"Sir? Have you heard the newest reports?" A green normal navi with boosters on its gauntlets and ankles mechanically waved an announcement on the Net war, the shadow of the giant minotaur was prominent, as the distortion of the jack-in barrier made it near impossible to see anything significant.

"Yeah, yeah, get Arche on the line, this is absolutely perfect." The strange navi in a purple hat gestured smugly as he smirked, programming with one hand, working on a chip with the other, breaking it down to its individual parts before finally feeding it into a machine.

"What, Lead-to-failure? You thought I wouldn't be monitoring this?" A significantly more sarcastic vein of conversation erupted from the grunt's mouth as he suddenly looked Alchemyman with a sardonic smile.

"Ugh, do you get a kick out of taking over my experiments? I needed to use him for something, get out of him and make sure he's in peak condition, I'll hold you responsible if his mind goes to pot. I need all I can get with these pathetic samples you allow me." Alchemyman responded with a leer as he glared at the grunt from behind a purple eye-mask, his hawkish features lending it significant strength.

The grunt tottered backward to a panel. "Well, You've finished it, that much I've known for a week. I allowed you to do it, but I'll be using it, your personal code is..." The grunt input a series of digits for a couple seconds before halting and confirming. Alchemy did not respond, his clenched teeth, quivering form and heightened glare didn't do justice to his anger, he was seething. If anger was heat, he would have spontaneously combust.

"Well, It's about time I got going, isn't it? No regrets, assistant." The grunt slumped to the ground, reviving soon after, extremely groggy. Alchemyman.exe was already gone, and the lab was now deserted, clear of the stockpiled chips.