Test Your Might

A cobalt arrow ripped through the air above SciLabs Net, a trail of wispy energy following in its wake. The arrow struck ground, a pillar of cobalt energy surging from the arrowhead and forming a figure clad in jet black armor and a long, cobalt cloak that billowed in the wind.

"Alright Runeknight," Zan's voice came for seemingly nowhere. "Let's test out these new upgrades, shall we?"

"Aye, Sire." Came the Navi's response.

Runeknight headed off at a casual pace, his eyes alert for anything that may be suspicious.

((Battle Number 1))
Virus Attack!

KabutankA: 80 HP
KabutankB: 80 HP
ChampuA: 60 HP
ChampuB: 60 HP

Runeknight.exe: 200 HP ((HOLY CRAP! O_o))

-Patrol begins!-
"Sire," Runeknight's voice was calm as he spotted the small group of viruses. "There are four viruses approaching. I doubt they shall be much of a challenge."

"No," Zan agreed. "It is just a small welcoming party that hasn't heard of our exploits in ACDC. Most of your upgrades are in the form of vitality, so this group won't help us very much in the long run. Let's make this quick and head deeper into the Net."

"As you say, Sire."

Runeknight slowly reached across his armored form, his right hand moving to hover around the left half of his waist. There was a spark of energy, cobalt flames igniting and roaring to life. The flames formed a hilt that Runeknight grasped, before extending behind the Navi to craft a four foot long inferno. As the flames died down, Runeknight gripped a magnificent sword: the hilt and cross guard crafted of silver with black leather wrapped to form the grip, a large sapphire was set in the pommel to serve as a counterbalance, the cross guard was basic in function. Running perpendicular from the blade to protect the Navi's hand and the blade was crafted from jet black steel, almost obsidian in color and shine, with a series of runes carved along the length of the blade that shined with a cobalt light.

Runeknight swung the blade back and forth in a wide arch, once more testing its balance in his hand. Before his defeat in ACDC at the hands of the strange, but powerful Metool Rangers, Runeknight had not held a sword in over seven years. He feared that somehow he was rusty with the powerful, graceful weapon and half suspected that his loss had come from this lack of experience. While he had been resting to restore his strength, he had decided to regain his former skill with the weapon in the event of a rematch with the colorful Metools.

The knightly Navi could feel another BattleChip being slotted into his systems. He glanced up at the sky, wondering why his NetOp had decided to send him a second chip, but his questions faded when he felt the energy surging through him. Twin jets of crystal blue energy formed from the cross guard of his sword, the liquid energy spiraling up the blade in wide arcs, to coat the obsidian sword in a layer of water. Runeknight had never used the WideShot spell in such a way, usually relying on his spear or crossbow to amplify the surge of water, but he was more than willing to give it a shot.

The knight gazed across the battlefield at the approaching targets. He had faced them all before, though it seemed like it had been years...He shook his head to ward off the encroaching memories and examined his foes. Two were bug-like, massive Hercules beetles with cannons in place of their horns. They were powerful, but also quite slow and ill equipped to battle a nimble opponent. In contrast, the other two viruses were adept at battling at high speeds. They resembled floating; flaming heads and each were equipped with boxing gloves. They were Champu, fiery boxer viruses that could teleport in and out of battle to deliver devastating hit-and-run combos. They were the reason that Zan had sent him the WideShot, the surge of surf more than capable of extinguishing their flames of passion.
Runeknight held the sword in both hands, the blade held low to the ground and slightly behind him as the swirling liquid built up to a climax. The black clad Navi began a quick charge, dashing forward a few yards before ending his run in a quick pivot. He brought up the sword as he turned, the blade held straight out from his body in a massive whirlwind stroke. As he finished his spin, a complete 360 degrees, the spiraling jets of water leaped from the blade to hurdle toward the floating Champu. The jets merged into a single wave, a crescent of surf that sailed over the battlefield toward the fiery foes.

Runeknight charged in after the wave, ignoring the Champ and instead running headlong toward the Kabutanks. He allowed the sword to trail behind him, still gripped with both hands. As he neared the first of the Kabutanks, he slid to a stop and brought the sword up and across in a diagonal slash. The obsidian blade flashed in the light of the Net, the cobalt runes burning brightly. The Navi strafed to the right, stepping nimbly between the two Kabutanks and gracefully spinning into another pivot that brought his sword slashing down at the second virus. The obsidian blade whistled as it sought to bite deeply into the virus, seeking to cleave it in twain.

Knightly Aura is Active: Damage Reduction of 10 for two hits.
Rune of Vigor is Active: Heals Runeknight for 20HP
1. WideShot(80, Aqua) to ChampuA, B and KabutankB
2. Sword(80) to KabutankA
3. Dodge
4. Sword(80) to KabutankB

KabutankA: DELETED
KabutankB: DELETED

Runeknight.exe: 200 HP

Get: 600z
"Hmm," Runeknight contemplated the battle. "That was far easier than I had expected. Perhaps our time in ACDC paid off?"

"Yeah, looks like it." Zan nodded. "But don't forget those trades. We received a lot of nice BattleChips from other NetOps."

"Quite," Runeknight gathered up the remaining data. "Shall we continue on?"

"Full speed ahead."

((Battle 2))
More Viruses.

MarkCannonA: 60 HP
MarkCannonB: 60 HP
ElecOgreA: 120 HP
ElecOgreB: 120 HP
StarfishA: 60 HP
StarfishB: 60 HP

Runeknight.exe: 200 HP

"Seven viruses," Zan commented. "And a few of these look like they could deal some damage."

"I recognize most, Sire," Runeknight gazed across the line of viruses. "Bit what are those star-shaped creatures?"

"Hmm, well I am not quite sure. They resemble starfish, don't they? Perhaps they are water viruses. It's a shame that we lack any electrical BattleChips. Oh well, they don't seem too powerful so perhaps we won't need any advantages."

"As you say. How shall I proceed?"

"Let's go all out on this one. Take them all out in one blow!"

Runeknight nodded, already feeling the familiar surge of energy cascading through him as Zan slotted in a number of BattleChips. He quickly examined each virus, formulating a quick plan of attack that would allow him to smash through their guard as he had the previous group. Two were stationary turrets, much like the canodumbs of ACDC, but these were equipped with small shields that could be raised to protect them from attacks. Runeknight knew them to be markCannons, defensive turrets with exceptional aim. They would be troublesome if he allowed them the chance to lock onto him.

The next were ElecOgres, massive grotesque heads that hovered off the ground. They were ugly creatures and difficult to destroy with a stamina equal to that of most Navi. however, they're real might cae from the potent blasts of lightning that they spat from their mouths. He would have to destroy them quickly as well to avoid their powerful counterblows.

Other than the newly witnessed starfish viruses, Runeknight spotted a hovering cube that flashed alternating red and blue lights. He thought back to the similar cube that he had used several times before in battle. It was a DBLCUBE, a strange virus who's abilities changed with each flash of light. Of course, the virus was not quite as random as the artifact Runeknight had used and the Navi knew he should be careful. The DBLCUBE could cure all of its injured allies. Runeknight would have to be sure to finish the job and not leave any of the viruses wounded.

He felt a peculiar prickling in his right hand and allowed the BattleChip data to materialize. A boomerang formed in his hand, wooden but for twin bands of metal on each end that would help propel the weapon across the battlefield. It was lacquered black, much like his crossbow, though the bands of steel were burnished to a cobalt blue. The Navi took aim at his enemies, picking out those that would be most effected by the spiraling wooden weapon. The two ElecOgres stood out in his survey of the battlefield and so he cocked back his arm and swung the boomerang ina wide arc, releasing the projectile at the tip so that it would travel in a circle around the battlefield. With any luck, it would cut through the two ElecOgres and continue on into the path of the hovering starfish.

A second prickling sensation tingled in his hand and Runeknight summoned his crossbow, the black lacquered weapon shining brightly in the light of SciLabs Net. A single quarrel was already loaded into the bow and Runeknight took aim at the two MarkCannon standing on either side of a second starfish. The tip of the quarrel glistened with a liquid sheen as he set the stock of the bow against his shoulder. The knight steadied his aim, instinctively understanding the nature of the weapon he held in his hands, and slid back ont he trigger. The quarrel sailed from the crossbow, soaring gracefully over the battlefield as the arrowhead trailed a crescent wave of azure energy. Runeknight's aim should have placed the arrow on track to slice into the two MarkCannons before thudding into the starfish between.

A third BattleChip materialized and his sword was once more in his grasp. However, this time the obsidian blade was massive, a full eight feet long and a foot wide. The Rune of Breaking flared brightly, casting its cobalt light overthe battlefield. Runeknight singled out the DBLCUBE, the virus' vitality matching his own, and charged forward with the enormous sword resting on his shoulder. At the last moment, he leaped into the air, both hands gripping the elongated hilt, and slammed the sword down in a massive overhead chop that should have cleaved the virus in two.

As Runeknight landed on the ground, the sword shattered into a blast cobalt flames that swirled around his arms to gather together in the palm of his left hand. He spoke a single word, the flames roaring to life at the sound of his voice, and the cobalt fires turned a deep crimson. Desiring a complete end to the battle, Runeknight swung his arm in a wide arc, the crimson flames fanning out to raze the battlefield and engulf any viruses still standing.

Knightly Aura is Active: Damage Reduction of 10 for two hits.
Rune of Vigor is Active: Heals Runeknight for 20HP
1. Boomerang(60, Wood) to ElecOgreA, B and StarfishA
2. WideShot(80, Aqua) to MarkCannonA, B and StarfishB
3. BigHammer1(160, Break) to DBLCUBE
4. Flameline1(70, Fire) to DBLCUBE, StarfishA and B
....I hate OTKOS....

Rune gets
650Zenny, DblBeam
"Another DBLBeam," Zan sounded quite pleased. "Random, but surprisingly useful."

"Aye, Sire," Runeknight agreed.

The Navi gathered up the remaining data and strolled deeper into the Net.

((Battle 3))

MarkcannonA: 60
MarkcannonB: 60
MarkcannonC: 60
MarkcannonD: 60
MarkcannonE: 60
MarkcannonF: 60
DblCubeA: 200
DblCubeB: 200
DblCubeC: 200

Runeknight.exe: 200 HP

Ready Steady GO!!!
Runeknight crested a small hilltop, gazing off to the horizon of SciLabs Net. His thoughts were wandering to the last time he had been in the area. He had been with two other Navi at the time. One had been a cool and calculating woman, the very image of a fem fatale, with long, lustrous raven hair that fell to the small of her back. She was extraordinarily intelligent, spouting out strategy and finding the weakness in every virus they encountered. However, she had been cold, distant and seemingly uncaring in concern to anyone, but her NetOp. The other Navi had resembled a young girl, perhaps six or seven, with a youthful exuberance that had her bouncing along in delight at every new experience. She had been enamored with the idea of traveling the vast SciLabs network and desired to see every inch. That had been a very long day.

"Arche, Atma," Runeknight smiled as he recalled his past. "I wonder what they are doing now?"

"I heard from Miranda a few weeks ago," Zan muttered, lost in thought. "I can't believe I forgot. She's been drafted by the higher ups, working on some project with the R&D department of the NetPolice. She couldn't tell me much about it."

"And Atma? Have you heard from her?"

"Huh...No actually. Miranda didn't mention her sister or her Navi, but I assume that they are fine. Arche is working with Miranda on the project."

"That sounds pleasant," Runeknight was about to request a visit when something caught his eyes. "Viruses, Sire."

Zan scanned his computer quickly, taking note of the mass of viruses that stood before his Navi. Runeknight had wandered close to a protected Network, the area surrounded by a large group of stationary gun turrets set up to ward off viruses. The protection had hardly worked as Zan could see the telltale signs of virus infection on each of the turrets. Three of the massive glowing cubes floated above the turrets, their flashing lights casting the battlefield in hues of cobalt and crimson.

"This won't be as easy as the last fight," Zan cautioned. "Those turrets aren't much, but those DBLCubes are sturdy. Take your time, alright? No need to rush."

Runeknight nodded his confirmation, already feeling the oncoming rush of energy as Zan slotted in a few BattleChips. He held out his left hand, willing the energy to congregate there, forcing it to materialize. He could feel the strange prickly sensation as a jet of cobalt flames rose from his open hand. The flames died as quickly as they had come, leaving a large wooden boomerang resting in his grasp. The projectile was covered in a shiny black lacquer and had twin bands of cobalt steel wrapped around each end to give it added weight. The Navi hefted the weapon, held at a slight angle, and took aim at the mass of viruses. He decided on focusing on the turrets first and hurled the boomerang in a wide arc, the wooden projectile twirling end of steel wrapped end. A mark on the center of the boomerang flashed briefly, the Rune of Breaking flaring to life, and a row of short blades lifted from the boomerang's side as it continued its arc, heading straight toward the line of turrets.

Another BattleChip flared to life in his hands, literally. Runeknight held a sphere of intense crimson flames that hovered a few inches above his armored hand. He contemplated the sphere, his gaze flickering from it to the row of turrets and the hovering DBLCubes. He had already made his choice. The knight whispered a single word to the sphere, the flames rising higher in response, and then hurled it toward the MarkCannons. Following his orders, the fiery sphere expanded into an inferno, intense heat buffeting the battlefield, as it sailed toward the stationary cannons.

A third BattleChip was coursing through him and Runeknight was moving. He didn't want to be caught in any retaliatory strikes from the remaining MarkCannons, fearing a viral assault much like he had received in ACDC only a few hours ago. His crossbow materialized in his hand, the black lacquered wood glinting in the harsh light from the dying fires. The crossbow held a single arrow, the tip glistening with a liquid sheen. Runeknight aimed as he moved, hoping to strike a blow to all of the DBLCubes even as he avoided harm to himself. It was a risky maneuver, the Navi knowing the peculiar nature of the hovering viruses. Still, he took aim and set the stock of the crossbow against his shoulder to steady himself. He fired, slipping his finger over the small wooden trigger, and the arrow sailed out of the crossbow. Almost immediately, the arrowhead trailed a crescent wave that sliced through the air, heading straight for the DBLCubes.

Knightly Aura is Active: Damage Reduction of 10 for two hits.
Rune of Vigor is Active: Heals Runeknight for 20HP
1. Boomerang(60, Wood, Break) to MarkCannonA, B and C
2. Flameline1(70, Fire) to markCannon D, E and F
3. Dodge
4. WideShot(80, Aqua) to DBLCubes A, B and C
You know... Whoever made this trap must have sucked... because Rune takes about 2/3rds of it out, and his last attack made the cubes bright red. They all fire their deadly beams, which out of the three only two hit... and that damage was easily nuiffied.

MarkcannonA: dead
MarkcannonB: dead
MarkcannonC: dead
MarkcannonD: dead
MarkcannonE: dead
MarkcannonF: dead
DblCubeA: 120(red)
DblCubeB: 120(red)
DblCubeC: 120(red)

Runeknight.exe: 200 HP
Runeknight reeled back as three needle thin beams of red energy sizzled through the air from the corners of the DBLCubes. He scrambled to his left, one of the beams searing a clean whole through his cape and slicing deep into the earth behind him. The other two Cubes had better aim, the thin red lines piercing his armor, the blackened steel glowing a cherry red around the pinprick holes. He bellowed in pain, staggering back a few steps. He stared at the trio of floating cubes, a strange smile plastered across his lips.

"Very good," the Navi spoke to his foes. "But, sadly, it was not quite good enough."

There was an explosion of azure light shining brightly from the two small holes. The light seemed to comfort the Navi, the pain ebbing away even as the molten armor cooled and reformed. The azure light died away, Runeknight's armor having repaired itself, and left the Navi whole and prepared to continue the battle.

Runeknight reached behind his back, his fingers grasping for a hilt that was not there. He channeled the BattleChip data that was flowing through his body, the surge of strength running along his arm and creating a peculiar tingling sensation. The energy reached his fingers and Runeknight's grasp fell across a solid object. Cobalt flames sprang from his fingertips, traveling down his back in a straight line, and formed a massive flaming sword. Runeknight hefted the weapon, both hands grasping the cobalt inferno, and charged toward the line of DBLCubes. He dashed forward perhaps four yards before sliding into a pivot that brought him in a complete circle. He held the sword outstretched, the flames rising in keen anticipation. As the Navi completed his spin, the flames leaped from the blade and hurdled through the air toward the three viruses. It was a line of cobalt fire, moving swiftly in a desire to engulf and consume the DBLCubes.

Bereft of its flames, the sword that Runeknight held was crafted of a strange, jet black metal that glittered in the light like obsidian. It was massive in proportion with a single glowing rune carved along the length of the blade; the Rune of Breaking engraved with blinding cobalt light. The Navi held the sword with both hands wrapped around the silver hilt, his hands gripped firmly over the black leather, as he charged once more into the fray. A single DBLCube loomed before him and Runeknight leaped into the air to meet it. He swung the massive blade in an overhand chop that could shatter boulders, the sword flashing through the air trailing a line of black and cobalt. There was an explosion of harsh azure light and Runeknight strafed to his left.

The Navi could no longer see the DBLCube he had tried to destroy, but his sword was no longer the massive blade he had held. It was smaller now, thinner, with only a four foot blade of gleaming black metal. Numerous runes were carved along the length of the blade, each glowing brightly with an inner azure flame. The Navi turned to the next DBLCube in line, shouting a battle cry that draped over the entirety of the battlefield. He swing the sword, a diagonal backhand meant to slice into the bottom of the virus. He pivoted, his calm blue eyes catching sight of a third DBLCube, and turned to face it. He thrust with his sword, attempting to impale the virus and put an end to the battle.

Knightly Aura is Active: Damage Reduction of 10 for two hits.
Rune of Vigor is Active: Heals Runeknight for 20HP
1. Flameline1(70, Fire) to DBLCubeA, B and C
2. BigHammer1(160, Breaking) to DBLCubeA
3. Sword(80) to DBLCubeB
4. Sword(80) to DBLCubeC
Uh... yeah. Victory, and stuff.

MarkcannonA: DELETED
MarkcannonB: DELETED
MarkcannonC: DELETED
MarkcannonD: DELETED
MarkcannonE: DELETED
MarkcannonF: DELETED

Runeknight.exe: 200 HP

Prize: 650z
"Man," Zan muttered beneath his breath. "These in between battle posts sure are a hassle when you are a loner."

"What was that Sire?" Runeknight had not quite heard Zan.

"Er...Nothing. Just a bit of the fourth wall."

"Are you alright Sire?"

"Fine fine, let's just move on."

Runeknight gathered the remaining data and headed deeper into the Net.

((Battle 4))
It's looks like the general virus populus hates Runeknight.

ElecOgreA: 120 HP
ElecOgreB: 120 HP
ElecOgreC: 120 HP
KabutankA: 80 HP
KabutankB: 80 HP
Windbox: 100 HP

Runeknight.exe: 200 HP

-Go for it!-
"Bah," Runeknight cursed softly as his thoughts we once more interrupted by a viral presence. "These fiends have a peculiar knack for arriving when least desired."

"Yeah," Zan muttered. He had drifted back to his own thoughts as well. "They do indeed."

"Of course, Sire," Runeknight smiled slyly beneath his visor. "I suppose that they make our task easier. After all, these viral nuisances are the reason we wander so far into this realm."

"They do indeed," Zan reiterated, though he perked up at the thought of a mass of viruses lining up for the chance to be deleted by Runeknight. "Let's show these guys what we're made of, alright? Besides, there are still a few new abilities that you have yet to test out."

"Oh, I was not aware of that Sire."

"Heh, yeah. While you were resting I upgraded your other SigAttks."

"My spells have been empowered? Incredible. I shall utilize them forthwith."

"Wait, wait." Zan cautioned even as his Navi strode toward the mass of viruses. "That windbox could be trouble. I'm going to teleport you behind it so that you can take it out without having to worry about the storm."

"As you say, Sire."

Runeknight stared across the battlefield at the strange box virus that stood amongst the others. He had faced such creatures before and knew well of the trouble they could cause. Windboxes were powerful viruses, though they could deal no physical harm, with the ability to whip up massive storms to throw Navi to the ground and sunder strikes cast with even the truest aim. Zan was correct in his suggestion to disable that particular virus as soon as possible.

The Navi could feel a strange sensation pulsing throughout his body. It was as though he were moving without moving, traveling through the cosmos with barely an inch of effort. He visualized the space behind the Windbox; willing himself to occupy that space, to be there in both mind and body. He could feel the wind escaping from the virus, a light breeze that was passing through him rather than crashing against his jet black armor. Cobalt flames licked against his feet and he could feel heat encompass his body. Without warning, the flames roared, a gout of azure fire completely engulfing the armored Navi. When the flames died down, the Navi was gone from where he was, having transversed the space between him and his destination within the blink of an eye.

Runeknight stood behind the virus, his arm held out with fingers outstretched as though he were reaching for the virus. He was shouting, words of power escaping from his lips to resound throughout the battlefield. A harsh azure glow surrounded his arm as his spell grew in power. Cobalt flames sprang to life from within chinks in the fitting of the jet black armor. The flames rose higher, strengthen by the Navi's words. The flames grew hotter, dancing wildly across the smooth black armor, as Runeknight practically shouted the last few words of his spell. The flames shot away from his hand, moving through the air toward the Windbox. As they traveled they took shape, spears of flame that lanced toward the back of the virus, intent of shredding its fragile armor and tearing it to pieces.

As his spell ended, Runeknight raised his left hand, summoning the BattleChip energy that he knew to be lying there. A shaft of black lacquered wood appeared in a gout of cobalt flame. The wood was bent at an angle, forming a curve that would allow it to slice through the air. At each end of the shaft were bands of blue toned steel that would lend the boomerang weight and held it spin. Runeknight cocked his arm back, taking aim at the ElecOgres hopping madly toward him. He flung his arm forward, throwing the boomerang in the process to send it flying end over end though the air. He checked his trajectory, almost willing the weapon to curve and slice through the pack of charging viruses.

A deafening roar caught Runeknight's attention and he turned to see the Kabutanks moving slowly toward him. The roar sounded again and the Navi knew it to be the sound of the heavy tanks moving across the ground. Runeknight summoned up another of his Lord's magnificent weapons, the BattleChip energy surging through his body to escape from the tips of his outstretched fingers. Like an extension of himself, the Rune Spear emerged from the gouts of cobalt flame, its serrated tip held straight toward the oncoming viruses. A crimson inferno met the cobalt flames and the two entwined around the length of the spear. Runeknight adjusted his grip, hefting the spear as though it were a javelin. He took quick aim, testing the balance of the flaming spear even as he eyes the oncoming behemoths. He cocked back his arm, turning sideways with his right foot leading and left arm holding the spear aloft. He charged forward a couple of steps before heaving the spear toward the viruses. The metal projectile vanished in a flash of light as the flames grew brighter, leaving naught but a jet of fire sailing toward the kabutanks, threatening to engulf everything in its path.

Knightly Aura is Active: Damage Reduction of 10 for two hits.
Rune of Vigor is Active: Heals Runeknight for 20HP
1. AreaGrab(Dodge?) to teleport behind Windbox
2. Rune Blast(100, break) to Windbox
3. Boomerang(60, Wood)(x2 Elemental Modifier) to ElecOgreA, B and C
4. Flameline1(70, Fire) to KabutankA, B and DBLCubeA

DBLCUBEA: 200 (Blue)
DBLCUBEB: 200 (Red)
DBLCUBEC: 200 (Blue)
ElecOgreA: Deleted
ElecOgreB: Slice'd
ElecOgreC: 120
KabutankA: 30
KabutankB: 30

Runeknight.exe: 190 HP

The spears of flame launched by Runeknight's Rune Blast assail the Windbox, shattering it to it's very core in an explosive rain of data. The Boomerang he threw cut through one, two ElecOgres in it's deadly arc before being shattered by a blow from the third, and the Flameline rips through the Kabutanks in a blaze, stopping just short of the Doublecube.

The Elecogre fired a line of thunder that Runeknight could feel split it's way past his armor and into his systems, where it wreaked dangerous, painful havoc. (20)

The Kabutanks both fire bombs at Runeknight, but he aptly dodges... right into the beam of one of the Doublecubes. (10)

The two remaining doublecubes heal the Kabutanks.

Runeknight's Rune of Vigor activates after the fact, repairing most of the damage... but not all.
Runeknight staggered back a few steps, the searing crimson bolt from a DBLCube leaving the armor plating over his right shoulder a glowing cherry red. The knightly Navi shrugged off the pain, trusting in the enchantments engraved within his armor. A single rune, carved on his chest plate directly over his heart, flared to life. A cobalt light flashed and his armor began to repair itself, an azure light surrounding his various wounds and causing the pain to vanish. However, the Rune of Vigor was designed to work over time and was not powerful enough to heal all of the wounds caused at the hands of the mass of viruses. The knight worked his right arm, the shoulder still tender, and cast a glance over his remaining opponents. He would have to step up his game.

"Very nice," He muttered. "That actually stings."

"Careful," Zan cautioned. "These guys are a bit better than the last. They even avoided a few of your strikes. Let's take it slow and make sure we finish off the rest of this threat."

"Verily, Sire. Shall I concentrate on the last of the Ogres?"

"Yeah, but finish off those tanks before the cubes get the chance to heal them."

"As you say."

Runeknight raised his arm, summoning forth the power he knew to be dormant within him. His crossbow materialized in a flash of cobalt flames, the black lacquered wood shining softly in the reflected light. A quarrel was already loaded within the bow, the string locked and ready for him to release it. The quarrel was of a normal design, though it had a long cylinder wrapped around the wooden shaft. The cylinder was primed with gunpowder that would ignite and hurl shrapnel forward in the path of the arrow. It was an ingenious design, though the spread of the shrapnel made it difficult to aim properly. Runeknight set the stock of the crossbow against his shoulder, resting it there to steady his aim as he centered on the two wounded Kabutanks. He eased his finger over the trigger, slowing his breathing to aid in his aim, and pulled back. The quarrel sailed from the bow, arching over the battlefield for a few seconds before the cylinder blew and sent shrapnel raining down upon the two beetle viruses.

The knight dropped to one knee, setting the crossbow against his raised leg while pulling back prod with his opposite arm. A soft click greeted his success as the crossbow was once more set for firing. Runeknight rose to his feet and reached behind him, his fingers grasping naught but air. Without warning, a line of cobalt fire stretched forth from the knight's fingers, the glowing flames dying down to leave a second crossbow bolt within his grasp. Runeknight set the bolt, this one with a broad tip like a cresting wave, into the bow and locked it in place. Runeknight spoke a few quick words, a soft glow appearing on the broad head quarrel before dying down to leave a glistening sheen of moisture. The Navi took aim, moving as he did in order to better align his shot. The snarling face of the ElecOgre was his true target, but he knew that if his shot was true he should be able to score a hit on a couple of the hovering DBLCubes as well. He took aim, setting the crossbow against his shoulder to steady himself, and fired. The arrow sailed from the bow, the glistening moisture escaping from both sides of the broad head to form an arch of energy as the arrow sliced through the air. With a little luck and a lot of skill, the arch of the arrow would slash through the side of the ElecOgre and continue on to cut a path through at least two of the hovering cubes.

Runeknight smirked beneath his visor as he dropped the crossbow, the wooden weapon vanishing in a puff of cobalt flame seconds before hitting the ground. He had one more trick up his sleeve that would serve to even the odds a bit. He rushed toward the ElecOgre, mumbling a few words to start a quick spell with the aid of one of Zan's BattleChips. Crimson flames sprung up along his right arm as he ran, the fires rising to an inferno that spiraled along the length of his armored forearm. As Runeknight neared the virus, he thrust out his arm, pushing the flames before him as the willed them to do his bidding. The flames formed a lance that the knight held aloft as he charged. He bored down on the virus, holding the lance at an angle to impale the ElecOgre and send the tip of the flaming spear straight into the mass of DBLCubes hovering behind it.

Knightly Aura is Active: Damage Reduction of 10 for two hits.
Rune of Vigor is Active: Heals Runeknight for 20HP
1. Shotgun(50) to KabutankA with spread(50) to KabutankB
2. Wideshot(80, Water) to ElecOgreC, DBLCubeA and B
3. Dodge
4. Flameline1(70, Fire) to ElecOgreC, DBLCubeA and C