Grindan: The Grindaning II

Valkyrie once again joined the SciLab network with the intention to blow any- and everything that moves into small bits. Maybe make an exception if it isn't acting hostile. Maybe.

With Sieg's perpetual gaze on her, she started combing the area, hoping to find some kind of opposition.
Five ElecOgres come into the fray, bellowing loudly with hearty laughs.

It seemed the panels were normal at the moment.


ElecOgreA: 120 HP
ElecOgreB: 120 HP
ElecOgreC: 120 HP
ElecOgreD: 120 HP
ElecOgreE: 120 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Valkyrie.exe: 120 HP

Valkyrie was in the mood to bash some skulls, and now there were 5 viruses standing in front of her that were nothing but heads.For a moment, she felt like a kid in a candy shop, hesitating about which sweet to pick. Except these were all the same type of crunchies she loved. So the only logical course of action left is to get all of them at once! And she had just the thing...

Valkyrie heaved and pushed the wide log off her chest, propelling it towards the group of ogres. As it hit the ground, the log split in the middle, revealing that it was really two normal size ringlogs, just thrown at the same time.

The wooden barrage was followed by a more edgy one, as Valkyrie threw a couple of small daggers (Kunai, was it?), before dashing shortly after. The dash ended in a strike with her twisted weapon; literally, the lance looked as if the tip was spun and the rest followed just a bit too sluggish for a second. But when that second was up, the whole contraption started to whir, drilling through space as it was driven forward by her hand, continuing with the momentum of the charge... and hopefully skewering two of the elecogres.

1. Ringlog1 (50 Wood) ElecOgreA & ElecogreB
2. Ringlog1 (50 Wood) ElecOgreC & ElecogreD
3. Kunai (30) ElecOgreA, ElecOgreB, ElecOgreC
4. Valkyrie Ride (Teleport+30 strengthen) to ElecOgreE
5. DrillArm1 ElecOgreE (60x2+30+Knockback), ElecogreD(60+knockback)
+Freyah's bless (heal 15) if necessary.
The ogres all glared at Valkyrie, thinking that her shining armor would make an excellent target for their supercharged lightning bolts. As they all cackled, preparing to fire, Valkyrie jumped into action, nailing three ogres right in their chins with rolling logs (one wizened up and moved out of the way). Three kunai flew out and nailed their targets, as the ogres were disoriented from the previous attack. As the air around the two remaining elecogres bristled with electricity, Valkyrie nailed each of them with a whirring lance. The first was pierced and red, plastic flesh flew from the face of the second. With a loud bark, the surviving ogre released his lightning, channeling it through Valkyrie's lance and into her body. Although the jolt had hurt, she quickly shrugged it off thanks to the BLESSING OF THE GODS.

ElecOgreD: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Valkyrie.exe: 105 HP
- Damn, you've got some guts...

Valkyrie's lance disappeared from her extended right hand, except for the handle. Then from that remaining part, a blade of energy started to slowly seep out like liquid metal. While it was taking shape over the next few seconds, she readied the weapon for an overhead strike.

- I'll enjoy it that much more...

As the Sword finished its transformation, Valkyrie stroke down, with a diagonal cut... followed by another one, then another , then another... until she could feel her arms getting tired.



1. Sword (80) ElecOgreD
2. Sword (80) ElecOgreD
3. Sword (80) ElecOgreD
4. Sword (80) ElecOgreD
5. Sword (80) ElecOgreD
Valkyrie's sword actually breaks off after the first stab, and she simply jabs the broken half of the sword into the poor elecogre, which was put to the test of 'no kill like overkill' while it dissolved into component datum.

Reward: 780z
-Alright, that's enough... we gotta go soon.
- And I was just starting to enjoy myself... ah well.
- Gotta do some shopping before the next round. You would like some new toys, wouldn't ya?
- Cut the baby talk. You are just as interested in all this as I am.
- Fair enough. Valkyrie Jack Out.

And with that Valkyrie left the Scilabs network.