.
As DNR stepped onto the telepad, it began to glow. A second or two later, it transported him elsewhere....

((To Here))
"Transfer complete. ...shall I deal with them?"

"Go ahead." Bastion replied before the hologram he was speaking with disappeared, and the trio of Navis racing across the room vanished with it. Before the Navi could so much as blink, another hologram, this one of an IDS Security Navi, appeared in its place. "Yes, Captain?"

"Sir, we have secured the intruders. We've also located and detained both Scry and Spectra."

The white robed Navi arched an eyebrow. "...And Spectra?"

"Yes sir. Her stasis unit was damaged when we secured the intruders. One of the intruders was an illusion, and our Crash Bolts passed through to strike her pod." The Navi paused for a moment, as if considering what to say next, then continued: "Sir, Scry has also requested to speak with you."

"I had imagined she would. Please bring her here, and the intruders, too, if you would."

"Yes sir. Shall I place Spectra back into stasis?"

"No need. Instead, I'd like you to detain her for another hour, then bring her here as well."

"Yes sir."

"Oh, and Captain... A job well done, and don't worry about the damaged pod."

"Thank you, sir." The security Navi nodded before cutting the communication link.


A short time later, and the small telepad leading to the IDS activated. Four Navis emerged from the short hallway leading to the telepad, including a lady Navi wrapped in scrolls, a comatose DNR, and two IDS Security Navis that were carrying the unconscious doctor (hands included and reattached) between them. Bastion addressed the security Navis first... "Set that Navi down over there against the back wall."

"Yes sir." One of the two replied as the pair moved to comply with the security director's orders.

The white robed Navi turned to the last of the new arrivals, and a smile spread across his face. "Hello, Scry. Welcome back to the world of the waking."

"Indeed." The lady Navi smirked and looked over at DNR. "Was he your idea of a Navi shaped alarm?"

"Something to that effect." Bastion replied, a slight hint of mischief in his eyes. "He showed up carrying your key card, and posing as a doctor I know quite well. It was a little amusing to watch him going to such lengths. And if he had your card..."

"...A prank." Scry's smile turned into a wry grin.

"Most likely." Bastion did his best to look innocent, and kept his tone somewhat neutral. There was an unspoken 'you would know best'.

"And you helped her do it." Scry shot back in mock accusation.

"Yes I did." Bastion's innocent look held up.

"I see how it is." Scry replied as she turned her head and looked at Bastion sideways.

"And you enjoyed it thoroughly."


"Well, okay then...." Bastion's voice trailed off. It had been a while since he'd had this kind of back-and-forth chat with Scry, and he would be the first to admit he'd missed it. Still, there was business to attend to. When he spoke again, his manner and tone shifted from joking to merely conversational. "Would you by chance happen to have a record of your wake up call?"

"Naturally." Scry said as she withdrew a rolled up scroll from somewhere within her garments, and handed it to Bastion. "Will I be taking another nap now?"

"That..." The white robed security chief took the scroll, and stuffed it into one of his sleeves where it vanished. "...will be your decision, Scry."

"Really?" Scry's eyebrows flew up in surprise. "You're going to let me run about, unchaperoned as I am, on the net?"

"Frankly? Yes, and Spectra, too." Bastion's attention wavered as DNR stirred from his Crash Bolt induced slumber. "But let us discuss that after our guest has departed, shall we?" The white robed Navi held up a hand to forestall further comment, and walked over to where the two guards stood and DNR sat. He nodded to the guards and dismissed them. "That will be all, thank you."

The two guards nodded back silently, and walked back to the hallway leading to the IDS telepad. As they disappeared around the corner, Bastion came to a stop in front of DNR. "Good morning to you, Do Not Resuscitate."
That lightning bolt to DNR's head pretty much knocked out the Doctor's systems, leaving him to the care of the IDS guards. As he lay there for the guards to pick him up, one must posit what's going on in DNR's mind?


"Meep Meep?"

"Meeep! Meeep? Meeep? MEEEEEP!"

The view seemed to be a bit... hazy and cloudy... but it seemed like a Yumlandian dinner theater, with the navi himself sipping wine and looking around in a confused daze. But then the curtains started to open up, the sight of which made DNR fall out of his chair in a stupor. It seemed to be a chorus line of metools dancing around the stage! They were wearing veils of all things, as well as what looked to be solid grey helmet with visors... perhaps as an attempt to be... "suggestive". They then seemed to hopped into the table that DNR's table, trying to kiss the poor navi.

His white hair seems to ruffle amidst all of this, being knocked over in what looked like an attempt to entice him. "AAARRRGHHHHH!" was the navi's last plea before...

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. "But let us discuss that after our guest has departed, shall we?" The white robed Navi held up a hand to forestall further comment, and walked over to where the two guards stood and DNR sat. He nodded to the guards and dismissed them. "That will be all, thank you."

The two guards nodded back silently, and walked back to the hallway leading to the IDS telepad. As they disappeared around the corner, Bastion came to a stop in front of DNR. "Good morning to you, Do Not Resuscitate"

DNR awoke silently, his eyes flickering as his vision's slowly appearing back to normal. He could not, at first, listen to what was happening, Bastion's voice perceived slower than it would usually be. The navi couldn't help but rub his forehead a bit from the attack, suddenly looking up towards Bastion, then around him in a bit of a shocked expression. "What? Where... am I?" he asked, looking quite worried.
The white robed Navi waited for DNR to become fully awake and alert, then responded to the doctor's question. "You are back at the gateway. When you feel steady enough to stand, you are free to leave. I imagine your operator, Polonius, is probably wondering what happened to you by now." Bastion leaned forward, reached out, and took the hospital ID tag from DNR, returning the Navi to his original GMO. He stood back upright, and palmed the fake ID as he continued speaking. "When you leave, be sure to tell your employer I said 'Hello'."

Scry stood off to one side with an amused look on her face, but refrained from speaking.
DNR scratched his head a bit just as Polonius chimed in his ear "DNR! I was worried all this time!". "Yeahhh... same here..." he said with a grin of his own, stretching his arms and legs to regain their feelings in them. He couldn't help but tap his chin and speak just a bit towards Bastion and Scry with a debonair attitude, bowing. "Well it seems like we all got off on the wrong foot... or perhaps the wrong hands! Perhaps we'll do lunch another time then, Miss Scry!" he said with a wave of his hand. Polonius took this line as a cue, logging his navi out of that labyrinth.