Assisted Training

Junior walked onto the net from the square. He looked around, then waited for his new companion to follow, "Never really busted here before, but my netop is in the area, so it seems like a good choice. By the way, my name is Soulman_Junior.EXE. Nice to meet you." He gave a short bow then prepared to head off.
Calica followed Junior and looked around SciLab "Hmm I don't think we busted here before, this should be an ok place to start. Im Calica.exe, its nice too meet you... And my overly happy op is Melay, She liked to butt in to be happy." It didnt realy make too much sense, but with a navi like Calica it was helpfully to have a overly happy netop to make some friends.
"Anyways let's go bust some virii!" She grinned as she set off to find some virii if Junior was going to follow her or not.

((Battle 1))
It looks like you found a swarm of Champus, enjoy you two.


Junior: 120
"Five low level enemies? I can do this one myself. Now to charge..." Junior closed his eyes and concentrated on gathering energy into his fingers. They slowly began to glow until each hand was completely engulfed in light. He then reopened his eyes and pointed a hand at a champu before releases a large blast of energy from each. His eyes widened slightly. He knew that his powers had recently been increased, but he had no idea it would be this much. He smiled. He wasn't going to complain. As the lights let loose from his attacks faded, he brought his hands back down to his sides, "Wes, I need chips now. Wes? Oh crap, I never did contact him after I finished my date!" He quickly sent an alarm to his PET, to summon his netop.

"Finally done? Well its about time. I can only go through the Elite Four so many times before I get bored." Wes appeared on a viewscreen. He looked at Calica, "So, you got tired of the other one and hired a prositute?"

"No! My date went fine, Daisy-chan went home. This is someone I met in the square. Calica-san's just virus busting with me. Now, chips please." Junior said.

"Fine, fine, whatever. I guess this can be discussed later though.... I ain't in the mood." Wes replied, "This is all you're getting, so don't bug me until these guys are deleted. Sending Aquasword."

"I guess this will work. It has a pretty long reach. Well then, let's go!" He held his hand over his wrist as it shifted into a wide, watery blade. He then ran at the Champus, getting in close. He would attack the middle one and try to slash its two sidekicks at the same time. He took a big leap, then swung the sword sideways. He used the full length of his arm to make as large an arc as possible. Did that do it? Maybe? Just in case, he turned to his left and lashed out, flinging water through the air as he made his lunge. He then turned back to his right and repeated the movement, hoping to take down wahtever was left. Just in case he had missed on of the two earlier, he moved towards their location and made a large thrust, trying to skewer whatever was left.

((1.) Soul Finger Shot, 75, ChampuA/B
2.) Aquasword, 80 Aqua, ChampuD/C/E
3.) Aquasword, 80 Aqua, ChampuE/D
4.) Aquasword, 80 Aqua, ChampuC/D/B
5.) Aquasword, 80 Aqua, ChamupA/B ))
Calica grinned as her whip appeared in her hand and she got ready to fight the virii. Right when she was about to attack, she just bearly heard a comment and quickly turned back to Junior. "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU CALLING A PROSTITUTE?!" She yelled angrily at Junior and waited for an answer, but instead he ran out and started to attack the viruses.

"Calm down Calica, im sure it was just a joke." Melay told Calica as she watched her Charge up her energy. Calica's whip changed from green to red, weather from anger or because it was being charged up Melay wasn't too sure. Calica Quickly ran up to one of the virii, heading towards the one that Junior would most likely miss and cracked her whip hard at it, unleashing the charged energy. Before the virii could regain its self from the last attack, Calica quickly snapped her whip at it again, hopeing to go for a two hit combo.

(1.) Charge
2.) Charge
3.) Charged Attack
4.) Attack
...Junior's aquatic attacks took out about all of the enemies. Where about Calica decided to whip one of them a bit.

Junior: 400Zenny
Calica: 200 Zenny

"Hmmm... well that's a pretty pathetic amount, though it was a pretty pathetic battle... Oh well." Junior said as he retrieved as his rewards.

"So you're done... about time. You never did tell me when you finished your date or when you picked up another busting partner." Wes said.

"Yeah, sorry. I just dropped Daisy-chan off and met this girl immediately after. I didn't get that much of a chance. Sorry." Junior replied.

"Eh, its okay I get. Anyway, tell me this... did you and Daisy... do it?" Wes asked randomly.

"Wh-what!? W-who told you that?" Junior stammered.

"No one told me. That's why I asked. Anyway, next question. Are you in looo~ove?" Wes teased.

"I... I think so. What're you getting at?" Junior replied.

"Well, I'm talking to her netop now. He's the one who mentioned your long stay in the PET, which is how I inferred what you were up to. Anyway, he's asking about a certain type of song. So, you want her in?" Wes asked.

"Not really... I'd rather not have her put in danger but... I feel like I won't be able to tell her no. If the netop is okay, do as she wishes." Junior said with a nod.

".............. Very well. Now, while I'm taking care of that, you best explain to your partner why you've been talking to me and ignoring her. Have fun!" His image blipped closed.

"Gah!" Junior turned back to Calica, "Sorry, Calica-san! I needed to update my netop on the situation! Um, good job back there!"
Calica watched Junior for a little while as he seemed to be busy talking to his net op. "hmm he seems to be busy at the moment. But it looks like we got some easy money." Calica grinned as she gathered up the zenny data.

"Yeah thats pretty good, we'll save up and see if we can buy something good."

Calica nodded then waited for Junior to finish and shrugged when she heard his excuse, "Yeah thats ok, we don't really mind. You did a pretty good job yourself, you where able to early defeat the virii without any trouble at all, not bad." She smiled a little and looked around some more. "So do you want to bust some more vireses?"
"Sure, let's go." Junior nodded and then headed off.

((Battle 2))
Cannons, tanks, and ogres... All on glass terrain, have fun you two~

KabutankA: 60

Junior: 120
Terrain: all glass

Battle 2, Fighting time, on the glass fields of Scilabs.
"Hmmm.... dangerous. Plus, the glass makes our footing really unstable. What to do." Junior pondered.

"This." Wes said, slotting in a chip.

The area around Junior changed from smotth and shiney to prickly and green. His balance felt more stable now. He looked over at Calica and was glad to see that the zone chips effects had managed to make it to her as well. Now they were set to fight. However, as he looked over his opponents, he decided to wait on offense and take care of a bit of defense first. He gathered power to channel into a barrier. Maybe last time the attack was affected by the mood. Maybe since they were actually fighting this time, the armor would be actual battle wear. That seemed logical. Figuring he had nothing to fear, he sent two waves of defensive energy at Calica while saving a bit for himself. Then the unexpected happened... again. Calica's normal clothing faded away. Replacing them was a black, tight thong and a white, strapless bra. This was even skimpier than what Daisy had worn before... Junior once again gained a pair of purple boxers.

"Eh? This is your new special attack!? I didn't look over its stats!" Wes yelled.

"Gah! Its exactly the same as last time! Um.... stats on them are, they're barriers and I think they deal damage if they're thrown. Not sure if I'd advise that, though." Junior managed to say. Trying to change the subject, even though there would be no getting away from it, he asked, "Wes, chips please."

"Okay... sending Boomerrang1, Markcannon1, Powerbolt." Wes complied.

"Thanks." Junior politely said. He grabbed a boomerrang out of thin air and arced it behind him. He then whipped it forward, sending it spinning forward. As it flew, it caused the wind to pick up a bit. He felt a draft below him, "Brrr...... boxers are so breezy." He sneezed. Shaking off a shiver, he readied the next chip. His right hand glowed as he gathered immense power. He looked for his next target. Picking one at random, he fired a massive blast of power at it, hoping to completely destroy it. Now with all his chips spent, he'd have to rely on his own abilities. As he held them by his sides, both hands began to glow. A large amount of energy manifested in them and soon he was ready for his strike. Preparation being complete, he raised both hands up and brought them to bear on two tanks. He released two large beams of energy which raced at the enemies. Junior just stood there. Had he done enough?

((1.) GrassZone, surround Jr/Cal with grass panels
2.) Sexy Party, 2 60HP Barriers to Calica, 60 HP barrier to Junior
3.) Boomerrang1, 60 Wood, primary target Elecogre group
4.) Powerbolt, 70, MarkcannonA
5.) Soul Finger Shot, 75, KabutankA/B ))
Calica blushed deeply as she looked down at herself, finding that her clothes where completely replaced. "wha... what the?!" she frowned and looked at Junior not sure what to think at first until he explained what they where "I guess a bit of extra armor dosent hurt..."

Melay couldn't help but to giggle "hehe dosen't look like it add much does it?" She smiled "Why don't you use your sig attack as well?"

Calica grinned as she pointed her whip at one of the Elecogre and started to concentrate. "VirusCross!" she said once she figured she had the data she needed and began to change. Once the changeling was complete a viable change could be seen, her skin changed bright red, her hair was black, and her eyes glowed with yellow, her whip was gone and she had two large devil horns on her head, she also grew a devil tail to add to the effect. "hehehe, take this!" She grinned as electricity charged up on the tip of her horns and she shot it at one of the Markcannon's. "Hehe, this is pretty cool." she grinned as she charged up another attack and shot it at the other Markcannon.

"Hehe. that form suites you Calica." Melay grinned as she slotted in a chip. "Cannon slot in!"

Calica Laughed as she Cannon appeared on her hand and she aimed it at the Kabutank and shot it. "I knew you where going to say that."

((1: VirusCross on Elecogre -(no damage)
2: Attack on MarkcannonA - same attack as Elecogre (max 70dmg)
3: Attack on MarkcannonB - same attack as Elecogre (max 70dmg)
4: Cannon on KabutankA -40dmg
With their combined assault, they managed to reduce their foe's numbers. But the last virus manged to nail Calica's Bra....

KabutankA: dead

Calica:100(60HP Barrier, 40 HP barrier)
Junior: 120(60HP barrier)
Terrain: Glass round Junior taking up half the field... the other half is glass.
"Hmmm...... just stay here. I'm going to take this thing down myself." Junior instructed, "Wes, get me close, then let me steal and kill."

"Got it. Sending Areagrab, Pickpocket1, Thunder1." Wes said.

Junior warped behind the last enemy. He raised his right hand high and pulled his left back. The right glowed and he snatched at the foe in front of him, attempting to snag a piece of its programing. As he withdrew the hand, his second began crackling, a ball of electricity forming in it. He shoved the ball forward, hoping to finish the deal and end the battle. He then backed up quickly, not wanting to be near the Markcannon if his ally decided to attack. He took a look at her and saw her new form, "A devil? She fused?

"A skimpily dressed devil? How kinky!" Wes said. He took a quick screen shot from his PET. He could probably make money off this. Hell, if he could take more shots like this, he could make a magizine and get more money. Super smart!

((1.) Areagrab behind MarkcannonB
2.) Pickpocket1, MarkcannonB
3.) Thunder1, 40+stun_homing Elec, MarkcannonB
4.) Dodge
5.) Dodge))
Calica nodded a little as she watched Junior go to kill the last enemy. deciding to try to get at east one more attack in just encase he missed, she began to charge up thunder in her horns again, and fired it at the lone enemy.

"Well that wasn't too hard, its pretty easy to kill all these when you have someone to help out." Calica smiled as she watched whatever happened with the vires.
As soon as the enemy would be defeated she would return back to her normal form, not known if her clothes will come back or not.

((1:Attack on MarkcannonB - same attack as Elecogre (max 70dmg)
2-4: dodge))
Junior pickpocketed, missed with his thunder... and Calica managed to nail it right in the barrel.

Junior: 350 Zenny, markcannon chip, and 75 bonus from pickpocket
Calica: 250
As the battle ended, Junior's clothes shifted back to normal, a body suit forming over the boxers. He gave a sigh of relief. That was close. It would have been bad if things had gone like the last time he used it. Lucky for him, Calica's clothes went back to normal as well, without any complications.

"Nice rewards... nice fanservice... maybe we can market that." Wes thought to himself, "Hey, ask the girl with the kinky transformations if she wants to be a model. With you new technique and a few female navis, we can publish a magizine!"

"I'm not going to ask rude questions like that, though I am glad you didn't want it to be a porn mag." Junior replied.

"Eh, maybe later we can expand our market. Though speaking of making porn, I have Daisy's e-mail address now. Contact her and ask her about that thing. If I can trust the netop, she can be in." Wes instructed.

"Ah, so that guy passed the test then. Okay, I'll get right on it." Junior said, preparing to write a message. Before he did tough, he walked back over to his ally, "That was an odd ability, Calica-san. Was it some kind of fusion, like in all that anime my netop watches?"
"Yay! more money!" Melay said happily as she looked over the total to see how much they had so far. "I wonder if we can buy anything good with this much?"
Calica, releaved that her clothes where back to normal, just shrugged, "Maybe we can go look at the shops when where done. By the way, did that new program work?"
Melay looked through her PET for a bit and shook her head, "No it dosent look like that fusion was added yet, Ill talk to dad and make sure that nothings wrong."

Calica nodded as she watched Junior walk towards her. "Well its something like that I guess. It's like crossing with other navi's but I can cross with vireses as well, Im a new type of experimental navi." She explained to Junior and smiled "It look's like this time everything went smoothly."
"That's interesting... I like Crosses, myself, though I doubt I'd ever want to Cross with a virus. Not that there's anything wrong with that, just not my preferance." Junior said, "Anyway, let's keep going." junior suggested, continuing on.

((Battle 3))
More viruses.

ChampuA: 60 HP
ChampuB: 60 HP
ChampuC: 60 HP
ChampuD: 60 HP
BoomerA: 60 HP
BoomerB: 60 HP
BoomerC: 60 HP
DBLCUBEA: 100 HP (Blue)
DBLCUBEB: 100 HP (Blue)
Windbox: 100 HP

Terrain: 50% Metal, 50% Normal (checkerboard pattern)

Calica.exe: 100 HP
Junior.exe: 120 HP