Scilab Virus busting

Whipman looked around, as if expecting to see a virus fly out of nowhere.

"Ok, let's find some viruses," Nolan said

"Alright, I need to get some money to buy from the chip shop in ACDC" Whipman said

"Yeah, if you can get some viruses!" Nolan Said

"I will. Just wait and see," Whipman said.

(Waiting for battle 1)
Virus Attack!

MarkCannonA: 60 HP
MarkCannonB: 60 HP
MarkCannonC: 60 HP

Whipman.exe: 100 HP


((Helpful hints: Don't autohit.
When Requesting a Battle, put the battle number of the next battle for the current thread you are on.
Now go get those viruses!))
Whipman whirled around, and saw the three Markcannons.
"Here we go," Nolan said.

"Aight. Send me some chips," Whipman said.
"Shotgun, battlechip in!" Nolan sent the data to Whipman.

After Whipman's hand that was holding the whip turned into a shotgun, he aimed carefully. He had to be ready for the recoil, since this was his first fight. BAM!

"Alright," Nolan said. "I'll give you a cannon to finish off the Markcannon A."

Whipman felt the cannon take place of his hand. He doged one of the markcannon's blast which almost hit him, then he fired at the markcannon A.

Battle "Recap"

~Shotgun @ Markcannon C (50) (spread @ Markcannon A) (10)
~Dodged MarkcannonB's attack.
~Cannon @ MarkcannonA. (50)

((plz tell me if i did anything wrong this is my first battle.))
Why, yes. Did you look at RS's suggestions?

Quote (You)

Whipman then did the charge attack, took two steps, then hit MarkcannonC with the whip to finish him off.

That is what's known as autohitting, the first point on the list.
Also, it's okay to say he dodged a blast. But SPARINGLY do so, and keep in mind that it is no guarantee you won't be hit anyways.)
((Sry i really didn't know what autohitting was.I'll fix it))
(...Eh, no, you didn't fix it. Saying you hit the enemy was autohitting. You just took out "to finish him off."
Also, and I just noticed this, you're using a charge attack. Hate to break it to you, but those take three actions to perform.
And, when making your summary, please include the damages next to the attacks.)
(( OOOH OK! sry really, man. I will, change it. Please forgive me im new at this thing))
((good now?))
((Lolwut? Cannon does 40 and Shotgun does 50 yo. We have lists for a reason.))
((Also, since you dodged, put that in your summary as well.))
((Don't be afraid to look at what other people are doing for their posts as well. A helpful example is always a good thing to refer to.

Whipman somehow manages to blast two MarkCannons, and finish off another one.

MarkCannonA: DELETED
MarkCannonB: 60 HP
MarkCannonC: 10 HP

Whipman.exe: 100 HP
((Sry and ty for link. I needed to know what rageclaw did.Hopefully i can use it right.))

"Alright, Whipman. Get these last two viruses. I need some money. Rage claw battlechip in!"

Suddenly, a huge bear claw appeared on Whipman's hand. Whipman waited a moment, then he struck with the rage claw at the MarkcannonB and threw it to the ground.

"Alright, do your sig!" Nolan said

Whipman jumped up to the Markcannon C, curled his whips around it, and slashed.

-Battle "Recap"-

~Rageclaw @ MarkcannonB (60)
~Doulbleo Whip Slash Signature @ MarkcannonC (40)
(Rageclaw does 40, but can be used to do 20 to two instead. But 60? That would take two actions. Considering you have one free at the moment, I'll just apply it to that, but keep this in mind for future reference.
Also, Scilab isn't exactly the best place for new navis. Still, if you're willing, you can continue.
Heck, you could even go to the undernet, if you wanted. It's just not recommended, is all.

Again, you are autohitting. Saying you threw something to the ground, or saying you hit an enemy, is said term. Please, don't do it. Still, you're new, so I won't punish you for it.)

Guess what? CHICKE... what do you mean, that joke's old? Bah. Victory acquired.

MarkCannonA: DELETED
MarkCannonB: DELETED
MarkCannonC: DELETED

Whipman.exe: 100 HP

Prize: 200z
((Frick, I can't get the hang of this. Ok, now, I know what the rageclaw does.))

(Requesting battle 2)
(Make an RP post first.)
((Huh? What's RP?))
((Well yeah I kinda figured that.. does that mean.. OH NEVERMIND. ok lol sry sry sry. give me a min))
Whipman quickly grabbed the zenny that the Markcannons had dropped around their debris. It was a crazy battle, Whipman taking 3 whole turns to destroy the viruses. The next battle would be better.

"Good job," said Nolan, "But we still need more cash."
"Good Job? Good Job? You call that good? It took me 3 TURNS!!!! I have to do better next time," Whipman said.
"Ah, hell with the three turns. Just get ready. I think you have more viruses coming your way"

((Waiting for battle 2))

ChampuA: 60 HP
ChampuB: 60 HP
ChampuC: 60 HP
ChampuD: 60 HP
ChampuE: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Metal (For more on terrain visit

Whipman.exe: 100 HP

Whipman Jumped as he saw the viruses heading his way.

"Alright, give me some fire power"
"One sec," Nolan said as he reached in his chip case for a chip. "Here we go."

Nolan slotted in the shotgun, and Whipman was ready this time. Whipman always took a long time to use the shot gun chip. This time, he just aimed and fired at the ChampuA. Nolan then put in the cannon, and Whipman aimed and fired at the ChampuB.

"Alright," Nolan said "give them the taste of defeat! Use the rageclaw!."

Whipman took a few steps then....BAM!!!! He used it on both the ChampuA and ChampuB.

-Battle "Recap"-
~Shotgun @ ChampuA(50) (Back spread @ Champu B (10))
~Cannon @ ChampuB (40)
~Rageclaw @ ChampuA (20) and ChampuB(20)
((Now you're getting it, but when you want to say Splash, just say Splash, your damage calculation is wrong anyway.))
Whipman slams some lead into the viruses and whacked his bear-like hand at the Champu, deleting it, but didn't knock it into anything else. One Champu attacks Whipman, and hits.

ChampuC: 60 HP
ChampuD: 60 HP
ChampuE: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

Whipman.exe: 80 HP [Rageclaw]