Enter the juggernaut

Thunder growled somewhere far away. Then it roared as a bolt of lightning slammed down on the face of the Internet, briefly connecting the far reaches of the darkened sky and the panels of the network, before it vanished again. A Navi was left standing where the lightning had touched the ground, not looking even the slightest bit shaken by his electrical journey from his Operator's PET to Scilabs.

Surprised, Raiden looked down at his hands with wide eyes. "Power," he said quietly, mostly to himself. "So much...might. I feel akin to the great juggernaut--"

"You mind cutting to it?" Anti said. It was more of a demand than a request. "I haven't got all day to sit around and listen to you talk."

"Affirmative. Cutting to it." Raiden saluted in the direction of the sky, from where he knew she was watching, and set off into the bowels of Scilabs.

[Battle 1, please.]
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Virus Attack!

ChampuA: 60 HP
ChampuB: 60 HP
ChampuC: 60 HP
ChampuD: 60 HP
ChampuE: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

Raiden.exe: 240 HP ((Now I wanna see a Druidman vs. Raiden. D: ))

As the viral data calibrated into five tangible forms, Raiden skidded to a halt without even the slightest expression of worry. He watched the Champu appear, his eyes roving over them and quickly sizing them up. Their stamina counts popped up above their heads, and a grin broke across Raiden's face.

"Disappointingly simplistic!" the sky lord announced, rubbing his chin. "I wish earnestly that you had seleted a network that presented a legitimate challenge. Please prepare the Twinfang Battlechip, as well as the Magnum. I will utilize them momentarily."

Electricity crackled around his right hand, and Raiden kicked into a dash toward the group of boxer viruses. This new power that he had been gifted with extended to offense as well as defense. He pulled his fist back as he came within range, and aimed a punch that was more flailing than precise at the first of the Champu. Lightning exploded, bridging the gap between Raiden's knuckles and the virus, grasping for the latent energy that the virus contained with the desire to suck it out.

Raiden's Twinfang1 arrived promptly on his systems deck. He tapped into the power of the Chip and immediately redirected it into the network around him. Two spike-shaped portions of air immediately flashed white and solidified into two long, smooth spears of ivory that hung three feet off the ground on either side of the sky lord. Raiden leveled a finger at the second Champu. The first spike shot off at his gesture, leaving a faint, quickly-vanishing vapour trail in the air behind it. He shifted his damning finger to the fist Champu, and the other tusk sped away to take care of that.

As he had requested, Anti sent down the brand new Magnum1. Raiden activated the Chip, but elected to hang onto it and see how much range he could squeeze out of it before he let the attack fly. Smart fighting was what counted. The heat of the Magnum grew like a fireball somewhere down in his chest cavity as it gathered the network's power. Raiden's attention shifted to the other three Champu that had gone untouched by the Twinfang. They wouldn't remain in one piece for long. He reached inside and grabbed hold of the rapidly swelling power of the Magnum.

There was a boom like a shotgun, although there was none to be seen anywhere. However, the ground underneath the third Champu exploded upward like a howitzer shell had struck it; the panels underneath the two others erupted just seconds after the first, hurling showers of shrapnel in all directions.

0. Transistor: 10 ELEC damage to ChampuA + Raiden recovers 10 HP
1. Twinfang1: 70 NORMAL damage to ChampuA + 70 NORMAL damage to ChampuB
2. Charge Magnum1
3. Charge Magnum1
4. Magnum1: 120 + 120 (metal panels) = 240 FIRE damage to ChampuC + 240 FIRE damage to ChampuD + 240 FIRE damage to ChampuE
((Wait, does Transistor add HP to your HP total? I wouldn't think so... o_O; ))
They all die.


Terrain: 100% Metal

Raiden.exe: 240 HP

Get: 600z
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The all-powerful sky lord watched in satisfaction as his attacks did their work. The five Champu imploded under the force of the assault without any trouble presented. He folded his arms and smiled sweetly up at Anti.

"Quite exemplary, agreed?"

"Shut up. I don't want to hear about anything 'exemplary'. Keep moving."

Raiden's face fell, and he let his hands drop again. He looked around for any further threats and started at a slow walk along the path that led deeper into the network.

[Thanks, RS. Battle 2, please.]
Tanks appear.
And maybe some Japanese Oni.

KabutankA: 80 HP
KabutankB: 80 HP
KabutankC: 80 HP
KabutankD: 80 HP
ElecOgreA: 120 HP
ElecOgreB: 120 HP
ElecOgreC: 120 HP
ElecOgreD: 120 HP

Terrain: Normal

Raiden.exe: 240 HP

Thunder rumbled somewhere far in the distance as the next wave of viruses materialized to challenge the sky god. Raiden halted once more, again without much worry, to size up the foes. They weren't much stronger than the ones that he had just dealt with -- well, the tanks weren't, anyway. Those floating demon heads looked like they were liable to cause a bit of trouble if he didn't deal with them quickly. In the spirit of tactical warfare, Raiden chose to get rid of the ElecOgres before he moved on to the Kabutanks.

"Anti!" he called up to his Operator. He received no words as a reply, only an annoyed snort. Regardless, Raiden pressed hopefully on. "I would like to request that you remove the precautionary safeties on the Divine Wind, and requisition for me the Boomerang, Markcannon, and Guard Battlechips!"

"Got a pretty good idea of what you're going to do, huh," Anti muttered as she tapped into her PET's Signature Attack submenu. "You understand the concept of taking things as they come to you? Between now and when you use your second or third Chip, the circumstances might have changed. You're still a rookie at this."

"An engaging proposition, but should we not be endeavouring to defeat the viruses rather than spending our time conversing on the subject of busting styles?" Raiden shot back with a smile.

Far above him, in the dark sky, black clouds were blooming into existence. Electricity flickered weakly between the swelling thunderheads. Like a fast-motion weather movie, the clouds swelled into massive anvil-shaped monoliths that filled the sky. Humming quietly to himself, Raiden raised his hands toward the clouds. Blue-white arcs of lightning leapt through the darkness so fast that they seemed to be carving a design of radiance in the sky.

The lightning stopped.

It crashed down in one, furious roar, descending like the wrath of a vengeful god upon one of the Kabutanks. The connection between the heavens and the ground lasted for only a fraction of a second. The link of twisting lightning was almost immediately broken as it ran out of energy. The panels where the electricity had hit glowed brightly enough to nearly blind Raiden for a moment, and then faded to a dull pulsing of light. The glow spread rapidly through the tiles, underneath the Navi and the group of viruses. Raiden's feet felt as if they had been saddled with hundred-pound weights. That was the price of the thunderstorm: although the ElecOgres, being Elec-type viruses, would suffer from the drawbacks of the lightning's magnetic effect, he would as well.

Putting that aside for a moment, Raiden opened up the first of the three Chips that Anti had sent despite her lecture. As he had asked, it was a Boomerang. Without even trying, he remembered that it was a Wood-element Chip. Between the lightning's magnetism and their elemental weakness, the ElecOgres would stand no chance of escaping the Boomerang's path. Raiden drew his arm back, and a gently-sloping crescent of broken panel fragments formed in his grip. The network was a powerful thing, and all one had to do was harness it. The force of the swing and release took Raiden right off his feet, and he spun and landed easily as he sent the Boomerang flying.

The next Chip in line after that was the Markcannon. Raiden's eye alighted on the first of the Kabutanks, and he decided that a careful application of some extra strength to the Chip would equal the health total that floated above the virus's head. At the end of his extended arm, a sphere of white light appeared, and began to grow at an immense rate. Flares leapt off it and fizzled out like some kind of miniature handheld sun. A flashing red arrow suddenly appeared above the Kabutank's head, and the ball of light exploded. Splinters of energy shot everywhere, arced back through midair, and crashed inward on the tank virus.

One last Chip remained on his systems deck. He decided to pass over it for now. Defense was meant to be applied at the end of an assault while one was recovering, when one was most open to attack. Instead, Raiden marched straight up to one of the ElecOgres. The demonic, floating head didn't frighten him in the slightest, but the potential strength it possessed did. That's why he, as soon as he was within arm's reach, gave the virus a suction-charged, full-armed smack on the forehead, and took off to get as far as possible from it again. Once he judged himself to be far enough a way to satisfactorially dodge anything that the viruses could shoot in retaliation, Raiden spun on the spot and pointed straight upwards. The ground responded by shuddering momentarily and rushing skyward like a geyser. The earthen wave curled over backwards and froze in place, forming a rather effective-looking shield between Raiden and the pack of viruses.

"It may possibly be attributed to the fact that I have tactically planned far enough ahead to accomodate for any issues that may arise!" he chimed back up at Anti, folding his arms behind the tile barricade in a satisfied way.

1. The Divine Wind: 25 ELEC damage to KabutankD, lowered dodge to ElecOgreA, ElecOgreB, ElecOgreC, ElecOgreD, Raiden until start of next turn
2. Boomerang1: 60 x 2 = 120 WOOD damage to ElecOgreA, ElecOgreB, ElecOgreC
3. Markcannon1 (untapped power): 70 + 10 = 80 NORMAL damage to KabutankA
0. Transistor: 10 NORMAL damage to ElecOgreA, 10 HP heal to Raiden
4. Guard1: deflects up to 60 damage
Raiden blows most of the things on the field to cinders. A Kabutanks attacks, but its attack is only reflected back.

KabutankA: DELETED
KabutankB: 20 HP
KabutankC: 80 HP
KabutankD: 55 HP
ElecOgreD: 120 HP

Terrain: Normal

Raiden.exe: 240 HP
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"Abysmal," Raiden grumbled to himself, eyeing the annihilated viruses as they burst into cinders. He had been partially successful, at least--but only partially. A triumphant smirk over the audio connection told him that Anti was quietly celebrating his failure.

Before she could say anything to further damage his self-esteem, Raiden rapped his knuckles on the ground to get his Operator's attention. "I would appreciate a Magnum and a Flameline," he said calmly. Anti snorted and, he suspected, reached for the chips.

His empty eyes locked on the final ElecOgre. A deep knee-bend brought his torso parallel with the ground, and then he was off at a run toward the demonic virus. For all her negativity, Anti was prompt enough to keep up. The Magnum appeared on his systems deck right on schedule. Raiden rerouted the orange streamer of power to his hand, kicked into the air, and hurled the energy he held straight at the ElecOgre. It was lost in the resulting explosion of blazing fury.

Raiden combined a landing and a turn toward the Kabutanks into one movement. His systems analyzed the data of the impending Flameline in an instant, and attached an extra measure of power taken directly from his core to the attack. Raiden's arm shot out, with three fingers extended towards each of the three viruses. The tiles underneath the Kabutanks went molten and erupted in waves of heat and lava that were sure to incinerate their armoured shells.

1. Magnum1: 120 FIRE damage to ElecOgreD
2. Flameline1 (untapped power): 70 + 10 = 80 FIRE damage to KabutankB, KabutankC, KabutankD
3. Autododge
4. Autododge
0. I'd use Transistor here, but they should all dead by now, so whatever.
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The viruses die in a flaming concourse of explosions and lava towers.

KabutankA: DELETED
KabutankB: TORCHED
KabutankC: FLAMED

Terrain: Normal

Raiden.exe: 240 HP

Get: Elecreel1, 400z
Raiden logged out.

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