Operation: Truth

Empress's body had formed turning from a beam of light to a full bloomed figure of a young female netnavi, or in her case with the dress and amulet and no jumpsuit and navi helmet, maybe a doll at best considering the frozen expression. She had her head lowered and then picking it up as she had finally had her figure formed from the usual blocks of coding so her sprite would appear in the Cyberworld. Her eyes had shown as she opened them slowly, but she kept that depressed look as they stayed open mid-way; not so open, but yet, not so closed. Her head lifted seeing that there were viruses already waiting in the distance.

"Strange...SciLab usually has an Anti Virus program running." Empress observed as she had brought her folded arms to the side as if she lost interest. "Don't think too much into it. It's most likely these virii are released in the means of security to stall intruders." her NetOp's voice had noted as she had sighed. "Seriously? Even as barbaric as these little nits are, they would use them?" Keera had nodded responding to her NetOp's comment as her eyes were only visible beneath the darkness of the area.

"What other barbaric thing would be better. Even threats can become someone else's use to become an enemy's downfall." Empress had turned to the virii looking at them all as they returned her gaze with the usual mindless expression that scream, "Delete!" Empress's sheepish look didn't diminish as she simply replied. "Guess you're right..." after saying just that, she lifted her hands making glowing auras come around them that wavered throughout the area. Her threatening power had begged for a fight as she sent the ominous feeling through the cyber area.

"Remember our mission Empress...we are to find the truth about our comrades, and us." Keera reminded her as Empress had simply stared understanding the orders, but her emotionless look didn't say much. She had to speak a reply, and in this case, Keera was satisfied to hear her navi speak and tell her. "Understood..."
(enter now?)
((Probably when a Mod posts the virii that will be targeting us! If you entered now, Empress would most likely try to attack you as a threat! You can post saying you entered, but are watching or hiding out from afar! XD))
Geyser jacked into.the wrong network "Zolem, I now we haven't done this for a while, but how did you confuse SciLabs with ACDC town?"

"I'm sorry! It seems there was a reverse electormagnetic interferance pulse that re-routed sizeable data through ethernet operations to a new server."

"And that means....."

"A bunch of viri broke in from ACDC, and you got caught up in the after effect, and we are quit possible up screwed creek without a paddle."

"Well as long as we aren't in TOO much touble" Geyser began sarcasticly, then noticed the navi standing nearby. "Hello, and how are you today?"

(virri quickly please)
Empress turned around as she had noticed the voice behind her. Above all, it was a friendly greeting which disturbed her. Keera had spent a while sitting on a vibrating and humming generator like she was having her butt warmed by an easy seat, before she was able to jack in Empress, and this simple navi jacked in and said "hello" as a horde of virii was interpreting to most likely pounce and tare her limb from limb. This was beyond unacceptable.

"What are you doing here? Who are you?" Empress asked, but saw the common look of an everyday dreg of net society. She frowned upon that look, that very scent that disgusted her and her NetOp showing the hate for the common folk that weren't like her, suffering...it was the only thing she ever wanted to relate to. She wanted to share her idea of stepping on her enemies that made her like this and grinding her heel in satisfaction, sort of how she wanted to do to this simple happy navi that were like those every day navis that would come out and greet her like it was a wonderful day. She lost interest seeing the navi as she turned her eye sight back to her problem.

"Never mind dreg...get lost! Can't you see I have no time to play with the likes of you. You should leave, because this is about to get ugly...or you can stay here and be deleted, it wouldn't matter to me." Empress had said as she stood her ground waiting for the first wave of viruses to attack so she could clear open a path at least.

((Ceaser Dressed Zane: Release the man eating Virii! XD))

KabutankA: 80 HP
KabutankB: 80 HP
KabutankC: 80 HP
KabutankD: 80 HP
KabutankE: 80 HP
KabutankF: 80 HP
KabutankG: 80 HP
KabutankH: 80 HP

Terrain: Normal

Geyser.exe: 170 HP
Empress.exe: 100 HP

-The tanks have arrived-
Empress had ignored the presence of the newcomer behind her. She decided it was best to engage in battle to not upset Keera wasting time on the newcomer. She had acted quickly as she brought up her right hand as Keera's mind had started to send the battlechip data of Cannon and with a blast from her palm, Keera aimed her fire at the first Kabutank that stood in her way.

She then switched hands as the other was already set with a heatshot stirring flame which was the brewing remnants from a heatshot battlechip transferred. She had aimed adn quickly fired aiming for the same tank and hoping she would make contact with another from the spread action seeing she didn't see any unit behind the tank meant she wasted a good spread chip, but it didn't matter to her. If it struck the enemy then it was good for something.

"We must defend ourselves...dodging isn't a big option as of now." Keera had stated as her eyes had shown the stream of data scrolling amongst the shadows of her concealed location as the data started to download into the PET sending Empress the chip data of Guard1. Keera had picked up the shield in wait expecting the enemy to strike so she could counter with a shockwave reflect attack. She was right, dodging wasn't an option with so many virii, and she was too prided to ask someone for help, as well as foolish seeing that she knew her powers were limited now that her and Empress were drained from the historical endeavor.
Chips & Attacks Used: Cannon, HeatShot, Guard1

Action 1: Cannon @ KabutankA#1 - 40 Damage

Action 2: Heatshot @ KabutankA#1 - 40 Damage (Spread Action)

Action 3: Guard1 - Reflect Attack and Shockwave Counter 60 Damage (if attacked)
"Dreg! Dreg! That's it I'm going to...."

"Calm down. The viri are more of a present problem. Sword, battlechip in, download!"

"Fine, but once this is over, we are going to talk." it said, taking a couple of seconds to shake it's weapon at the stuck up navi. Geyser then proceeded to rush the closest viri, thrusting forward with a bit of an overemphesised twirl, in an atempt to show up the other navi. Then, moving into the center of the viri formation, he slashed at another foe, twirling nimbly by as the arc of his swing intersected with the viri's movement. "And now for my newest feature. Hit it."

"Right. Corral Armor, activate." he said, pressing a small button on the side of his PET, causing Geyser's armor to more than double in size as thick coral spread all over him.

1) Sword 80 KabutankB
2) Sword 80 KabutankC
3) Corral Armor (X-hit sheild for 3 hits)
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Empress and Geyser wipe out the first three viruses with ease. Empress puts her Guard up just in time to block and redirect an attack. Two more Kabutanks fire a volley of bombs, but are met with Geyser's armor as their resistance.

KabutankA: DELETED
KabutankB: DELETED
KabutankC: DELETED
KabutankD: 20 HP
KabutankE: 80 HP
KabutankF: 80 HP
KabutankG: 80 HP
KabutankH: 80 HP

Terrain: Normal

Geyser.exe: 170 HP (1-hit barrier)
Empress.exe: 100 HP
"It seems as if you have a competitor Empress." Keera said trying to torment her ego to get results from her. It didn't work, or at least that's how it was seen on the outside as she had raised her arm again taking aim at the viruses. "Let him compete with himself, he can't hold not even a spark to me." The navi said a bit disgruntal as she had resumed her attack.

She had taken her hand and held it outward as she had aimed with the shotgun. She didn't waste time aiming for the enemies to line up as they moved up and down the panels and give them the chance to attack, she only estimated the point where they would line up and fired if they were close enough as she fired at the first Kabutank.

Empress second weapon had formed infront of her as she shotgun had disappeared from sight. It wasn't rather a weapon, but rather a log as she had saw it form infront of her and roll down the panels to strike the next Kabutank unit knowing it wouldn't eascape seeing how it was deployed across the rows in a wide range. (Funny, I've never ever ever used this in the video game because I thought log rolling was strange!)

She had stood up as she had bent her legs and awaited her enemies next attack. It was obvious she was aiming to dodge considering that if she moved her marble cube to block an attack, they would fire their projectiles over as usual. It was good to see her using her head in such a situation as she kicked off her row to dodge.
Chips & Attacks Used: Shotgun, Ringlog, Dodge

Action 1: Cannon @ KabutankD#1 - 50 Damage (Spread Action)

Action 2: Ringlog @ KabutankE#1 - 50 Damage

Action 3: Dodge
"Alright then, let's barbeque some viri. Hold onto that sword for some shishkabob to finish it off, but here we go. FLameline, battlechip in, download!"

"Can't hold a spark huh? Try comparing to this inferno!" it boasted, releasing a line of fire from the Byzentine fire dragon that had replaced his left arm. Geyser then waded in with it's sword to finish off the remaning viri. "I've said it before, and now finally I'll say it again after several years. When it comes to taking on groups of viri, I can't be beat!"

1) FLameline1 50 Fire KabutankE,F,&G
2)Sword 80 KabutankF
3)Sword 80 KabutankH
(*tags Zolem* Bump Bump!)

(*tags-team attacks with Zane* Triple Bump Barage!)
((Zolem, Flameline1 does 70, your attack is quite underpowered.))
The two blast attacks at the viruses and defeat them.

KabutankA: DELETED
KabutankB: DELETED
KabutankC: DELETED
KabutankD: DELETED
KabutankE: DELETED
KabutankF: DELETED
KabutankG: DELETED
KabutankH: DELETED

Terrain: Normal

Geyser.exe: 170 HP (1-hit barrier)
Empress.exe: 100 HP

Geyser Get: 400z
Empress Get: 400z
(I have FireBURN, not LINE. My bad on the summery. Also, can I use my Corral Armor sig next battle, or do I have to wait unill all the barriers are used up?)

"Well little miss smug, what do ya think of us now?"

"Geyser, there is no need to be rude. We don't want trouble now do we? ANyway, we have a bit of a problem. A large number of viri broke into Scilabs from ACDC, and this could cause serious problems. We might have to do somthing ourselves, I'm not sure the proper authorities know this has happened yet...should I call them?"
Empress had closed her eyes as she dusted her hands. Keera had eyed the screen of her PET staring at the image of the navi. "Who is this clown?" she asked to herself in the darkness of the room. She wasn't in the mood for guests, especially now since she was still browsing through Scilab's area looking for some files to benefit her own purpose. If they knew what she was doing then it would only worsen the situation since they would most likely want to play hero, and they wouldn't want to have that, right?

Empress had opened her eyes as she had heard them. The only word to catch her attention was the word authorities. "I'm afraid that you won't be doing that at all." Empress warned as she had turned looking at them. She glared coldly at the navi as she had let them rest on him in a hazy hypnotic look. "Such an action will only result in deletion..." she warned as she folded her arms while eyeing the navi being clear that she was the one to do the deleting.

"In any case...you have no time to make such a rash decision. We are still surrounded..." Empress reminded since the Scilab virii were in more lines of assault than ever. Whoever this stranger was coming on the net at late at night, and to this specific area of all places, they didn't know what Empress was up to obviously, nor the danger that they were in.

((Sig attacks approved and applied to note! Bring on the virii now! ^_^))
(You forgot FXP again. I know we weren't too freindly, but we still fought side by side and this is suposed to generate FXP.)

'De de de de...........*thump*"

"Oh get a hold of yourself. From what I've seen, we are more than a match for her."
"ye ye yeah, anyway, let's focus on the viri. We can deal with this later right?"

"Of course we will."

(viri are go!)
((Blah both of you have 2 FXP from your last battle))

Viruses. Why do they keep coming?

MarkCannonA: 60 HP
MarkCannonB: 60 HP
MarkCannonC: 60 HP
BoomerA: 60 HP
BoomerB: 60 HP
BoomerC: 60 HP
ChampuA: 60 HP
ChampuB: 60 HP
ChampuC: 60 HP
Windbox: 100 HP

Geyser.exe: 170 HP
Empress.exe: 100 HP

Empress had looked towards the new set of attackers not all surprised that more viruses were attacking. Problem being that there were just too many to deal with at once. She for one was okay with the 'intruder' here to help out, but hypocritically speaking, she was the only intruder here since she broke into the SciLab building and area in order to steal something. "Here's a small notice..." she begin to mutter as her hand had filled with some brimming heatshot. "If you begin to call the authorities, they will arrest you. I'd like to warn you since you don't seem to see the magnitude of this situation." Empress warned as she had threw a blast of heat shot at the distant fan box sitting afar.

"Now then...shall we fight?" she asked the stranger navi as she had lifted her arm and cast her hand towards the navi's distance to make a strange marble appear near his position. She didn't quite explain that this marble's properties was more than a simple ground to hide behind, but of course she was only offering a truce for now with her protection. It was like her to use people to be apart of her master plans.

"Empress! We don't need no help from anyone!" Keera had communicated mentally with her navi using the link up from her cybernetic body part to her PET. She herself had waited for the answer, but she felt Empress had a reason. "Ms. Keera, forgive me, but even with this mass number of viruses, I can't garuntee I will come out of this situation unscaved. I rather let someone else assist me while I guarantee my dress isn't filthy. Correct? Empress asked as she lifted her arm to make a shield appear using her guard one chip. Keera nodded catching Empress's idea. "Fine...do what you must!" she said to Empress as the navi had waited for a response from the other.
Chips & Attacks Used: Heatshot, Monolith of the Queen, Guard1

Action 1: HeatShot @ WindBox - 40 Damage (+Spread)

Action 2: Monolith of the Queen (60 HP Barricade)

Action 3: Guard1 - Reflect Attack and Shockwave Counter 60 Damage (if attacked)